See scenes from Sacramento's Black Lives Matter protest over George Floyd police death

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    Black Lives Matter of Sacramento protest in Oak Park on Friday May 30, 2020, over the police-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier this week.
    Video by: Paul Kitagaki Jr.
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    1. Black Dust

      It’s funny you all dont do this when you kill your own on a daily....... as soon as a white man does it it’s different

    2. Josh Overholser

      This is exactly why some people are not respected! Respect is earned! Democrats teach them how to mooch off others. Instead of how to earn for themselves.

    3. Franky Fish

      Say his name fk Floyd say his name fk Floyd

    4. Jacob Brown

      Hello! My name is Jacob, I'm 22 years old. 2 weeks ago, I worked as an electrician and decided to go to a rally dedicated to the life of black people, as a result I was fired due to absenteeism. I am turning to you for help, I live with a sick mother, and since I lost my income, I can’t pay her medication. Help my mother survive these times ... (my paypal was PS. Defeat inequality together !!!

    5. Bad intentions

      No victim mentality no reason to protest

    6. Chad Shamblin

      Didnt they get justice?

    7. Ob One


    8. Americopharma


    9. Sasha GSN

      Why these people are not at work ?

    10. Владимир В.

      I actually see a bleak Outlook for Africa, because all of our social policies are based on the assumption that they have the same level of intelligence as we do - when all the research says they don't. James Dewey Watson, Nobel prize-winner.

      1. Владимир В.

        he was really right

    11. Alex Sykes

      i put blend s theme over this its funny as hell!!!!!!!

    12. Νικόλαος αἰσθητικός

      Look at all these “useful idiots.”

    13. joe gonzagaz

      They shout, "No Justice No Peace" but, they only mean for blacks, they do not speak for my people. BLM is a fascist, racists and Marxist organization. All of us humans matter! Resist blm's lies.

    14. whitedust696

      This has set blacks back 200 years I’m an employer and wouldn’t employ any of these cretins

    15. Haura Zara and Danish

      🇮🇩 ❤ 🇺🇸

    16. Ibhar ?

      I want to die

    17. Andrea A

      My god look how their faces are deformed by all that rage that makes them blind . When society gives you the opportunity to be a victim and blame others for your pain, why try to be better? Why try to improve or understand when you can just scream your pain away.

    18. scarosone14

      David Dorn say his name, David Dorn say his name, David Dorn. That's much better.

      1. Droop Smoop

        Have they arrested his murderer yet?

    19. xr28y ge3fl1

      Its funny, I see the same dynamics at work. People squawk, complain, argue and some just keep working and never have a issue with anyone. The ones that work just keep getting better and in time they move on up. These protestors could have built a couple of houses for free with their time and efforts. The wasted cop pay to babysit the protest. We all know and have seen the shooting victims mess with the law and police which lead up to getting themselves shot. Its very easy for me to know I am safe with police because I ask myself:" Would I ever do that in front of a cop?". The answer is always: NO!

      1. Droop Smoop

        So Breonna Taylor should not have slept in her own house in front of a cop?

    20. Big Jim - New Zealand

      Hi everyone, Being from New Zealand, i have no hidden agenda. And, like most people from other countries outside the USA, we absolutely Condemn the way in which George Floyd was killed. There is no justification for racism in any part of our society, end of story. Having said that, and please understand, and there is no disrespect intended for anyone.........................BUT.... Violent protests and targeting the police in general is NOT the answer. Sure, there are racist police one would disagree with that. BUT surely you must agree that the overwhelming majority of them are NOT racist and genuinely care for the community in which they live. So many of them give up their lives, each year to protect you all, that forgotten? No one deserves to be treated like George was and we ALL grieve. But please don't then target ALL white people or ALL police for the actions of a small minority. To George, his family & friends, i send much Aroha (Love and respect). Big Jim (Ngati Whatua Maori Tribe). New Zealand. xx

    21. Djleenstra

      Did you know that George Floyd was a criminal? WOW

    22. gunther wagas

      Is there a war? War never changes.

    23. LIVIN'LYFE FOR 6

      When you get pull over by a white cop do what they say because they well put you to the ground and never kick the sit please

    24. Jan Smith

      BLM is an Evil political movement. Jesus WILL put a stop to All evildoers.

    25. Bunny Angel

      Like if Blm

    26. Vorador Hylden

      What is with the black lives matter crap?! If you really wanted equal rights it would be all lives matter. Equality not bias.

