Shaving My Hair Off



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    We're bald, bishes!
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    Round TWO at the Shabby Shaloon, and I've got no hair left. What do you guys think? Thank you so much for watching this video. You rock! ¡Nos vemos la próxima vezzzz!
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    1. Maisie William

      you’re so beautiful it makes me tear up

    2. Shayko

      Wow! Steht dir mega gut :) Ich habe mir meine Haare auch auf eine sehr kurze Länge abgeschnitten allerdings vor längerer Zeit. Mir hat es so gut gefallen, dass ich sie so gelassen habe xD

    3. samxrrr

      are they in a realationship?

    4. Neslihan Neyis


    5. Aliyah Marie

      drink every time Vincent says "Shabby Shalloon" 😂

    6. Smoore M

      I loved the length the first time you shaved it before you shaved it all off! Should grow it to there again!!!!! I always wondered when you were going to change your hair, I love it!

    7. anonymous person

      he looks like wesley tucker with the middle long hair

    8. DodoChan 707

      No hair left to cry

    9. Naddia Sandoval Gomez


    10. Naddia Sandoval Gomez

      My king

    11. no name

      Reseeding hairline my ass! bish you look stun-ning

    12. Miroh

      It looks so good!!

    13. Caramel Crystal

      if bradley cooper and zayn had a baby... it would be vincent

    14. Anna Beck

      I think that Naomi is Vincent's girlfriend 🤔😏😁❤

      1. Anna Beck

        @Emilia A I now , and I think her boyfriend is Vincent

      2. Emilia A

        Anna Beck Naomi has a boyfriend

    15. Goatsplosion

      Rocking that mayor maywho from the grinch up there

    16. Karlie Roberts

      Vincent is getting fiercer every time he does his hair 😍

    17. Mara Vasconez

      THAT VOICE CHANGE damnnn hahah you look great with every hair style! I give it a 10/10! beautiful bald vincent

    18. Jaime Handrahan

      but the curls :(

    19. Lisa Marie

      Weißer pulli

    20. Sylvia Hastenteufel

      Datet Vincent Frauen und/oder Männer?

    21. Sylvia Hastenteufel

      We have closed 😄 verdeutschtes Englisch

    22. Kate 1998

      "wHAT happened to the SHABBY SHALOON!?" "Well it's closed." "Oh."

    23. Samira Junkersdorf

      Die Pickel werden wahrscheinlich sogar verschwinden, die entstehen nämlich wenn man die Haare ständig im Gesicht hat

    24. Sheldon Ferguson

      Is Vincent boyfriend brother or friend?

    25. __karamelli_ _

      10:28 it's a bag-ground

    26. x Nothing

      Vincent is now a gay Spanish teacher

    27. Gene Ross


    28. Sam Alkhatib

      Are we gonna ignore the fact that he’s supper hot 🤦🏻‍♀️💕

    29. Nixel Niki

      Normally, I don't care for shaved heads, but it really suits you! Also, your "problem area" could be partially caused by your hair always being on it, so that may improve now. I had the same problem when I had bangs always covering my forehead

    30. Aster Roux

      im so happy vinsaint has his own channel now, except there is more spanish happening and idk spanish but i know i love vinsbint and neomey

    31. Holly Tea

      I thought you litterly just dyed it

    32. Lilly. Mzl

      That was INTEEEEEENS💔 Poor little curls💀 Rest in Peace Little curls💭

    33. Saddest Little Baby


    34. amy williams

      yay you did it!! it looks brilliant

    35. Anna V

      Ich finde dir stehen so haare sogar noch besser als deine längeren🤯 hätt ich nicht gedacht aber sieht der hammer aus

    36. Kościół Katolicki

      Uuuuu c00l

    37. Leonie Sbr

      Er sieht aus wie Eminem😂

    38. Shona Krötz

      Omg he looks like Bill from Tokio Hotel! Especially in the fashion shoot🤟🏻

    39. Franziska Sp

      Irrgentwie schaust du jz aus wie mein Onkel 😂😂

    40. Katharina Hoffmann

      Du erinnerst mich mit den noch längeren haaren an Albert einstein😂

    41. Ximena Aldana

      She is anoying

    42. unknown person

      boaaa das is krass insane haha

    43. Nicole E

      Du siehst aus wie bill kaulitz

    44. Boo' Sam

      IT FITS YOU SO WELL random people shaving their head : looking like an egg vincent shaving his head : looking like a hairstylist model HOW THE F-

    45. Kye Wieglenda

      He looks like his name is Jason or something 😂

    46. Lior v.b

      Dont he look like Adam Levin?😍

    47. Stranger Things

      You look like my chemistry teacher and believe me it's a bad thing

    48. Oph Blo

      U look like Bono!!

    49. zeena z

      Segelohren Vinnie

    50. Carienne Jacobse

      Omg i LOVE it😍❤

    51. Giada's Voice

      Naomi sollte ein Video machen, bei dem sie die Haare einer Zuschauerin färbt.

    52. meshi lewis

      I actually love it this way!

    53. Apple. Sauce

      Twenty one pilots fans Be freaking when Vincent popped up with a shaved head and a yellow and black jumper

    54. Suuunia aa

      U look like my dad.......daddy

    55. Lotta W

      "we have closed" ahja😂

    56. Jay Jay

      Warum ....

    57. Meïddy De Almeida Yazzie

      For when Naomi’s turn?😂

    58. nobody cares


    59. diejxlia

      You look like a member of „Tokio Hotel“ 😂😂

    60. Ayv's world

      "Its Britney bitch! Been there, done that messed around!" I don't know the rest of the lyrics, um

    61. Lil sweaterrr

      Honestly, I was shocked at how good you looked when you first shaved your head before your hair dresser came in and did his thing. At first I was really iffy about you having the hella short/buzzed dark grey hair, but then when you showed us the clip of it being really white, it looked a whole lot better lmao. You seem to be able to rock pretty much everything. 😂 Except for the hella short grey hair. 👀 But as long as you like what you look like, it doesn't matter what others think. 🥰

    62. Coco Loco

      Sieht aus wie bill kaulitz

    63. Anet Vybersi

      He reminds me Bill Kaulitz

    64. King Crab

      Bill Kaulitz vibes

    65. 3000 Bitvh

      omg that looks so good on you wtf

    66. GxN | جكسن

      his accent is sexy

    67. Marlen Prax

      Eminem meets britney

    68. iTeacupPanda

      Are Naomi and Vin the new Catfish team?

    69. Erin Warren

      the country music over the beauty shot had me DEAD LMAOOO

    70. Idania Moya

      Guapísimo ❤️