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Star Wars

Star Wars

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    The saga will end, the story lives forever. Watch the final trailer for #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker in theaters December 20. Get your tickets now:

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    1. TheJellySloth

      “Star Wars, that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long.. long time”

    2. Tristan Smith

      This was the best Christmas gift, I could have ever gotten. Ngl I shed some tears. The ending marks the end of my childhood, right on time ;(


      This movie was a once in a lifetime event.

    4. Philosophical Teen

      Now , I am totally obsessed with Stars Wars Saga. Can't get it out of my mind♥️

    5. TheGemmyDude 914

      I don’t think the sequel trilogy sucks, I just think it’s boring.

    6. I am IRONMAN

      Not as bad as the last Jedi but it’s still sh*t

    7. Ayjaz Hussain

      Next movie. I hope that its like the end of sith. All sith led by Ghost Plageuis The dumb vs All jedi including ghost.

    8. Jtriodo 0

      Let’s be honest here. We came back for the music, not the movie.

      1. ather khan

        i came here for the movie

    9. Arnav Aoi

      Why did it have to end?! This was the best movie series I have ever watched! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    10. Elisha Gabrielle Fresnillo

      Star Wars : May the force be with you Light bulb: may the light be with you Jesus : May the god be with you Me: MAY THE CATS BE WITH YOU CATSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    11. James Nicholls

      Quigon jinn. Made Luke skycryer the king of star wars. I nearly cried when face painted kids found a very good jedi died. Then a thought eating food happened. You can't explode things in space! He always was a very strong jedi but let's wait to watch him get even better.

    12. Mika-Animations Vidz

      Spread the word: Disney is considering erasing the sequels from Canon, We Want This To Happen!!!!

    13. Lol_MemerMan69

      Son: dad what was Star Wars? Me having intense flashbacks: “long have I waited”

    14. Jeremy Tso

      The hipe was WAAYY to real 😂😅

    15. Bear The sane

      The script and battle scenes even in the 2003 game "Jedi Academy" are much better than in the entire last trilogy. Nuff said.

    16. Alba Morales

      Say what you will about the sequel trilogy, but the trailers never have disappointed.

    17. Revidex Gaming

      The trailer is Divine and the movie was as i say “Primordial”

    18. Albert Wheadon

      Why does the music, in the beginning, sound like the same as in the intro of the IT trailer?

    19. Stillwinston

      Rey was a Jedi, like the Skywalkers before her!


      The trailer was 100 times better than the movie

    21. Darth Tragedus The Tragedy

      Literally a space mary sue killing her grandpa

    22. Anita

      the clownery

    23. Travis The Movie Guy

      Am I the only one who liked this movie?

      1. J G

        Alone never have you been....

      2. P&Wfan 2004


    24. Ddefault _MasterlorD

      The trailer is more uplifting than the original movie, but at least there is something good.

    25. cheez bergher

      I remember when i watched this it was so epic

    26. Sumayya Anjum


    27. Sumayya Anjum


    28. Sumayya Anjum


    29. 6Kevin Gunawan9

      I'm Enjoying The Rise Of Skywalker,Nobody Can Change My Mind.

      1. 6Kevin Gunawan9

        @P&Wfan 2004 I appreciate that

      2. P&Wfan 2004

        @6Kevin Gunawan9 you reworked a meme and you dont accept them as canon? you now have gained my acceptance.

      3. Shakira hips lied

        @6Kevin Gunawan9 acceptable then

      4. 6Kevin Gunawan9

        @P&Wfan 2004im enjoying it but i do not grant sequels rank of canon

      5. P&Wfan 2004

        true. but i can still say my opinion. and i say it sucks.

    30. Eli

      PICTURE THIS: when all of landos fleet have arrived they start charging towards the final order with the music at 1:27 . After panning over all the different ships the tie fighters start charging towards landos fleet at 1:43 .

    31. Connor Blake

      It's a pretty amazing feat of cinema to make 3 whole movies where nothing happens.

    32. Shubhajit Laskar

      1:28 Music intensifies.. May the Force be with all of us!

