Stray Kids "Double Knot" M/V



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    Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Double Knot" M/V
    Stray Kids Digital Single "Double Knot"
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    1. Zoya Naaz

      me: oh the fan chant will be easy this time...only dadada hahahaa 😂 me *sees the fan chant*: felix's rap. me: *laughing nervously*

    2. Bang Chan skz

      Thank you guys for everything. Thank you for making amazing music. You are our motivation and happiness. Always supporting you guys. Stray Kids fighting : )

    3. minho's cat

      ícones da nação

    4. clé levanter• skz


    5. Bang Chan skz

      Always supporting my boys

    6. Kayla Medina

      The video ended and I couldn't remember where the hell I was for a minute. I'm getting pulled in like I'm watching a Marvel movie.

    7. Kyuminie

      I don't know if you like me but i open 10I9367I6968568 youtube and play the song (double knot) lmao

    8. cintia puma

      Buen día a seguir reproducciendo este temazo que falta menos de tres millones para los 20M ¡Vamos con todo Stay!🖤

    9. jade k

      jyp paying for ads

      1. clé levanter• skz

        @jade k video taehyun ads and fancam too big hit

      2. jade k

        what?? bighit doesn't pay for ads

      3. clé levanter• skz

        Until bts too pay ads Xd

    10. xhim xhim


    11. 《Danny Stay》

      Today 18M keep str€@ming

    12. RAYM CC.

      they are all HOT ❤️ but hyunjinn ❤️😍

    13. Hano Tunia

      Stay keep fighting we need 50 M views

    14. Bts jk Love

      I’m not a stray kids fan but i fcking love this song :)

    15. HugsFor Chan

      17.4M 18M today str3am harder

    16. Bangtan Fanyu Yuzuru

      Han: *runnin’* = 🤰🏻 Felix: *his whole part* =🤰🏻 Stray kids: *exists* =🤰🏻

    17. Yande Mwaba

      I don’t care who u are and what u think but this song goes HARDDDD

    18. frothinkssotoo!

      double knot on my yeezys

    19. Aulia_ Rahmaa

      Who is here before 20M Views?

    20. KpxpVibes X

      Battery percent is 1% and im not putting my phone down till ive streamed

    21. KpxpVibes X

      Who likes stray kids 👇🏻💜😂🌻❤️

    22. KpxpVibes X

      Am i to late to stream?

    23. penny

      S O N G O F T H E Y E A R

    24. Bluefire Hyeya

      Bang Chan Kim Woojin Lee Minho Seo Changbin Hwang Hyunjin Han Jisung Lee Felix Kim Seungmin Yang Jeongin Stray kids🌹 Stay🙋

    25. timi john

      like it

    26. No Life

      Mom: what kind of lyrics are you singing exactly Me: *CmOn MoM iTs DoUbLe KnOt* Mom: *throws as many flip flops as she can* Me: DA DAA DA DA DAA DA DA DA mom: wait till I tell your father on you

    27. Karla Luvs

      My playlist is just STRAY KIDS - TWICE - GOT7 - STRAY KIDS

      1. HugsFor Chan

        Jyp nation

    28. HugsFor Chan

      We not gonna leave you behind, Stays Everywhere all around the world always with you chan oppa🤗 Hugsforchan Hugsforstraykids

    29. Sweethoneybeebambi Finland

      likes 👍🏼 if you have stray kids ads 👇🏻

    30. stay .r

      Let’s go 20m!!!!

