So I Think My House is Haunted (VIDEO PROOF)

Carter Sharer

Carter Sharer

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    Carter Sharer house aka the Team RAR house is haunted. Lizzy and Carter go and explore the house at night to get video proof that the house is haunted. They explore the attic and basement of this house is search of a ghost or other scary haunted presence. Comment #Haunted #TeamRAR if you saw something in this haunted mansion.
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    1. 50k subs without any video's

      I sall some won the whendow

    2. Maritza Barragan

      Go get a new house

    3. devona jones

      If i was carter i would get a brand new house or call the police i swear im not calling carter white but this is the same thing people do in the movies

    4. Georgia Quinton

      I sor a head

    5. Georgia Quinton

      the certens mood

    6. KeSean Gaines

      Anyone else get jump scared whenever Liz came around that corner besides me

    7. Unicorngirl100

      Like if you’re wuthing this in 2020

    8. Cheeky Chelsie fam

      When u all walked down to the basement I littoraly got chills

    9. Molly Villamil

      La LoRoNaAaA Because they have woods next to a pool, or maybe they have a river in their woods.

    10. julia miranda

      I jumped Lizzie scared me

    11. Karsyr Childs

      You should get a ghost hunter like faze rug did with his house. Like if you agree

    12. Hermione Granger

      The reason there is three locks on the door might be because the previous owner too thought there was some one in the house that was living in the attic and thought them potentially dangerous and therefore put locks on the door to ensure they couldn’t get down

    13. Hermione Granger

      6:45 to 6:47 play back speed 0.25 it glitches to their main staircase right as you walk in the front door

    14. Amy Pegram West

      Anyone else see the eyes 18:10

    15. Amy Pegram West

      Bro that's scary


      I heard a lady,s voice while you where cheking the closet .

    17. Nivedita Wali

      I laughed when Lizzy drinked milk 🍼 on babies bottel

    18. Bobby Foster

      Bro at 14:48 something puts there head up and sees carter sell your house

    19. Bharathan kr

      I saw a arm on the window

    20. Little boy Daily life


    21. Divya Rahman


    22. Patrick Playz

      I can assure you that this video got way more then 50k likes

    23. kirsty ve

      Dog can see ghost that why she froze for a couple of second

    24. Avva Thahseen

      U said if you reach 50 k lyks u will go inside the door u reached 118k lyks but dont try to go in its scary

    25. Abdul Samad Salman

      Bring a ghost hunter there is a grave yard under the old cabin so there may be some spirits

    26. Luzviminda jasmine de vera

      i see aperson is kana look like a wheit leydi i sur rilly😱😱😱😱😱😟

      1. Luzviminda jasmine de vera

        the house is biyoutifool

    27. mater nothing

      You should use a garlic if there's a ghost

    28. rakmita

      Do you guys think carters house is haunted like if you agree

    29. Tiffany Shannon

      Use a Ouija Baird and find some answers

    30. Lil_potato

      Wow 😮 and I thought going to the bathroom at night is scary 😂

    31. Camryn Bradshaw

      Millie probably smells cake in the basement. Ryan and Stove...........

    32. Snoopy & Sonic Vlogs

      that’s probably faze Kay...

    33. Sneak Attack

      the door moved

    34. Nahi C

      i saw something in the attic window 14:48

    35. Dakota Lassiter

      basements and attics are the most scariest parts of the house

      1. Sagar hill road

        Bathroom also

    36. goddessinbloom

      yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo no no no no wey

    37. ThanhTam Tran

      You need to move out

      1. Lil_potato

        ThanhTam Tran but it is such a nice house so why should he?

    38. Mr Bacon

      Btw the thing with the lights happens to me too it’s just because they don’t like to be dimmed, well my dad says that it’s just cuz the don’t like to be dimmed but I don’t know for sure

    39. MoonSpace YT

      Btw did u know that dogs r better at finding ghosts than humans bc dogs can see ghosts bc they see black and white. :7

    40. Pro Genius

      This is how many ghosts millie really saw 👇

      1. Jana Fox

        I guess 1 ghost

    41. Progamer23

      Why do you guys buy a house and then buy personal houses and stay in them if you have a bedroom and barthroom in the massive house that you bought

    42. Tirth Sabade

      i so a shado

    43. Pro Genius

      The stairs that millie go to, go down why didn't you guys mentioned that in the house tour?!!!?

    44. Wolfoow

      I heard everything the whisper the footsteps it’s creepy I would try to record it to

    45. brother and sister 1

      I didn't like to but u guys are brave

    46. Kayla Strawberry

      I would never be home alone

    47. Shunterria Miller

      One time I heard something scratching the wall😿👻😬

    48. Maysha quintero

      Carter you rlly need to hire ghost busters for the basement I saw a ghost!😭

    49. James Hewitt

      I think Milly He's saying right Now What is going on right now this is spooky that's what I think Millie is Saying

    50. James Hewitt

      If your dog Stay still like that Like Milly Is Doing Right now And if You think Your house He's haunted And your dog I still like that It's Probably Haunted

    51. will Tobin family

      Miley's eyes wear so creepy

    52. alex feinstein


    53. Legend tv

      I saw one in the mini bar when you turn your phone sideway the door not the door that in a door like the middle of the you turn phone sideway in the middle you can see a little bit a white ghost thx welcome hope you see it

    54. Molly Pretzlaff

      when liz popped out i was scared to death

    55. FaZe_Not_Gio

      I heard the whisper

    56. chak ming yeung

      I like your videos

    57. jessie leavold

      I love your vids they the best

    58. Maarja Kattai


    59. Eternity Cunningham

      So scary!

    60. reyad azem

      im so scared

    61. reyad azem

      are yoy sure thet someones living ni yor house

    62. sandhya maram

      Hiren from india GHOST 👻 videos

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      I'm scared

    64. chris smith

      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Who else agrees leave a like 👇

    65. cookie power

      Hi Carter love your vids

    66. lol lol

      Run run quickly I saw a shadow then I put in light it is a gohst run run

    67. 薛jacky

      Pls go to a new hous pls

    68. Kez 09

      Why don’t you turn the lights on lol

    69. Elissa Peter

      AT 13:30 WHO SAW THE DOOr MOVE

    70. Linda Dyson

      Mille was Froze I think she saw a gost and heard a gost

      1. Lil_potato

        Stop spamming