Steph Curry Deepest Threes (Compilation)



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    WATCH: Steph Curry Deepest Three Ever, 80 FEET! (Rare Footage)
    DON’T THINK HE’S THE GREATEST SHOOTER EVER, WATCH THIS. Steph Curry deepest three’s ever. A compilation that could be longer than 12 minutes. The logo is his three point line.
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    1. PHP

      WATCH: Steph Curry Deepest Three Ever, 80 FEET! (Rare Footage) Will Steph be the scoring champion this year? Thanks for watching. Subscribe if you haven’t!

      1. kirk ngoboc


      2. Alonzo Brown

        PHP what the fuck

      3. Steve Johnson

        When he has the ball my mind already starts thinking about what the other team is gonna do now that they just got 3 more points

      4. Adi Benishay

        PHP el peor jugador del mundo es Stephanie curry

      5. Shamim Akhtar

        PHP I am home I am watching the game after Steh curry deepest three ever 80 feet rare footage from Attaulsafibajwah and pHp

    2. Michele Piancone


    3. Ron McDon

      i love the sound of that splash.

    4. Syl Wu The Siler

      2k you’re really sure don’t make a logo shot Badge For Curry? Or more level for limitless range?

    5. Maestro Team

      He shoot so effortlessly!!

    6. temeriando22

      Curry shots it like there is no tomorrow lol man..

    7. Fer Dude

      C U R R Y F R O M W A Y D O W N T O W N

    8. -幸太


    9. Kk23

      That pass dribble shit was nasty

    10. Manzie Gaming

      so nice

    11. see thao

      Like: 3 pointer Comment: 4 pointer

    12. 19Y6C45 TAN LISHAN

      Coach: alright he's the guy we gotta swarm once he cross half court before it's a lost cause Curry: fires before he reaches half court Coach: woops

    13. 맥썹노이지

      He is really amazing...

    14. Zach Falbe

      He’s a lot like MJ, in the sense of give him the ball and let him do the impossible

    15. Tee Bo

      Couldn’t hit to many of those against van fleeek thooo

      1. thug8200

        Nigga it was 4 people guarding him you seen what happened they actually went 1 on 1 with another scorer on the court Fred could not stick with him at all

    16. Christos14ify

      Like Vasillis "kill bill" Spanoulis!

    17. David _

      “Do not fear the man who has done 1000 techniques. Fear the man who has done one technique 1000 times” -Bruce Lee

    18. Shantey Wallace

      College that I e

    19. Silvia Alexandre Cordeiro


    20. Lucas Newells

      Porque es tan bueno la puta madreeeeee

    21. Michael Jordan

      He's kidding us.

    22. Fnebo 10

      steph is the best

    23. Podcast Clips

      Could’ve shown some threes that were actually drop since it’s in the tittle

    24. babyjane pesigan

      Steph goat

    25. Gaming channel

      2:13 2:18 2:24 wsh ba bai team R.I.P

    26. Russell Gilbert

      Step across the half court line and let dat MF fly!

    27. Russell Gilbert

      Mama, there go dat man.

    28. Marco Gelsomini

      Pls tell me Who Is the guy Who stands up a puts an arm up and go back and forth with the other hands in every single points ahahah

    29. jj

      Steph is great but back in my day ray Allen and reggie miller would light his little skinny ass up!

      1. thug8200

        No not at all and I'm from that era

    30. Ima§pidey


    31. Jongjai Saefong

      Stephen Curry King of 3 pointer

    32. Juan Barrientos

      Would 0:12 had been a travel if he had not dribble it? Can someone please tell me?

    33. vinc dagd

      ...”It’s the Beginning of the four-pointer. it’s what we have here there gents.”

    34. Race 4him

      Mamma... there goes that man!

    35. Flora Mohapatra

      Only Stephen curry Can Hav This Long Video of DEEPEST THREE.

    36. Yatot TV


    37. RedLyfe Woop

      Just know, he finna drain a shit load of these this season... I'll be surprised if he don't hit 500 this year

    38. Ishwor Regmi

      Other legends are famous for 2 point or their dunk or what what what . But this man is greater than any basketball player in this whole nba era. He is for his team. And they can defeat everyone. BEST player in nba . Do not search history because curry will make it.

    39. Doffy Donquixote

      chef steph is way better than bron

    40. iTzZTCxD - Random Games -

      What 3-point line?

    41. Alem Z Gaming

      Why always against Memphis

    42. Xstarzzy X


    43. Robert Benson

      I can't believe how easy it is for him to hit 3 pointers 10 feet behind the 3 point line.

    44. Paul Gaming

      Curry is the only basket ball player who can say he's better in real life than in 2k

    45. yung bando


    46. Lita Agloro

      Your good curry

    47. 籃球女王


      1. 籃球女王

        Curry so good

    48. KING JOE

      We need good ol Jim Ross

    49. KING JOE

      6:00 thank you very little

    50. Sqq da dude

      I'm a Raptors fan but also a Curry and Klay fan. So don't hate any of the both teams. Just it's because I'm from Canada. But love Curry's shot.

    51. MetreX

      Curry is the nicest guy in NBA. God bless him.

    52. Lefty Morrison

      Me. Mom I smashed something Mom. What did you smash! Me. I smashed that like button!!!

    53. StephanLamar81

      Greatest shooter ever

    54. Mohamed Avdol

      Where is Midorima ?

    55. Jack Hight

      3:17 turry for three

    56. k sim

      There's 12 minutes of this!?!

    57. Jericho Brosas

      nearly", "exactly"

    58. Matthew Fudge

      He's a legit threat to make a shot from half-court and beyond. There's no such thing as a bad shot when he shoots. Never seen anyone like him, ever.

    59. Yumiho Yamanaka

      King of three pointer

    60. Deez nutssss

      I like how no one gets suprised

    61. Bill Jersey

      I feel sorry for the grizzlies

    62. Lucian Blackreign

      He doesnt care if he got block and theres a guard no hesitation, thats what make him accurate no tension when firing

    63. Chchch Collins

      Bruh all i hear is “shcoomp”

    64. Mark F

      Not the biggest Steph fan but holy shit his deep 3's are always the dagger and are better than all else

    65. Aki Ramirez

      Gusto ko kabilang ring hahahah

    66. Nat King Cole

      When you put your 2k sliders on custom

    67. Zayd Pattie

      2:07 who else noticed the three point line change color Happened again at 4:18

    68. rey rebancos

      6:47 so much better 3 point

    69. TROLL

      you all came for 11:29

    70. Tee Peterson

      Steph Curry got his 3pt sliders on 100