    27. S Thunda

      Hold the f*ck on...I'm confused. They are NOT practicing social distancing and MANY are NOT wearing masks and breathing in each other's air. Do you really want me to believe that the RECENT spike of COVID-19 is not due to BLM Protests!?!?!?? Or maybe the cure to COVID-19 is protesting....hey lets all protest to combat this's the only cure. #mediaisaliar #protestcurescovid19

    28. NEGI

      Black life white life all humans ans animal life matter . But if u do crime you get bullet from police

      1. Droop Smoop

        what crime did Breonna Taylor do? What crime did Aiyana Jones do?

    29. lesnara hamilton

      these people are nuts and the funny part is most black people agree there not fighting for black lives there joining these rallies to steal shit

    30. Willie Ayers

      This so stupid most of us young people don’t know racism compared to the older people the young people r just following with the crowd black lives matter is just the revival of the black panthers

    31. Double Standard

      I was about to comment, “Well, at least they stayed on the sidewalks and crosswalks.” Never mind... Also, don’t bring your babies out there.😂

    32. robloxshark gamer

      2020 is have to 2020

    33. David Dixon

      hands up, shut the f up

    34. Konstantine Xxxx

      Hey Americans, Explain me pls why is it ok to say black lives matter but it is racism to say all lives matter, not even white lives, but all lives? I saw videos where people were about to have their asses kicked for saying all lives matter. Double standards as they are, don’t u think so?

      1. Droop Smoop

        Well more often than not, the same people who say All Lives Matter only use it as a response to BLM and don't actually support ALM because they are bigoted to minorities. But another reason is that BLM simply displays the problems that the movement is trying to bring up, that black people are suffering from systemic racism in the US. Saying All Lives Matter seems to defeat that purpose by implying that everyone has and deserves true equality instead of equity, meaning that it either downplays the problems of black people or makes the white people seem as oppressed as minorities in the US.

    35. ScumShot 69

      I would nuke the place if I could

    36. N Y

      The woman in the thumbnail looks evil

    37. Drunken Joe

      Chick-fil-A workers lives matter

    38. Żaklina Łuczkiewicz

      Did those people know who George Floyd was? Did they ever checked it before? Check everyone before you will call him a "hero". How many people died during those protests? By the way, hundreds of White Africaners dies every year in South Africa, being murdered by black racists, and still nobody cares, mass media do nothing about it... That's sad

    39. Joshua Stanley

      What hurts the most is that people don't realize that covid 19 and the BLM movement are serving as the catalyst for martial law and the nwo.

    40. tituba mantgomery

      Вы думаете это хорошо? Хорошо оскорблять и унижать человека за то, что он того или иного цвета? Негры - вы расисты этого мира. Хватит!!! Хватит унижать БЕЛЫХ. Вы боритесь за свою свободу, права и прочее, и я вас понимаю. Вам никто не мешает, я поддерживаю мнение о собственных правах, обязонностях, свободе. Но у всего в этом мире есть границы. Грани рухнули, все стали дикимии свободными, вытворяют что зря, это не свобода, это ужас. Убивать людей за то, что они не такие как вы? Низко. Если я белый, это не значит что меня можно убить просто так, не получив по закону. Хватит!!! Вы говорите о расизме, а сами ИЩЕТЕ ПОВОД БЫТЬ ЖАЛКИМИ, унижает белых гетеросексуальных мужчин и женщин за то, что они такие, какие они есть. БЫТЬ ЖАЛКИМ - В МОДЕ??? Вы, негры, геи, трансы - ищете поводЫ для оскорбления самого себя, дабы выдавить из окружающих жалость, что бы вам помогли. Конечно, ведь если в мире НЕ БУДЕТ РАСИЗМА И УНИЖЕНИЯ, вам от этого НЕ БУДЕТ ВЫГОДНО. Вам выгодно быть жалкими. Вам не будет выгодно, если все БУДУТ РАВНЫ. Женщины - феминистки, я поддерживаю ваши взгляды, я выступаю за поддержку лгбт+ и феменизм, НО ВЫ ПЕРЕХОДИТЕ КРАЯ. Если я белый, это еще не значит что я вам что то должен. Это не значит что я обязан платить вам, помогать вам, отдовать все свое ценное для вашей ненасытной кровожадной души, если таковая у вас вообще есть. Вы должны остовлять свое лично у себя дома, а не сувать всем поднос. Из за вашей показухи, показного разврата и тае называемой доброты, которую вы пихаете куда не поподя, вас будут ненавидеть. Почему вы унижаете меня и моиз знакомых за нашу веру? Если я христианин или мусульманин или сатанист, это не значит что меня можно унижать. Это моя вера!!! Почему евреи не ущемляються? Почему мусульмане не ущемляються? Почиму никто не ущемляеться ТАК, КАК ВЫ? НЕГРЫ РАСИСТЫ, ДА ЧТО Б ВЫ СДОХЛИ!!! Пока живы истенные расисты, мира не будет. Вы делите людей по из вере, ориентации и цвету кожи. Цвет кожи - всего лишь цвет, это не визитная карточка которая вам говорит, что вам все можно. Вы сошли с ума. Дай убийце свободу, и он будет убивать. С вами также. Мужчины, женщины, что с вами стало? Вы ебанулись? На земле было, есть, и будет два пола, мужской и женский, и никакого более. Вам делать не хуй? МНЕНИЕ ПРИ СЕБЕ, АГА!!! Негры - вы ждали, вы жаждали убийства этого человека, дабы начать свою нелепую войну. Почему БЕЛЫЕ, хорошие люди должны УЩЕМЛЯТЬСЯ??? Почемц мы должны бросать свои любимые дела, свою жизнь и работу, своих родных и близких, ради ВАС, ЖАЛКОЙ КУЧИ НИЧТОЖЕСТВА ЭТОГО МИРА???? Я... Я за свободу и антиунижения БЕЛЫХ, ГЕТЕРОСЕКСУАЛЬНЫХ ЖЕНЩИН И МУЖЧИН. МЫ ВАМ НИ ХУЯ, МАТЬ ВАШУ, НЕ ОБЯЗАНЫ. Хватит застовлять людей говорить ложь. Хватит застовлять людей говорить то, что вообще им в голову не приходило. Почему многие мои знакомые бояться высказать свое мнение, почему они вынуждены говорить так, как вам это угодно? Мы не должны!!! МЫ ВАМ НИЧЕГО НЕ ОБЯЗАНЫ. МЫ НЕ ДОЛЖНЫ МЫ НЕ ДОЛЖНЫ МЫ НЕ ДОЛЖНЫ МЫ ВАМ НИЧЕГО НЕ ДОЛЖНЫ!!!!! Мы такие же люди как и вы! Мы все - люди! Но, я уже отказываюсь в это верить. Пока вам не выгодно быть жалкими, мир не будет спокоен. Унижать меня и других за то, что мы белые, христиане и гетеросексуалы - ужасно по-расистки и низко. Отныне я отказываюсь помогать во что бы то нибыло тем, кто унижает человека за то что у него та или иная вера и цвет кожи. Да начнётся война!

