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    1. xXx

      Guys, please support Druck official youtube account (even if it geoblocked for you) 🙏🙏🙏 subscribe, like a video: u can use vpn

      1. Jessica Zavala

        Emily Haines germany

      2. Emily Haines

        I am using a VPN and none of the area codes works, what country will work?

      3. animal lover

        @xXx thanks, so it's because of the music used, ok thanks a lot

      4. xXx

        @animal lover The clips are geo blocked because of music rights, the Druck crew can't do anything about that (I mean, they can use music that won't be blocked due to copyright infringement, but probably they are not interested in this)

      5. animal lover

        But why have they geo blocked

    2. Nico Hollow

      I love this version Isak- mostly because he’s _not_ Isak, he’s Matteo. There’s this subtle change when Sara comes, like he gets sadder and lonelier even though David’s still there, because he has to go to pretending. It’s like the weights been temporarily lifted off and put back on.

    3. Mandi Perkins

      Can we talk about Matteo's voice?.. ♡

    4. mudasser saddal

      Why all series have same story line.... Its sucks

    5. ASOT Forever

      02:08 "The emotional orgy of Kiki"

    6. Janey May

      get yourself someone who warns you not to walk into team building activities

    7. ripsunkipsu

      Toi Matteon viimeinen repliikki on väärin kirjoitettu! Sen pitäis sanoa "Ai jaa, mä luulin että se on joku muu." tai jotain sinne päin. Mutta arvostan todella paljon sitä joka on vaivautunut kääntämään tämän myös suomeksi. Kiitos! ♡

    8. han ane

      Omg this remark is wow :o matteo's depression is killiiinggg meee i looove it💕💕💕💕

    9. Donut Worry

      omg Matteo is so Even

    10. Donut Worry

      omg he took the first step !!

    11. echoseranggaga

      matteo looks like a fat lesbian boarder

    12. Agustina


    13. Cii Caui

      HAHAHA muốn hất cùn không ? T lạy

    14. qfsksl

      this is probably the best remake so far omg im in love wtf

    15. Sam Chavan

      But can u just acknowledge how freaking beautiful Sana is!!

    16. Tomayaa

      i have a big crush on Amira omg😭❣

    17. zxc vbnm

      Türkçe çeviri mi?? Çeviren kimse teşekkür ederim harikasın 😊😊

    18. Grand Moff Tarkin

      Matteo looks so dead 24/7 like me everyday

    19. Resa The

      I like them but I have to say the acting doesn't come close to the french version. I think Axel who portrays Lucas is by far the best actor of all the Isaks followed by Tarjei from the original. But maybe it's because I'm German and in my opinion young unexperienced german actors often sound somewhat unreal. But I'm still keen to see where they are going and I like it that they are an interracial (not yet) couple.

    20. Kinia Kukuc

      Woah, I'm so exciting for this two

    21. erza scarlet

      Y'all I think Even is Isak and Isak is Even here..

    22. LyLyz Downey

      Oh por Dios que hermoso

    23. Ale Irribarra

      Me encantan

    24. Mapple Heart

      I love Matteo's little half smile when he first talks to David

    25. GK B

      In druck3, David is Trans ?? or who is act as David?(I don't know his real name😂) Real life he is trans or man or woman ?? I'm so confused but I love druck ss3 so much 😂 please tell me😂 please!!

      1. hi

        @xXx Do you know name of this actor who play David?

      2. GK B

        @xXx ok, thank you so much 😊😄

      3. xXx

        The actor is trans. We still don't know if David is trans either, but he said "I killed someone" and it's probably wasn't a joke (he talked about his past identity)

    26. Arine Ayano

      Their chemistry is insane! Different from OG. It is their own story.

    27. MarieElo Chvr

      Thank’s!!! And thank’s to the personne who do the french translation too :)

    28. Pagan Poetry

      Matteo always looks high af, who iw leonie btw,, is it a boy or girl?

    29. Pagan Poetry

      Matteo always looks high af

    30. River Day

      He said nope it was someone else coz he likes him bet 👀

    31. River Day

      David is gorgeous what the actual fuck. Like holy shit 😭

    32. eafy mo

      David say he killed someone.that's mean is he killed herself ?


      matteo looking like he always high

    34. Cora F

      the freaking sexual tension was even better than in the original


      Even here looks super young lol

    36. Em Rose

      Is there something wrong with David's teeth?

