Stephen Curry Explains His Slip & Airball

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    James asks 2-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry about his big weekend beating both the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers, and the low-light of slipping on a fast break. When Stephen tries to shift blame on the ice beneath the court, Ron Funches wonders how that played into the subsequent airball.
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    1. Bình Minh VEVO


    2. Linus Thulin

      0:46 Wan you 2k player is cold

    3. Ethan Abbott

      Lest we forget the layup slip

    4. Angelo Ledesm

      poor little curry

    5. Liigga. Zakiawad

      Curry i hereby announce you a human.

    6. Noah Scholz

      Curry: I'm going to dunk Legs: ight ima head out

    7. Cristiano CR7

      So you see what happened was

    8. David Lalawmpuia

      Curry: i drink milk everyday, people don't say, but i drink alcohol once, all people say 😋😋😂

    9. Jamin Swift

      Right when Curry shot the three he said to himself “ wham bam can of ham”

    10. MegaVid

      Curry: oh yes its time for a crazy dunk Legs:Nope

    11. Nathan Davis

      How in the world does Steph "slip" Oh....i a Westbrook fan. 🌪

    12. I'm your worst fartmare

      He only airballed because he slipped and was embarrassed. I would do the same.

    13. Harold Frets

      Shit happens.... But the airball was a product of trying too hard to redeem himself after slipping.... I repeat: shit happens

    14. Uhh Dexter

      So we just gonna ignore his hairline

    15. Toxic

      Watching this makes me feel better about myself.

    16. The World

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    17. Wass The ModS

      He is trash

    18. Gary Villaceran

      That humanizes him tho 😂

    19. Chicago Sports Channel

      Curry; I’m going to do the best dunk of all time Legs: Hold my beer

    20. Ekam Jot

      0:44 Ok Thx

    21. FBI

      Curry: lemme shoot this 3 real quick Ball: Sike

    22. tv watchers

      Curry ima do a 360° Legs ORGASMS

    23. Deidre Green

      Why are you rewarding people who making both our lives a living hell? 🥺 I don't know..... They jealous of us both.

    24. Blue Arrow

      Ron Funches... underrated human.

    25. frankenclouds !!

      People still watch this.... Garbage or garbage. Take your pick. .

    26. KaptainBasketball

      That clip was too funny

    27. Samy Nazef

      Black gey

    28. kyle imperial

      I bet steph got intimidated by that laugh at 0:53

    29. Luigi 5408

      1:16 the LA kings?

    30. Trey Kunz

      Curry: I'm gonna do a 360° dunk Legs: Ahhh go crazy go stupid

    31. Sam Rivet


    32. Emji

      Curry: imma go for a 360 dunk Legs: boy try it ill 360 your career

      1. Jason Kendzior

        Emji that means it would end up in the same place🤦‍♂️

    33. Denis Jasewicz

      Is that black guy a transgender oh this world going to hell

    34. Romeo Condemi

      How has this channel got 20 mil subs

    35. Da GOAT23

      “LA Kings”???

    36. George Paparigas

      I mean, he could have gotten terribly injured thank god for just slipping and giving away an airball

    37. Robbie Herman

      Dude at 0:53 was laughing hard in his face lol 😆

    38. Sasuke 14


    39. Jakub Svatek

      Am I the only one, that finds their behavior overreacted ?

    40. see thao

      Curry: Imma do something crazy. Court and Legs: Let's ruin his career.

    41. Daan Smets

      Nobody: Literally nobody: Curry: slips

    42. Nosubs Withnovids

      James Cordan : u r the greatest player of all time *10seconds later shows him falling and shooting an air ball

    43. Ruqaya Zazi

      You proved, that you are actually a human being.

    44. Sara Mendes

      Those weed socks haha I can't

    45. James Blanton

      He slipped because the sides of the curry 6s which he wore on the court don’t have traction are really slippery because they are flat plastic and if your footwork is wrong and you accidentally step on the edge of the bottom of the shoe it slips and you fall like an idiot like me

      1. Krab Byy

        James Blanton curry fanboy

    46. Connor The Star Wars fan

      James Corden is mean for doing this

    47. Lizzie Bowen

      If I was steph I’d just lay low and not do press lmao he shouldn’t have to explain his moves let the game speak for itself

    48. Trent Couser

      GSW 107-71 LAL Warriors winning by 36

    49. Fortnite Official

      So this is why we lost the finals

    50. Kenenisa Wogair

      I love it how Stephen curry was fake laughing to whole time and no one realize that

    51. Fumito Ando

      Usually people/players can get viral for doing crazy stuff He got viral for making a mistake 😂

    52. W3stgeorge 11

      When your legs don’t work like they used to before

    53. Josh W

      Somehow Harden got fouled during this interview

    54. Miscellaneous Mind

      Okay, so I'm surprised that they somehow have an ice rink and then the next day it's a basketball court? I thought it was just sweat or something, that's why they wipe the floor down inbetween breaks.

    55. Kavon Summerville

      Lawdddd that was a classic 😂😂😂😂

    56. loglow apple red

      Who remerber james act in guilliver travel

    57. Teezuss

      “Can I ask a question?” Lmao I thought it was the woman speaking rip

    58. Beast

      Poor curry ! 😝😝😦😰😭

    59. Go Jojo

      0:10 I'm offended. "of ALL TIME!"

    60. john yeet

      curry: I'm about to do the best dunk in NBA history floor:the best flunk in NBA history no problem

    61. Henry Beaverson

      James: “That’s my life, that’s me at school.”

    62. Janet Moore

      I think we all do that so don't feel bad.

    63. Ayden Lowery

      Curry: I’m about to do somethin’ amazing Slippery floor: I’m gonna end this whole mans career

    64. Audreyanna Scott

      Mom: What was that‼️ Me: “See what had happened was..”😭😭😭

    65. Jonathan Muldrow

      Wasn't no goddamn ice or water. You Curr-maphrodites make all the excuses in the world for him. What about the other players that ran down the court to the exact same spot??

    66. Makishima Shogo

      After witnessing Iguodala's interview and how he wants to make Curry the pirate king, i can't ignore how he acts when curry slips by immediately giving him a chance to redeem himself by shooting a 3 (at what he's best at)🤣

    67. Leigha Hansen

      I love Steph Curry. He's hilarious

    68. ChokeZ :}

      Stephen curry: ima take my time Floor: I’m about to end this man’s whole career

      1. 2K Jakob

        The floor was Kodak wk

    69. Christine Bagaslao