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    On episode 21 of All The Smoke, NFL Hall of Fame and Super Bowl winning Tight End, Shannon Sharpe joins Matt and Stephen to talk about his football career, his transition to television, and what it's like working with Skip Bayless. They also dive into Lebron's greatness and Tony Romo's new CBS contract.
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    1. SHOWTIME Basketball

      2:20 - Transition from NFL to Media 12:30 - Importance of family/upbringing 30:45 - Embracing brothers shadow 40:25 - Winning Super Bowl for brother 47:51 - Being drafted, Elway pairing 1:18:13 - Hall of Fame 1:24:10 - Skip Bayless 1:29:45 - Relationship with Stak 1:36:10 - Kobe vs. Lebron 1:40:55 - Tony Romo contract 1:48:05 - Emergence of black QBs 1:52:10 - Lebron’s greatness

      1. Elijah Mays

        SHOWTIME Basketball 🏀

      2. Elijah Mays

        SHOWTIME Basketball 🏀

      3. Elijah Mays

        SHOWTIME Basketball 🏀 up to

      4. Mohammed Reigns

        Yo he said “how you gonna use my money and say I got u something baby” preach Shannon😭😭😭💀❤️

      5. Germaine Rucker

        5 dollars a day bro im so happy this man successful.

    2. patrick y

      2 hours of my life well spent.

    3. jay jones

      Critical of MJ and the last dance, he's a hypocrite.....lost credibility with me.

    4. Ira Bonta

      watched it over and over again

    5. E Oleary

      So his obsession with Bron is due to a bet???

    6. E Oleary

      "If you catchme with less than 5 grand in my pocket call the the cops, somebody just robbed me around the corner"🤣🤣🤣🤣

    7. Sypher D.

      Stack be dyin laughin. Absolutely TICKLED lol

    8. The Redeemed Office 1689

      Uncle! Write the book!!!

    9. VOTV Aniya Gabriella

      Shannon you are the liar, Hater, And above all under achiever; Tom Brady The GOAT................Your biased rant, insults come without investigation. You are a fool without understanding. Know this you muppet; LARRY BIRD, MAGIC JOHNSON, COACH DALY AND SEVERAL PLAYERS INCLUDING MJ, all had major issues with the False Isiah Thomas. No he shouldn’t have been on the team because he would have caused division, animosity, distraction etc.... there wouldn’t have been any unity. DREAM REPRESENTED USA. THEY WON AS A UNIT. AND ISAIAH THOMAS WOULD HAVE BROKEN THAT UNIT. COACH daly choose the greater good. So shut your foolish biased nonsense, GET YOUR FACTS, don’t play the devils game and take a small snippet out of Context. Listen to the whole interview. MJ in recorded said his personal views with Isaiah he wouldn’t play with him. But that was the up to the coach. Read from Bird & Magics snippet. book that Johnson and Larry Bird wrote with author Jackie MacMullan. In the book, Johnson says, among other things, that he played a role in keeping Thomas off the 1992 U.S. Olympic team. "I'm just disappointed and hurt," Thomas told The Associated Press on Thursday night before a promotional event for his men's basketball team at FIU. "I never thought it was him who kept me off the Olympic team. That hurt." Thomas' disappointment with aspects of the book were first reported by In the book, which chronicles the careers of Bird and Johnson, the former Los Angeles Lakers great who retired from basketball in 1991 after being diagnosed with HIV said Thomas questioned his sexuality and that several players did not want him on the original "Dream Team" that easily won Olympic gold. "Isiah killed his own chances when it came to the Olympics," Johnson said in the book, an advance copy of which was obtained by The AP. "Nobody on that team wanted to play with him. ... I'm sad for Isiah. He has alienated so many people in his life, and he still doesn't get it. He doesn't understand why he wasn't chosen for that Olympic team and that's really too bad. You should be aware when you've ticked off more than half of the NBA." Thomas said he declined a chance to be interviewed for the book. According to its index, he appears on at least 26 pages. "I wish he would have called me," Thomas said. "I always believed that our friendship was good and close enough that we wouldn't have to talk about this stuff in such a public venue." When Thomas was not on that 1992 Olympic roster, there was widespread speculation that Michael Jordan tried to keep the Detroit Pistons guard off the team. Jordan denied those claims, Thomas said he took the Bulls star at his word, and tried to get past the slight. "I rooted for the USA because I wanted them to win," Thomas said. "You move on. But that was a big hole in the resume. It hurts me that he's taking credit for it." Thomas also denied questioning Johnson's sexuality. In the book, Johnson said the failed relationship with Thomas is "the biggest personal disappointment of my life ... nothing else is even close."

