Shaquille O'Neal Speaks at A Celebration of Life for Kobe and Gianna Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers

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    1. Brick James

      Its so weird hearing Jimmy introduce people in this tone. Im used to hearing a band whenever he says the words “please welcome”

    2. Heavena Wilson

      Does anyone know what he said during.the time of Technical problems.

    3. Je-va-duh

      His speech was best and then MJ. I read a quote somewhere and it goes “a wife that looses a husband is a widow a husband that looses a wife is a widower, a child that looses a parent is an orphan, but there is no word for a parent that looses a child, because the pain is unimaginable.” So when Shaq mentioned his parents it made my heart smile, before he was anything he was a son. It saddens me to see his own wife not mention the parents. Also she lost a child and when she spoke of her, her emotions were more raw then when she spoke of her husband, so she should understand that they also lost a child and a grandchild. Anyways speech was amazing, I wish this memorial honored all of the deaths. Rest In Peace to all of the people and I pray for the ones left behind who have to live with this sadness.

    4. Harvey Too Fresh

      "I guess so, Kobe, I don't know how to play chess."

    5. Mama And Minis Adventures

      Shaq’s the only person who acknowledged Kobe’s parents and sisters. I think that it was so wrong for people to deliberately ignore them. His mother lost her baby boys and sisters a brother

    6. Charmaine Mcleo

      Shaq you were like a real brother to kobe.bless your heart and RIP to Kobe and Giana and all the others who lost their lives on that tragic day,condolence to all the family powerful touching speech shaq.your honesty is appreciated🙏

    7. OneDeep

      Wait...there were other people in the crash?

    8. John182

      Great speech . Also he is the only one I believe who mentioned the other people on the helicopter.

    9. Mariano Adame

      kyrie looks scary

    10. mutebi musa

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    11. V X

      "The day Kobe gained my respect was the guys were complainin' sayin' "Shaq, Kobe's not passing the ball" I said "I"ll talk to him: "I said 'Kobe there's no "I" in 'TEAM' and Kobe said "I know, but there is an "M" and "E" in that mother f*cker"" and Shaq's grin

    12. Laylay Maria




    14. Jose Guzman

      This speech will be legendary never forgotten thanks shaq

    15. Mckenzie Wheeler

      I have been crying for hours on end I am so sad for his family and the short lived life of Gigi but in that life Gigi had she did so much in it and changed the world and so did Kobe. Rest In Peace. Love you

    16. ki killer

      i want to see vanessa happy..her little laugh is so 😍😍😍

    17. ki killer

      when you see shaq crying..that big guy..u know how important kobe was to him

    18. Steven Cohn


    19. Master The Art

      Nice, fellow viewers please check me out on Instagram and DE-news.


      The next time some one tells me there's no I in team. 'I got this' But there is a ME in it.🙌 Good One BLACK MAMBA

    21. Michael Rodriguez

      Whoever disliked has no heart

      1. barefoot arizona

        What if you were a rape victim?

    22. Uniqk J.

      We love you Shaq! Rest Peacefully Kobe, Gigi, and all the others impacted in the crash.❤️❤️❤️🙏

    23. Marvell Butler

      In my Denzel Washington voice. This ish is chest not checkers. RIP Kobe! The Black Mamba

    24. That Guy

      Jimmy is a douche

    25. Astral C

      Love this man so much! I feel his pain 💔😭 great speech considering the circumstances. I’m sending this big man a hug!

    26. Cookie Lyn

      Salute to your god satan. What a performance you put on for the masses.

    27. kishya smoot

      RIP kobe & Gi Gi truly will be missed never forgot. Who in the hell giving thumbs down.

    28. dcpantou

      There's no I in a team speech will never be the same again

    29. Olivia Arellano


      1. barefoot arizona


    30. Doctor Duct tape

      I feel like i'm in some alternante universe.

    31. marcia livingston

      I feel truly sorry for Kobe's parent's my condolences to his family. But vanessa i can't co-sign on what she did. Let the past stay in the past about his parent's. Not even women enough to be the bigger person. Smh.. Great job Shaq💔💪

    32. ZecKcamp 4

      We may have lost a legend, but heaven has earned a new goat

    33. kat thyrease

      Rest in Peace Mamba

    34. Curtis Tisberger

      LOL kobe was an idiot taking his daughter up in a helicopter with fog thick. Got what he deserved. Darwin award nominee

    35. jfhcitml

      So sad. Life is precious, but it can also be so short. RIP kobe & Gianna. May GOD give your wife Vanessa and your beautiful queens left behind comfort and guidance. As well as to your parents Kobe, and the families of the others who also lost their lives on that terrible accident on that sad day that changed the lives of so many ppl. GOD BLESS AND WATCH OVER US ALL!!

