Skip Bayless reacts to Brady's Bucs dominant WK 6 win over Aaron Rodgers' Packers | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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    The Green Bay Packers got out to a 10-point lead over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but then an Aaron Rodgers pick-6 seemed to completely reverse all the momentum. Tom Brady and the Buccaneers would reel off 31 more unanswered points on the offensive end, and the defense picked off Rodgers a 2nd time and sacked him 4 times. Brady finished the game with 166 passing yards, 2 touchdowns and no turnovers or sacks. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the Bucs' win.
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    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
    Skip Bayless reacts to Brady's Bucs dominant WK 6 win over Aaron Rodgers' Packers | NFL | UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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    1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

      How impressive were the Buccaneers against the Packers?

      1. Andre Neale

        @Leonardo di parma Brady 4 Belichick 2

      2. Leonardo di parma

        Seems like Brady is doing much more than just being a QB , he's shaping his team like he used to have back with the patriots , he's literally turning the sucka-neers into the Tom-pa bay buccaneers , the patriots just got smashed on game 6 while Brady makes Aaron Rogers look silly with 38 unanswered points

      3. Andre Neale

        @Tj Disinfect 🤡

      4. Andre Neale

        @Tj Disinfect 🤡

      5. Andre Neale

        @Tj Disinfect 🤡

    2. John Moore

      Hey Skip Bayless what about your boy Tom Brady tonight 😃😃😃😃

    3. Andrew Hunt Sr

      How impressive were the Saints over the Bucs

    4. Chase Shoots

      Something great about a black man and an old white dude arguing about sports 😭

    5. Amit Chopra

      Skip had his outfit laying on the bed all night 😂 couldn't wait to come to work prolly Ain even sleep jus was watching highlight all night

    6. Amir Behashti

      Brady wins in the AFC East: “he’s a product of New England’s system” Goes to the NFC South & wins: “his defense is carrying him” The hate for this man is unbelievable 😂😂

    7. Misrak Tadesse

      Not in this game, but what's with brady and 369 passing yards

    8. Jeb Voorhees

      GANG-STAAH! lol

    9. Matthew Sawczyn

      Skip is like when your dad tries to act gangsta

    10. Pasta Man

      Lmaooo skip could barely swallow that dew 🤣

    11. Tay Moorie

      Brady the GOAT

    12. Skip Bayless

      Look at skip killing Shannon

    13. Martin Pardede

      Skip sus for that entrance noises wtf was that loooool

    14. Bryan Rosa

      Straight up. You have to appreciate Skip's introduction. Straight up Gangsta!

    15. Carl Anderton

      And still... gangsta.

    16. Phillip Smith

      In any other era of the NFL Rodgers would be considered even better then he is already, but unfortunately for Aaron Rodgers he played in the era of Tom Brady. Brady and the Bucs will be the #1 seed without a doubt, after that how do you count that man out of being in the Superbowl.

    17. Preston Copeland

      Brady's coming... superbowl 2020, tampa

    18. Alex

      The year of the goat!!

    19. Damon Smalls

      Oh bandwagon now skip! Take that Jersey off lol

    20. Brenda Alexander

      Shannon. I've watched brady his whole career. Only time he doesn't shake hands with a guy , is if he doesn't see'em.

    21. Luminarz Music

      My boy skip shoe game is untouchable 😂

    22. Logan Wilson

      Shannon’s hate for Brady is the same as skips for lebron and skip uses the same reasons for why Brady’s the goat as shannon does for lebron

    23. StonedZebra 666

      Shannon said skips jersey is too small for him LMAO

    24. Ian Tunon

      them jordanssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    25. Bradley Stone

      Why anyone would listen to anything the loser Shannon has to say when it comes to his hatred of Brady is beyond me.

    26. Kyle Stenger

      He said “McCringleberry” 😂😂

    27. Charles Mendias

      Wait till Shannon sees what happened today 10/25/2020. Buccaneers 45 vs Raiders 20. Tom won the battle of the pirates.

    28. Ryan Friesen

      Did that TAmpa D do all the work again this week shannon unsharpe? only 13 tds for Brady in the past 3 games.

    29. Johnny Awesome

      As a Bucs fan I’m just glad to be having fun again for the first time since their SB year.

