Sulley and Boo’s Goodbye From Monsters, Inc. | Pixar Side-by-Side



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    When one door closes, another one opens. Celebrate a Boo-tiful friendship in this storyboard side-by-side
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    1. Troll_Dem _Neebs

      You guys really got to make another Monster Inc. Movie. I really want to see Sully, Mikey, and Boo together again 😢😢

    2. Multic Pultic

      *Cool ))) 💖💗💎🌺🌸🐼🐰🌸💐*

    3. Just a Roblox kid

      Let’s all be honest, We need that sequel that Disney rejected because it was to sad,BUT YET TOY STORY 3 MADE US CRY.

    4. Spritemon 98

      Still sad

    5. Meghan Curry

      why am i crying

    6. Ana Paula Carvalho

      Pode laosa omoto esa

    7. Digital Gamer

      Petition to have a new Monsters Inc. movie.

    8. Alondra Arteaga


    9. Angel Beas

      Reminds me of Clifford

    10. REPUESTO Repuesto

      Monters inc 2 please

    11. Zack39

      Happy Bear :)

    12. StayAlive MnM

      Boo:kitty Sully: kitty has to go now... Me: instant tears* no for real I’m crying

    13. Teo I. Hidalgo

      This is one of the most memorable scenes of the film. I love it.

    14. Awesome power


    15. Sonic Snaket

      boo miss kitty and cry 1:08

    16. Nicki Mariner

      So many memories in one beautiful clip, for Sulley, Boo, and myself. Thank you, Pixar. ♥

    17. Raspy Potato

      side by side more like bottom by top

    18. Andre Aquino

      For sure one of the best movies eveeeerrr

    19. Sparkyz Stuff

      You always have been able to make us cry...

    20. Emma Mrgt

      Always crying even if I'm 21 😭

    21. Shandelle Sobal Ortiz

      This scene always makes me heartbroken 😭 😢😢😭

    22. Kylenm

      As much as i love Toy Story 3’s ending, i find this to be sadder. It’s just my opinion ok?

    23. orvok C

      God i cried again

    24. Sarah Starck

      I'm crying

    25. Kevin Pizarro

      Hermoso y ala vez triste 😢💔

    26. Violet soul

      Kitty don't go...

    27. DOTT The Movie


    28. Brezania A C Vasques

      Siempre lloro con esta ecena sea boceto a animacon 3D

    29. Sim-artist

      I didn't ask for this feels trip. :'(

    30. leonardo santos


    31. garrito1016

      Thank you Pixar, for making me sad

    32. GRAPHIC J

      Aww darnit, Pixar made me leak again.

    33. simon brunker

      Can You Upload Boo Invasion Harryhausen From Monsters, Inc Side By Side Pleeasse

    34. Arturo Mesirca

      Why did I click on this if I didn't want to cry ?

      1. Jewell Dixon


    35. Gary Sheldon Jr

      That scene had me in tears...😭😭♥️

    36. Ikinararangal ko ako'y Iglesia ni Cristo

      Pixar, Why are you still keeping us waiting to see Boo and Sully Reunites?? While you'd made a Toy story 4 that we never needed.

    37. Maureen van Hoek

      17 Story boards

    38. Maureen van Hoek

      Pixar Cars 21 September (2019)

    39. m a r i e s a r t

      Cant stop crying😭

    40. m a r i e s a r t


    41. Robert men


    42. Dennabelle Eudela

      I see that they don't include the Easter Eggs on the storyboard yet, like the Jessie doll and a Nemo squeaky toy. Worth trying.

      1. Daniel Craig

        This was 2 years before "Finding Nemo" even.

    43. Digital Rae

      I have this movie on VHS XD

    44. Alec Thaggard

      I cried during that part ):

    45. Insane Taco Cat

      The storyboard is super cute!!

    46. Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

      Very good

    47. Jack Major


    48. make this channel have the most subs on YouTube

      This movie needs a sequel

    49. Ra Je EV

      😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 please make a movie on BOO and Sullyvan 😭😭 @pixar

    50. Tia Moore

      Sad scene! It made me cry so much! 🥺🥺😭😭♥️♥️ Boo real name is Mary!

    51. HexNa 15

      Please make a part 3!!

    52. Riley O' Riley


    53. TheShyRabbott

      Who put these tears on my pillow

    54. Caroline Kearney

      Disney just make a sequel already Edit: monsters university does not count.

      1. Juan Risa

        @Alejandro Ab its set 6 months after Monsters Inc.

      2. Chi Nguyen

        About "monsters university does not count." Sorry to hear that, Caroline ...

      3. Alejandro Ab

        ​@sarahebris Technically that's a prequel

      4. sarahebris

        Monsters at Work is supposedly a continuation

    55. Daniel A. Valadez

      All.......abroad....the Feels Express........😢😭

    56. tiffanycandy 12111

      Those three dislikes didn’t have a childhood

    57. Elena Gomes

      Cried again

    58. C’mation Nation

      These scenes are why I love Pixar

    59. Andres Medina

      I saw this at the age of 6 and I’m 23 now and still cry for this scene. Truly one of Pixar’s most beautiful scenes.

    60. DoomFistIsMe

      1:31 Derp

    61. C’mation Nation

      This scene has so much emotion

    62. Uw U

      Ah pixar, why did you have to relive those memories

    63. Rosalinda Gomez

      PURE SADNESS!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭🐱🐱🐱🚪

    64. Josue Lozano

      Speaking of Pixar I want another Onward trailer who agree's? 🧙‍♂️✨🦄

      1. Josue Lozano

        We need more help us get the onward trailer🧙‍♂️✨🧜‍♀️

      2. C’mation Nation

        I do

      3. Josue Lozano

        @Legocat studios October?

      4. Legocat studios

        It's said to come out next month

      5. Josue Lozano

        @AidsMilk MC we should spread it

    65. Gamer 0206

      This was the saddest part of the whole Movie 😭

    66. Avery the Cuban-American

      It's not's the onions

    67. ChangGun Film_Korea

      Who remember this scene 👇 Likes 😍

    68. Bricky Adventures

      Very cool!