    10. Lonna Carter

      Shannon is a real one. Great interview

    11. Jabbar Drakeford

      You boys doing y'all damn thang!!! Another classic!!!!

    12. Peter Enriquez

      This is gold

    13. Tamika Jones

      Dope interview. Even though he gets on my nerves with the Jordan hate, I love me some Shay.

    14. Rashi Zamora

      Best interview so far

    15. Legendary gamer


    16. Cameron Santiago


      1. Cameron Santiago


    17. Craig A Cook

      True story y'all. Everytime I talk to kids I always say granddad always to me

    18. Sebastian Brahmer

      Matt Barnes for Monday night or Sunday night edition! Each interview he is so methodical, call in the greatest of ways and anybody who enjoy sports!!!

    19. Steven Pascal

      Incredible interview

    20. Dee Haze

      I watch this everyday at least once

    21. Yo Blizzy

      Shay Sharpe one of my favorite people ever. True legend.

    22. Aaron Samaniego

      Should have brought up when Bill Romonawski snapped his Arm RN4L

    23. BringThibsBack _

      Someone put shay on with some playboi lmao

    24. Regina Moffett

      This was an fantastic interview... thanks for sharing... Shannon has a good heart. 🙏🏼💪🏽

    25. Christopher Disney

      I could listen to Shannon tell these stories all day.

    26. Tevin Jack

      In my opinion by far the greatest interview they have done thus far. Props fellas.

    27. Taolo Dambe


    28. Leon Newman

      The Real. Love The Raw.... Love All of these Guys... 💙💯

    29. Kendo Ti-Chuck

      I can just feel the passion from the Shannon thru this whole video..

    30. Ira Bonta

      u made my nite guys. thanks guys that was breathtaking and refreshing keep d good work Matt n Stacc n UnCle Shay Shay ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇬👍

    31. Robert Taylor

      Shannon Sharpe THE REALDEAL!

    32. Kevine Boggess

      love you Shannon being a Chiefs fan I hated you but as a analyst I respect you for your views you keep it real

      1. Killin Beats Music

        Hate is a very strong word to use. Sending love and positivity to you. God bless you 🙏🏾

    33. Yoshiling

      Nothing but positivity. How often do you actually enjoy hearing everyone on a sports show talk?

    34. armin38822

      One of the most charismatic people in sports media.

    35. Julian Needs Blood

      Great story. Very interesting.

    36. Ira Bonta

      ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇬uncle sharp

    37. John Irons Jr

      " man if we hit a racoon, or a squirrel, or a rabbit or something. Man we goin home" Shannon Sharep. LMFAO ROFL Gotta love the south :D

    38. Cebo Khumalo

      i was GOAT James before he was GOAT James XD

    39. Randy Krank

      Thanks for having Shannon on for this extended interview. All three of you made us all proud. Shannon's story is uplifting to many. His life journey is one that we all can gain insight from. Stay real Shannon!

    40. Simon Yang

      “I was G.O.A.T. James before G.O.A.T. James” LMAO Shannon is a fool

    41. xX_LOGIK_Xx POWK

      One of the best interviews u guys are killing it hands down


      Every time this comes up in my feed, I WATCH IT (5 times so far), Shannon is so damn entertaining and I was so damn glad Matt and Stephen got their own spot!!!!

    43. Ybthadreadhead


    44. Africanknight88

      Uncle Shay is role model for any young boy coming into a real man. This guy story and work ethic, and even til this day...he is JACKED 💪🏾🏋🏾

    45. Archer Roofing Company

      The GREATEST Shannon Sharpe interview!

