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    Am Vor 6 Monate


    1. Finlay Crane

      I Preferred it when tobi was commentating

    2. Owen Foskett

      Please can I play in goal for a vid

    3. Cecil The sloth

      I actually love Tobi, mans so underrated and a fucking insane footballer ❤️

    4. Michael Gaffney

      Gib said best footballer to brace the uk but he is the worst boxer

    5. Krombopulos Michael

      Vik got assists just saying

    6. Marco Doco

      If w2s was here it would be crazy

    7. Twix Ugas

      Vik was shit Simon sent so many fucking balls and vik stood still wtf

    8. drogirana lignja


    9. Emerl

      I swear Josh doesn’t know what to do whenever a ball comes towards him

    10. Samuel Okosun

      1 like= 1 pound into buying josh a new pair of football boots

    11. Alfie Crane

      Chris >>> Simon

    12. Sammy Simon

      I like the vid but we’re is ksi talking or tobi

    13. Andrew Kirkhope

      8:37 when vik sees the little children escaping from his basement

      1. yo boy

        underated comment 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    14. Henry Norman

      Borisbone 17

    15. Kleant Kordha

      Should have had commentary

    16. pickle tickler

      August was 6 months ago

    17. Don don

      the way simon runs to ksi at 1:30 my heart can't handle this

    18. Aditya Kottara

      Yo when is 2020 sidemen vs DE-news match?

    19. Toby LT

      What about 2020??

    20. gabriel suave

      i dislike cause there’s no commentary

    21. Chamal Mcv

      gib is sleeping

    22. Chamal Mcv

      Vik isn't controlling the ball, the ball controlling Vik :D

    23. Matthew Alexander

      i wish the camera angle was higher

    24. Clash Gaming

      Ethan wasn't even in the box it is rigged

    25. Oli Ashton

      Vick is fuckin useless

    26. kaydan waugh

      Josh is actually really good..................for his age

    27. pathfinderjoe

      Wheres the commentary

    28. Aldo Osorio lobos

      And harry

    29. Spidey

      does anyone else see something wrong with the physics of the ball at 2:51? lmao

    30. Ahmad Gamer

      Anyone see the score at 19:10

    31. TXDNA ivanov

      Commentary please

    32. Campbell Graham

      21:32 best part of the whole thing 😂

    33. Twist kronicx

      Why is vik in the sidemen he’s the worst at soccer also that’s why they lost vik stick to mincraft

      1. Chak

        @Twist kronicx Its all brotherhood, not soccer, they are only a soccer team at the charity football match

      2. Owen Wynberry

        Twist kronicx exactly they were on a team for the match but they are not a “soccer team”

      3. Twist kronicx

        Where he was reacting to the charity game

      4. Owen Wynberry

        Twist kronicx what video?

      5. Chak

        @Twist kronicx Your honestly so dumb, im sorry.

    34. Emma Bell

      0:21 w the song 5:17 what’s the song and 8:00

    35. Sasti Perumal

      I don't like the camera setup

    36. Ryan Magee

      From St Mary's to this shit

    37. Eu Jexi

      Shouldn’t have added music

    38. R k

      للأسف خذلااااان من هاري و توبي💔😔

    39. Hamdan Rashid

      2016: SDMN 7 - 2 YTAS 2017: SDMN 0 - 2 YTAS 2018: SDMN 7 - 1 YTAS 2019: SDMN 11 - 13 YTAS

      1. Iby08 16_

        - -Cookie- - it’s 2020 55555-0 sdmn

    40. Donavon Turner

      So nobody gonna say nothing about the music also 2020HYPE

    41. Van Shooter

      whens 2020

    42. Kellen Heinzen

      JME knowing the score to the game when no one else is paying attention... legend

    43. Cailan Matthews

      Who is hear in 2020 and wants an actual stadium match this year

    44. alisha

      5:15 the jzl

    45. Omar Obaid

      Feels like FIFA street!

    46. Hans Veerapatren

      Josh is stupid..

    47. kai lim


    48. XRaZoX

      vik was best

    49. KrishM_23

      Vikk's gotta improve man

    50. Louie-rx

      19:11 check the score, you’re welcome

    51. _Tilza0118

      Can we expect a vid against Faze when y’all go to LA???

    52. sampot humper

      Gotta love gib😂😂

      1. sampot humper

        At 21:00

    53. Daniel the thunder

      Look at callux shoes hahaha

    54. Nabel Akursio

      Who was shock when vik goal?

    55. VG SkePtAr


    56. OhJayy

      What does skepta’s brother want?

    57. Isabel White law

      10:59 Simon gets wrecked by Josh

    58. It’s me, ya boi

      It’s been confirmed that Callux only wears baggy tracksuit trousers

    59. BlobbyXD

      the budget surely seems to have dropped

    60. Tane Mahuta

      soccer is boring

    61. Ñafë

      stop being so lazy like wtf were is the commentary from JJ or Tobi like its now just a boring football match smh do better next time pls

    62. DCFC FAN ZONE 32

      5:15 Best skill of the match Hands down

    63. Fearthe90s Kevin

      Come to nyc and host a sideman vs yotube all stars game maybw in metlife stadium or citi field

    64. Samuel Scorza

      Faze vs sidemen Like if you want this

      1. plz sub to my channel for no reason

        Faze arent even good at football tho so it would be a dead match

      2. Samuel Scorza

        Not a proper match Just a crossbar chalenge

      3. Shian Shian

        This already happened

    65. Charles Rowland

      Comment below who’s skill was better tobjizzle or cullax

      1. FIREZ


    66. Jessica Art

      Simon and Tobi are the best at soccer, Harry is the funniest, and Chris should be a Sideman

    67. Elkan Adventures

      does anyone know the song from 0 to 2:40? i think it sounds dope

    68. Dut Dhel

      they should of said that content right there at 16:15 and the old sidemen would of just left he there a laughed miss the old sidemen

    69. Akshay Kharade

      Of coarse they changed title and thumbnail.

    70. Supermastermindx

      best moment happens after 21:33