Stephen A.: The Bucks should trade Giannis before they lose him for nothing! | First Take



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    Watch Part 1:
    Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman discuss Giannis Antetokounmpo's contract situation with the Bucks and how concerned Milwaukee should be about the team's playoff failures with Giannis.
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    1. TallCoolDrink

      Max needs to shut up.

    2. Jay Tay

      I agree with S.A. They not getting a ring with that squad vs the West. Plus it's Milwaukee, it's not a top destination either. You have to make a good move while you can. I just dont believe he is staying.

    3. jose mauras

      I agree with him, if you trade him now you might be able to get a really good player, if you Waite and he leave you going to have nothing

    4. Miko Santos

      Giannis can't validate his greatness without ring ...He is just like carl Malone story

    5. Andre Townsel

      They gotta it molly off table

    6. Bodies By Corpus

      Molly is like a store bought version of Joy Taylor.

    7. Raymond Rosario

      Molly... why are you yelling? We can hear you 🤦🏾‍♂️

    8. Vinson Dong

      Stephen A would be a great impostor

    9. Deja Vu

      Giannis to GSW would be an epic battle against Lebron and AD

    10. Roy Cuffee

      Molly is HORRIBLE even my gf asked “who is this women” she’s annoying and need to shut up” whole I watched clips smdh


      Where was all of this empathy when LeBron left Miami? Now the media is trying to force giannis outta Milwaukee

    12. Will

      If he wanna win a chip the places he can go Mavericks or Miami might sounds crazy but think about he goes to one of those teams

    13. Ty Lito

      Talking bout brogdon like he's a superstar lol

    14. Sneakers Dave's

      I swear the media should just say all the stars should just go to California and Florida

    15. New Life Furniture

      anyone else looking in the comments, for all the comments about Mollys annoyance...?

    16. jinmoristoned

      Trying to casually listen to some takes while Molly YELLING randomly in the background, why just why😩

    17. Petros Fanourgiakis

      Giannis is the most dominant player in the NBA and its not close... Giannis on Lakers last year with ingrim and ball would be a three seed but would lose in round 2... Lebron barely 500 and cried for Anthony Davis with the Lakers last year. So Giannis definitely the most dominant player in the league. Davis always a 8th seed and one time got to round 2 by himself.. Kawhi always on stacked teams and Durant as well.. All Giannis needs is chris paul for structure or Brady Beal he wins the championship. Bledsoe , Hill, turnover machines and terrible at setting giannis up. Middleton great number 3 but a ok number 2.. With guys like Durant,Kawhi, Lebon, Curry, Davis all with a top 10 player its a cheating advantage.. Non of those guys are 2 time MVP. None of those guys are a 1 seed with that bucks team.. This is a modern day shaq that could dribble and is more athletic. Difference was shaq had better number 2's thats it..

    18. JP Mercado

      I hate when they say Penny in his prime. We never saw Penny in his prime due to injury

      1. Se 2333

        facts.. penny, grant hill, Drose.. we never saw their prime.

    19. Kevyn Tavares

      No one .. molly : yeah i want to see him win a chip lol

    20. Acerety Da Silva

      Dbook is what Giannis needs

    21. George Mathis


    22. krisko713daclarke

      Trade him to the NYKs so he can team up with Harden... huh SAS? You have the worst sports' acumen on TV.

    23. V

      while i agree with people about why does Molly have to interrupt? (probably to get the reactions in the comments ...but i digress) i also have to say they ever let her talk? lol

    24. Shane Sommer

      Steven a, keeps saying milwaukee like were the browns of the nba

    25. Asma Angel

      Molly always tryna talk over someone

    26. Cereal Killa

      Keep molly on first take

    27. Mark Umerah

      Giannis' problem isn't that he doesn't get points away from the basket, the dude averages like 30. His problem is that when it comes time for playoffs his team is utter trash so his opponents can just focus on him.

      1. La Evolucion Del Meme

        @ChiggaLicious trash bro, just accept the facts

      2. ChiggaLicious

        Disagree that his teams are utter trash. More of the coach not being able to use his personnel in a way that puts Giannis in the best position to win. Let’s not forget Middleton is an allstar, and they have shooters in Kyle Korver, Matthews and lopez. George hill has been great for them, and let’s not forget the fact that the bucks were staying in the game with the heat without Giannis and even managed to pull a win off against them.

    28. Fun Times

      Giannis for Harden

    29. gr rioS

      Bradly to Milwaukee or trade giannis

    30. gr rioS

      Chris Paul would not work in Milwaukee

    31. aka__Pro.

