So I Bought The *MOST EXPENSIVE* PC, Then Tried It...



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    1. Flea

      So... I’m back😎 Who still uses code flea🥺💜

      1. minecraft - outdoor adventures

        Flea me Bio

      2. Lin vqczn


      3. Telugu Gamer ff

        Flea i dont cause i quit fn


        Flea men

      5. magda plewa


    2. KFCboy

      I like when he said he’ll leave all of the links to the stuff in description and than I go to the description and I c nothing about the pc 👍

    3. Miftah-UL- Zannah

      My man should have waited and got a rtx 3090 and Ryzen 9 3950X

    4. Ah KaShie

      Flea pc case lian high m

    5. nerqqs

      "I basically bought this as my last PC I'd ever buy.." well that didn't age well

    6. Sez Marvelo

      dislike cuz my screen isn't gull screen

    7. snoozel Asmr

      Bad timing buying that, 3000 series is out

    8. -BLAZE- Toad

      And fortnite said there games not pay to win

    9. reflex gaming

      I try to like everyone of ur vidz

    10. ItIsMeRusty

      Flea when the RTX 3090 comes out👁👄👁

    11. Dv limitless xD

      2080ti: 👁 👄 👁 3080: am I a joke to you

    12. Fse6 Yt

      Hey you forgot I got 20 thousand pc it with water nice pc better than mine

    13. AllenFN

      Your telling me you got 1000 fps with that

    14. Controlla

      His PC is worth 5595.07

    15. Sheldon

      use code flea to double your frames on switch lol

    16. PURE MEME

      LIES. Clickbait, as a Linus tech tips viewer 10000 dollars, pffff, Rookie numbers.

    17. TakeMisty

      Which case is that

    18. Rohit aka XD Fallacy

      Who is here after RTX 3000 series launch

    19. Abdul_Rehman Gaming

      Rip 2080 ti 3080 is cheaper and better

    20. Waffles1514

      Flea: I just bought the MOST EXPENSIVE PC!!! *RTX 3000 SERIES APPEARS*

    21. wqlkerr.

      Flea: So I Bought The MOST EXPENSIVE PC then tried it... GeForce: Hold My Beer

    22. Ryan olsen

      REALLY AN I7? FOR THIS MUCH? Something’s wrong here lol

    23. Equip Vakqum

      how this man spend 10 grand with those specs

    24. Sparpasws 2

      12TB overkill??? Nahhhh I’m goin 64TB

    25. Glitchy


    26. Paranoia CuFF

      Damn I have the same gaming chair. But pc may be a little bit different but that’s alright

    27. Volcanic YT

      3:20 lets do the most satisfying thing ever Me: is it your voice or peeling the plastic

    28. Terrence Madera

      six pcs ur bank account

    29. sock

      hey flea can u give me a pc pls

      1. sock

        @Chicken Nugs k

      2. Chicken Nugs

        Bruh he cant just hand out pcs

    30. massimiliano715

      You just made an enormous mistake buying a 2080 ti 1 month before the event of 3000 series.... you bought a graphic card for 1200 or more for the power of a 3070 at 499 usd

      1. itimelord

        @YoDonnie Ive been waiting since around July to get the 3000 series... Yes the 3000 series did get announced September 1st but there were a ton of leaks saying that the 3000 series was coming late august to early September...

      2. YoDonnie

        One month ago nobody knew the 3090 and 3070 and 3080 was coming out if he probably would of waited but the good thing is that when the 3090 and 3080 and 3070 comes out there prob going to lower the price of the 2080 and 2070 especially the gtx 1060

    31. DRAlpha

      Biggggg oooffffff now tho new 3060 3070 and 3080 are coming out oooooffffffff

      1. DRAlpha

        Oh yea my bad ooofffffffff haha soz lol I’m dumb

      2. itimelord


    32. hamza khan

      Should of waited for 3000 series

    33. Leo Svanbom

      If i had half the setup i would be more then happy haha

    34. YEET KID WOW

      Flea: Oh my God, my PC is fire... The New Graphics card 30 series: I don't think so.

