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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Zelo

      I would like to see the whole of the game

    2. soccer beast

      It's so weird not hearing commentators

    3. George Pooley

      JJ's dribbling on fifa would be about 40, dude is shite at it

    4. Thomas Chung

      Where's JJ's commentary, even have Tobi do it, he banged it last year.

    5. games slayer

      Definitely needed a sv2 commentary 😂😂😂

    6. Дмитрий Ларин


    7. Conor McGregor

      Pause at 19:11 and tell me what the score is and remove the 1 from 19 Happy 9/11 guys after 5 days.

    8. idk honestly

      Damn, toby is actually really good

    9. Frankie Tankie

      Simon with the carry

    10. ImKazuto

      4:40 I know this is a old video but can’t believe he’s gassed over that mostly everyone can do that, that plays football

      1. idk honestly


    11. DeadorAliveOutdoors

      Just give toby the ball lol

    12. Aziman Abdullah

      How can i do for take viewer

    13. Big Nate

      Vik is the weak link and I thought Harry was better at soccer?

    14. Dj Arjun Jharkhand N.1

      Hello sir


      Hi to all..

    16. vestige powerteam

      where are from ....

    17. Diego lamont

      Tobi is literally the only one trying 😂

    18. TM1.7

      If this video had commentary it would’ve had 3x the views

    19. Get played Mooteealoo

      Do more

    20. Ana Alexis

      Who is better miniminter or Tobi like for miniminter comment for Tobi

    21. Deanmurphy02

      Should get Vikk a professional football trainer for like a month and track the progress

    22. Jaden Keppler

      Callux's boots 😫

    23. Nickcooljultra

      1st beat: Way U Look - Pushing Up

      1. wola 417

        AND the second

    24. Kian Bostock

      At 33:58 the shot by Ethan is outside the box

    25. Nev Legend

      Damn Tobi has tekkerz

    26. dreygz

      Calfreezy bothers me. Like I want to punch him.

    27. Adrianna Barnett

      Vikk is straight rubbish😂

    28. Agron Arbri

      Fuck you vik

    29. CS GAMING

      Fuck youtube allstars

    30. Abdirahman Hussein

      At 1:30

    31. Abdirahman Hussein

      At 3:40 At 21:42

    32. Edin Malic

      Never put JJ at goal. Vik shoulda been subbed out until that goal. Lol man of the match goes to tobi 2nd half he was on fire but damn y'all suck lol Simon carried the team 😂😂🤣 😂

    33. Emma Youtube


    34. reema mohan

      Hey sidemen is it a practice match

    35. Zac Thorne

      Chrismd should go to sidemen

    36. Mak Bogo

      Anyone knows the song list in this video?

    37. Abdullah Khan

      Anyone notice that Tobi made a mistake and because of that he decided to go in goal This is why he is the best Sideman No one else would do that

    38. Sammy Mussa


    39. Pablo Aguirre

      Callux tackling with crocs is the best thing in the world

    40. Tier Clan


    41. Smosh Kop

      What's the name of the skill that tobi did?

    42. huzaifa abbas

      this match has gone from kick off mode to Volta🤣🤣

      1. Edin Malic


    43. Hayden Crook

      Was Chris looking for a vid

    44. Roblox NinjaGamer

      SIDEMEN RAP BATTLES I’d think JJ would win this

    45. Roblox NinjaGamer

      Cal went full try hard in this game

    46. Agera R

      Vikk plays like he has wooden legs

    47. Ryan Ali

      " I think I'm dying, you hate to see it :(" i love vik haha

    48. Charlie Harper

      Was chrismd there?

    49. Cathy Jenkins

      Great match! Vik is getting better at football!

    50. Matthew Riley

      20:20 look at the score line.

    51. Pierre Ceballos

      Weres the comentry Im late i know

    52. The Tigerking

      15:50 why wasnt the goal given?

    53. Davagh Loughran

      why did they shoot the same way for the second half?? 🤨🤨

    54. MasterOne Piece

      The God KSI created them all (Sidemen and Allstars) . KSI please create me too.

    55. 82Jabrony

      Soccers not a sport. Fucking pussies

    56. tasirul

      Needed Tobi commentary like the last one

    57. Guy in background

      I've liked but they need more cameras better quality and a bigger pitch (like so they can see)

    58. Muhmoud Younis

      Is no one going to talk about Tobi's amazing skill at 5:15?

      1. Theoriginal Freshprince

        It's basically a flick using the trailing leg it's common especially when defenders come skating in and you have enough time to get the ball up and over them this time you just used a little flair

      2. Dennis rbn_

        Muhmoud Younis then you are blind

      3. Muhmoud Younis

        Adyn Davila I don’t really know man, it’s something I’ve never really seen before and I’ve been playing football all my life 😂😅

      4. Adyn Davila

        Muhmoud Younis what’s the name of the trick?

    59. Mirko Jovanovic

      Sidemen enter a football tournament like so we can see

    60. caiden_ WBA_YT

      Why Vik part of the sidemen when he is bad a football

    61. Young Blood

      JJ always says "cutting season", but I just think he's getting fatter and fatter.

    62. Tombola 69

      Someone please tell me where that dance from the first goal celebration is from

    63. lorenzo2349

      11:00 I feel sorry for Talia

    64. Unknown69

      Is callux wearing crocs 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    65. Thirumagal Kandiah

      Last match was better where tobi was the commentator

    66. Kay


    67. 267 -Cala

      Wtf is this soccer pitch why is it so trash but still good video

    68. jimmy mcleod

      This should've been a main channel vid with JJ or Tobi on commentary

    69. YNG Aspecctt

      this somehow brought back memories of all the Fifa series they all made (apart from vikk)

    70. cohan does awsome stuff

      Next charity match van u please get cris md on uf team

      1. Cloverfield

        There wont be one..