Shoot to Thrill - Marvel Cinematic Universe (full video on Vimeo)

Matty Jones

Matty Jones

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    (this video turned out amazing and is one my favorite ones I've done, sorry for the inconvenience of having to go to Vimeo)
    So DE-news's being a bitch again and blocked this song worldwide (but only for the first half of it wtf??), so I had to make a Vimeo account hahah -

    I couldn't even upload 20 seconds of the song for this thing, ridiculous. Anyway this is a video I've wanted to make for years now. It turned out really freaking awesome and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :)
    I'd actually switch to Vimeo if it didn't cost $100, but because of just how garbage DE-news is I'm still considering it.

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