Shaving My Hair Off



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    We're bald, bishes!
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    Round TWO at the Shabby Shaloon, and I've got no hair left. What do you guys think? Thank you so much for watching this video. You rock! ¡Nos vemos la próxima vezzzz!
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    1. Heidi Harris

      You and Naomi need to do videos dyeing your hair to match the kitties! You + Taco, Naomi + Chilli 😸😸

    2. Lauren Elcin

      Hed look good with long hair ngl

    3. fat tabby cat

      “My receding hairline” 🙈😂🤣🤣

    4. Poppy Walker

      Joshua vs superhero

    5. chalchalka t

      *WELL BITCH* *I'M* *ClOsEd*

    6. chalchalka t

      *WELL BITCH I'M ClOsEd*

    7. mishoru

      frosted tips who?

    8. Harmony Dunnachie

      Nooooo I loved your head beforeeee x

    9. Sophie inspired

      love the song

    10. Emma K

      I saw comments that he looks like Zayn, Bill Kaulitz and Justin Timberlake ... and let me tell you, I feel all of them lmao

    11. Dianaa Moncayo

      You look like Bill Kaulitz haha ❤

    12. Copin Thomas

      Just shave my hair after you’re video ... My only regret is to not could be to the shabby shaloon 😭😭😭😭. 🎶How can you see into my eyes like open doors? Leading you down, into my core Where I've become so numb, without a soul My spirit's sleeping somewhere cold Until you find it there, and lead it, back, home🎶 ** The power of DE-news **

    13. Ramona Șepilov

      Getting hotter, yaaaas :))

    14. Joy Van Guilder

      It looks really good!!!!

    15. Madelyn H

      Ich liebe dich!!! ich ich kann nicht handle ittttt

    16. Minna_ AlFawaz

      This looks so much better!! I mean just cutting it :)

    17. Abby Chastenay

      He looks scarily like Dave Franko

    18. Sofia Serez

      You should get a cartalige pericing/ peircings and make a video

    19. Jūratė Čaplinskienė

      This is how many peoples loooves Vinsainto 💙🖤💜💚💛❤🧡 👇👇👇

    20. Camila Andrea Ortiz Sanchez

      Are they dating ??

    21. Shannon Remanda

      "Are you having fun?" "YES!!" "😯That sounded aggressive.." LMFAO🤣💕

    22. Doruntina Eshrefi

      Du siehst aus wie bill kaulitz🤣🤣🤣

    23. A Simpson

      Your forehead is everything Obsessed 💋 I did ❤️ the Doc Brown hair, though!!! (Remember when Vincent almost kind of bleached one tiny strand and had a panic attack 😂😂😂)

    24. Maisie William

      you’re so beautiful it makes me tear up

    25. Shayko

      Wow! Steht dir mega gut :) Ich habe mir meine Haare auch auf eine sehr kurze Länge abgeschnitten allerdings vor längerer Zeit. Mir hat es so gut gefallen, dass ich sie so gelassen habe xD

    26. samxrrr

      are they in a realationship?

    27. Neslihan Neyis


    28. Aliyah Marie

      drink every time Vincent says "Shabby Shalloon" 😂

    29. Smoore M

      I loved the length the first time you shaved it before you shaved it all off! Should grow it to there again!!!!! I always wondered when you were going to change your hair, I love it!

    30. anonymous person

      he looks like wesley tucker with the middle long hair

    31. DodoChan 707

      No hair left to cry

    32. Naddia Sandoval Gomez


    33. Naddia Sandoval Gomez

      My king

    34. no name

      Reseeding hairline my ass! bish you look stun-ning

    35. Miroh

      It looks so good!!

    36. Caramel Crystal

      if bradley cooper and zayn had a baby... it would be vincent

    37. Anna Beck

      I think that Naomi is Vincent's girlfriend 🤔😏😁❤

      1. Anna Beck

        @Emilia A I now , and I think her boyfriend is Vincent

      2. Emilia A

        Anna Beck Naomi has a boyfriend

    38. Goatsplosion

      Rocking that mayor maywho from the grinch up there

    39. Karlie Roberts

      Vincent is getting fiercer every time he does his hair 😍

    40. Mara Vasconez

      THAT VOICE CHANGE damnnn hahah you look great with every hair style! I give it a 10/10! beautiful bald vincent

    41. Jaime Handrahan

      but the curls :(

    42. Lisa Marie

      Weißer pulli

    43. Sylvia Hastenteufel

      Datet Vincent Frauen und/oder Männer?

    44. Sylvia Hastenteufel

      We have closed 😄 verdeutschtes Englisch

    45. Kate 1998

      "wHAT happened to the SHABBY SHALOON!?" "Well it's closed." "Oh."

    46. Samira Junkersdorf

      Die Pickel werden wahrscheinlich sogar verschwinden, die entstehen nämlich wenn man die Haare ständig im Gesicht hat

    47. Sheldon Ferguson

      Is Vincent boyfriend brother or friend?

    48. __karamelli_ _

      10:28 it's a bag-ground

    49. leave me alone

      Vincent is now a gay Spanish teacher

    50. Gene Ross


    51. Sam Alkhatib

      Are we gonna ignore the fact that he’s supper hot 🤦🏻‍♀️💕

    52. Nixel Niki

      Normally, I don't care for shaved heads, but it really suits you! Also, your "problem area" could be partially caused by your hair always being on it, so that may improve now. I had the same problem when I had bangs always covering my forehead

    53. Aster Roux

      im so happy vinsaint has his own channel now, except there is more spanish happening and idk spanish but i know i love vinsbint and neomey

    54. Holly Tea

      I thought you litterly just dyed it

    55. Liliana M.

      That was INTEEEEEENS💔 Poor little curls💀 Rest in Peace Little curls💭

    56. Saddest Little Baby


    57. amy williams

      yay you did it!! it looks brilliant

    58. Anna V

      Ich finde dir stehen so haare sogar noch besser als deine längeren🤯 hätt ich nicht gedacht aber sieht der hammer aus

    59. Kościół Katolicki

      Uuuuu c00l

    60. Leonie Sbr

      Er sieht aus wie Eminem😂

    61. Shona Krötz

      Omg he looks like Bill from Tokio Hotel! Especially in the fashion shoot🤟🏻

    62. Franziska Sp

      Irrgentwie schaust du jz aus wie mein Onkel 😂😂

    63. Katharina hfmn

      Du erinnerst mich mit den noch längeren haaren an Albert einstein😂

    64. Ximena Aldana

      She is anoying

    65. unknown person

      boaaa das is krass insane haha

    66. Nicole E

      Du siehst aus wie bill kaulitz

    67. Sam uel

      IT FITS YOU SO WELL random people shaving their head : looking like an egg vincent shaving his head : looking like a hairstylist model HOW THE F-

    68. Kye Wieglenda

      He looks like his name is Jason or something 😂

    69. Lior vb

      Dont he look like Adam Levin?😍