    41. Pride

    42. patmandude

      The MOB will never rule. The populous will decide in the end we will have justice and freedom for all.

    43. Grizzly Country

      Most protesters are anarchists looking for any excuse. Thing protesters fail to realize is the more you annoy the public the more hated you become and the less people give a shit about your issue. By now I'm looking forward to seeing force used against these idiots the second they break a law to disperse them. Hell snow plows driving through them would be a lovely sight.

    44. patmandude

      How about less shouting and more compromise?

    45. green bunny

      I'm crying I asked my mom if I can go and I cant I wish to be there holding a sign

    46. Jaya stinks_like_poo

      I’m not black and I love people just because they look bad who cares❤️♥️🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏿‍♂️💁🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️👩🏿‍💻💁🏾‍♂️

    47. Suri

      WORLD LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!

    48. g0me2z

      For all ppl who has the BLM diarrhea ... STOP watching mainstream media

    49. Duval Onepiece

      wakanda forever

    50. Mike Bennett

      All lives matter

    51. Энди Мир


    52. Dank Memes

      I'm making a meme

    53. ONDAT AZZ!! In the first 30 seconds of the video, Dr. Judy Mikovitz says that COVID19 is a lack of interferon alpha in the body. And all natural remedies for this are Chlorella or Chlorophyll; Reishi Mushroom powder or tincture/extract, Liposomal Vitamin C, Astralagus, Coenzyme Q10, Gingko Biloba, Milk Thistle or Bonaset. Get ya'self 'bout 2 or 3 a these here for COVID19 yeah. Look it all up ya'self and thank GOD. for home schooling, k-12 and some college courses too. Look it all up ya'self and thank GOD. Get your kids started in computer programming ( for robotics engineering,etc.) now on Scratch or, since all jobs will be replaced by robots by the end of 2021.

      1. boxsterin

        Should we thank GOD for unleashing covid-19 too? Dumb f*ck.

