Should Ronda Rousey return to WWE?: WWE Head to Head



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    It’s been three months since Ronda Rousey appeared in WWE. Does the Women’s division need her back? Tony and Jeff debate the pros and cons of a potential return by The Baddest Woman on the Planet.
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    1. Shrikant Kharat

      Yes,I want her

    2. moses bik

      She should come back I mean it's not that fun without her like I don't even go to watch wwe anymore but I do watch the old videos of Ronda rusey

    3. moses bik

      Ronda rusey trend to be in wwe you know and she should come back to wwe

    4. cat powah :3

      I think Ronda should come back to wwe don't you agree? Like: yes comment: no

    5. Jemo Nafula

      Without Rhonda Rousy WWE is nothing we need her because she always fight fairly ...

    6. Tiger Gaming6408

      I want Ronda rousey back I miss that armbar

    7. Mev King

      Coming Ronda please l miss you Ronda 😟😟😟😞😞😞😞😞

    8. moses bik

      Oh and my name is not mosesbik

    9. moses bik

      How dare you I love Ronda rusey she is the best at wwe she is even better than you I bet she go to the gym more than you I want her back

    10. Cletha Daniel

      Yes because she is fantastic at what she does

    11. Hub Cyber


    12. Keveon Davis

      yes rounda rousey should come back to wwe and be tag team partners with sasha n get the wemans tag team titles

    13. Conner Ownspipe

      Ronda Rousey is still undefeated because Ronda lifted her shoulders before the referee got to 3 at the end of the match

    14. Joe Seppi

      Biggest star in women’s sport? Definitely in combat sports but there is Serena Williams as an example who is deffo an A list celeb

    15. Odo Pokua Irene

      Yessss she should come back

    16. one vergel A Almario

      Yes i love ronda



    18. Jennifer Gonzalez

      Yes she should come back !!!!

    19. Barrington Hayes

      Bring back rousey

    20. Eduardo Lugo

      I would love to see Ronda Rousey returning to the WWE in the near future.

    21. Wesley Thompson


    22. Nareen Bano

      I don,t like ronda😭but i m big fan ronda is not returne the ring What is scred the becky lynch And charlote flair

    23. Thedrawingprisoner 3

      Yes she does

    24. Jxck The gamer

      I love Ronda yes she should come back

    25. yashvir singh

      Rousey fan hit like

    26. Eagle4ChristYT

      Yes and I would agree that Sasha banks needs to also come back.

    27. Dolkar Wangyal

      No Ronda No fun No fun ..... Wwe will face loss 😏 ......

    28. Asha Kalakar

      ronda should be in wwe for making wwe more popular.

    29. Prakash Anjan

      Anyone who think ronda should come first I am second who??

    30. Royaleous Honey

      Yes the Womens division is doing great but bringing back Ronda would just put the icing on the cake. BRING HER BACK

    31. Royaleous Honey

      Uh yes ??

    32. Agu henry Okwudiri

      I love Ronda Rousey

    33. Agu henry Okwudiri

      I love Ronda Rousey

    34. Chantle Swano

      Definitely! Ronda And Sasha And Nia Jax should return wwe is nothing Without them

    35. Amirul Aiman


    36. Danielle Meeks

      OMG yes she should

    37. Chris Knez

      Please no. Ronda is a fake

    38. Yogesh Mittal

      Miss you ronda

    39. joysexy Love

      Yes please. Ronda is my life 💕😍💋

    40. Phu Nguyen

      Love RONDA ROUSEY 😘😘😘😘

    41. Cortney Thomas


    42. Banana Sundae

      Absolutely YES!!

    43. Susana Mollel Kingu

      she was lucky to beat ronda but she cannot beat her one on one

    44. Kevin Davis

      Yes!!!!! Bring her back. She would make a killer Anti-hero. You love her because she's popular, everyone else hates her because she's unpredictable.

    45. Johnny Mack

      Ronda suck balls, literally, just ask travis. Overrated as it gets, and thats in the ufc. All the bandwagon fans have no clue, she couldn't judo throw her way out of any situation where she wasnt paid to act

    46. Badr Alshummry

      Why she left???

    47. Chandra Russell


    48. Narendra Kishore

      Ronda is backbone of women's division. Without ronda in WWE there is no anxiety and curiosity in matches. So plz make ronda to come back to WWE plz

    49. Tonton Dalagan


    50. NARGIS Khan

      Yes she broght inspection to my life so thank you ronda rousy

    51. shah hamizah

      Yes she should come back to wwe

    52. SpookyJonathano Vlogs

      Yes cause that beast

    53. Saint Willie

      Bring her back pleeeeeeeeaaaaas😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    54. Edward Valdez


    55. Paul Capricorn

      Yes I like to see Rousey back because even tho there are moments where she is ok with promos her moves in the ring are unique and talented

    56. Tavin Logan

      Yes there's still more dream matches for her especially Auska vs Ronda Rousey

    57. Tinelle Phillips

      Yes because now wwe is boring

    58. Ly Cheacheng

      Yes pls

    59. Roxana Varillas


    60. bel david

      yes. and i will start watching wwe again if ronda returns

    61. Zainab Saleem

      The only reason why Becky Lynch Won in the Wrestlemania because you already decided as everyone know that no one can defeat Ronda she posted a video on Instagram that she is done with WWE after Wrestlemania. of course I want her back

    62. Brooklyn


    63. Emi Syafarita

      Ronda Rousey ❤️❤️

    64. kristina manullang

      ronda the bessst

    65. Xin Perantau Ilmu

      Yes, Please COME BACK RONDA ROUSEY; you have amazing skill and i like your attitude when performance 😘

    66. Be Mine


    67. Georgia Kampi

      Yes!!! Ronda is amazing, Ronda is the best!! We all love you Ronda❤️ We miss you!!!❤️

    68. james Branner

      Hell yeah she needs to return wwe needs her the fans need her!

    69. jujufun vlogs

      plz ronda return

    70. Reena Dharmani

      Yyes we want her back.. She is awesome... Baddest woman in d world.. She deserves to be in wwe...