Stephen Curry's Best Plays From The 2018 NBA Finals



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    Check out the best plays from Golden State Warriors all-star Stephen Curry's best plays from the 2018 NBA Finals.
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    1. larry harlee

      Steph Curry is a breath of fresh air after all the LeBron hype and hoopla, he earned respect by elevating his game year after year...that's what's missing(DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE)!!!

    2. Chase Hansen

      He was the real MVP do not at me. Outplayed KD in 3 of 4 games hit an NBA record 9 threes in game 2 yes he was kinda awful shooting in game 3 but scored his points in crunch time and made contributions elsewhere on the court. Also drew way more doubles than KD and was the leader of their offense everything was ran thru him

    3. Philip Fontaine

      I like to think that Steph is three poor games away from having three finals MVP's. 2018 - Even if he just had a mediocre game 3 so durant didn't have to put the team on his back then steph would have won finals mvp. 2016 - If Steph had a great game 7 the dubs would have won and he would have been named finals MVP. 2015 if he had an amazing game 6 he would have been named finals MVP. It's a trip to look at it in the context.

    4. Adalbert K.

      The pass behind the opponent’s back was epic !!!

    5. Adarius Luckey

      everyone get you golden broom and dust pan out and sweep up LeBron James cavaliers dust and throw it away

    6. Kevin plays and reviews

      Who is Better Curry(like) or LeBron (comment)

    7. maxiqum s1

      0 fmvp, trash player, choker, regular season superman

      1. Kiet Anh


    8. Joaquin Shang

      Him alone won the second game...

    9. Tobbey Whymns

      i love curry he is the best point guard

    10. Light as GlassYT

      SC got robbed in the finals he the real mvp

    11. Archangel_BBaller

      His shot is wet

    12. money trees

      How much better does this sound 3x champion 2x fmvp 2x mvp only unanimous mvp in history Dude got robbed twice

    13. 00ABBITT00

      Y’all gonna miss this GSW team.

    14. Ada Şahin Wlogs

      The world's best basketball team is GOLDEN STATE WARRİORS, another biggest basketball team !!!!

    15. Tenzin Yougyal

      Stephen Curry should have got the finals MVP cuz game one was Curry game 2 was Curry game 3 was KD game 4 was Curry so the finals MVP should be Stephen Curry not Kevin Durant but it don't matter as long as they win a championship that's all they cares like Stephen Curry said he don't care about Finals MVP as long as they get a ring and a championship that's all that matters

    16. Dr Anonymous

      I’m tellin You now If KD Leaves not only would they loose in 3rd round.. but they will loose for the next 2 years because if Davis goes to Lakers then exactly what I said is true

    17. Alexis Blanchard

      How do you play the point guard position? I’m new to basketball. 😂

    18. Samuel Ashby

      Steph curry from downtown

    19. Kuro

      I swear Ty Nao is in 500 comments saying "Lurry is trash", first of all we all don't know who is Lurry. Second of all if you want to call him trash and there's 4-5 players better than him, beat him first. I bet you won't even score once. Third of all, Are you a bandwagon gs fan? you seem to only like kd the snake

    20. Lindemann Oscar

      Curry is the true FMVP. Fuck the reporters.

    21. Natik Yakovlev

      Greatest pg ever to me

    22. Natik Yakovlev

      He's already a legend in the game

    23. AdiIsgoat

      0:37 My mans was so *Hyped* that he jumped of his chair

    24. Esther P Hall

      you cant keep curry down

    25. NewWorldOrder

      Wow, wow wow. Best shooter of all time. He is a freak.

    26. Johnmedel Laserna

      We want more clips of his nba finals performance..this video should be longer.. Opps i forgot the finals only got 4 games.. 4-0.

    27. sShake2Bake

      Chef curry will be cooking a Snake Curry for dinner. (Curry is FMVP!)

