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Stephen Jackson isn't buying Doc Rivers was warned about coaching LeBron | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

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    Stephen Jackson joins Cris Carter and Nick Wright to discuss reports Los Angeles Clippers HC Doc Rivers avoided the Lakers HC job because of LeBron James. Hear why Stephen isn't buying this report.
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    Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
    Stephen Jackson isn't buying Doc Rivers was warned about coaching LeBron | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
    First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

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    1. First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

      Do you think Doc Rivers was trying to avoid coaching LeBron?

      1. Mark Young

        +TheTruthTeller-Go-CryToMommyIfuCantHandleIt 😂😂😂😂😁😂😁😂😂😁👍.

      2. TheTruthTeller-Go-CryToMommyIfuCantHandleIt

        +Mark Young BRONSEXUAL identified

      3. TheTruthTeller-Go-CryToMommyIfuCantHandleIt

        +mmm mkkk shutup u BRONSEXAL! L

      4. Madison Lee

        Yes, as a former player, Doc Rivers most likely sees Lebron’s decline as an elite player. He probably doesn’t want the added stress of rebuilding a team, either.

    2. Michelle Doss

      Love Steven Jackson.

    3. Derek Miller

      If I'm not mistaken Stephen Jackson was one of the first if not the first person to say other stars didn't want to play with lebron lol

    4. Luca Novecento

      That nose tho

    5. Henry Catamisan

      Lebron is gaot,,,doc revis bwesets,,

    6. don brassco

      Bring back the player/coach job😄

    7. Marcus Scott

      I would have to disagree with Jackson's first statement

    8. Jared Sanford

      Stephen Jackson dropping knowledge! Love this man player just speaking on how things are no bs just facts.

    9. deelong4002

      Just fire Walton and let Lebron be a player-coach

    10. Kenny Pulsifer

      Professional players has no right to pick coaches. LeBron James is an employee not the boss. Once again sick of employees calling the shots, just like when the employees holding out when they r still in there original contact they signed. People r giving them way to much power. If u give 100% and fail, no one can fault the effort. Stop the excuses for Lebron. His gorin still hurts, it's the Coach or not feeling good or the coach again, the sun is to bright, it's raining or it's my mismatch shoes!!Nope sorry LeBron grass is not always greener on the other side.

    11. Anthony johnson

      I agree 100% on everything that was said in this discussion.

    12. fungidungie Johnson

      I don't want to like Doc, but he is my favorite coach in the league, heck I go to the Clippers website and watch post game interviews and I don't even live in their state. Love that team of no all stars but all stars.

    13. Carlos Magnani

      Too much makeup bruh

    14. Shirley Ann Jones


    15. dewayne thornton

      Luke Walton is screwing jeanie buss

    16. Rolling TrollTV

      Cris Carter need a football talk show, he insightful but he not Shannon

    17. Andre Lindsey

      Mark Jackson deserves more respect then he gets

    18. Javier Lara

      Lebron is toxic.


      Oh girl dont like these hebrew guys talking bought her man, look at her body language 😂😂😂😂

    20. Glenn Holder

      Stephen Jackson sounds really doltish talking about he’s tired of hearing about people hating on bron. That’s what bron gets for calling himself the goat.

    21. HOREMHEB General

      He’s king James the chosen one people don’t like that name Edomites

    22. mmm mkkk


    23. Kenroy Patterson

      Talk about the nuggets man i am fed up of all tgis le ron press he had gis time now get over it

    24. Ben Troyer

      This is stupidest comment ever herd, throughing a fit about the laziness lebum do.

    25. Chris Hollins 504

      Lord y’all take Lebron out your mouth

    26. George  Cubie

      I dont get Stephen Jackson he act like he know this guy so well & never hung out with him

    27. Dgizzile Smith

      LeBron is Payton Manning of the NBA

    28. Wyly37

      Wrong.....if he thinks he knows more than the coach and cant follow instructions...then he is not coachable....period. Make up all the BS you want. He doesnt want direction and he wants free reign to whatever he wants. Doc rivers does not want to coach labitch....none

    29. Frank Varela

      Hey wait a minute. No matter what, LJ is still a player and not above anybody else. Sitting at the end of the bench at a time out. Disrespect, he sucks. MJ would never do that. Actually MJ would put his 2 cents in during a timeout. MJ G.O.A.T....NOT LJ

      1. Adrian Johnson

        What does MJ got to do with this convo?...that's how you know LB the goat...

