Stephen Curry Explains His Slip & Airball

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    James asks 2-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry about his big weekend beating both the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers, and the low-light of slipping on a fast break. When Stephen tries to shift blame on the ice beneath the court, Ron Funches wonders how that played into the subsequent airball.
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    1. Rice Boi

      Steph curry turned into an 11 year old

    2. M A

      *that's my life ! That's me in college !" 🤣🤣

    3. le Barredo

      People in the comment section talking about how his legs gave up when it happened because of the slippery floor.

    4. The Malik

      " He still a human "

    5. Dr. Avijit

      Guy in purple smooth af

    6. truth seeker

      Their sitting positions go white to black. Very deliberate!!!

    7. Jimmy Costa Mendes

      Pretty sure if he was wearing J's he wouldnt have slipped

    8. XnonZ

      God broke his ankles

    9. Epic GamerZ

      I remember slipping like that in HS basketball and everyone thought I got crossed 😂

    10. jori 837

      “i went to a school where they where mostly white and they thought i could play basketball” I DIEDDDDDD

    11. Abrar Qureshy

      LeBron germs 🦠

    12. HERO BRINE

      Curry: you know the ice dadadada Reporter: how does the ice explained the airball? 😂😂😂 *savage*

    13. Beast Mode

      Haha the game was fixed the mafia threatened him to shave points lmaooo

    14. Cristian

      Curry: Ima do- Legs: *No*

    15. Meeyyyahhh Likes anthony reeves

      0:14 James “one of the finest players....” Me: oop James you got that right, Ayesha agreee w me too😭

    16. Corey Somers

      It’s easy to be a good sport about this stuff when the rest of the time you play you’re literally reinventing the game. Gotta love Steph

    17. GENERAL

      steph was not feelin that goofball

    18. Verruckt Government

      I dunno why people make this out to be such a big deal and laugh at him, like just beat a man while he’s down why don’t u

    19. Jean Monique Dordas

      Clumsiest player ever and the cutest as well. Dude!

    20. Layas Culture

      He was going to do the dunk he later on did at the All Star game 2019. It ended up being one of the highlights of the all star game so it worked out eventually

    21. DDog_the_ Dog

      Curry: imma bout to do something amazing His balance: aight imma head out

    22. Dayne Niel Gabriel CF

      Lebron's fans disliked this video

    23. Jackson zettel

      1:53 I thought the girl in the middles hair was the tree in the background

    24. Marco Ramos

      He looked liked flight and sounded like flight with those excuses

    25. Ridethelighting 897

      0:44 Me during a test.

    26. Abz Farooq

      Curry: Ima do some crazy ass dunk rn Legs: hold my Gatorade

    27. Jeonseol

      This man cant afford jeans that cover his knees lol

    28. JazzyJack

      Curry: imma 360 through the legs dunk Legs: whatever u think buddy

    29. CrummySuper Kun

      Curry:Imma hit this dunk Legs: I’m not a rapper *slips*

    30. Jonathan Muldrow

      Curr-maphrodites defending their man. I love how people talking about it was a wet floor but other players ran to that exact same spot and nothing happened. That's what he get for always showing off.

    31. Rogeh Shenouda

      Kobe is the best

    32. SavageSZN YT

      Curry hairline be like 🌙 but the other way

    33. Joey Cerre

      this was really a year ago

    34. Andrew Otero


    35. Honest Fellow

      My flight attendant told me to axe someone if i need assistance. But afterwards everyone acted all scared and didn’t clean up the mess.

    36. Ahdree23

      I will never forget that game lmao I was so embarrassed for him....made me love Steph even more

    37. winsley ocampo

      Curry: Slips His shoes: Hehe boi

    38. Ismael Flores Galvez

      Even the best miss

    39. XxChase_Gamer Plays

      Me: **watches space jam** Also Me: (mind : Somehow i thought james corden was the fat guy in space jam..)

    40. Emin Gojayev

      I wish my teachers at school were thanking me like that

    41. King

      This hole thing is cap

    42. James Lapp

      Steph: Let’s do this cool 360 dunk I’ve been working on. Floor: Nah, I don’t like the sound of that Legs: let’s follow what the floor’s doing Curry: *Slips* Also Curry: It WaS ThE IcE Iggy: I got you man Curry: I’m one of the best 3 point shooters ever... Let’s get this bread, hands don’t do this too me Hands: I dunno, I like what the legs did Ball: I think I could help Curry: *Airball*

      1. Matthew Kenobi

        Most underrated comment of the century

    43. Madyson Jackson

      “so see what had happened was” 😂

    44. ColYT

      Curry: Ima impress the girls Legs: no, sorry we are unavailable

    45. pp cruddd

      respect for curry for owning it

    46. Bdub

      That LA Kings game explanation was actually pretty good

    47. jax lad

      1:32 bruh I thought it was the laddy🤦‍♂️

    48. TJ Leigh

      He got right back up so it’s ok

    49. Eskii NZL

      "How does the ice explain the air ball" We got em boys

      1. Ramayana Roxas

        "Him shooting a 3-pointer is the closest I'll be to doing heroine"

    50. Lei anne Dimalanta

      Why you copying jimmy Fallon 😂😂😂

    51. corazondulce031284

      The noise was like "SQEEEEEEUUUUUUUKKKKK"

    52. Neeladri Mohapatra

      No one can be more sportive than this guy. Just him talking makes your day. The amazing Steph 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    53. Street 87 VL

      1:55 95% of white people I meet.

    54. Kpop Affairs

      Call Messi or RonalDo..

    55. Zac Fisher

      I love how when James says he’s one of the greatest players of his generation Stephen is nodding his head in agreement

    56. Akhtar Kuntadi

      Thats a big punch in the face for the shoe company

    57. K Khan

      Rip Kobe 😔

    58. Natalie Hanka

      The NBA refs never seem to call travels

    59. Junrio Batutay

      Sometimes, you gotta show people you're human and you fail so they won't realise you have an aimbot

    60. Sean Pattison

      Rip kobe

    61. Lilac Whisper

      Poor Curry. Heh.. poor curry.

    62. zmoneyジ

      Curry:I’m finna dunk Legs: *Are you sure about that*

      1. Jovanni Espinosa

        Me: stop with the unoriginal comments Zmoney: hold my juicebox

      2. Mr Q

        Curry: lets do this mAd dUnK Legs: O HeLl NooOo

    63. Mythic


    64. Cristofer Gonzalez

      Rip Kobe

    65. Olamipo Adebowale

      It’s them cheap under armors

    66. Kai

      curry got to a point where even if he fucks it up he gets appraised for it

    67. yo Avin ;}

      1:17 he’s lying he clearly was screaming fu-

    68. Jasmine Jones

      Whos here after Kobe Bryant’s death

      1. Micah Craine

        Everyone who’s reading this

    69. Zany Lightning

      Ballin' like Curry.

    70. shanos ::::;

      You can see the sharpie hair line in the thumbnail