    33. Star Wars Spider

      This is epic and amazing MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.

    34. William Pitt

      "THE SAGA WILL END" You're late pal, for me it ended with Return of the Jedi.

    35. Naman kumar

      If they called hayden christensen as anakn to fight palpatine and something like that this movie would have crossed endgame

    36. Joseph Lyon

      No matter what, we'll always have these trailers and the hope they gave us.

    37. Luke Skillings

      When Disney made the force awakens and the Last jedi I thought they just didn't care but when I saw this film I thought they were trying to ruin star wars.

    38. Kaeble

      The sets are awesome.

    39. Master Cobacoba

      The movie make me sleepy

    40. Estevan Acosta 15615

      This is a kids movie Eye candy, Bad jokes, Hollow characters, and a plot that stabs actual fans in the back. The only thing carrying this movie is John Williams and that its a star wars film

    41. Tyler Mertins

      The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural, amiright?😂

    42. beaner.v76

      What about mandalorian

    43. DairyBoyComics

      What a disappointment this turned out to be lol

    44. Gaming withRobloxmobile

      watched in movie full (no spoilering)

    45. Yo818

      Thank you for ruining the excellent ending given in Chapter 6 for putting this shameless movie shame on. It's pure fanservice and you can't take seriously how ridiculous it is. As you can see they do not have a bit of respect for the franchise. You only want money.

    46. Space Gaming62

      Nothing’s gonna miss me more than going to the cinema with my dad and talking about theories before the movie begins, and being so exited as the text “A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...” appears on the screen, waiting for the fantastic theme song to start...

      1. Emma Beck Damgaard

        Im gonna miss it to...

    47. rudy Perez

      the trailer was way better than the actual movie

    48. ruddip

      the trailer was better than the movie itself

    49. Ilham yoi

      even the trailer deserve an oscar....

    50. RhennielGL

      One of the best movie in a decade

    51. Mr. X

      look for star wars 1313, that's star wars

    52. Vasco Pereira

      2020:i can move ships whit the force 2050:i can move planets whit the force

    53. I think i'm a gamer?

      Please release the original movie

    54. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      So uncivilized

    55. Anthony Parbury

      Star Wars Episode 10

    56. Jamie Grace

      Imagine if they’d used the music in the final space battle as the command ship was going down, Or when the fleet arrived!

    57. S A P P H

      This movie's title should've been the the last skywalker and episode 8 should've been the rise of the jedi..

    58. chewmanga drostod

      From 1993 to date I still don't get the star wars hype. And yet I enjoyed Lord of the rings.

    59. Tims

      great movie 👍👍👍

    60. Aaronrules

      This brings a tear to my eye

    61. Rigoberto Avila

      I wish this movie was as epic as the trailer.

    62. The Gamer Dhruv

      It's sad that the series is ending.... this series has so much action if I will be an adult, I still wont forget this series #StarWars4Life

    63. Pure Sand

      I got chills from this while I watch this at the movies and I loved it

    64. The Big Brick

      Wait, why was there no Saber duel at the end?

      1. The Big Brick

        There was no Saber duel at the very end with palpatine

      2. assassin123

        Because there was one in every 3 to 5 scenes

      3. The Big Brick

        Ian-Luke Production there wasn’t

      4. Ian-Luke Production

        Whut? There was

    65. The DOT

      Aryan Europeans are not allowed to express ourselves. We are oppressed.

    66. Ann S

      You know this all wouldn’t have happened if Jar Jar Binks didn’t give Palpatine emergency powers... Who is the real Sith Lord?

    67. Elijah Shorey

      This is my favorite movie ever

    68. Goated Whiplash

      The fact that this soundtrack isn’t in the movie makes me sad but Ik it wouldn’t really fit into a full movie

    69. Andy Rush

      I feel that the trailer music was more fitting to the Skywalker saga, the thing that is missing in the movie for me is quigon, Anakin and obi wan, I think that music would be more fitting if the movie has them.

    70. JokersAce0

      It just doesn't feel like Star Wars