Stunning in-ring proposals: WWE Top 10, Nov. 27, 2017



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    From Randy Savage to Paul Heyman, these Superstars shocked the world by proposing marriage in the middle of the ring.
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    Am Vor year


    1. Отопление Valeriy Palich

      спец службы навязывают чёрное моральное поведение

    2. Zizzling

      Only John cena looked genuine for somehow. Others are faker than the wrestling itself

    3. RabazaniGaming

      3:12 BEST

    4. Elli City

      Hahaha GåAYYYY

    5. Izzy Williams



      Are Chuck and Billy gay?

    7. aidel shah

      Sweet wrestler

    8. wolf of a king

      Who is watching this in 2019

    9. Sören Lampe

      That last girl kissing the air was a bit strange. Dont get it why this is nr1

    10. Carl Johnson

      Why is this on my recommended

    11. Arister John


    12. Virus Renegade

      Imagine all of the jealous people who thought one day they could marry those people up in the ring, a lot of tears went down i presume

    13. Garrett Porter

      The first one is hilarious to watch

    14. limageur

      La bêtise des américains... Tout un spectacle.

    15. 711m670w zxwqa

      Future wwf divorce LOL. How the divorce will be, I mean they will fight with stunning

    16. PretMetInternet

      No pressure

    17. Аня Аня


    18. Zaira

      Faker then Jake and tanas wedding

    19. Maxym B


    20. Ravi Singh

      World wedding entertainment network

    21. Lolz Chen


    22. Lolz Chen

      Who Watching in 2019?

    23. markman manmark


    24. grizzly0123

      These proposals are as fake as the wrestling

    25. Naeem Zeb

      Its is soo beautfly and cut grils love you😘😘😘😘😘

    26. Bad Word

      I kind of wonder if they both went over the script, or just the dude

    27. Aj Reynolds


    28. Senpai Resistance

      2:02 I Forgot Persons Name : MARRY ME AJ! AJ : Sorry i Have A Boyfriend

    29. Tomas Aramayo

      top 10 momentos más emocionantes del anime

    30. Kevin Josue Arando condori

      Que grande el goldus proponiéndole casamiento siguiendo en personaje y cuando la piba le dice que si le ponen su música

    31. million Accounts

      Kid: where you did found mom? Dad: in ww ring Kid: 😐😨🤯

    32. Past Never Comes

      This is also a drama .. 😃😃

    33. Raman Nagavarpu

      Why is this a thing?

    34. Beppe tumillo


    35. mostafa jafari

      بعضیا خودشون رد دادن و ماهم گفتیم باشه نمیایم حالا هی میان میزنن توسرمون که به ما رد دادن

    36. elisa nayar

      Bola de payasos, todo actuado.

    37. Pavlo Kr.

      Нахера пидоров вставили???

    38. Boos Jana


    39. abraham Rayar

      Good luck

    40. Stefania Brindisi

      Fate schifo

    41. كبرياء أنثى

      اكو عرب بالطياره😂💔

    42. jantu Neog

      Nice 💏💏💖💖💖

    43. Bukan Vanessa Angel

      *I'm here to laugh, not to feel.*

    44. Jass Bajwa

      I like jhon as nikki

    45. adelle pretty

      mau 😂

    46. Ernesto Paderno

      He's my idol JC

    47. NCTarheel13

      Some people are desperate for entertainment.

    48. LeeJacob

      Wearing stupid things ..... propose haha that is really funny

    49. عاشقه اروهي

      الف الف مبرووك😊❤

    50. Assaad Raven


    51. kalico the night fury

      1:55 why did Heyman ask aj to be married she is getting married with bryan

    52. soundeagle

      the heyman one was definitely fake HAHAHAHAHA

    53. GamingWithCam

      Girls and guys will u marry me Like for No Comment for Yes

    54. nobody

      What about triple h and stephanie

    55. TheOriginalBot

      Aj looked so disgusted by Heyman it looked like she really wanted to leave

    56. TheMetaGamer93

      Plot twist: After proposal they continue WRESTLING 😜😜

    57. Gabriel Villa

      Ion evn watch wresting

    58. scarlett greicyy


    59. scarlett greicyy


    60. Puncho Villa

      Test and stephanie McMahon were together once?? The saddest one hands down is Macho and Elizabeth since classy and beatiful liz passed from stupid drugs 😒😔😔😔😔😔

    61. Labratondarun Is back

      5:29 someone in the crowd: who is she hugging?

    62. Kayden Keith

      these are so fake oh my god nevermind. John Cena wINS

      1. drz

        Bill and Chuck was real.

    63. Paul Dan

      hello românia 2019

    64. Mois Stamm


    65. GTO8310 O

      The proposals are even faker than the wrestling.

      1. insureable

        True lol

    66. Akexander Calleja juarez

      Bruh i would

    67. ZorgsteinKilloo

      3:18 - и тут пидарасы, мляяять!