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    1. Sia

      We can take it higher ❤️ Together out everywhere NOW 🌈🎧 sia.lnk.to/together - Team Sia

      1. youssef abragh

        you still got this

      2. Ub's Starlord

        You're a fucking awesome monster ! ..i love it !

      3. Faith Gayibor

        just GGETHO . That’s mean

      4. Holden Cater

        Dreamy Cloud I’m here for support I’m only 10 and I’m gay and I hate @just GGETHO

      5. Holden Cater

        Sia I am gay and I watched this I feel a whole lot better than before I watched this I needed this thank you for all your support and kindness all around the world

    2. jl bass

      Quem puder ouvir a música e acompanhar o trabalho solo de Davi Sabbag vale muito a pena conferir 👇😉 de-news.net/online/video-zhrWKrm7jL0.html

    3. Anjar Lestari

      Why do you change your hair? I like your old hair

    4. Xilef Leclerc

      Now 6 million views and 271,000 "Like"... Congrats Sia-Maddie Team


      Good 👍👍👍

    6. Edward D

      Her voice makes me believe in angels.

    7. Mariana Olarte Londoño

      :) together :D

    8. Karol Górski

      Why only 6 milion views 😢😭

    9. parreya ny

      That yellow big boy is pure happiness for my personal feeling that his dance is the great expression and passion. You don’t need to be the best but be yourself and enjoy!!

    10. Radiant Lyrics

      This made me realize that the world still has a little bit of happiness and humanity in it besides the gray dull problems that’s encasing the world

    11. Isadora Solier

      Sia, your music brings me such a joy :')

    12. Amjad Chungath

      Sia, there is nothing like her ♥️

    13. Jxst_Cheyenne

      This woman has an incredible voice! She is a queen . Her songs are so cool . I love her

    14. mundo de ARMYS

      eu amei a música só quem gostou da like♥️

    15. Aim Link

      Best song of 2020 ❤️🌈🙏

    16. # Muputa

      Zimbabwe approved it 💓💓💓✅✅✅🇿🇼🇿🇼

    17. bunny lover


    18. bunny lover

      Whrong emoji

    19. bunny lover

      Groovy 😕

    20. Florian

      Geil 👍🥳

    21. Toad TV

      It is too good to be free

    22. safiya azimianova

      this song is a bomb

    23. Gh R

      Together we can take a higher 💗

    24. Dianitha Bravitho

      I love madie she's fantastic

    25. RevolutionTwirlerYT

      Ok how can people NOT like this song?!?!? Also can we get Maddie and Makenzie in a video 🤔

    26. Eleanor Cairns

      This made me freaking cry because I have autism and It’s nice how sia freaking understands that, and I read up on a Wikipedia article a few mins ago that this Is based on a girl with autism and her drug - dealing sister, and might I add the little kid, Maddie, and Kate Hudson FREAKING rocked that performance, on fleek! I also love this first hit for the upcoming album and film, and I can’t wait to see It on the 22nd of august, and SIA, your voice was also FREAKING ANGELIC as always! You never fail to Impress me, and you always will, from now onwards! Great lyrics, camera work, and everyone who worked on this video, It’s BEAUTIFUL, anyone who disliked this should rethink It because It’s precious... I honestly have no words! My eyes were STINGING with tears because of how emotional It was and how much It means to me, I am OVERWHELMED with excitement! Thank you SIA, and that goes for every single one of you and every song you have produced to this day, I appreciate your work very much, and I’m sure you are a Brilliant person. I’ve listened to every single one of your songs from 2014 to date and I think It has always been excellent and on point. I praise you and whoever produced the songs, videos, and choreography, keep smiling and peace out, love you, means so much to me that you are putting In the effort to produce a film, and when we get out of this quarantine, you can guarantee I will be In a premiere seat In the front watching This MASTERY that you have finally produced from 2007. I will be clapping, applauding, and cheering, and you can also guarantee that I will be one of many who will buy your album and film when released. Bye!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!

    27. Okeagu Victor

      Sia what a wonderful song

    28. Vildan Topal



      iluminatis and pedofilian agayn? boring!!!!

    30. Luna Gómez

      i love this music

    31. ღSugar Cream MLPღ

      Love this song is my favorite song :3

    32. Sena Akegnan


    33. Sena Akegnan

      Who else got this song from the ad and loved it so looks for it? 🙋🏽‍♀️

    34. roblox Chloé

      Y LOVE YOU

    35. Silvana Santa Cruz


    36. René Scholtz

      SIA and Maddie get 💓 💓 💓

    37. René Scholtz

      I love Sia's music, I'm looking for everything on DE-news whether old or new. Sia is awesome for me. I love this music. 💓

    38. ariana stan

      Wait was that man the old man that played in jigsaw

    39. cuzz I said so

      the target commercial bring me here but I love this song

    40. BlueBobaBubbles

      I found this song from a taget add


      everyone is gay in that video

    42. Keza Konge

      Her voice is just something else it’s so unique

    43. Shania Fuller

      I love how everyone in this video is all different races, ages, and have different body types. So inclusive

    44. Sarah Zenz

      Hallo 👋

    45. Adi Rais Aniq M.F

      This is officially my fav song

    46. Alma Lee

      This song might sound simple, but behind the lyrics there's magic, happiness and unity. AMAZING I LOVE IT😍

    47. sanat &ben


    48. 갤러리정상수


    49. Deeton Charles


    50. Poppy Vanhoffe

      How much acid did everyone take

    51. itsdebbiy Alfred

      Love sia but i can hear a thing she sang No hate please

    52. michi triste


    53. Wender Fogaça dos Santos

      Vem 100 milhões 👊

    54. Wender Fogaça dos Santos

      Hino injustiçado 😭😭😭😭🇧🇷🇧🇷

    55. o d e d a l o n y


    56. joe freedom

      The ability to write a silly song and bring so much passion and joy to it - if you want love too ...give a like for sia!!! Join my NEW SECRET music channel: de-news.net/online/video-Cn-g8xBMiEE.html

    57. Joyce Kuku

      I love this, it’s so positive !!!!!💖💖🌈🌈☁️

    58. Ihthgn

      The black boy stood out. Periodt!

    59. Samuel Monsalvo

      i like the songs of sia

    60. Samuel Monsalvo

      maddie dance good

    61. Samuel Monsalvo

      i love her she sing good and maddie

    62. Kerstin Scherndl

      Maddie ziegler she is amazing

    63. Hussein Zibran athallah

      Happy pride months yall ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

    64. Abiel chrystel billedo

      Maddie still got it

    65. Ber xxx

      This is such a message to the world! Why can't we all just love, respect and uplift eachother..We are all have the same bloodcolour and that is what matters! I love you 🖤🤎🤍💛🧡❤💚💙💜

    66. prancydancy dancer

      Can i be in a vid wit you

    67. prancydancy dancer

      Maddie is soo good at experessions

    68. prancydancy dancer

      Maddie is my fav dancer first time i saw this was on an add and it is sooooooooo good

    69. Yan Ferreira

      Amo quando ela falha a voz nas músicas é incrível

    70. hoodie 321

      simply a beautiful song 10/10 would recommended