    36. teako

      Thanks Shaquille!!! You rock ! stay strong I know you will

    37. Antoinette Montoya

      Champions of the world

    38. Antoinette Montoya

      I love Shaquille o Neal and Kobe Bryant and all the Lakers are my favorite basketball team ever

    39. Sandra O'Connor


    40. alanjrkaminski

      Great speech Shaq I didn't know you could laugh and cry in couple seconds worth of time

    41. King Lebron

      Glad to see Vanessa laughing after Shaq's joke

    42. Shelly Woodford


    43. lalxw

      whoever genuinely disliked this video has no heart

    44. Ultra Mega Hype Beast

      Shaq is such a cool dude

    45. john paul

      Brilliant speech !!

    46. Mark Roffe

      The big lug did well, didn't he?

    47. _KrizMa_ D-C-B

      Can't understand people who dislike this

    48. DoctorGloria & NursePhill

      “M-E in that mdf**” 👂🏽😂 Thank you Shaq for making others laugh. That laughter was needed in such a sad time.

    49. chunjie lee


    50. ass holic

      aint nobody can be me but me

    51. Radfish

      He big Like if agree 🔥 🔥 ⬇️

    52. boby Marvellous

      The fact that Chaq mentioned kobe's parent and make Vanessa smile this is a good and a goal speech 👌🏾👍💔🙏🙏🙏 RIP mamba RIP GiGi and the others wo past 🙏💔

    53. dd ,sincos

      Big shaq Big man big heart rest in peace mamba

    54. Sam Cocherl

      I love Shaq. How can't you

    55. Spunkyssportscards Spunky

      Why did shack curse like that GOD doesn't like that disrespect

    56. Marina Aliongco

      That story from Shaq, the "ME, m****f***r" was just classic Kobe...classic Mamba..and we will miss that 😭💔😭💔 terribly 💔😭💔😭

    57. Brian Johnson

      Shaq can make a crowd laugh and stay silent

    58. F C

      iam waiting for Ginobili speech

    59. Mr C

      Still doesn’t feel like we should be talking about Kobe in past tense.

    60. The Hurricane

      Shack is a freemason (he shows off his ring a lot) are they in league with coby's "boules" society? I remember seeing coby doing hand signs (satanic ones but old and tried and true) but cannot figure out if he was a freemason as well. They never tire of getting attention and money from the plebs who slavishly support them.

      1. The Hurricane

        Vadaski yes, that is exactly what happens when you sell your soul. And they get away with it because plebs like you...and he just got bested by lebron. One king down another king rises.

      2. Vadaski

        STFU let me guess you think they gave him super powers and he sold his soul to be that great at a game huh... people can never give credit for hard work it's astonishing.

    61. Clifford Driver

      That's why Kobe lived and played with a sense of urgency, I just wished that Shaq would have understood that.

    62. G da Sensei


    63. Dwatts24111

      Shaq cares about kobe and so many commenters on here seem to care about shaq but he doesn't care about you. He is a Master 33 degree Mason that worships the devil and wants depopulation so keep on idolizing him.

      1. teako

        Dwatts24111 lol shhhhh

    64. lyfe of Nigeria

      I'm so worried about this man. Him and Vanessa actually.

    65. D C

      Allow me to introduce myself. Someone said, ‘The world took an ‘L’ with the death of Kobe Bryant? May I ask how? How did the world take an ‘L’? How is the world at loss over the death of a basketball player? What about the fact that a small percentage of people control the worlds wealth? What about the rate of unemployment? Or how many homeless people we have in the world? Or why is there not enough affordable housing? Why are so many black men locked up? Why do white people get away with crimes black people can’t? What about affordable heath care? What about the fact that many will work themselves to death not having a 401K or any retirement from social security? A basketball player died. Why don’t we have celebrations like this for Jesus? You know….The Son of God? Jesus! Alive and well at the right hand of the father? Jesus! The one that died for you! Jesus! The one whose blood can wash you white as snow! Jesus! The one that Kobe Bryant NEVER spoke of, the one that he denied, and the one that will cast him into the lake of fire! Unless he accepted Jesus, Kobe Bryant died and went straight to HELL!!! Now why would I want to praise or follow or celebrate him? I am…THE BEST!!! I am….THE BADDEST!!! I am….THE DEAN!! And you can like it or not….I could care less!!

    66. momo

      Blood sacrifice

    67. Scarface

      I feel so bad bc I lost my uncle and I still can’t get over it and for Vanessa to lose a daughter and her husband it pains me to think what she is going through

    68. Aniv

      4:00 Jerry West: What did he say?

    69. Kicking Saturday

      Pains me but enjoying life miss you rip my hearts out to heaven