Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich



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    Song used: Eneide - In The Chains Of Sorrow (Epidemic sounds)

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    1. TheOdd1sOut

      Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch:

      1. DailyVideos

        I said sooubway 100 times on my channel!

      2. Ruby Love

        TheOdd1sOut rules

      3. James Plays

        Never forget

      4. Jessica Sempai

        I got your card game and book I LOVE THEM

      5. Hélène Giraud

        Great job

    2. RetroSep

      this hit different because I used to work at a subway as well

    3. katelyn -

      I lowkey got emotional

    4. Exzayvier Cooper

      2 days and it has 13 mil views

    5. Kalem Ramos

      Why is the pringle guy the waiter.

    6. David Vazquez


    7. Nikita Fleming

      Make a sooubway 5

    8. PewDiePie's Ex-Boyfriend

      James: "Buries half a sandwich" Ants: *It's free real estate* 😏

    9. The epic Seals

      R.I.P Sooubway

    10. Caroline Caveness

      IT'S #1 ON TRENDING!!!

    11. Sara Akers

      No one: Literally no one: Absolutley Literally no one: Me: *huh, its 1# on trending*

    12. Mikaella Ada De leon


    13. LT_ bigwillieh

      #1 trending

    14. b k

      I just noticed that it's actually Subway not sooubway but still I love Subway so I feel you

    15. Matt Vargas

      Bob grubel you suck ass

    16. Truman’s Trumen

      *_Mother, I require pastries._*

    17. Randall Powell

      Rip soobway

    18. Brynn Hartness

      0:31 have you not seen Shrek 2

    19. Adina Klein

      It's not the same if it's not from that Sooubway

    20. Mallory winter


    21. The_Gamer_ Kid

      On 6:17 Bill.C has 666-66

    22. love yo self sunshine

      i’ve been waiting for this day

    23. Grace Great

      Like if you’re waiting for the dark crystal Netflix series review

    24. Cearbhall O'Connor

      I went there but there was no sandwich 🥪

    25. Kaelyn Games

      My teacher got this game for us to play on Friday

    26. Talyn The YouTube


    27. Bl3

      Rose are red violets are blue James your trending am happy for you

    28. McElwain HD

      #1 on trending, you’re a legend James. Love this channel ❤️

    29. мистер теми

      Всем привет из россии)



    31. Emack

      Oh no, Can’t Catch Harry is at target

    32. Chadd

      Yeah whatever nerd, go get something at sooubway.

    33. Hank Butina

      1# on trending well this is a bru moment

    34. Elijah Gonzalez

      Remember the collab with M&j tv on pokemon talk would it be possible to make another collab becasue I loved it

    35. Madison Acampora

      OMG I actually saw your card game at Tagret recently and I told my parents about it and they were just really confused at what I was talking about.

    36. Gamer Guy

      The Conclusion we never thought we'd get get, The End we didn't deserve... RIP Sooubway

    37. Yuri Moonstone


    38. Slushie Wizard

      To some people outside it probably looked like he was burying a body

    39. Im Okay

      4:22 he didn't say no homo tho...

    40. Enrique _8

      Goodbye suubway

    41. Mr Luger

      When the odds1out makes it to no. 1 on trending in three days, beating Mr Beast and videos featuring KSI and Marzia

    42. Vianey is a loser

      Your hair is more beautiful then the last time I saw it 10/10 floof

    43. the fighting bros 2000

      Why did it come from his parts?

    44. Josh_gaming

      2:00 That’s the Pringle guy. Apparently he said “SKREW THIS CONTRACT”

    45. 1blackice1

      You should use that DE-news money to buy the old sooubway and open your own. Be the Rick Ross of sooubway!! What could possible go wrong?

    46. Diana Alvarez

      Do face revel please because you never and I'm new

    47. Rift Clan

      #1 On Trending

    48. Weird Vids here

      Ima try to find that sandwich 🥪 one day

    49. Bobby J

      Um... who realizes this can’t be in Arizona because James himself said that Arizona hasn’t got trees or vegetation

    50. Derpy_Kirby

      You didn't say wear your seatbelt!

    51. Tammy Murray

      Told you Snowpaw it's not real 😭😭😭😭😭🤪

    52. Critical Thorn

      4:17 JOTAROOOOO

    53. Tesla Model X

      James, I know you live in Arizona, but we have Sooubway in California. It's still available at California, or not unless you're talking about your Sooubway that is shutdown. R.I.P. Sooubway & TheOdd1sOut 2016-2019 You will be forever missed... (╯︵╰,)

    54. Fevy Rosero

      #1 on trending damnnn

    55. Sam Hart

      This video is so iconic

    56. Cordell prince


    57. Darien Rivera

      In loving memory sooubway 2016-2019 R.I.P.

    58. Haley Wimmer (student)

      1# on trending that's amazing

    59. Cassandra Garcia

      Did....did he just....bury a sandwich.....

    60. bignatec1000

      Native English speakers here, what country are you from? Just curious. I’m American.

    61. MLG-Chan

      Ending: sad boy hours

    62. James Cain

      Soo long, Sooubway. *salutes*

    63. ave_ daunicorn


    64. Daniel  Coco 

      Damn he is 4 feet tall.

    65. dvcd100

      There was i subway that i used to work by. They had got me into black forest ham and it became my favorite. Along with their raspberry cheesecake cookies. They closed about 1 year ago and recently turned it into a chinese/soulfood restaurant. I WILL NEVER FORGET. VIVA LA SUBWAY!!!!

    66. TastySnapple Bro

      The ramen place lets me hold floof people in background smile Mmmmmmm fried dog

    67. Las Aventuras de los Cracks

      SUB TO ME

    68. Joni Boyd

      Make Story’s Scary or summer stuff.

    69. Jonathan Stibor

      starts laughing 8:00