    46. AbsoluteTruth

      I bought myself a pair of FAKE ASS frags because of Shannon Sharpe. I want to remember all the lessons forever. To me, that's the meaning of the frags now. But I ain't gonna spend $5K on that. NO SIR.

    47. Caleb Hofmann

      set him up with the "player today that your game compares to" lol GOAT James

    48. David Yang

      Shannon “headbussa” sharpe

    49. Anthony Blackwell

      So did anyone else hear Stack call Lebron the 🐐

    50. Jaquell Thomas

      Am I the only one want a PT 2 3 and 4 or nah

    51. rattlers87

      Thank you, its Pe-Can, granted from FL/GA myself but maybe its a country thing but errybody look at me crazy

    52. Trina Lewis

      Y y’all lettin him lie on Lebron like that

    53. Anthony Howard

      Can you imagine kareem Abdul Jabar with a 10 part series. (6) NBA titles, (4)MVPS (2)NCAA titles, the most points in NBA. Converted to Islam doing the most racist time. Was a cultural changer with movies, Bruce Lee. Played against legends Dr.j, Moses Malone, Byrd just to name a few. I mean I love Jordan but to say (GOAT) LIKE PUFF DADDY, YALL STOP THAT!

    54. Ms. DeKatur

      Unk I am literally listening to you on this podcast and watching you on "Undisputed" at the same time.

    55. marquis boyce

      Because of this living legend Shannon Sharpe, this interview will be relevant 50 years from now.

    56. trevor gamble

      Why does everyone leave out Steve Air McNair?

    57. trevor gamble


    58. Widson Sabourin

      My third time watching!!!

    59. MrChocolateMan

      Got all types of luv for Unc, but he still doesn't properly evaluate Lebron's career. We all know that Lebron has great individual accomplishments (8 straight Finals appearances, individual accolades, etc) but he also has multiple mental meltdowns (2010 against Boston in the playoffs, 2011 against Dallas in the Finals, 2018 Finals, game 1: he clearly gave up). Love and Respect to Shannon Sharpe...this was a great interview, no doubt. Kept going back to certain parts to listen to him talk about life, etc....but Lebron cannot be in the Top 3 right now, with only 3 chips out of 9 tries and these multiple mental meltdowns he has on his record...not when when have all time greats with more than 3 chips with less or none of the MENTAL meltdowns (moments in which the mental toughness of a player is questioned) than Lebron has, like a Kareem or Magic. He can't be Top 3. The fact that Lebron faced the Juggernaut Warriors with KD twice is no excuse...especially in 2018, not winning at least that Game 1. Make your teammates better enough to help you win at least 50% of your trips to the Finals.

    60. Lord Godspeed

      There was always something I really sincerely like about this brother , could never put my finger on it but now I can after listening to this interview 💪😎👍

    61. Kenson Robley


    62. David Sretenovic

      All the props to all the smoke. You guys got it going on. Such great content here. Appreciate what you guys doing, and Shannon Sharpe's story very much too 👊

    63. Harvey Ross

    64. James magee

      Ain’t that funny how he talked about Jordan bein a bully but listening to his story sounds kinda similar, how it was all about football when he played nothin else mattered like it was all about winning in basketball to Jordan and nothin else mattered. The pot calling the kettle black🙈

    65. James magee

      Damn look how tight his clothes is, I thought he had on spandex and of course he mentions Lebron 1st🤣 Hi honey

    66. ufabbiu

      Shannon Sharpe's face really looks like a mix of Magic John and Isaiah Thomas🤔

    67. Duality Of Man

      Shannon Sharpe is absolutely one of my favorite people on the planet. Thanks for having him on your show.

    68. Larry Rice jr

      If Sterling never had that injury they probably would’ve played one another in that first Super Bowl Shannon won. Didn’t think about it until I listened to this interview.

    69. Ronald Shute

      Love this interview, and to answer Stacks questions about Tony Romo, is really good at his job. Ur only worth what they're really to pay you.

    70. tėe black

      Sterling was a great TE and Shannon right both should be in the Hall Of Fame. Humble begins always make you hungry in life.