Selling Houses For $1



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    Download Basketball Arena and attend the $50,000 Win Streak Event
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    1. MrBeast

      We are going to FaceTime (or call on zoom if you don’t have an iPhone) 100 random people that buy the Purple Frosted Beast hoodie/shirt! Buy fast because it disappears forever in 72 hours!

      1. Joedoeem


      2. Nahian Zia

        @Jdog Is Good ok


        Hello mr beast I don’t have iphone

      4. Mohammed Arhal

        I love you

      5. Dan Lawrence Matarlo

        I can't order cuz there's no Philippines in the country choices. Sad but all good 😊

    2. Alvin Mendez

      But when are they gonna pay the bills

    3. Liliana Guerrero

      In bakitball Arena

    4. ApolloForge Energy

      So wholesome :D

    5. XxGacha31xX

      Wish I was that person 😪

    6. Music Maker

      I’m sad becuase I can’t buy it... my dad won’t let me 🥺

    7. Liliana Guerrero

      I used mr

    8. Okuyasu Nijimura

      2:27 good lord I have all of those nerfs

    9. Hugo A

      Umm..... do they take down the bill boards or does millions of people get sad there’s no 1$ house

    10. LuluYanez

      I have you in basketball arena my name is Mrsuck quaker ok pls

      1. LuluYanez

        I ment duck

    11. Joel Russell

      Hey Mr Beast, I know you probably won’t see this but I thought maybe there is a chance... I’m really struggling at the moment in life and was just hoping that you could help. Anything would do and it would be so appreciated. Love your content❤️

    12. Scryptyc

      If I order two for Ireland, can I have two zoom calls? I’ll tell some super awesome jokes too 😛

    13. Speed Nerfers

      I cant find His account on basketball arena

    14. Benjamin Burton

      I think karls nails were painted

    15. NotSpons YT

      BTW my channels nqme is notspons_YT

    16. SirDom tv

      Shout out here in philippines

    17. Lorenzo Mendoza

      Im subscribe mr beast im your fan from ph :)

    18. Badass Gaming

      Snap chat 😂😂😂

    19. Azooz E

      اوك دام ترند في السعودية واحد يفهمني ايش السالفة ليه ذا وصل لعندنا؟.. 😴 شايف ريال...😶

    20. Abdulrahman Ismail


    21. Tim Nguyen

      So many people... literally passed a house that they could’ve gotten for basically free.

    22. Wole Longe

      Didn’t know grown men said oh when landing an op flip

    23. Skywurs

      Why do I have a feeling this is going to be recommended in 7 years?

    24. Pulse Nexus2


    25. Cooperpedy

      If mr beast actually went bankrupt or lost his money I think we’d all be in favour 2 help him back out

    26. OevxnO II


    27. James Clow 37

      What if Todd has a photographic memory?🤔

    28. 1kbaby


    29. Jace B.

      GL to all to face time Mr beast because I know won't be able to so GL to all and I hope you get face timed!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗

    30. Philippe Fernandez

      3:39 I would love to be her neighbour :(

    31. Stephanie Garcia

      Can I buy a house for $1 😩

    32. Sarah Strickland

      I mean, I would pay 2 to 3 dollars if need be.

    33. dark duel


    34. Sadie Houtz

      I bought it

    35. gamer epic

      i just noticed that chandler has juice wrld merch lol

    36. Mohamad Shoaib

      jimmy i cant i liv in canada

    37. DeeLauna Melton

      Can i have 5k pls😪

    38. DOTA 2 Replays From SKYPER

      Hello, I’m new here and I wanted to say hi! 😁😁

    39. Joshua Zhang

      Yo show her the grill -Mr.Beast

    40. Mesi

      I Know u read that. Can u buy me a small cheap house? Plssss

    41. Shawa Tmc

      Give me one house MrBeast 😍

    42. Mark Harris


    43. Silent Gamer

      Plz give me that gaming room 😁

    44. PhantomQF

      1:22 that briefcase is literally worth more than the house

    45. aldo streamer

      Hi jeff

    46. Tre Winstead

      I need a house

    47. Plutenox 0__0

      Still waiting when Jimmy will sell houses for 50 cents instead $1. 😪

    48. Joao Correia

      @mrbeast and I all I wanted was a ps5

    49. Yaboicoopsnoop

      Heh 6969

    50. Sonia’s Way

      Me : I can never buy a house Me sees this : maybe I can, if I get $1 somehow

    51. Totally Nothatguy

      3:09 Mr. Beast was using the popular hand book *How to Create a Supervillian*

    52. Zorce

      Mr beast is the king of $1 bills


      Canni buy that house rn?

    54. lama

      ابغا المقطع مترجم

    55. X-gamer Pro-HD


    56. speedbumyeet07

      2050: mr beast buys the Eiffel tower and sells it for 50c

    57. Mesi

      Last price?

    58. Obriam Noble


    59. Uuj Hhu

      One dolar means there is a buyer🤤

    60. Razor gaming

      For those thinking about how much money he loses don't worry about him bcz👇👇👇👇👇 *What goes around comes around*

    61. Arnav Pandey

      The problem is MR Beast your service doesn't deliver in India and I am so upset with it .

    62. Ugly Anime dog

      When Mrbeast’s merch is too expensive: *my disappointment is unmeasurable and my day is ruined*

    63. Dawnest Harges

      I just wanted to ask is tareq still getting money from that one vid

    64. UGLYdimples

      omg youre so sweet !!!!

    65. TTV-_- exotictrys

      Check yur dms on Instagram plz

    66. Chase

      Mr Beast keeps on impressing us. It’s amazing.

    67. SlayerofOsiris

      Hey Mr. Beast can you move to my City?

    68. Nekodekami

      Watching this while i didn't have any house

    69. JTWO

      What thats 49pesos here in the philippines. Awesomee

    70. zhyloz__not com

      i wish i lived in his city