    30. kinglee Hammond

      Can I wait till Monday LOL

    31. jarvarious Thomas

      Dude 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm weak 😭💀💀💀

    32. Mary Kern

      What's up with Skip's constant sniffing

    33. James Woodson

      Maybe Aaron Rodgers is like an old light bulb just before they burn out they become brighter and then fade to black. Just saying.

    34. Rosita West


    35. Will Gaston jr

      Aye skip with the drip 💧🤣🤣🤣

    36. Skully Vegaz Freddy Flak

      I FREAKIN LOVE this show!! Lol there like family bruh

    37. Diyar Farok

      Skip must of hit acouple lines, comes out with a mountain dew

    38. robert will

      Great opening schtick !

    39. Andrew DeShon

      Skip, remember how well it worked out when you did this with Kawhi?

    40. Profit TPM

      Skip snorted a kilo before coming out lmao 🤣

    41. Shawn Kincanon

      Bears the real deal and GB is so overrated. FOLES getting better each week and with an offense now watch out nfc

    42. Marcus Aurelius

      As a packer fan I can attest to 10% of Rodgers losses being blowouts. Certainly one of his worst games.

    43. Itz Faith00

      lets not forget shannon be bring goats in the show XD

    44. Cold Lampin 216

      Skip super drippy 😆

    45. Michaelkc84

      Those jordon 1s are fire tho

    46. Curtis Thompson

      I love they energy 💯🖤

    47. shyshotcaller27

      That entrance was golden...😂😂😂😂😂😂💨💨💨💨💨💨

    48. KRrack

      Well Suh took a penalty but it offset with grounding. Still though, almost

    49. Salas McDaniel

      Damn Ik he had a bad game but damn saying he looked like kirk cousins come on skip that’s so disrespectful 😂

    50. Salas McDaniel

      Skip been hanging with Shannon a lot and it’s showing his drip getting better I like it.

    51. Jonathan Skinner

      Why is skip wearing on my team's jersey!?! He ain't no real Bucs fan! GET OUTTA HERE!!!

    52. Jacabo Blanco

      Skip "Triple H" Bayless 😭🤣

    53. Jacabo Blanco

      That walk in was unreal 🤣😭🤣😭

    54. Trevor Corey

      Just by the intro I’m done watching😂😂😂

    55. BC BC

      Wasnt skip a cowboys fan?( a REAL Bucs fan is asking)

    56. T.M. Will

      I knew Skip was gon clown 😂. He called Brady the OG lmfao!

    57. Mark McClure

      Leaving this out there; EVERY COACH that has left Tom Brady has failed- McDaniels, Weis, Crennel, O'Brien, Mangini, Patricia AND Belichick was 33-46 as a head coach, fired in Cleveland and 5-11 with New England until he put in Tom Brady. Brady led the to a 16-0 record and the following year he gets injured and Belichick takes that SAME EXACT TEAM less Brady and lose not 1, not 2 but 5 games!!!! Brady is now gone and Belichick is 2-3 and sinking downward. Bucs? 4-2 and Brady is Top 5 in TD's, Top 10 in Yards and trending upwards.

    58. Larry Gorsky

      Aaron Rodgers looked like he dropped his soap in the shower lol

    59. Larry Gorsky

      aww shutup Shannon ya bum!

    60. T M

      If Aaron Rodgers is so good then why does he only have 1 (one) ring while Brady has six (6)

      1. Beastman023 -

        Brady has always had a top 10 defense and he had belichek

    61. James B

      Get em Skip... Original Gangsta!

    62. Joe Luis

      Is mtn dew a sponsor of the show yet lol.. i fee like they should be able to show fox replays on youtube.

    63. N Y

      Why Skipass celebration moments just not half as funny as Shy´s and kind of weird XD

    64. Joe Luis

      Lol and still Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr the OG and still Gangsta.. i love it

    65. Joe B

      Love how skip can literally rip lebron and praise brady in the same sentence. Its great haha

    66. STOP Hades

      Skip looks like he’s dying

    67. MM MM

      Jenny be a snack

    68. UnGoShii World A2H

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I love some Brady...But these 2 Guys are Gawd sends🙏🏾😂😂😂😂

    69. Marc 09

      Jenny Taft is hotter than joy Taylor don’t @ me

    70. Philip Turner

      Yeah Crazy stuff Search : Tom Brady witch on the internet or Twitter the man got some great vibes around him