    37. Обрезочки из сериалов

      oh no now when i've read the comments i started spoiling myself how would it be if Matteo is actually Evan

    38. Misha Angelik

      De verdad muchas gracias por subir los capitulos. En mi pais estan bloqueados. No los puedo ver por su canal oficial. Soy de Chile.!! Gracias de todo ❤️. 😀

    39. Pitcha Tanusin

      After watching this scene I found myself that I totally fall for David!! the way he acts and his voice is freaking cute!!!! And Love to see Matteo smiles because of him as well

    40. jay mahealinski

      how the hell they already have this much chemistry together????? 💕

    41. Stephanie Buendia

      I knew I would love the scene where Matteo and beanie boy aka David talk for the first time but this??? This was so fucking beautiful!!! The chemistry and tension between Matteo and David in this clip was so natural and palpable. I even feel bad for watching this scene because it looks like an intimate conversacion!!! And I totally get the way Matteo looks at David, I mean David is so handsome and the way he smiles makes me want to kiss him!!! Can't wait to see their love story in the next clips 😍🏳️‍🌈🙌

    42. R M

      I don't like this remake at all, I'm getting weird vibes from the characters

      1. hi

        same it's just weird

    43. Izi de Oliveira

      Why this feels like we are watchin Evens side?

    44. Angie Narciso

      This is so exciting...

    45. kikii's writing

      Matteo’s body language and the fact that he was actually trying to spark up a good conversation shows how interested he is, David on the other hand shows he was interested by looking Matteo up n down every chance he could while his body language was simple. I hope he involves himself more with Matteo in the future because he made the clip a bit dry, but I still support my bbys no matter what, I could see the chemistry even if I didn’t hear it💓

    46. Hasna Abbou

      Merciii beaucouppp

    47. Hasna Abbou


    48. Nell Tilleul

      And can we talk about David's voice ? It's so warm and pleasant to hear !

    49. Cas the token winchester

      WAAAAAAAAAHHHH matteo!!! 😍 I'm screeching in my head. ugh hit me with all that smoothness

    50. A friend of mine


    51. studio ghibli


    52. studio ghibli

      okay like the way matteo placed that blunt behind his ear was so even but the way david smiled like a frkn sun is also very even SO WHAT IS THE TRUTH

    53. Nell Tilleul

      Just can we please thanks David (yeah it'll be hard to call him by his name instead of GerEven or Beanie Boy) for making Matteo laugh at 3:47 ? That was something

    54. 8i8i50 Com

      i’m only like Skam version of isak and even i’m gonna give this try !!!

    55. A GDragon stan VIP88

      Ok, this is diffrent . Why i feel like the reversal of charater . Really like Badboy vibes of Matteo

    56. Selma Riemer

      matteo is so bold, love it

    57. moj b

      I think if we stop comparing Skam couples to each other, we could see how amazing each couple in each version is.

      1. Nico Hollow

        @moj b Yes, thank you.

    58. Warlock Bane

      I love those people here in the comments telling how these two will be a good pair 😍😘 #Datteo

    59. jui datey

      Here to feel better after you-know-what

    60. min

      to me Mateo was promising as the best isak remake to be honest , it sucks that I'm not feeling this ``Even`` .. just thought they were going for a more evak ger version (edit: as in not only og Even’s looks but his character presence )

      1. min

        Emilia yeah i knew I could sound like some -oh I want blonde german- asshole but no it’s not about that, it’s just not clicking for me, I just had expected a more Even ish person (and I mean as in vibe and presence ) since i felt that (mateo) was giving me so much Isak og vibes I don’t even think there’s that much of chemistry between them, there’s something off, guess it just bums me out bc Druck was my fav remake , oh well can’t have all in life xd

    61. Arian

      i found the convo very intense, it got me like wow. looking forward for the next episodes!!

    62. liveandlove84

      That actor playing David! Omg I’m in love. Thank you druck for this amazing and iconic change. My ass is quivering

    63. Tara J

      when david says “I killed someone and had to lay low” I get it was a joke but it made me think of how trans ppl have a “dead” name and that maybe it’s referencing transitioning??? idk just a thought

      1. Nico Hollow

        @Delanie Lott That was what he was referring to, but then Matteo mentioned his parents, and his parents don’t accept him, hence they are also dead.

