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Star Wars

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    The saga will end, the story lives forever. Watch the final trailer for #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker in theaters December 20. Get your tickets now:

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    1. Lord Diamonds

      This should be renamed the blundering tales of Manakin Skyfather

    2. Sean Billmyer

      Please let this be the last one... it's too painful

    3. KayWire

      2019: the saga ends 2020: The Negotiator: A Star Wars Story

    4. Ricardo Andino

      Neeeh. No thanks

    5. john wick

      I really hope Rose isn't in this movie more than 30 seconds. And to think people complained about Jar Jar

    6. I’m Peter

      Don’t kill c3po 😢

    7. Patsy Ware

      2052. Star Wars 26. Skywalker's great, great, great grandparents head out west!

    8. Dominic C

      Is Palp going to be revealed to be a skywalker/ Anakins force dad

    9. roninpainbringer


    10. Saiah smeth

      Dammit rose is still alive smh

    11. Tomas Valdez

      All I want is one fight scene where Rey doesnt screech like a harpy

    12. Kollin Kazen

      Man really said Execute Order 67

    13. Brandon gaming TV

      When C-3PO said: "taking one last look sir...... At my friends." I felt that 😢😢😢 Because this is the very last time I'll see the star wars saga as it's coming to an end

    14. Big ol poppa Bearz

      Rey is a clone of Luke.

    15. Ryan Heisler

      Gooood Gooood

    16. Max Noonan

      Kind of embarrassing that people are more excited about three tv shoes about Star Wars (mandalorian, clone wars, and kenobi) rather than a trilogy movie. Goes to show how much they butchered this. They should have just stuck with the original EU to what happened after the empire fell with sidious cloning himself, darth krate, thrawn being a badass, and abaloth, it would have been better in my opinion

      1. hassan Talpur

        Would have been much better than this but for the sake of our childhood lets watch this one last time

    17. Henry Ollivant

      When they gonna kill Rey tho? Been waiting

    18. Slumpyjosh Tv

      Legit shredding tears🥺❤️❤️

    19. DJ Random

      the saga from 1 to 6 was the best and then it broke by e.g. riven which does not match this movie the saga has long ended and this is a fairy tale

    20. relic turtle

      K.k : this needs more glitter and macaroni Disney: I don't give a rat's ads. Just make sure we can milk this even further. Me: but this isn't even good enough to be considered amature. Th ereZ hor ses onn A spA ce SHIP!

    21. 4Pr0

      Hype btw

    22. 4Pr0

      2019: The saga ends 2020: UwU a STAR WARS story

    23. Scott Wolf

      Teen drama movie

    24. Adriel Gonzalez

      2019: The saga ends 2020: enemy forces haves captured a command post: a Starwars Story

    25. Evectional Plays

      Thank god it’s finally over

    26. Hunter Irby

      Well this is going to be another garbage can like the last few

    27. Tory Smith

      Is that the Ghost @1:02?

    28. Cesar Jimenez

      Finally starwars to a end its sooooo boring

    29. Erich199 .... Franchise!!! *force lightning*

    30. NuclearGaming20

      Poor Star Wars has been ruined by Disney

    31. MrStrangeSensation

      "The Final Trailer" aka the entire movie in 2 and a half minutes.

    32. TonicIOS

      1:50 is that Vader’s mask?

    33. Harrisa22

      Is it unhealthy that I have watched this multiple times a day, every day, since it came out? :/

    34. Dewey Tucker

      We are all correct. The problem is, we are all correct. Enjoy free will.

    35. Michael J

      Why there it music tho

    36. shrekster 777

      2019: The saga ends 2020: Stormtroopers and their near sightedness: A Star Wars story

    37. Тимоха Норвег

      2019: The Saga ends 2020: The Saga ends: A Star Wars Story

    38. Death Vader

      2019: The saga ends 2020: Another happy landing: A star wars story

    39. Bobafett FN2187

      0:45 my boy

    40. Cam lol

      Thanks for ruining the saga, Disney! 👍

    41. Freaks9000

      Sad that this is the end

    42. Syn Gates 6661

      2019: The saga ends 2020: Sarlacc Pit: A Star Wars Story

    43. Fet Gucked

      Looks like Jar Jar Abrams still can't end things well.

    44. Rohlan Hoth

      This should have been episode 8 imo

    45. Sonic Guyver

      I'm excited but scared. This movie has so much to live up to I don't see any way it could deliver one what everyone wants. Given I know there are some who already hate it. I hope this turns out to be like the equivalent of the first Avengers movie for Star Wars.

    46. George H.

      So The Emporer's coming back? That's cool.. Other than that and a couple other things, they've pretty much botched this new saga tho. #realtalk #starwars

    47. corvettez06usa

      As far as I'm concerned the saga ended in 1983.

    48. JoonBug C

      That felt like I just watch the entire movie

    49. Patrick Burns

      Absolutely no connection to these characters lol

    50. mortalterrorRE

      Just my 2 cents.. This movie does not give off a good vibe. We’re those horses on that ship? I thought the last Jedi was bad.

    51. Osmone Everony

      2019: the saga ends 2020: The day the daisies in Daisy Ridley's daisy garden died: a Star Wars story

    52. Rusty Shackleford

      2019 the saga ends. 2020 DAX's diner, a starwars story this movie will also be bad

    53. Alfred Smith

      2019: The saga ends 2020: Snakes on a Starship: A Star Wars story.

    54. Fredrick Balmore

      Disney make the next female lead Emilia Clarke

    55. cb44868

      2019: the saga ends 2020: stormtrooper height regulations: a star wars story

    56. Ryan Gordon

      Rise of Soywalker

    57. JackV

      That should not look like that?

    58. Jeffrey Sinclair

      Getting a meh vibe from this

    59. RADO

      More Mary Sue woke sh*t.

    60. Copy and Paste

      ...And now you're coming together with your *un-DEWING*

    61. Nero

      Why is miniminter the bad dude?

      1. Jeffrey Sinclair

        Minmatar are always bad people. Khanid forever!

    62. LegoMaster NLC

      End game a Star Wars Story

    63. Efe Aydal

      2020: Star Wars - Days of Future Past

    64. CommanderDJ

      When darth sidius said long have I waited I thought he was scar from lion king and he was gonna day long live the king

    65. Vlatko Voloder

      Darth Vader is rumored to be back in the ninth episode(as a ghost).Thats the thing i am most looking foward to see in this movie.

    66. Darth Binks

      Anyone else hoping for Dark Binks reveal?

    67. Ilovepineapples

      2019: the saga enda 2020: The Growth of anakins padawan braid

    68. Lizard King/22

      Yes palpatines coming back! He’s so original

    69. youthAz 16

      Should've been the END of Skywalker imo

    70. Brian

      Can't wait to see the space horsies galloping on a calvary charge of social justice warriors ON TOP OF a Star Destroyer..... I am definitely rooting for Palpatine in this one. After TLJ I am convinced that Palpatine was right all along. He was the good guy after all.

      1. Dew It

        Brian ok boomer