    31. Bianca araujo

      Lindoooos 😍

    32. Chiara Vallini

      Someone stop hyunjin. He is been too disrespectful

    33. اسماء DAY6


      1. Lee Lee


      2. Lee Lee


    34. HugsFor Chan

      1M likes soon 20M soon

    35. Tali

    36. 7 RMZ

      Bang chan really admire you very much you are a wonderful amazing perfect person even if you doubt it for me you are and for many / Appreciated your very beautiful Heart /I feel very proud to have a reliable responsible captain partner leader, boyfriend, best soul mate friend, husband like you Good job Christopher ❤🎶 You did well stay and skz and your wonderful parents we are very proud of you 👏Thank you for making me feel special. Thank you for all your beautiful words in each Vlive. You make my sad days happy. I thank you very much for your existence. I thank God for the existence of your parents because thanks to them there is such an incredible person/ I love how your personality is your voice Your eyes your lips your nose Your skin color/is really true and what I love most is your beautiful Heart, remember that you are Único ❤I want you to be happy always Happy I want to see you always reflect that beautiful Smile that you wear you know something I love the background sound of Double Knot thanks for your effort 💘🎶👏 When the days of discouragement arrive just remember the times where what is now real was just A wish! Remember that you are very very important for me all stay that thanks to you we exist! Thanks to you I have new desires/ Thanks to you the days of anxiety no longer exist, you are the medicine ✳Thanks for being strong thanks for not giving up on that difficult day /For having followed your dream in spite of the circumstances and as you could still can you can if you can do it/❤ You are the inspiration to follow my path! You inspired me and you inspired me many things and One of them is swimming for example 🏊 and being a musical producer 🎶 composition etc. etc. I Love You Cb97💘 #Hugsforchan #Ourherochan CB: Christopher Bang 9: Stars SKZ 7: long years of waiting 🌟⚡🌙➡ 📝 7RMZ🌹💧

    37. zainab. twice

      *STAY GO 20M PLS 💜*

      1. lia nursari

        Delete your emoji

    38. alee know_

      2:57 lee know on the right side 3:02 changbin on the right side

    39. Julita Hyunjin

      I Love Stray Kids ❤

    40. Sexy Thanos

      I don't know who these guys are I just come here from the Ads

    41. Bass Trap

      Bro can we upload this song for bass Boosted

    42. mohanad Raheem

      are theses boys or girls ?

      1. mohanad Raheem

        @Huong Do wtf facial features are not about skin color 🤦🤦

      2. Huong Do

        @mohanad Raheem what features? Cause their skins are not as dark as yours? I bet they breakdance better than you.

      3. mohanad Raheem

        @It WaS sO eAsY stfu,did i hit a nerve

      4. mohanad Raheem

        @Huong Do sure they dont but their features are feminine

      5. It WaS sO eAsY

        From your profile pic it looks like you’re not wearing glasses so I’m going to assume you CANNOT SEE

    43. Huong Do

      hmmm... Stay here till Stray Kids finish their Double Knot and become Astronaut...

    44. GsButterfly78

      I'm new to Stray Kids. Can someone tell me who the rapper was with deep voice. He had a cute lil baby face if that helps.

      1. GsButterfly78

        @Huong Do Yeah that's the guy @ 1:29 Face doesn't match his voice lol. Thanx for answering.

      2. Huong Do

        his voice drops faster than gravity if that helps...

      3. Huong Do

        1:29? that's Felix

    45. k a r m a


    46. Bang Chan skz

      Come on Stay lets make 18M

    47. Kylie Jane


    48. X1ster

      Who is changbin(?) here? Timeframe please

      1. HugsFor Chan

        0:44, 1:36

    49. HugsFor Chan

      Don't forget to subscribe stray kids youtube channel

    50. park dev

      We're goin' to 20M fighting stays!

    51. Love Yourself


    52. HugsFor Chan

      18M today Keep str3aming

    53. Nurmala Dewi

      Don't stop str34m staaaaay.. fighting Hugs for chan Hugs for stray kids

    54. Dianne Dormer

      From Jamaica🥴 🥺💗 come here pweaseee

    55. Kook Beatiful


    56. Sangay Dolma

      65k comments fighting

    57. Sangay Dolma

      900k likes fighting

    58. Sangay Dolma

      18m fighting

    59. Sangay Dolma


    60. agustina corregidor

      Bang Chan es precioso :3

    61. DramaArmyQueen

      who's your bias? me: yes

    62. Give a support for Stray kids

      *17.2million* *Let's get 18million*

    63. Gavriella Rutigliano

      stray kids say "we refuse to put out a title or single that doesn't go hard as fuck"

    64. Janella Marie Fausto

      Lets make it 20M

    65. Polis Monteiro

      #HugsForChan Our best leader

    66. Richard Carlo Rivera

      Who loves Hyungjin and Lee know?

    67. Kay- Senpai

      Alguien k me diga el nombre de cada uno y en k minuto aparecen xfavor..?

    68. gaming vines

      Super beat 😯😯😯music instrumental 👌

    69. enabis_ 18

      17 m already! Who's here before 1 m?