    28. bleh bleh bleh

      Best PG in the league but NBA Players, Announcers, Reporters still berated him call him little, baby, cute, small and some even call him kid. smh

    29. Qa Qa


    30. Ashe Gatchalian

      Goat 🤘🏻

    31. Girl one


    32. mamdouh alhoshan

      Excellent and Beautiful and amazing

    33. Aca Rudovic

      Popiso I ko kera

    34. SuperRip7

      Curry has done very well in the Finals. 08-08-18.

    35. 1dayullsee

      3:40 this man gives me anxiety for fuck sakes

    36. Amurim Serage

      curry is more than good

    37. Hmni mogaddam

      The G.O.A.T 🔥💙💛

    38. Khei Senibpa

      wow stephen curry is the best player lol

      1. Ibra Maiga

        steph is the MVP of ol NBA

    39. Khei Senibpa

      i subscribed

    40. TheNumber5UN

      Not only the best shooter ever, but the savviness and ball handling skills are probably the best ever. Only MJ has made me shake my head in amazement like this guy.

    41. Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl

      I see Curry with 5 rings by the time he retires. He's got 7-8 more years to get 2 more rings. I think he'll do it.

    42. Kuro

      Mans robbed for FMVP, Game 1 & 2 (MVP Performance) KD bad game at 1 & 2. Game 3 KD had a great game Game 4 Curry was a beast, 37 Points, almost a triple double, 4 blocks. Game 4 KD had a great game, 20+ with a triple double. I don’t understand how curry wasn’t FMVP He had 4 blocks as a Point Guard, Almost a triple double as a Point Guard. Durant had a triple double which is normal even if it’s the Finals. like how lmao?

    43. Tremayne Davis

      I love curry

    44. HustleGamer

      fuck boogie

    45. Deebo Nash

      TRUE MVP!!!! he is a sniper!!

    46. gator1

      Stephen was the MVP...they robbed him again.last year in the finals he averaged a triple double and still didn't get it, that's crazy.

    47. Oscar M

      I can make the argument that Curry actually played well in game three! He simply shot poorly and horribly for his standard. Ofcourse thats what cost him the fmvp in the eyes of media members who voted. But he still hit the shot that lifted them out of the back and forth rut late in the 4th quarter. Had it not been for that shot, no sweep! He hit a clutch shot which got overshadowed by his poor overall shooting performance. I’ll say this, KD was the media’s MVP but Steph was the real people’s MVP hands down. Better overall performances in games 1, 2 and 4. Steph also electrified the crowd consitently throughout the series. He murdered the Cavs in game 4. Basically, Curry technically owned the entire series and you can include game three since he also not only hit the clutch three but also played incredible defense and hardly any turnovers. Dont get me wrong about game 3, KD was indeed a monster and well deserving of the mention. But thats all he should have gotten on this one. Just a nice brief thank you for being efficient. Curry however is the engine, he got others going, including KD. Without Steph the Warriors struggle majorly. He is still the best plus/minus player in the league per 48 minutes. He is still the most lethal player (three pointers, dance on you and go to the rack for the and one, finds the open man on penetration, cant foul him cause he shoots 92% from the stripe, can’t double team him cause he knows how to slice through or find the roller) The whole league is at Curry’s mercy but people have forgotten brcause he will never be “bigger, faster, stronger” than LABron and KD. Curry has clowned both of these fools in the playoffs and Finals. Lebron only got Curry in 16’ Finals and we all know Steph’s knee wasn’t 100%. Other than that, Steph has dogged em both. Go watch game 7 of 2017 WCF. Go see what Curry did to KD that game and series. The league actually belongs to Steph. False witnesses claim otherwise. No one has caused the game, the league, the whole basketball world to shift and tear and scramble quite like Steph. He has been forgotten for one poor Finals performance. He still outperformed Iguadola in 2015 and got robbed then. Not a single vote. Iggy didn’t even start til game 3 lol. What a joke.

      1. Calhoun Sista

        Oscar M What a talent. You said it all. Except ,Nike is still feeling rejected by Steph Curry, so the Nike ran NBA is blatantly disrespecting Steph at every turn.