    30. Make Humanity Great Again

      Nick is employed by the JeBrawn entourage.

    31. Gideon Price

      Paid liars now captain jack is lieing how much they pay you cj fr

    32. Tay Infinity

      The man can be coached he just has much higher standards than these coaches. These coaches in the NBA most of them coach like they teaching college players soooo like... 😂

    33. Jared japetto

      Nick always has the fresh cut

    34. Dre Spiffy

      Aye, but guess what? Luke walton has won as a Laker, Lebron hasn't..

    35. Raymond Alvarado

      Luke Walton guys more championship rings in Steven Jackson facts

    36. Raymond Alvarado

      If Tyronn Lue coach LeBron so can Luke Walton

    37. Raymond Alvarado

      All I can say is LeBron James is no Ko be Bryant

    38. 1.7M Views

      What about bringing Phil jackson back?

    39. James St. Patrick

      Someone please share how David Blatt was a dufus? The guy had the best record in the league at one point. GTFOH

    40. Redd G

      Much love Steve Smith

    41. Mr Anderson

      Why is she giving Chris Carter the bedroom eyes! LOL


      If LeBron doesn't perform, it's always somebody's fault..🤔🤔

      1. flawless39

        Nah not true. If LeBron doesn't perform he's getting super killed! The problem is he consistently performs. But if he teammates miss shots they're going to get killed. That's how it works. But be real, if LeBron doesn't perform it's going to be someone else's fault? Lol. Please LeBron would be drilled if he only scored 10 points, 2 assist, 4 rebounds in a game.

    43. Melvin Jackson

      White chick is mad...Lol

    44. Haben .B

      8:13 the handshake tho

    45. Alex Escobar

      Jackson got the LBJ D!CK so deep in his mouth

    46. DarinDmarkovic1

      stephen Jackson shut up

    47. Zabb Coffey

      Lebron has never been coached. Bruh stop it. All the people who tried to “coach him” were let go of the teams he was on.

    48. Gee Badd

      Bro be HATEn HARD!!!! "I HOPE my kids... Naw yo Relationship building wasn't intact.😎✔ dem kids gotta put N work.💪

    49. L Z

      Lebron smarter than a coach? If so why does he have such a bad finals record. Lebron is not able to coach and play, you think your teammates are cool with that? How about just play smarter defense.

    50. Plain Simple

      Stephen Jackson gives you straight up opinion based upon experience but you can tell when it comes to LeBron James, he looks at the big picture and the load one man has on his mind and body.... Stephen Jackson being an ex player can see how LeBron is overly criticized yet when he's criticized when it comes to basic basketball, Stephen Jackson calls out LeBron about what he should not do and what he did wrong. As long as Stephen Jackson just keeps his truth pure concerning what he sees, knows, has experienced, and what the NBA life is about while knowing what's good and bad concerning players, teams, and coaches, he'll be the best analyst FS1 has when it comes to pro basketball.

    51. Eric Thompson

      He's not a coach, I don't care how great his IQ is, he's not a coach! So Steven says its OK for LeBron to ignore his coach and teammates! GTFOH!!!!!!

    52. Dustin Snell

      L3-6RON sucks face it.

    53. Jay White

      Why is there so much hate on him . It's way way way too much hate on him for what. He's a well developed completed player.

    54. Jose Ramos

      He’s so great they’re having a loosing season!!!

      1. TorturedManX

        +Jose Ramos kobe couldn't bc he was a poor man's version of michael. Can't rip a man's moves off then say you're better

      2. Jose Ramos

        TorturedManX but Kobe didn’t go around saying he was the goat. Lebron is but a shadow of Kobe and will never, ever, ever, pass Jordan.

