Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Young, Wild and Free ft. Bruno Mars [Official Video]

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

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    1. Wwz Crew

      Who is watching in coronavirus time?

    2. ScoobyDooo13

      Young Wiz Khalifa looks like today MKBHD

    3. Nik Tonev


      1. Nik Tonev

        brav0 brat

    4. Sydney Panchal

      This song will never get old even in 30 yrs from now

    5. Aryan Matte

      These guys have a perfect medicine for COVID-19

    6. ivis? Manco

      Que viva la marihuana.. Y que viva tbien el pirobo que cree que.. Es un visaje la hiervita sagrada... Trabadoss... Ajajajajaj

    7. XVD extra

      For dislike are teachers and principals

    8. Mark Ayento Official

      2020 stay home listen to music after the quarantine just fun

    9. Key Gey


    10. Hazer Yuuri

      Oh my, we sang this song in our classroom when it's break time ..Me and my fellas gather and make a circle and we bring out the weed and a lighter and we light it up🔥 then All nose👃 inhaling the smoke.💨.Ahhhh😄 *Highschool Life* *I'm 14 btw*

    11. Menina Meninamalukinha

      Crll essa música e foda . Queria muito fumar uma dessa;!!

    12. ff TV


    13. TeKung GamerTv

      2:15 Rap goodnice

    14. Quentin Pollard

      Wait that’s his nephew

    15. Abi Sunuwar

      Best for lockdown😌

    16. kenshin L

      watched that movie w my homies while smokin a doobie huuuuh good memories....

    17. anonymous 400

      I'm soooo high rn, and this is the best song tolistening while high asf Btw I had a mix of strawberry og and purple weed....

    18. ChaosRain786

      2:58 lolwut?

    19. Amado Beauge

      corona graduation

    20. ItsPires [GD]



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      **@ ****@ **@ **@

    24. King Sapakafae

      Good Idea

    25. lm 3004

      Massa demais essa música

    26. alessandro junior

      Só os maconheiro presente

    27. ademo gangsta


    28. N H

      Messed up its confusing

    29. Clayde 749

      alguien? 2020?

    30. yvette sharps

      Who still watching in Quarintine like me

    31. matias galeano


    32. Omar 2660

      El comentario en español que buscaban :v

      1. Andre Arnex

        Pero es papulince 😣🤢🤮🤮

    33. Manolo Reyna

      Alguien 2020

    34. David camilo felix

      0:47 start the song

    35. TOY RACE FUN


    36. Loli Loli


    37. Loli Loli

      Чешу нос;

    38. Vincent Thaxton

      Ima just let all y’all know I’m the youngest here when my mom first let me listen to this song I was like 9 after that I went 9,10,11,13 cause fuck 12 thnx mom love you

    39. Ramtek

      Les français et les anglais qui fument d'la bonne frappe de beuh devant ce chef d'oeuvre 💪🙏

    40. Abhijeet Kumar

      Coronavirus enters the chat😂

    41. Alex Burgos

      Aquí está el comentario en español que estabas buscando 😎

      1. Andre Arnex

        Lo bueno de saber inglés 😎👌

    42. Agata Świerczek

      Fajna nyta broo

    43. Diego Carmona

      Y asi es como snop nos enseña a jugar golf.

    44. martha newman

      Who else is randomly listening to Old songs? i don't care if WIZ KHALIFA is using *AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M*

      1. Leigh Totney

        Comee on alwsys billin up to wiz n snoop

    45. Crowd TeeBee

      SOOO Nostalgaic. I remember me and my friends listening to this, but now they're gone.

    46. marbye marbye

      Que disen no entiendo

    47. Eshan Sooknauth

      Dis shit keeps me mad chill

    48. Dramera Morisho

      Wiz never disapointed

    49. Malokah2000

      Essa msc é BRABAAAA!!!! S2

    50. Ardyan Persada


    51. Nega G.T


    52. almagabi

      Wiz is the last OG

    53. Hafad Erkhan

      Syp yg nonton 2020

    54. Jonathan Cessat

      Qui écoute ça en 2020 lol

    55. Sebastian Derr

      I love your Songs! Great!! Go on!! Yeah! Heeeeeeeeeehaaaaaw!!! -We´re young, wild´n free!! - 4 Ever!! Wow! Thank you for the right words. :-)

    56. deeptesh Mallick

      like it

    57. Musty butter

      Little did they know they can't be free in 2020

    58. Lord Doggo

      Damn hard to believe I was just 10 when this song came now I’m 19 hating my life lmao I miss when I was younger wish I could go back

    59. Gold Tooth


    60. Truezy

      Ft. Bruno Mars in the title?

      1. I'm not BLACKPINK fan I'm their air conditioner

        If you hear carefully, you can hear Bruno Mars' voice when they sing the chorus

    61. Elp Patron

      Whos here in 2020

    62. Louis Jeck

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    63. 4G

      y en dodne esta bruno mars??

      1. 4G

        @W7UP Reyzox ah mrd yo quería que alga en el video xd

      2. W7UP Reyzox

        Canta el coro

    64. OverHangz

      When you just use TikTok to get new music


      i lived like 2 blocks from that place,its an outdoor swapmeet now called the mission tiki drive in

    66. ahjgds

      Nem arruma nada Caraí kkk


      After pandamic remember to live the best of your life ...#lifeisshort

    68. Niyah Lynee

      Who’s here from Netflix 🤣🤣🤣

    69. Fernando Molina

      DE-news is the closest thing to a time machine we have