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    shark attack.mp4
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    1. ItsOwen

      watch the entire video then comment which shark attack was the craziest?

      1. Aurianna Bustillos

        None of them

      2. shawn and dominic hedden

        I am done with the spider things

      3. Dangerous Oliver

        Imagine Being so money hungry you ask for your subscribers to watch the wholething with a vídeo full of midroll ads

      4. yeet yeet

        none of them

      5. Chups Chups

        Liar nobody was eaten 😠😠😠

    2. Jenjer Johnson


    3. Tahmida Chowdhury

      I watch the 5 HEADED

      1. Tahmida Chowdhury


    4. Franklyn Woodruffe

      The shark eats them ? my god stop lying dude you like donald trump

    5. Vanessa Rose

      i saw the shark on this one 2:19

    6. rebecca smyth

      Stfu its owen

    7. Dawid Dul

      this is click bait

    8. Kiara Miller

      Evan if a shark try’s to attack you but doesn’t you still shouldn’t kill them or hurt them they misunderstand us like if u misunderstood you dog or cat or bird for food hmm? Would you no so don’t with Sharks, some are friendly most sharks in the wold acutely don’t have teeth too beacuse we rip them out when we study them then let them back in the wild save the sharks too not just the sharks birds pandas ect

    9. Aurianna Bustillos

      None of them where crazy

    10. Old Lady Cocoa

      “The shark was trying to jump on the boat!!” *shark just swims around boat* CLICK BATED!!!

    11. o_lightningx

      That’s a boogie board “Owen”

    12. S.S.Salmonrie _

      2:07,Missed opertunite.sorry don't know how to spell it.

    13. David Duddridge

      Why is your voice so deep at the end

    14. 4comments

      shit video with a click bait thumbnail for views, moron

    15. Meows in Door

      Like my profile-picture? Thank you if u do, Im a small channel

    16. Dan TDM

      Your so bad Owen number2 their was just a shark. It wasn’t even near him

    17. Lionboy 1609


    18. Trevor Smith

      This Owen guy is full of crap. He says keep watching but nothing happens at the end of the video 😠😠

    19. societychild1975

      What a lier! Videos would be so much better if he’d just shut up!

    20. Mine Me

      ItsOwen has some DUMB ASS Videos and he keeps saying watch dis till the end and nothing happens ... He just keeps pissing u off say keep watching till the end , HELL U NEED TO FUCKEN END YOUR DUMB SHIT ... 🤔😤😠😡👿

    21. Super Froggy and Bronx Gaming

      He is a huge liar I didn't see anyone get eaten

      1. Chase Vollmar

        Froggy jumps high Bronxs bigy fans I don’t think anyone would wanna see someone get eaten and don’t believe him when he says something crazy cuz it would be demonetized

    22. Joey Davis

      did he say shark or shack?

    23. Joey Davis

      like so he cant blast annoying music in your ear

    24. Marla Sheppard

      Clickbait bitch

    25. Lauren Maitland


    26. Robloxian BlueHair

      clickbait is not allowed

    27. Danyoki 08

      I will find you and I will not stop punching you in the face until you stop clickbaiting 9year old kids to like your shit videos

    28. Tj Cole

      You dumbass you always someone getting injured or being killed you bitch stop doing that bro

    29. Linda Beeston

      Basically all these shark sightings are just sharks being naturally curious.

    30. Johnny J

      You ideot

    31. Sam Gagnon

      10:53 what is that voice

      1. Chase Vollmar

        Sam Gagnon it’s because he lied

    32. Robyn Anderson

      By the way your fortnite skills are awesome

    33. PotatoFAN Bro

      You want sub so bad

    34. FINNFOO

      one like= one time Owen falls down his toilet

    35. Jorge S

      You are annoying

    36. Tadas Andrejauskas

      ItsOwen: Look at this guys something is gonna happen. Later nothing happen :P

    37. SCP Gamer

      Jokes on you. I can’t sleep

      1. Lionboy 1609

        Really is it because of him. Well he dose not own the spider and he doesn’t know were any of us live

    38. Crown *FLEX* Beasty

      More people die a being struck by lightning than die by sharks

    39. Korey Chinien


    40. Korey Chinien

      Hi you Do gooD ViD

    41. Korey Chinien


    42. SilvanusEmmanuelle piculetPoumerol

      In my opinion a great way to get free Credits/Funds on STEAM always seems to work for me

    43. Rick Kartak

      This guy needs to shut up

    44. Randy Owens

      Stop doing the spiders

    45. Luna’s Animations

      Bro you wasted 11 minutes of my life

    46. Owen Andrew

      The shark didn't get in the cage

    47. Jeremiah Galyon

      There was nothing at the end. CLICK BAIT

    48. kaos8088

      i am not watching your videos anymore u lie

    49. Chiki Boss


    50. Chiki Boss


    51. McMemeJRT

      Dude there were no shark attacks r u dumb?

    52. super saiyan blue matthew

      Click baiting pieces of sh**t you just lost a subscriber

    53. Hannah The Minecraft Master

      Lie! The last shark didint attack!

    54. hunter lyell

      Totally ate them all

    55. Ágnes Lukács

      Why are you and how are you lieing SO MUCH I know you need money but wtf dude you'r a insane liar

    56. SamuelVz

      Owen:let's see what happens next Everybody on earth:NOTHING FUCKING HAPPEND DUMBASS BITCH

    57. Master Of The lce

      U son of a bitch

    58. Master Of The lce

      Stop lying about good luck

    59. Matswil

      Don’t you just hate it when you basically get eaten by a shark

    60. Matswil

      Don’t you just hate it when you basically get eaten by a shark🦈

    61. XxmahmoudxX _

      The shark didnt even touch them

    62. XxmahmoudxX _

      There is nothing at the end u lier

    63. Mel Gambles

      Is this guy stupid we know that spider wont climb on us

    64. Gavin Franklin

      hi itsowen i am very sick like i had a iv a lot of ivs it hurt so bad i hope you like this.

    65. sharky the 1st

      what are you talking about?....

    66. sagchaos

      This guy is so rude

    67. -{ Môöñ Høwlêr }-

      Oof 😡👿 to be them

    68. beanbag290

    69. Kimon Naido