      3. TorturedManX

        Kobe had losing seasons in his prime

    55. King 22

      Nobody wants to play for Lebum or coach that loser

    56. My Phone

      Popz would never leave the Spurs! He is the Spurs!! ...and please get off of Luke's case the Lakers go, as Lebron goes!!

    57. DigiGod : Digimon Gamer

      im pretty sure luke was into Jeanie and got that job.

    58. Kinghavs

      Lol... all these idiots falling on their swords for lebron.. ITS OVER!!! He is finished.. this time his teammates ain’t allowing him to throw them under the bus like he did all last year with his passive aggressive attitude.. they dont care about his opinion 😂😂

    59. PhyZeik

      Lol dude refused to shake his hand at the end of the video. Some people can’t handle the truth

    60. Nanoblu Lovaolution

      No matter your IQ, being coachable sets the standard for other players to follow. LeBron vs. players/coach = busted season.

      1. Nanoblu Lovaolution

        Lebron is smarter then Luke, but it sets a bad example for players not wanting to listen to Luke either. Thus, making the entire team toxic.

      2. Myron Stroud

        Walton isnt smarter than lebron in the game of basketball

    61. Zachary Warner

      When a player is so good he has entire organization plotting together and threatening others to stop him. Jordan wasn't that good.😉shhh

    62. Adidas Man44

      Stephen..his only success is joining Bosh and Wade!!! Kyrie and Love!!! Outside that he has done nothing...the East was weak!!!

    63. goeinc2000

      Basketball is so soft now.

    64. goeinc2000

      Since when it's ok for the player's not to listen, becaus they was all on Iverson for the same thing.

      1. SPC Jordan King

        goeinc2000 a bunch of yes men

      2. goeinc2000

        +SPC Jordan King finally someone who has the same thoughts, that kills me that whatever he does, they always have an excuse for him. But yes the word does say what's here.

      3. SPC Jordan King

        goeinc2000 these ppl today think the Bible is a joke but it said this would happen in the last days it’s just funny to me that LBJ can do no wrong in there eyes seems like this happens on every team he’s been on common denominator is him

      4. goeinc2000

        +SPC Jordan King lol so you grew up old school like me. Now you can't even try to disciple a kid. But it's in Bible too. Rather people are religious or not.

      5. SPC Jordan King

        Good for you and they wonder why the kids are the way they are today when I was growing up anybody in the neighborhood could discipline you

    65. Adrian Bosier

      He is not smarter than the coach.

    66. Carlos Tirado

      The truth shall set you free .... stop the hate

    67. bee boo

      Ok GAYBON LOVERS.................WHY did Luke mesh so well with the Warriors ? Did they have a winning record ? Did they do good when Kerr was substituted while recovering from illness ? If Walton did a "sucky job back then", NOBODY would respect him. I don't respect him. But what he did to keep that team afloat, is remarkable. It's SIMPLE - Gaybron and his MaMa don't like anyone "paler" then they are. DeLonte was thee only exception..........and I wish to GOD, somebody could argue these FACTS.

    68. bee boo

      The 1st portion of his annoying career was coached by a Black Man, don't forget that. Don't forget in 2016 that tainted Championship. Don't forget he joins so-called Super Teams that "HE" himself creates.

    69. L. Smith

      We know how Luke got that job. Luke could never coach someone who was not only more talented/gifted, but who knows the game wayyyy better than himself.

