Single Girl Picks A Fan's Home For Her Babies In The Sims 4 | Part 33

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    Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 33! It’s time for Kasey to spread her wings and moved into a new home with her growing family. Kelsey reviews the fan made houses built for Kasey and says goodbye to Chelsea’s home.
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    1. Perfectly Imperfect

      Girl Names: Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Prue If you know where that's from, you are my new friend!

    2. Perfectly Imperfect

      YAY, you picked my favorite one. That never seems to happen lol! Can't wait to see them in the new place! New woohoo spots, as well lol

    3. Anwen Bill

      i i i dont get it how do they do that flipin fence bc when i try do it it NEEDS to be on a flipin WALL

    4. Anwen Bill

      ow i was wearing headphones at 100 vol then KELSEY GOES "aahhh *exitedly cute*"

    5. Anne-Sophie G.-N.

      I honestly would have no idea which one to choose, they are all soooooo amazing

    6. Anne-Sophie G.-N.

      All the houses are sooooo beautiful i’m just *heart eyes*

    7. Lady Lonely

      BABY NAMES BOYS: Aiden, Gerard, James, Quinn, Ryan, Shane GIRLS: Angela, Courtney, Delilah, Elyse, Lillian, Penelope TWINS: Diana and Dinah (girls), Melody and Reid (girl/boy), Erin and Erick (boys)

    8. The Indigo Papillon

      Love the colors of the new house!

    9. My Life style

      I really want to make a house since it will be fun even if u don’t pick it but I don’t have sims 4 since I only have a phone ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

      1. My Life style


      2. My Life style

        Is there any other way to make a house a put it on

    10. Angie Trantham

      l hav a broken arm and i want sunny side,and name one lilly may

    11. brit gordon

      I came to the comments for comments about her looking at the same house as she did last time and found none (that I saw)

    12. Mats Solbakken

      Kelsey: The kids got there own closet Me: The kids got there own closet, that Keysie is gonna use often😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    13. Zahra Salah

      I believe it’s the perfect home👌🏼

    14. Sharna Decampo

      The last one

    15. TheNinaPage

      Did anyone ever sad yoh look like Lili Reinhart? ❤

    16. Dazed Starfish

      My fav was the modern 100 baby challenge house. It was so clean and classy loving that one but also really liked the style and color of the house you picked. Great builds, I'm deff going to try and download some.

    17. Zanyia Neal

      I wish I could do that but I don't have a computer 😣😞

    18. Mikey Calcagno

      Please save the baby Hayden

    19. Yongen Wong

      would love to thank Kelsey for saying "flowery kiddos", "space kiddos", "sporty beans", rather than gendering the rooms !!!

    20. Anne-Marie Wingfield

      I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

    21. Anne-Marie Wingfield

      ITS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!

    22. Anne-Marie Wingfield

      the one with the car is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    23. Savannah Cleere

      I like the house!!!

    24. Abi Bavington-Barber

      You know you can assign the beds so they sleep in the bedrooms they want to sleep in. When they are tired they will go to their own beds

    25. Tilskiz 072

      Girl: Evelyn Boy: Joseph

    26. Brendan Corbett

      Kelsey noooo! You forgot a school project that Olive made in the old house! 😣❤️

    27. Graciella P

      Should name the new house Baby Laboratory lmao

    28. Kamrynn Morgan

      Idk all of them

    29. Amanda P

      When it came down to the final two I was just chanting "cloud nine dream home, cloud nine dream home, cloud nine dream home." I like to think Kelsey heard me through time and space.

    30. L A

      I just had to put these names out there Girl... Claire Boy... chase

    31. Samantha Avilez-Lloyd

      I feel like Kasey is all purple and blue and Chelsea was yellow and pink. Kelsey has her own colors just like her mom

    32. Miah Paredes

      I love this

    33. Jacquelyn Valiente

      Can the next baby girl be Jackie or Jacquelyn and for a boy Jacob please ps i love ur vids #kelsey100babychallenge

    34. Emiliana Calista Lie

      All of a sudden, I remember that Yeti from part 3 that says, "I want kids now!"