      2. Thick Socks

        omfg you're right

      3. Delanie Lott

        That's what I thought at first but then he started talking about dead parents and I was like did he actually kill them or what ? 😂

      4. Mutlu luk

        wow you are right!

      5. Now We In A Zone

        omg if that's what he meant......


      I’m ready to get my heartbroken in German !

    65. 김뭉치

      원작이랑 반대네요ㅋ 존좋ㅋㅋㅋ

    66. Lily Medaries

      Fanfiction in Matteo's point of view... German translation at the bottom will be in the comment section 👇. Matteo is bored inside the silly meeting- Man, screw this. This is getting kind weird. Now they're holding hands. Shit. I don't even see the guy I came in here for, the guy I passed by earlier. There was just something about him. His hair. He has nice hair. And he had on cute looking clothes. If he isn't coming, I'll just leave. Yeah...I got to bounce. No one is paying attention, so I'll sneak out and have a smoke. (Matteo walks out of the door, running into guy the handsome guy he waited for.) @2:15 Woah...he's here, right in front of me. What do I say? Do I look okay? Do I smell? Shit. Am I sweating? He is very cute. What's his name? I'll find out. What can I say so I can get him alone? "Ehm...I wouldn't go in there." "Why?" Cute-Guy asks, making my nerves rattle. Bro, they're being strange in there. That's a good enough answer? "They're building such a trust circle." "Aha." "You know, with holding hands." Oh Lord, he just glanced down at my hands. I think he wants to hold them, and I don't think I'd mind. I can't stop glaring at him. Gesh. His edgy, punk-rocker look is kind of turning me on. Who is he? "Except, if you're interested in that..." And please say you are, because I'd let you grab ahold of mine, someplace around here. "Nope." And there goes my boner. What can I say to seem okay to him? "Thought so." I can't help but give him a smirk. And he's just looking my way, waiting to figure out what else we can do instead of that crappy meeting inside. Maybe I can pull out a joint and he'll join me. We can get to know each other, and boy do I want to know him. I'm a curious dude now. "Keep on smoking weed?" I ask him, after pulling out my joint. But he seemed hesitant. His hair that's swayed over his eyebrow is so hot, I just want to run my fingers through it. "Yeah, sure." YES! Thank you to the Gods. Now is my chance. 'Hi, I am Matteo. Someone cool who's fun to be around...' No, no...I've got to keep everything on the down-low. I'll keep things casual, for now. "Come," I tell him, hoping he doesn't think I'm weird. "What's your name?" "David. And you are?" "Matteo." David... My name is Matteo and things between us are gonna get wild. Just so you know. I wish I could tell him those things without scaring him off. We're just gonna go some place private and smoke this joint. He is new here, so that's something to talk about. I light up the joint first, and then begin the conversation. "You're new here, right?" Like I don't know the answer. "Yeah, why?" I was just asking, that's all. Gesh. Defensive, are we? I shrugged and said, "Just asking." Don't leave. I just hope he doesn't want to leave now. "Okay." Okay?! That's all I get? What can I do now to make this seem less boring? "" "It's okay." And now I will cover up what was trying to ask by speaking about school. "I had to move," he tells me. Oh, he moved. That's interesting. I wonder what for... "Okay, why?" I'm smoking this joint and he looks slightly annoyed by my curiosity. "I killed someone and I had to lay low." I hope if there is a god out there that he'd forgive me for feeling intrigued by what David just said. His eyes are making my heartbeat quicken. "Trouble with your parents?" I ask, hoping he doesn't look down at the bulge in my pants. "Yes," David says, and then takes the joint from me. "That's why they're dead now." I had to chuckle. Besides his last sentence, that joint in his mouth looks so sexy. He is very sexy. He glares at my eyes. Could he just come closer so I can kiss him? But I'm not making the first move here. I want to, though. "You have an eyelash there." After picking it off, I say, "Can I make a wish for something now?" If I wish for love, or sex, would it come true?" Maybe for us? Thinking these things is too forward. I should slow down. "No idea." That's no help, dude. "I thought one could make a wish for something." "You just had an eyelash there." Yeah, you would say that after batting your eyes. Damn it.. Let's get closer. "Okay." I have to glance away and shake these thoughts away before I lose it. "What did you wish for?" For you to desire me back. But I can't tell him what I'm really thinking. I glance down at the floor, but shift my eyes back to his. "I don't know, taking off..." And also going away with you, David. He mentions that he knows the feeling and I ask him where he'd go. Then his eyes look into my soul, causing my heart to pound. He has an affect on me, already. "You should know, it was your eyelash." I just mention that I would get into a car and go driving. And then he says something about Detroit. Then smiles. "Detroit?" "Yes, the best music city ever." Just keep smiling at me, keep glaring at me. Take me's go somewhere. But we are interrupted. Go away!!!