    70. blue diamond gem

      Nick Wrong is a Lebum ball-washer. 😅

    71. Adolfo C. Rios

      This show has become so bad that I’ve decided to stop clicking on their articles and take it off my dvr. Everything is excuses for lebron. Let me tell you and I love lebron he person off the court and overall on the court too, but 1. Lebron gets coaches fired. Already 2, going on 3 coaches he tried to have axed. 2. Lebron is a stat killer. You join him as a player, your stats drop, and it’s not because he is amazing. 3. Lebron will choose stats over winning. When Steph gave up finals mvp to Iguodala and passed out of double and triple teams, lebron didn’t pass. He took every single shot he could. He tried to do everything himself and the media loved him but he lost his ring by being inefficient. ALl 3 years. And the ref friendly calls were way too much for him. 4. Lebron acted like he was joining the lakers but went there and didn’t do what was best for his team to win (which was running hard and keeping tempo up and passing to the most efficient shooters). He tried to slow it down and it hurt his teams record. They beat the warriors without lebron but lebron wanted to trade away these guys anyway and fire the coach and create a slow and grind out style with an all new squad where he is the only shooter even though that style doesn’t work against golden state. Stop making excuses for lebron. Stop making excuses for refs being extra friendly to their “stars” and highly endorsed players. This is a joke. It’s wwe wrestling. That’s what limits your growth in ratings. People want some type of reality.

    72. Paul Anthony

      Most of the narratives swirling around about LeBron are fabricated....just str8 up speculations....nothing based on facts.....

    73. S E2333

      Lebron has had problems with every head coach he’s had in the nba. That’s just the facts.

    74. Mr Williams

      Stephen Jackson always trying to preserve his relationships with current stars in the league. He’s just as compromised as Stephen A Smith. Not all news or reporting is 100% truth but you better believe there is SOME truth to every story.

    75. C Hodge

      why would Doc care about Lebron? He’s in the playoffs and he said he will remain a Clipper’s coach as long as they would have him.

    76. Sam Cook

      The Warriors started out 20-4, and went 39-4 with Luke Walton as the interim head coach. That's what he did with superior talent in a great basketball environment. Steve Kerr has never had such a run or record with the Warriors at any point in his tenure as the Warriors head coach. Not even this yer with 5 all star starters. The Lakers organization is a sh*t show and Walton has nothing to do with that. Multiple players have expressed their disinterest in being a part of that by their quotes, or their actions when choosing to go to other teams over the Lakers with Bron. Doc Rivers (won't openly admit for obvious reasons) Paul George and Enes Kanter just to name a few. Can anyone tell me a time where Bron hasn't gotten a coach fired or had the coach blamed when unsuccessful? He even tried to get Spolstra fired which is a reason he left Miami, Pat Riley wasn't having it. At what point will people admit that it's Bron, not the coaches. You can build a basketball team with the staff Bron has gotten replaced the proof is there.. and there is literally nothing, no evidence that shows that LeBron is coachable, but a mountain of evidence showing otherwise. The biggest lie told here is that Luke Walton can't coach and he wouldn't have a job after Lakers. Capt Jack is one of the realest but he's either completely delusional, legally blind, or wearing a cape for his friend LeBron. While disrespecting the life out Luke Walton. Let's list all of the people who went from respected, to completely disrespected after working with Lebron James and believe me, i will miss a lot of people because there's too many to name Coach Mike Brown - now respected again enough time has passed and more work post LeBron Coach David Blatt - A huge winner all of his career, even with the Cavs but couldn't get another NBA job after Bron Coach Tyronn Lue - highly respected by his peers for his coaching acumen but seen on camera often being talked over by Bron and completely ignored in embarrassing fashion. Now teams won't take him serious although he's a winner as a coach and had garnered much respect prior to Bron Kevin Love - was a top player in the NBA averaging 26, 12, and 4. Then turned into a completely different player and a punching bag any time Cavs had a rough time. Relegated to a spot up shooter and continuously labeled soft when that was NEVER mentioned before joining Bron Chris Bosh - averaged 24 and 10 leading a very bad Raptors team to most success since Vince Carter. Relegated to a clean up man and spot up shooter. Often blamed any time Miami had problems and it seemed like the world forgot he was actually good and could average 24 and 10. He was heavily disrespected same as K. Love Isaiah Thomas after being in the MVP race and leading the NBA in 4th quarter scoring, Jae Crowder who openly spoke on the subject after leaving the Cavs, D Rose but our love for him is just too unwavering. He got these guys and basically half of the team traded mid-season, while is he was literally ranked around #400 as a defender out of the entire NBA. He was the problem for them being underwhelming at that time. Not the the teammates. Every player on the Lakers, and Luke Walton - We saw the trade deadline soap opera, the entire team was offered for AD in the shadows and it came to light, creating an even bigger circus. Lowering the value and moral of every Lakers player not named LeBron. This isn't the half of the sh*t show that comes with Lebron James, but from this i'm sure it gives you an idea and feel free to fact check everything mentioned. Add some if you'd like. Let's not fall for fake narratives and lies told by his friend's to try and overshadow what really happens. For the record, I do not dislike LeBron James, I do like real life hardcore facts. I do like every truth and ounce of proof that's in the pudding. These are all facts, no opinions, completely objective. It's hard to watch Luke Walton being thrown under the bus and being ran over by it, then the bus backs up and runs over him in reverse before it takes off, running over him again. This is sad. This has been the LeBron effect and he will be on his 8th coach next season. Last thing, did you guys watch Kyle Kuzma shove LeBron into defending the man he should have been defending? While the Lakers were still fighting for a playoff spot? How long do you think his teammates have been wanting to do something like that? You can't have things like that happening but point the finger at Luke Walton. Good day folks.

