Siblings Give Each Other A Lie Detector Test



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    Siblings React to giving each other a lie detector test. Watch to see
    their reactions!
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    Tori & Nico
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    Siblings Give Each Other A Lie Detector Test

    Am Vor Monat


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      1. Madison Jacobs

        Can yall please do one of these with couples? Seems like it would be very entertaining.

      2. ヤオシワトルWølfbørn2005

        Do a friend one! Like or comment if you agree

      3. Aige


      4. marcos acosta

        Mr.Advance x a Am A Amjjjkak

      5. potato Emily


    2. Satiareach Z

      99% in comment what he’s 16?

    3. johnrowell lonzaga

      He's 16?!!

    4. Meriem El Batoul

      If these haven’t been done yet, FBE should maybe do: - roommates give each other a lie detector test - best friends give each other a lie detector test - couples give each other a lie detector test

    5. Rr Bb

      the guy in the plaid is giving me Percy Weasley vibes

    6. DXRK kiguel 2.0

      The kid with the denim he looks like he is 6

    7. Koen Bonanno

      Can I find a single fucking comment not talking about nico

    8. 123 what is next

      Tori first kiss is Danniel

    9. maymuna raj

      0:27 'And they were roommates'😯

    10. Auditormadness9

      Not enough kissless virgins in this video to relate to.

    11. Matthew Castellanos

      i just came to the comments because i know for a fact he's not 16

    12. Kayla Eyley

      16 he looks 8

    13. Matouš Bubeník

      tori, whos daniel?

    14. Skylar Fullbuster

      I particularly live in the Philippines and when I spent my time there teenage romance was forbidden

    15. saniya hicks

      can you put bestfriends on the lie detector test

    16. Stella Eu

      Jair and Josiah has the type of sibling relationship we all wished for

    17. Jasper Fulkerson

      The 16 year old: “Yeah! I’m sixteen I can drive a car” Everyone else: “wtf he’s 9”

    18. Little Lunala Boy

      Do husband and wife next lmao

    19. Animefreak xxx

      Everyone:Tori`s brother looks 13-8 Me laying in bed thinking he was 7-5

    20. Fortnite Crew

      The guy who’s 16 looks like 12 no afence

    21. Denisa Denas

      enai super

    22. Gwinny 2004

      12:03 wouldove been a problemo if not

    23. T3aR_ N3M

      90% of the comment system is just ThAt kIDs siXtEen?!

    24. Candy Spoon

      Your parents

    25. Jungkook the perfect angel

      Wait so your telling me nico is 16! I thought he was 11or 12

    26. Coop 772 fan

      Soooo “FBE” hmmmmm sounds quite familiar.. kinda like FBI 🤔

    27. FFisher

      I wish I had a sibling(s)

    28. Nidhi Yadati

      All of these comments are basically about Tori saying that her brother is 16 and everyone in the comments thought he was younger.

    29. 10,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos CHALLENGE

      *I started automatically humming the song "Truth hurts" after this video* XD

    30. Jamie Mckee

      i love these video its funny

    31. Kuso Random

      Can you do grandparents and grand kids plz

    32. Morningstxr Ex

      0:39 kid look 10

    33. H1ghsky1 Fan 101

      He never paid rent😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    34. Vegito Vakamoce

      And the girl is fine most girls are short(no offense)

    35. Vegito Vakamoce

      That kids sixteen what!

    36. Challenge Master

      Alyssa hot af

    37. Sleeze Torres

      Mom told the kid a story about his own fight...... the kid never fought

    38. Alexzander Delgado

      She trippin if she’s saying he’s 16 he looks 10

    39. Emi Draws

      "I'm 21 he's 16-" BRUH I THOUGHT HE WAS 11

    40. Yung Dino

      Wait I think I am on drugs or high because no offense but there is NO way he can be sixteen years old 😨😨😰

    41. DJ llama’s Music videos


    42. stinging acolyte

      Was anybody else tripping when Nico was 16 and was also in a fight and won ffs I'm turning and I look five years older than him

    43. Lenna Polling

      How the heck is nico 16

    44. Leah :D

      Guys don't worry Nico will have a glow up. Eventually.

    45. Mr Random

      Scared 😱

    46. Hair Spray

      I seriously thought nico was 10

    47. TheFlock83

      Should have asked Tori if she fears losing out to Teric

    48. Jasper Go

      Bruh that 16 yr old looks like he has his 11th birthday yesterday

    49. Aaron Boyer


    50. Mana k

      Me: Drinking water Tori: my 16 year old brother Me: Chokes on water

    51. Emilio Beann

      that kid is NOT 16

    52. QUEEN BEE

      Literally every comment:HeS SiXtEEN??

    53. Katie West

      10:19 made me tear up! I love Eric and Toris relationship 🥰🥰

    54. Devon's Life

      You should have the teen reactors hook up their parents to the lie detector test

    55. Johnny13Ghost

      What age did you become sexually actively? By myself or ? That answer

    56. Zenikey

      We fkn get it he doesn't look 16

    57. Khloe Playz


    58. TTV_ToGoxted_ YT

      He looks 8 not 16

    59. Spectrum

      "Have you ever cheated on a test before?" I mean...who didnt?

    60. TtvBlacknite Gg

      Can you do me and my mom

    61. Jaysa Mcgaughey

      Tori 21 ok but nico is 16 wow I thought he was 10


      So no ones gonna talk about brayden in 9:27 because that’s really young

    63. Shaquille M.

      Jair and his brother being peaceful and supportive0 Meanwhile Me and my sister: *starting a World War because she ate the leftovers I save from a restaurant*

    64. Anonymous Assistant

      3:10 he’s in high school??!!?!??

    65. Unlimited CRaZy13207

      Tori kiss eric

    66. India Weston

      13 min long video about other people spilling their secrets, over 5.5 thousands comments and 98% of them is all about nico age. 😂🤣😅😄 really?

    67. ALEX Rodriguez200008

      With couples

    68. India Weston

      This was so sweet. I wish me and my siblings communicated more, maybe if we had I wouldn't feel so alone in this world.

    69. George Tag-at

      Devin had a lump on his neck

    70. Itim Tala

      Parent and grandparent pls