      1. Lovin Life

        Hahaha. I freaking love it. Sounds like Matteo is ready to pounce on him. Great story. 😃

      2. Lily Medaries

        German translation: Fanfiction aus Sicht von Matteo ... Die deutsche Übersetzung wird im Kommentarabschnitt 👇 angezeigt. Matteo langweilt sich in dem dummen Treffen. Mann, scheiß drauf. Das wird irgendwie komisch. Jetzt halten sie Hände. Scheisse. Ich sehe nicht einmal den Kerl, für den ich hergekommen bin, den Kerl, an dem ich früher vorbeigegangen bin. Es war nur etwas an ihm. Seine Haare. Er hat schöne Haare. Und er hatte süße Kleider an. Wenn er nicht kommt, gehe ich einfach. Ja ... ich muss hüpfen. Niemand achtet darauf, also schleiche ich mich aus und rauche. (Matteo geht durch die Tür und trifft auf den hübschen Kerl, auf den er gewartet hat.) @ 2: 15 Woah ... er ist hier, direkt vor mir. Was soll ich sagen? Sehe ich okay aus? Rieche ich? Scheisse. Schwitze ich? Er ist sehr süß. Was ist sein Name? Ich werde herausfinden. Was kann ich sagen, damit ich ihn alleine bekomme? "Ähm ... ich würde da nicht reingehen." "Warum?" Fragt Cute-Guy und bringt meine Nerven zum Klappern. Bro, da sind sie seltsam. Das ist eine gute Antwort? "Sie bauen einen solchen Vertrauenskreis auf." "Aha." "Weißt du, mit Händchenhalten." Oh Herr, er warf nur einen Blick auf meine Hände. Ich denke, er will sie festhalten, und ich glaube nicht, dass ich etwas dagegen hätte. Ich kann nicht aufhören, ihn anzustarren. Gesh. Sein nervöser Punk-Rocker-Look macht mich irgendwie an. Wer ist er? "Außer, wenn Sie daran interessiert sind ..." Und bitte sagen Sie, dass Sie es tun, weil ich Sie hier irgendwo von mir greifen lassen würde. "Nee." Und da geht mein Boner. Was kann ich sagen, um ihm okay zu erscheinen? "Ich dachte so." Ich kann nicht umhin, ihm ein Grinsen zu geben. Und er schaut nur in meine Richtung und wartet, um herauszufinden, was wir sonst tun können, anstatt das beschissene Treffen im Inneren. Vielleicht kann ich einen Joint rausholen und er kommt zu mir. Wir können uns kennenlernen und Junge, ich möchte ihn kennen lernen. Ich bin jetzt ein neugieriger Kerl. "Rauchen Sie weiter Unkraut?" Frage ich ihn, nachdem ich mein Gelenk herausgezogen habe. Aber er schien zögernd. Sein Haar, das über seine Augenbraue geschwenkt wird, ist so heiß, dass ich einfach mit meinen Fingern hindurch fahren möchte. "Ja sicher." JA! Danke an die Götter. Jetzt ist meine Chance. 'Hi, ich bin Matteo. Jemanden, der Spaß daran hat, in der Nähe zu sein ... 'Nein, nein ... Ich muss alles auf dem Boden halten. Ich werde die Dinge vorerst locker halten. "Komm", sage ich ihm und hoffe, dass er sich nicht für sonderbar hält. "Wie heißen Sie?" "David. Und du bist?" "Matteo." David ... Ich heiße Matteo und die Dinge zwischen uns werden wild werden. Nur damit du es weißt. Ich wünschte, ich könnte ihm diese Dinge erzählen, ohne ihn abzuschrecken. Wir gehen jetzt irgendwo privat und rauchen diesen Joint. Er ist neu hier, das ist etwas, worüber man reden kann. Ich zünde zuerst das Gelenk an und beginne dann das Gespräch. "Du bist neu hier, richtig?" Als