    77. Rubenlazaro Lazaro

      Tyron lue is coming for the Lakers in 2020 yes sir!!

    78. Darren Fisher

      Keep PROTECTING Lebron At All Cost

    79. Cesco

      So Lebuy knows the opponents' sets... Still needs at least 2 superstars alongside him to win a title. xD

      1. Voice of REASON

        Have some respect!! It's LeBald!

    80. Maurice Martin

      When did Jackson get on the payroll.

    81. DAG 0621

      The issue is Lebron his older. So Lebron's player coach act was great when he could do everything for the team. Now that he is older he actually needs his team more and he has to fit in instead of being the team. You need a neutral party who is invested in everybody to decide what to do and buying in becomes more important.

    82. DAG 0621

      Guess everybody forgets how Spoelstra was always on the hot seat with Lebron and now he is considered on of the best coaches in the game.

    83. Teran Icer

      She's got sexy arms, so feminine-I digress. Mark Jackson should receive more coaching offers, maybe he does & it's not discussed...

    84. Jeffrey Ingram

      Chris leaving stack hanging.

    85. nismojunk

      Cris Carter shirt and tie combo is crisp af though..

    86. Alen Ajradinović

      Lebron knows more basketball than most coaches in history!!!

    87. milton Borne

      Anybody old enough to know magic got paul westhead fired, kobe got dale harris fired, and jordan got doug collins fired. Facts

    88. Richard

      The only coaches Lebron will ever listen to...Pop & Coach K.

    89. dj1835

      #24 Just sayin...Carry on


      Nick wright is 🗑

    91. Jon Harris

      Why isn’t Lebron respecting his boss?

    92. Cory Fields

      So you mean to tell me, that Luke didn't learn anything about the game from his dad, who is one of the games greats, Kobe, Phil, Shaq and his time from Golden State?

    93. Cory Fields

      How come Luke didn't earn it?

    94. Stone Love

      It's tough to win on a consistent basis when the guy whose telling everyone what they need to be doing isn't giving maximum effort on defense. You must play defense to win NBA games. If he's sooo smart why doesn't he understand that?

    95. Black

      8:11 "I'm going to miss y'all" Where stephen going? And Chris left him hanging..

    96. Black

      4:36 smh at her response to that truth stephen spoke. These women moderators are horrible.

    97. Black

      Stephen with the facts again.

    98. Curry 1

      That's such BS. He don't even sit and listen to the plays. He's down on the end of the bench with a fan and a glass of wine.

    99. bluboy

      Jackson is morphing into a Lebron fanboy.

    100. Keepinit100 Everyday

      This is the stupidest topic ever the Lakers have been through lots of coaches sense Jackson left ,so who's to blame for the others ,coaches get fired all the time even successful ones like Jackson and Casey who was coach of the year last season