    35. Adam Doyle


    36. Fire King

      where are the links

    37. Pishon

      ewwwww prebuilt PC yuck nah jk but bomb setup man

    38. PilotOnCrack

      It must suck that you bought an rtx 2080 ti instead of waiting for an ampere rtx 3090 which is not only WAY cheaper that only one rtx 2080 ti it out performs 3 combined

      1. itimelord

        @PilotOnCrack yeah ofc by a lot.

      2. PilotOnCrack

        itimelord yeah but it’s still better tho

      3. itimelord

        the 3080 is way cheaper...the 3090 is the same price

    39. alba luz araiza beltrán

      i love it

    40. Marco Sundah

      Well, 2080tis that cost 1200 dollars just got fked by Nvidia since they just released rtx 30 series and their 3070nis better than the 2080ti that costs for 499 dollars

    41. 32 Celcius

      No one: Literally nobody: Flea: *shows off pc on a poker table*

    42. Russian Ace

      Milliam: i have the best pc for editing Flea: Hold my RAM

    43. Lil Floppa

      Little does he know, he will need the RTX 3090 for it

    44. FarRangerFN


    45. Exzodic

      Why didn’t u get a i9?

      1. itimelord

        @Exzodic I havent watched this video in a long time...he got an i7???

      2. Exzodic

        itimelord No I’m sayin why did he get a I7 instead of a I9

      3. itimelord

        Intel sucks....

    46. Twingo Playz

      why not an I9

      1. itimelord

        @Twingo Playz I have a ryzen 9 3950x so there def. is a difference.

      2. Twingo Playz

        @itimelord i have an amd ryzen 5 2400g and is shit

      3. Chicken Nugs

        @itimelord but he got an i7

      4. itimelord

        Intel sucks...

    47. DxvidProjectZ

      I will miss Flea in like 13 years Bc he might not be doing yt anymore ;(

    48. RLTMdaGOAT

      Me: WOW hes Goated. Flea: Did this new PC just double my edit speed.

    49. UmerPlaysFN

      I played fortnite after a month i was playing alot better then before loo

    50. william blake

      Flea every thumbnail 😱😮😲

    51. JameSS FN

      Carterpcs Please react to this

    52. CM Speedcubing

      You should have waited for ryzen 4 and the rtx 3090 ti

      1. CM Speedcubing

        Chicken Nugs it is coming out in a few months

      2. Chicken Nugs

        Ryzen 4?

    53. Yusuf

      "I bought this as my last pc ill ever buy" Nvidia : Hold My Beer, * Releases NEW graphics cards better than the 2080ti*

    54. Zen Dreamy

      Your content is so good flea.

    55. Wolf AU___

      hey flea can i have your old desk cuz i work on a small one thanks

    56. Jal Gaming

      Next vid I bought $500000 toilet paper and tried it on camera 📸

    57. Subhaan Sajjad

      that is not 10 000 $ i thought it would be rtx 2080ti sli

    58. Healyzz

      hold up... did u just call it a "plarque" 4:33


      should've bought an rtx 30 series card

    60. Dylan Kruger

      How many controllers do u have

    61. Liam Toland

      my dad has the box with the fans in it on the thumbnail

    62. Callum01

      8:21 thats what she said

    63. Cleet

      Rip flea buying the rtx 2080 ti before the 3070 released

    64. Christopher Warren

      I feel rly bad that you bought the 2080ti especially because less than a month afterwards the 3070 came out which is better and is not less than half the price

      1. Yams

        Welp scalpers go the 3080 so unless u used a bot or u have a nvidia as a sponsor your not getting the 3080

    65. Plazmar sxw

      Flea: I’m so bad Me: 1000 X better than myself 🥴

    66. Pimpchimpbitchblimp N

      Idk what the helll flea was thinking buying this when ampere was coming soon

      1. Pimpchimpbitchblimp N

        Mujahid Nadeem now his cards value has dropped by 50% lol

      2. Mujahid Nadeem

        I know right

    67. Phoenix Z9


    68. Phoenix Z9

      "So overkill its not even funny" *lets out laughing sigh*

    69. HazeZone

      What are you compensating for. 😎

    70. The Mario Gamer

      That computer is GOD LIKE I MEAN UT GOD LIKE