Stormborn - Game of Thrones (Season 1)

Daemon Blackfyre 2.0

Daemon Blackfyre 2.0

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    Well lets try this again. Daenerys is Played by Emilia Clark.

    Am Vor year


    1. anthony george

      nice move

      1. anthony george

        another move

    2. merkens meadows

      Am I the only one who notice the dead guy have many look alikes throughout the movie?

    3. Nadiyah Stephen

      I'm almost 21🎉

      1. Nadiyah Stephen

        🧝🧛😏 🧥👔🧣 👖👖🧥 🧦🧦👖

    4. Sarah Nundkissor

      *Danny eats the heart* Me: game of thrones version of ultrasound 🤣🤣🤣

    5. Evžen Vargaa

      Damn i forgot about how good the first season was.

    6. Marissa Angeles

      Great movie, such a tragic end


      Samuel Taylor


      Mother of dragons ariya sansa


        Tywin Tyrion

    9. Lalboy Sitlhou

      who else is watching GoT in 2019 October, I just love all of the scenes

      1. Ryan Li

        Lalboy Sitlhou just came here to reminisce on the good old days of season 1 :(

    10. Sangeetha Pravin

      With subtitles

    11. qween xxx

      I’m almost 13. Starting watching when this came out Adults .teens in commments: I jUsT sTaRtEd WaTcHiNg It Me. Dracarres

      1. Tayyab Hussain

        Cute girl 😍😍😍 i subscribe your channel you subscribe me back❤️❤️❤️

      2. Arslan khalid

        can i contect with you

    12. Thomas Daywalt

      Ok i'm convince ol mighty

    13. Dray Michael

      Im watching for the first time who else

      1. Raees Raja

        How is this?

      2. Raees Raja


    14. Abi youtube ዓለሙ

      Like like like

    15. Khwrwm Boro


    16. kie kie

      10:04pm 10.12.2019

      1. Nafis Akhtar


    17. sudtida khumpoomee


    18. Just Wondering

      You know it’s bad when gold melts in record time just for you to die

    19. Jāñï Hass

      11/10/2019 😂

    20. Jocelyn Lin

      Lol 😂 “She’s beautiful” Someone random in the crowd: it’s a he

    21. Joel Banks

      Never seen an episode 10/10/2019

      1. TimberTheWolf

        Saaammme. Finally watching after the big trend dies off

    22. Melonie Jen

      31:16 me and the bois during lunch time

      1. Michael Hamilton

        How are you doing Melonie

    23. Dmitri Igorevich Zverev

      One of the biggest mistakes Daenerys has made time and time again throughout the seasons - thinking she knows better than others, when in reality she knows nothing (yes, Jon Snow, you're not alone). Meddling in the affairs of the Dothraki, for instance. Who gave her the right to command the Dothraki? Who gave her the right to forbid them do what they are accustomed to do? Her stupidity and feminine pride played a huge factor in her downfall.

    24. Zynq Dimolish

      It's the first time I'm watching GoT I'm still having that suspense.who else is watching

      1. Zynq Dimolish

        @John Russell let's hope so

      2. John Russell

        Same bro , hope we aint too late lol

    25. YoMamaUgly yee

      Wait is this all one episode?

      1. Lena Rushing

        No, these were her scenes from season 1

    26. Beth Bergonio

      Finally I watch this 😄

    27. queen lad

      Gotta start this up. Hihi greetings from Philippines. 😊

      1. queen lad

        Done this one. Thanks to the uploaded.😍😍😍😘

    28. Lizard's Reviews

      Im surprised she never took the time to teach Drogo English

      1. Timon Fischer

        Common Tongue

    29. Cindy Salami

      I never see game of throne is this very good and not scary asewy my question

      1. KP Express Art

        Hey it is very interesting to see that how they take decisions. And you will see a blood theme in this

    30. Gayathry Rajeev

      Such beautiful acting. From everyone.

    31. Colin L.

      Good thing viserys didnt stick around long.

    32. Krishna Van Goswami

      Sex seen me hi mje aaye baki to chutiyapa he😂

    33. Putu Dinata


    34. Og'abek Abdiyev

      I am watching this film first

    35. Og'abek Abdiyev

      I am watch this film a first

      1. Foshan Shuangtian Technology Co., Ltd.

        i started to watch for the first time last evening

    36. slimy egg

      Is this just episode one? or is this a summary?

      1. Colin L.

        It is season one every scene with daenerys stormborn.

    37. Sherin

      Why is this age restricted?

      1. Sherin

        @Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 man.. I'm 17.. how could anyone restrict me?

      2. Daemon Blackfyre 2.0

        Because its inappropriate for young people. Any other stupid questions?

    38. NotA FanGirl

      Can anyone please tell me if this is really the FIRST season and FIRST episode of GOT. I'm new to this, and is a bit of confused. 🤔 I am reading the book tho...

      1. Colin L.

        It is all the scenes with daenerys in season one.

      2. tarik

        No it's not

    39. Mahnoor Iltaf Manomano

      Watching for the very first time😂😂😂

    40. AOT Arya

      well its my first time and i def didnt know there were nudes lol

    41. Daniely Halinga

      Nice movie

    42. Erhardo Kleinheisterkamp

      good video. 🖤

    43. Ejiofor Ernest

      Watching from Dubai

    44. Arun Raja

      Enna karrumamda ithuuuuuu


      .......... 655

    46. Robert Walker

      Let's see einstein would have been proud beautiful women for powerful men deceit spys traitorous villains witches murderers sounds alot like the Clinton's and the democratic party just came full circle

    47. Maica Laurente

      Really Love Danny and Drogo Love team 😍😍😍😍 wish Drogo won't die or came back to protect Daenery😜😍❤️Lol

    48. منال الجزائرية


    49. Mariya Army

      So that what teahyung said his watching 🤔

      1. Takame Ichigaro

        Yas it is haha

    50. JAKE JAKE Gragas

      i like this movie The Game of Thrones

    51. Chiara Medida

      Here because of the intramurals

    52. sebastian mejia

      uuuuuuuuuuujuuu lo que necesitaba

    53. Bilal Game

      Hepsi + 1000

    54. Afari Saim

      I want to watch all parts of game of thrones

    55. Christian Ramos

      Is this the 1st episode of the GOT?

    56. SkySpiral8

      They keep saying "ana" for "me" just like Arabic

    57. Elijah Peters

      My first time of watching who's with me guys can I get a thumbs up 👍 👍 👍 👍

    58. ONE NONE

      MOVIESCOUNTER .TO ---> you can find all seasons here for download AND Watch Online HD

    59. تنهات FM

      Who’s watching this at work🌚💔?.

    60. كمال علي


    61. Ly Ra

      Friend: *recomendz* Me: i dont know if this is a good or bad show...but hmm fine *watvhes it* *gets a pan* Thanks for ruining my innosnese! But hey..great movie


      It was not Mirri Maaz Dur's fault. She had been wronged.

    63. d l

      Read the books Must watch

    64. Simone Santana

      Traduza para o português por favor

    65. Nabanita Sutradhar

      Since ancient period woman are. Just an object😢

    66. Nabanita Sutradhar

      Now im started watching got can i found all episode

    67. Nexus Palm

      This shit is weird


      How many seasons and episodes in there

      1. Ominous Twinkie

        8 seasons but I don't know how many episodes in 1-7, just that the 8th one ends on episode 6 and the rest have more

    69. revelink nation

      I was mindblown when I found out she was actually a brunette