Single Girl Picks A Fan's Home For Her Babies In The Sims 4 | Part 33

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    Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 33! It’s time for Kasey to spread her wings and moved into a new home with her growing family. Kelsey reviews the fan made houses built for Kasey and says goodbye to Chelsea’s home.
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    1. Tilly Hemingway

      How do u find these houses on the gallery ?

    2. lynda Ray

      Ayla Adley Tanner Tyler

    3. Michella Ward

      hi kelsy sorry if I spelled it wrong this has been my dream and I am 10 years old can you please name the next baby after me Makai

    4. Aniqa Rahman

      Omg thank you for picking my house

    5. Jessie Bennison

      I love the yellow house and I also love the blue 'n' yellow

    6. anna brasher

      i like the modern baby home

    7. Volunteer Mustang

      How do you get sims4 free I want it

      1. Volunteer Mustang

        Please respond

    8. Pamela Strickland

      i'm glad with your choice!! it's so AMAZING!! could you please do a little shout out to the person in the next video?!

    9. Pamela Strickland

      i can't choose a favorite!! they're all so awesome and perfect i just can't decide!! i wish i could help you decide,but i can't...sorry. :)

    10. Chloe Macbeath

      I love the 2 one the baby factory Kasy style

    11. Her Ornament

      i cant find the house kelsey shows @13:29 nowhere in the gallery :(

    12. Jozanel Strydom Strydom

      For girl Lexi

    13. Metalhead 1966

      I'm very excited! This was one of my favourite contenders!

    14. VV VV

      Pick modern home


      what's that name games poe

    16. Melanie Wilson

      Kelsey you could of used the extra birth certificates for spares in case you lost more of them❤️

    17. Dog Queen 2020

      Yellow chairs

    18. Tracey Needham

      I like the name: Girl=izzy Boy=Ellis

    19. Crystal Rose

      A floor for kiddos and a floor for teenies Kelsey 2019

    20. Madison Viera


    21. Karina Snaith Hernandez

      I HAVE NAMES (lol definitely not using capitals for attention) BUT THE NAMES!! Boy: Evan, Noah, Jakob, JAMES, Jax, Austin, Diego, Asher, Jason, LEO, Ethan, Daniel, Aaron, Joseph, Luke, Ben Girl: Claire, April, ELIZABETH, Vanessa, Maria, Kylie, REGINA, Camilla, Daisy, Lauren, AURORA, Naomi, Abby, Hazel, CALYPSO, Clover, Dawn

    22. aaron morris

      I love sunny side suberbin and kayseys purple blue home

    23. bees752

      I love baby factory kasey style and that's the teal sis and manufacturer of babies

    24. Sophia Robert

      I love this series but this house ...IS HORRENDOUS

    25. Abigail Marselle

      Sunny Side Suburban

    26. blueberry xoxo

      I'm really glad you liked my build jk, I don't have the skills to do that

    27. becca Krahn

      how would you feel if your house, that you created was chosen. like... I could never miss an episode. That would be my peaking moment.

    28. Arney Björk Sævarsdóttir

      So I’ve been thinking I love these names and I really want you to give them a try GIRL: Alexa BOY:Jackson

    29. Jordan Elliott

      Awesome pic Kelsey, it’s so cool! I like wide houses but not 2+ story house w/ kids

    30. Pat Partner

      Twins:maddi and addi Triplets:Laura,Nora and aura Boys twins:Charley and harly Boys triplets:marley,Carly and warind Single:Charlotte,Harriet, Lana,Zachary and Lewis this is by her grandoughter (me) isabel.

    31. Olivia Barcroft

      I love the Bachelor comment: “it’s like the Bachelor but instead of men vying for my attention, it’s houses” 😂😂

    32. It'sJustSimona

      I love Sunny Side Suburban

    33. Hannah Jones

      Could u plzz name ur next baby girls nomi and navea nomi is pronouced no-me and navea is na-vae-uh. Plzzz

    34. SAJ Rondeau

      I liked the 3 and 4 one

    35. Hailey Kennedy

      i wish all the kids could all have their own rooms

    36. Madison Stutts

      that was the house i was secretly hoping you would pick the whole video!

    37. Hailey Wel

      This is house I wanted you to get I did not make the house but that was my fav house out of all of them

    38. dwayne assee

      i love this ep it was fun keep up the good work kelsey

    39. Vlogs with Jazzie SUBSCRIBE

      I kinda liked the fanciest modern home

    40. Hi

      When she said sporty beans I thought she said Cardi B lol 😂

    41. c chi


    42. Erica Talley

      When Kelsey likes pools but not grills☹️😂😔

    43. Cody Hubbard

      The house that she chose was a favorite I’m really glad she chose that one

    44. Kozue Clark


    45. Kozue Clark


    46. Kozue Clark


    47. Kozue Clark


    48. Chris Bayliss


    49. Candy & Kadebug

      I love the new house for the kiddos

    50. Mhadi Tome

      When you look at the 2 house is like when it's looks like when you pick chelsea house

    51. Chloe Queen

      You should get a car

    52. Hwang애플 타워

      I want every house😍

    53. Husky_girlie 123

      I love the new home for kasey and fam I hope they feel so great in their new house

    54. Jazzacorn Xx


    55. Jazzacorn Xx


    56. Lucy Harrell

      I have a suggestion how about a homework room with focusing decor so the kids and teens can finish school projects and home work faster I used this in my challenge and it definitely worked ALOT

    57. Katelijn Hovestad

      34:03 wow i legit almost cried when i saw how pretty that house looked in the snow. This video is fuelling my forgotten childhood dream of becoming a home interior decorator. Thank you so much for choosing my favourite home, it means the world to me

    58. Anna DW

      Kelsey: im gonna take of carpet Me:why

    59. Venice Chang

      My favourite is the first one

    60. Thea


    61. Kenny Mollohan

      BTW I'm a girl (Kenny mollohans daughter)

    62. Kenny Mollohan

      For any one who does this

    63. Kenny Mollohan

      I know I'm a little late and I can't remember all the names but can you pls use Amy for a girl and Max for a boy.

    64. Katelyn Baculinao

      For twin name: Girl:Alexandra Boy:Alexander

    65. Tyanna Hodges

      sunnyside home

    66. Misty Lytle

      I like the sunnyside one

    67. Maata Matavewa

      I loved kasey’s purple and blue home💜💙

    68. Gatcha Life Music Videos

      no lie, i hate this house you chose.. no offense it was just too small and too much of the same colors blue and purple. plus the neon teal was super bright and it didnt look well. i would suggest the sunny side house one