ob ich die Antwort nicht kenne. "Ja, warum?" Ich habe nur gefragt, das ist alles. Gesh. Defensiv, sind wir? Ich zuckte mit den Schultern und sagte: "Frag einfach." Geh nicht Ich hoffe nur, dass er jetzt nicht gehen will. "Okay." Okay?! Das ist alles was ich bekomme? Was kann ich jetzt tun, damit dies weniger langweilig wirkt? "Nun ... wow." "Es ist in Ordnung." Und jetzt werde ich vertuschen, was versucht wurde, indem ich über die Schule spreche. "Ich musste umziehen", sagt er mir. Oh, er hat sich bewegt. Das ist interessant. Ich frage mich, wofür ... "OK warum?" Ich rauche diesen Joint und er sieht ein wenig genervt von meiner Neugier aus. "Ich habe jemanden getötet und musste mich hinlegen." Ich hoffe, wenn es da draußen einen Gott gibt, dem er mir vergeben würde, weil ich mich fasziniert fühle, was David gerade gesagt hat. Seine Augen lassen meinen Herzschlag schneller werden. "Ärger mit deinen Eltern?" Frage ich und hoffe, dass er nicht auf die Wölbung in meiner Hose schaut. "Ja", sagt David und nimmt mir dann den Joint. "Deshalb sind sie jetzt tot." Ich musste lachen. Abgesehen von seinem letzten Satz sieht dieses Gelenk in seinem Mund so sexy aus. Er ist sehr sexy. Er starrt meine Augen an. Könnte er nur näher kommen, damit ich ihn küssen kann? Aber ich mache hier nicht den ersten Schritt. Ich will aber. "Du hast dort eine Wimper." Nachdem ich es abgeholt habe, sage ich: "Kann ich mir etwas wünschen? jetzt? "Wenn ich Liebe oder Sex wünsche, würde sie sich erfüllen?" Vielleicht für uns Diese Dinge zu denken, ist zu vorwärts. Ich sollte langsamer werden. "Keine Ahnung." Das ist keine Hilfe, Alter. "Ich dachte, man könnte sich etwas wünschen." "Sie hatten gerade eine Wimper dort." Ja, das würdest du sagen, nachdem du deine Augen getroffen hast. Verdammt noch mal. Lass uns näher kommen. "Okay." Ich muss wegschauen und diese Gedanken abschütteln, bevor ich sie verliere. "Was hast du dir gewünscht?" Für dich, mich zu begehren. Aber ich kann ihm nicht sagen, was ich wirklich denke. Ich schaue auf den Boden hinunter, aber schaue wieder zu seinen. "Ich weiß nicht, abhauen ..." Und auch mit dir weggehen, David. Er erwähnt, dass er das Gefühl kennt und ich frage ihn, wohin er gehen würde. Dann schauen seine Augen in meine Seele und lassen mein Herz klopfen. Er hat schon einen Einfluss auf mich. "Du solltest wissen, es war deine Wimper." Ich erwähne nur, dass ich in ein Auto steigen und fahren würde. Und dann sagt er etwas über Detroit. Dann lächelt es. "Detroit?" "Ja, die beste Musikstadt aller Zeiten." Lächle mich nur an, mich immer wieder an. Nimm mich hier ... jetzt ... lass uns irgendwo hingehen. Aber wir werden unterbrochen. Geh weg!!!

    67. Banhi Sarkar

      Matteo talked first Matteo talked first Matteo talked first.... I can't get my head around this yet!

    68. Rohini Dikshit

      Oh my god I love how different this is I love how sassy David is and I love how it's very realistic to their age too

    69. Aeris Fleur

      ohh wow he is HOT

    70. Breah Marie

      omg im from detroit and they want to go to detroit!!!