      “Yeah.. I just wanna see him win a chip”... thanks for interrupting Max mid sentence for that, Molly. 🙄

    32. SkoshyP

      How do people like Max and Molly get on TV in the first place. Let alone stay on as long as they have. Listening to them is the worst

    33. Billy Long Nguyen

      molly is so fking dumb

    34. Wise Rise

      If they can get james harden🤷‍♂️

    35. A N

      Get this women off the set please. Everytime

    36. monblanc noland

      Man giannis should go to the mavs and call it a dayb

    37. Magicman786R10

      Giannis to Knicks would be amazing. KD vs Giannis rivalry amazing storyline

    38. Andrew T


    39. Sha Porter

      These females want to get paid the same way as us men do there just there too look good and get paid she has no clue or knowledge of basketball or male sports

    40. John Pizarro

      giannis and lillard nuff said

    41. MOMO HUE

      Molly all the way...

    42. MyNameIsMegaMan

      Lebron destroyed Loyalty smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

    43. chuck taylor

      1:41!! do you all hear how loud Molly was on this interruption to say absolutely nothing important? this is insane!! no way the producers don't realize this!! like dam!!

    44. Homer

      How does molly still work here 🤣😭

    45. Tyrone Bates Libra!

      The man summed it up at the end "If they had Brodgen".

    46. Tyrone Bates Libra!

      When the Buck's lost Malcolm Brodgen that hurt. Gannis didn't have to risk injury trying to carry the team ever night. But they have good talent, they lost that one player.

    47. James Fralick

      the bucks will never win a chip with Giannis

    48. David Starr

      Max is tripping! Penny never made it to his prime because of injury.

    49. Diskubre Channel PH

      The Dubs will have another "KD Type" player and would probably have another trophy 👍

    50. Bulletz5000

      giannis to the warriors

    51. Sonny Day

      This guy loves to talk about Giannis in a negative way, SAS thinks he can see the future.

    52. _krysluvskush -

      Da female juss their to be a yesman and so the feminist people can stfu😭

    53. aola wili

      Molly 🚪 they’re trying to speak shut up

    54. AJBoss

      He’s getting 240 mil. He ain’t going nowhere.

    55. Ozzy Lopez

      Giannis to lakers bound like if you agree

    56. TNT Section

      Oh yeah that would be a great idea. TRADE away a top 5 player to get lesser. You’re instantly going into rebuild mode.

    57. mmafan2223

      Giannis too LOYAL he built different

      1. aola wili

        Moly is like Sakura from Naruto 😑

    58. Zachary Mullins

      I think Middleton can still ascend. Freak will come back with better 3...and im a bron fan.

    59. John Angelo

      Somebody shut her up

    60. bilishu aliss

      I can 👀why you did it Jalen...but is it worth hearing her everyday?

    61. Flexgotmops

      He proved time and time he can shoot

    62. Sam Keaton

      Warriors or Heats

    63. Isaac Ojukwu

      Giannis is from another country; which, means he probably is not all about that large market situation the analyst be talking about. Players like him see being in the United States period as an upgrade. Milwaukee is probably better then were he's from. Most Foreign players are just grateful to be in the United States. Also a person like Zion doesn't necessarily mean he's going to do what Anthony Davis did because they both have grew up different. Anthony Davis grew up in Chicago; in which, is the 3rd biggest city in population in the United States so going to New Orleans was a smaller city than he was used to; however, Zion Williamson grew up in a small town; which means that New Orleans would be more fascinating to him. Foreign players especially from poorer countries and small town players are more satisfied with smaller market NBA teams because the small market teams is a huge upgrade compared to where they come from.

      1. bilishu aliss

        Send Giannis to the wizards?...please?

    64. titus white

      Man Molly is horrible.!!

    65. Splash

      Daang! Those heerpees hitting max HARD!

    66. Joshua Frick

      There's a reason Stephen A is on TV and not in a front office.

    67. J'Hue Casey

      The Bucks roster is good enough to win now. They need a new coach. Budenhoelzer's offense is just "Get the ball to Giannis and let him go 1 on 5 til a shot opens up." If they have Giannis rim run and run more pick and rolls, defenses won't be able to stop Giannis and Bledsoe will get more touches to get in a rhythm and do his thing. When you've got a generationally great player and two borderline all stars and you lose 8 straight games to 50 win teams in the playoffs, the coaching has to be looked at seriously.

    68. QueenByNature

      Tell me why Molly on the show again

    69. Matt Kramer

      Shut up Molly.


      Moly is like Sakura from Naruto 😑