    35. Katie parshall

      Yessss that’s the one I liked

    36. Mary L

      these houses were soooo amazing omg

    37. S. PARK

      Why do people complain so much in this series? Let her play the game how she wants to. She can’t please all of you. I’d rather have her enjoy her game despite not conforming to people’s wishes than do what people tell her but not be happy playing the game. If you don’t like how she plays then just don’t watch her videos.

    38. Nina Dees

      I liked the modern baby house and the cloud nine dream home the most!! The play room in the modern baby house was AMAZING

    39. Chris Robinson

      Hi everyone my name is Hailey,I was wondering if anyone likes my baby name ideas,enjoy, girls:Alia,Brooke,Tadam,Oakley,or my name,Hailey Boys:Niki and Alexa from full house Boy and girl:Lia and Liam like this so Kelsey can see😊

    40. Music In Me

      The Clouds house was my favourite and i am so happy, that u choosed it

    41. cousin life #4

      The impeachasma house

    42. cousin life #4

      My fav home Is

    43. Belle Gibson

      Please name a girl after my best friend. She is going through a lot of hard things right now and this would definitely cheer her up. Please name a baby girl: Ashlynn

    44. L.O.L Dolls H.Q

      i love the new house! i knew immediately u we’re gonna choose that one 😂 I love the purple!

    45. nightfairytitania

      Raise your hand if you play Sims 4 to build the house your millenial a$$ will never be able to afford! 🤚🤚🤚

    46. luiza bell

      Caroline A (copying her comment so more ppl see it) please name a house *BORN HUB* lmao that’s so funny

    47. Nic Nic

      Cloud 9 was my favourite too. The last time they moved she picked the same house I liked most, we must have the same taste in houses 🏠. They all looked amazing though, if I had the sims 4 I would love to try my hand at it.

    48. niamh nash

      I like modern baby house

    49. Wander Lost

      Love the one you picked... so cute! Can't wait to see you live in that house!! Yay Kasey!!

    50. Becca Rush

      I love Caseys Cloud Nine Dream home

    51. Michael Fisher

      Loving the house you chose! I think it was my favorite too!

    52. Serena Ray

      I love ❤️ this show can't stop watching it

    53. Vivianne O'Tier

      Good choice Kelsey

    54. Vivianne O'Tier

      That's the teal sis is THE house

    55. Vivianne O'Tier

      I like all of them it's too hard to choose

    56. Georgia Thompson

      I really love how I met your mother Girl: robin, lily, Victoria, Tracey Boy: Theodore, nick, Marvin, luke

    57. Anabel Gonzalez

      I'm sorry but the purple is giving me a hard time. We're is the yellow 😥😥😥😥😢😢😢😢😕

    58. idontknowa goodusername:/

      Great choice. Though i found the colors jarring, i remembered that the new mama is a color freak so it fits as well as yellow chairs fit her mama

    59. aletiz17

      Please change her disgusting blue jacket that not even your mom like it please she looks like a Russian Santa Claus

    60. Alexandra Pacheco

      Omg I wanted that house so bad and she chose it !!!!!!

    61. Xyra&RhyzzieYT

      You should ask siri

    62. Baylee Jo

      Cloud nine is my favorite

    63. It's Anj

      Girls: Persephone, Amanda, addi, Lizzie, Cassie Boys: Lucifer, Brandon, Noah, garret, Dylan

    64. Rachael Fleurence

      What packs does she have?

    65. SkycometNero

      The upstairs pool won me over

    66. Harlee M

      "And then over here we have kah kaseys room"

    67. potato

      Imagine if the last pregnancy was a twin it would be 101 or if triplets 102

    68. Mandy stewart

      My favs were the Modern Baby Home and the Sunnyside Suburban Home. Think I'll had to download them

    69. Ella Lasky

      omg Kelsey I was actually thinking of downloading the house you chose and using it for my own Sims! I'm so happy to see you like modern architecture as well all my friends think it's weird that I like it lol

    70. Sarah Hemi

      I love the new home