    54. bigbangnone

      POLICE CUTBACKS TO REDUCE RACISM - What we have here is a scam. Garcetti and Gavin (PG&E bribed) Newsom are still sneaking around in the dark making deals with the FEP (Financially Elite Psychopaths) which all of the Democrat Politicians controlled Government are doing in every Dem controlled city. Does Los Angeles need budget cuts within the police force? sure, and they also need Fire Department Budget cuts. Those Police and Fire retirement packages are criminal theft of our tax dollars. And the Los Angeles Air Force (5 Helicopters) flying around disturbing every-bodies peace and quiet and chasing drunks down the road can be cut significantly....They are only good for making DE-news Videos. They can cut-back significantly if they disband the helicopters and implement a drone force instead. Regarding cut-backs in police Departments across the USA for reducing racist police. If you want to cut back on the racist and "Blue-Line" police criminal personnel, that requires an increased budget, not a de-fund... as these terrorist ANTIFA looter and BLM criminals tout. And the extra budget would be utilize to indoctrinate a secret internal affairs task force who will infiltrate and secretly plant audio and video recording devices while implementing sting operations to catch racist and "Blue-line" officers in the act. But let's be real, the criminal activities of these aggressive over-reaching- "Blue-Line" and even racist cops are well known to the police management, Courts, and the Democrat Politicians who want the gangs and blacks forced out of their city by any means necessary. And that is why it is so hard to get a court to rule against a cop that went beyond his training to inflict pain or even kill a black person. So any reform plan has to include the courts and the Democrat politicians who have been burning our US Constitution for years now !!!! Especially our 2nd Amendment. Lot of these riots, looting, and other ANTIFA attacks would not happen if more citizens were conceal carrying a gun. But Dems have disarmed all venues in all cities communicating to all psychos that our schools, shopping centers, and all city venues are disarmed easy access killing fields welcoming the psychotic mind. Vote in November and replace all COVID-19 AID MONEY stealing Democrat Politicians !!!! A quote by Cicero in the year (43 B.C) while he was addressing the Roman Senate: "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic.

    55. PepperSpray123

      THIS IS BAIT for President Trump. Just in case anyone needs a primer, under our system of government, use of the national guard in a state is the responsibility of that state's governor. Many people believe that the president is the one who activates the guard for things like this. He can FEDERALIZE the guard, and bring them under his command, but it's not his place to activate them for use when dealing with a state issue. If Trump reacts independently, it will be a violation of the 10th amendment and is an impeachable offense. So, think... why would the Governor's and Mayor's do nothing? 🤔 Nothing is being done in blue states, because they WANT Trump to take the bait and deploy military forces. If he does that, then he owns the consequences, rather than these chickenshit and traitorous governors, and these same states will then beat his ass to death in the media, claiming that he is usurping states' rights by using military force against the wishes of the states. Trump is correct in not taking this bait, but the downside of it is that people who misunderstand the states' role in their use of their national guard will accuse Trump of doing nothing. The left will play that card too, in order to sway voters. What's going on in Seattle is the State of Washington's problem to solve, not the federal government. Don't think for a minute that the lack of any meaningful action on the part of the left is anything but a calculated move in these blue states. This is all about GET TRUMP. It's never been about anything else.

    56. Alexander Ribeiro

      I'm sad that I didn't get to see any BLM people runned over

    57. JC JJ

      In China there is no protests

    58. Byron Williams

      One day a meteor will arrive and make all of this nonsense totally useless.

    59. Peter Pratsch

      “We got babies out here!” If your ignorant enough to bring your baby to these “ protests “ you are endangering the child’s life. I don’t like cps and breaking up families but seriously, wtf.

    60. Jordzyi1


    61. Xei Bei

      All lives matter🙂🙃

    62. Виталий Смирнов

      it's more like a racist movement against the white race

      1. Skittle Muncher

        More like a terrorist organisation at this point

    63. Mihael Mihael

      #All_lives_matter_or_just_black? People, what happened to you? Are you crazy? No person should kneel and ask for forgiveness for what he did not do/commit. None of today's Americans held slaves. What the hell are you doing? Maybe the reasons are not “black/white” but who will be in the white house? Why do you allow yourself to become an instrument in the wrong hands, it is very similar to the "work on plantations for the rich" today. Someone wanted to change the system, and you obediently do it for them? Very similar to slavery stupidity. Ask yourself: "Who benefits from all this?" and think, and do not run to break the glass and bully. Think Before You Do Something!

    64. J C

      The intro picture ahahahaha

    65. BuGGa

      I don’t understand racism. It’s just like having a different hair color. I don’t even understand why you can’t trust gingers... I swear animals are more mature than us! Like oHh ThAt OwL hAs WhItE fEaThErS bEtTeR gO rUn Or Im DeAd! That has not happened like ever unless it’s predator vs prey than that would never happen. Honestly who are the real animals here.

    66. Joseph Pham

      Is it better to be vengeful or to be better?

    67. Daven Nguyen

      Don’t use teargas anymore use mustard gas from ww1

    68. Suga's hoe

      if you do this try to be safe and look at for the children like are yall dumbasses what if they get injured

    69. Suga's hoe

      black lives matter but don't get toxic and agressive as well!

    70. dankgamer bro

      Yeh know one of the kids actually got trampled on!