    48. Toxic Clan 2017

      3:57 god damn

    49. Em 1em

      step curry is my real.mvp

    50. Arch Campbell

      NBA finals with Cleveland versus Houston would have been a nightmare for the advertisers. Just another boring series. The real championship series was Houston vs Golden State. Without Curry, Durant, Green, Thompson et al...the Warriors do not win and very few would bother to watch the NBA finals. And BTW, I would pick Draymond Green as my "go-to" teammate above all others. He has perhaps the highest Basketball IQ in the game today...and the dude is really smart as well! I hope he becomes an NBA analyst when his career is over. He is fun to listen to.

    51. Zach Nall

      Real fmvp

    52. Keith Dior

      He set the finals record sheesh was dominating games 1,2, 4 this was attrotious & KD is one of my favorite players in the nba and he deserved it too but between the two no doubt Steph won it, he set the tone for the series and even Lebrón didnt want no parts he tried steph was just too much 3 ball, then attacking scoring and assist it was the PG played at the higest and most efficient with the amazing factor i have ever witnessed!!

    53. Player Gamer Channel

      is he a human ?

    54. Lingua Franca

      Mr from way downtown

    55. Sara Aristizábal Sánchez

      I love curry is the best of the NBA 💖

    56. Angela Tsai蔡宜瑾

      Stephen Curry from way downtown...😂

    57. JoshLB

      How did he not win finals MVP. HE GOT ROBBED

    58. Zach Frey

      I love stephen curry

    59. MrZrazies

      cavs had most embarrassed finals loss ever but what’s most embarrassing is fans cheering for curry...... at cavs home 😂 lots of people had cheered larry bird anywhere home or away. MJ. magic. and... who am i missing? and definitely not LeFlop. that tell u lot. curry #MVP

    60. Ya Boii Brandon

      RIP X!

    61. Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl

      Future HALL OF FAME question about it.

    62. Ken Dogg01


    63. Mr. Airball

      Look Kevin was great, but while stats are important they are not the full story. And I think it's sad/stupid that we live in an era where if someones impact doesn't show up on the box score then they don't mean shit. That's why players like Al horford fly under the radar sometimes. Curry had one bad game, in which he was still impactful in different ways and hit a big time 3 just before KD's that people seem to forget about. Yeah KD had a nice shot but what curry was doing was draining the life out of all of the Cavs. We have not seen THIS Steph curry since 2015-16 before he got hurt. The he was moving and the amount of confidence he had. This is his team, he is the MVP even though KD is the better player. Because he can have nights like game 3 and still be so useful because they still have to respect his shot so he can still space the floor to get KD his shots. Besides even if they lost 1 game which everyone thought they would, they win the next game and then they go back home to wrap it up. So in summary Curry got fucking Robbed.

      1. Mr. Airball

        Sandra Contreras Durant is one of the best offensive players to Grace the NBA if hadn't joined this team and won a championship elsewhere he could have been a top 10 all time player. There is not a single hole in his offensive game and his defense is elite. Like I said Curry's impact is more important than a player to player comparison. I will say it again Durant is the better player, there really is no debate there, and curry is the more valuable player. Plain and simple.

      2. Calhoun Sista

        Mr. Airball I was about to give you a like, until you spouted that party line crap about Durant being a better player than Steph. When Steph can and do so many things better than Durant

    64. Rui

      Fmvp or mvp must not be decided through stats, it should be how the players impact the team when he is out or in the court, they should check the ➕ and ➖ of the player

    65. Victor Derios

      curry on fire NBA FINALS 2018

    66. Steven

      4:21 look at the guy thats guarding curry. cant guard him that much 👏

    67. just a R/T guy 4 now

      Kd just had to get that triple double last game smh Steph got robbed this cool and get two or three more tries at the very least I'm just glad they swept lbj ass!!😂😁😂😁

    68. James Mayer

      Both he and Durrant were worthy of the MVP for the finals, but I think Curry’s going to get it next year.

    69. riley freeman

      4:04 Kevin love reaction will forever kill me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