Steph Curry Deepest Threes (Compilation)



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    WATCH: Steph Curry Deepest Three Ever, 80 FEET! (Rare Footage)
    DON’T THINK HE’S THE GREATEST SHOOTER EVER, WATCH THIS. Steph Curry deepest three’s ever. A compilation that could be longer than 12 minutes. The logo is his three point line.
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    Am Vor year


    1. PHP

      WATCH: Steph Curry Deepest Three Ever, 80 FEET! (Rare Footage) Will Steph be the scoring champion this year? Thanks for watching. Subscribe if you haven’t!

      1. Diamond Cow

        PHP 3:35

      2. Mjb Mjb

        Dude perfect magnet ball he owe, he so good he meet the president 🤔

      3. Jazz Travis

        Blood shot Raw

      4. kirk ngoboc


      5. Alonzo Brown

        PHP what the fuck

    2. Manuelle Angelo Dela Cruz

      At this point they should just make a 4pt line lol

    3. AllTrendz Gh

      This pure talent

    4. Solomon Aikins

      Ok people, you can called him now king of 3...

    5. M J

      This bitch! DAMN

    6. poky8390

      This dude say a fuck the nasty dunk I’m about to lay down the nastiest 3’s anyone has ever seen and I’m going to do it consistently

    7. SuperGGLOL

      The ball goes down the net in the exact position almost every time.

    8. Coby Cordier

      Your amazing if you've got 12 minutes worth of deep threes

    9. Jaco

      That’s ... not ... fair

    10. Dj Kd

      This motherfucker shoots 4-5ft BEHIND the 3p line

    11. Veldeez

      2:15 "Is he feeling it?!" .. "yes"

    12. MystrrE

      Trae only lookin' good this year cuz Steph is OFF THE COURT!

    13. Some Person

      6:00 thank you very little

    14. Kristian Yeager

      The biggest mistake a defender can make: Leaving Curry wide open

    15. MrHaroldG2000

      Steph Curry, you are RIDICULOUS!!!

    16. Mac An Murda

      They should've made a 4 point line just cuz of his shot

    17. beautiful king

      I miss him

    18. Private Account

      0:26 the game gsw only has 6 healthy players

    19. uuganaa uuganjargal

      We are lucky for seeing him play at the time

    20. culero perros

      nba needs to chnage the shit to 4 points

    21. culero perros

      1:30 wtf

    22. Club Music


    23. Rolly Loyola

      Grabe idol talaga kita stephen curry namangha ako don kahit home court man ng Warriors o hindi bilib ako sa lahat ng 3 pointers mo

    24. Rakesh Khanna

      Fake , He uses *Aimbot*

    25. thinkerma7

      who else has watched this for multiple times ?

    26. Mitch D

      As an NBA player, you would have to hate to guard him....Need to pick him up at half court

    27. Dirty Kingz

      This is JUST 12min of long threes!, Curry is the greatest shooter in NBA history

    28. Alexandro H.

      Wait till he plays golf when he retires from basketball

    29. phillyfanatic11

      The craziest part is this shit is 12 minutes long.

    30. Justin Ferriols


    31. Pepe Pepito pepote

      Threes? No! Shoots from his house hahahaahahahaa

    32. Pepe Pepito pepote

      No words, amazing!

    33. Areesha Hasan

      3:49 that cute ass smug smile after making a half court shot seconds before the buzzer

    34. Toya2529

      Curry is Goat! I don’t care what anyone says! He was missed at the all star game.

    35. Tyler Zang

      me: what's your fav spot to shoot from steph: yes

    36. Tyler Zang

      If I was playing basketball and steph was hot, I wouldnt even put up a lay up, I'll pass that shit right to steph for a 3 lol.

    37. hawk0317

      He's trash

    38. GamersAlmanac

      Best shooter of all time and it’s not close

    39. Borsalino '

      Midorima Shintaro, its you??

    40. J 24

      Curry: gets off bus at the stadium Defender: coach says I need to cover you now

    41. Bruno Libbrecht

      Whats impressive is that almost all these threes are nothing but net, even when he shoots it from 80 feet

    42. cheruzaleming

      Under Armor wouldn't be what it is today without this man. Don't bother me with your opinions.

    43. Basketball for Lifetime

      2:06 wtf happened with the 3 point line 😂

    44. PedalTheGlobe

      Should get 6 points for draining it from the other teams 3 point line.

    45. PedalTheGlobe

      Gotta be so confusing for defense. He shoots threes from spots anyone else would pass.

    46. Jedrek Malnegro

      The one who disliked is probably Ben Simmons

    47. Sean Harmon

      Shoots like he sold his soul to the Devil and is trying to get his money's worth.

      1. Scrypta

        Sean Harmon he didn’t though

    48. Kid Joe

      Who thinks this man sold his soul like hes getting help shooting them 3s

    49. Rdog

      0:14 seconds into the video and I already see him barely past the three point line. Should’ve kept that one out of the “deepest threes” compilation.

    50. M M

      Curry: Gimme dat thing. I had some milk today.

    51. Iqbal kamarul

      Shintaro midorima

    52. たくもり


    53. Al Bundy

      Can't wait until he comes back next year

    54. TrainedToGo_JG PokeTube

      Bruhh 1:05

    55. TVsez

      Tbh shouldn't all pro ballers be able to do this? Practice makes perfect right

    56. Bob Silver

      Amazing shooter!

    57. Samuel Mbonigaba

      The sound the ball makes 👌 so satisfying

    58. valvanto

      GSW had the lead or got the lead after he scored in almost all of them. Crazy!

    59. ZENER ITOM

      2:26 Austin Rivers: 'ight imma head out

    60. Ken Kwok


    61. ArcaneOfsages YT

      What is that sound 😂 2:58

    62. Alvin MR

      20 years from now players would despise this player for extending the 3 point line. How the hell does this guy train?

    63. Stephanie Rkdjfbdn


    64. David Lara

      He makes it look easy

    65. Dr. Pumpernickel Numbnuts

      green light green light green light green light

    66. Jeremiah Griffith

      *Steph is like that one modded 2K character we’ve all made*

    67. chris james

      he got "dame range"

    68. An Strangers Love

      Ohh my ghoooooodddd my loves I'm dead muah

    69. Mwanamisi Adori

      AT 1.31 what was that?