Summer Walker - Playing Games (with Bryson Tiller) [Official Music Video]

Summer Walker

Summer Walker

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    Summer Walker - Playing Games (with Bryson Tiller)
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    Director: Christine Yuan
    Producer: Theodore Cabana
    Production Company: Object & Animal
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    1. Liz Khalifa


    2. Carlos David Riveros Martinez

      I dont like trap but this... just burning my joint here

      1. Carlos David Riveros Martinez


    3. Kayla-Rae

      This song will forever be a vibe 💅✌️

    4. Gustavo Bruno

      Amo Uma musica 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    5. Tene' Lane


    6. BNATE

      Am I the only vro that vibes out to summer?💯💯BIG VIBES

    7. Actz Up

      She a different person every scene -..-

    8. Carlos Ferreira

      Quem tá no Brasil debocha o lika

    9. José Hernández

      How does this video doesn't have like trillions of views?

    10. Laura Martins

      1:00 o cara tava preparado pro corona antes do corona

    11. penda

      me listening to this after i found out that she a whole witch: 👁👄👁

      1. ebkikibo

        Satan the prince of music. It's said music played as he walked by. They are all a bunch of frickin witches and warlocks, but I really like this song. 🙄

    12. ASMR

      Hit differents.

    13. delux6i9

      Hints of 4 Page Letter by Aaliyah.. just saying

    14. Biel Araujo

      this song inspires me !!!

    15. the lit kid

      You are so pretty I like all your songs won't you say my name say my name ain't that your song and I know more

    16. King Gill

      Baby this shit go hard as fucc! Wit your fine ass😘

    17. Trinity Desíre

      “ take a picture can’t post it” 🙌🏽🥺 that hit my heart to hard😩

    18. Hosea Official

      I will always love this song ... please check out my single

    19. Danielle Griffith

      Not for kids peroid let me shut up bc imma kide too

    20. TheRmjjar

      Ray J- “One wish”, Destinys child- “Say my name”, Joe- “Stutter” VIBES !

    21. Bellamy Rock

    22. Decorius Calhoun If you love slowed music and chill vibes check out my DE-news Music Channel 💯 You won’t be disappointed

    23. avonts br


    24. nasa Hussein

      Her voice so sexy 😩

    25. Sonmalachi

      She’s sooooo underrated I love her been here since day one

    26. Billie Begum

      Mya Craig - Umm Yeah, New visuals on Link Up TV

    27. Marcelo Carvalho

      So is this a late 2010s version for Say My Name from Destinys Child?

    28. elvira .divina

      May 2020 anyone?

    29. Tasha Huggup

      this video thoooo

    30. Theniyandzashow

      i loveeee summer she so dope

    31. Jonathan Karanja

      Most Girls love to talk shit do all the things she says in this song will get you branded as being a nice guy and we all know what happens when ur nice to bitches looool

    32. Cratic Tocic

      Bruhh she looked like one of da bratz dolls bruh ongg no cap lmaoo

    33. Tia

      This would never get old, I'm in my MF FEELS !!

    34. Kenpachi Itachi

      I just love how she hit them lil notes

    35. Neil Hood

      Sounds better than she looks

    36. Sexi Ladi

      I'm in love with this song. Her voice is so unique 💚💙💜

    37. Lrs x

      This song hits so hard when you’re lying in bed at night with your earphones in

      1. T Xz

        Lrs x bruh this is literally me rn

    38. Tonnie bryt

      Too much talent 🐐🔥

    39. Kenneth Green

      you youngsters dont know music. aint no feelings in this chicks music sorry to disappoint yall but this aint it.

    40. Willeta Harris

      i love this song

    41. Tom Rose

      Bryson needed a longer verse

    42. Hollywoodcole Larkins

      On Repeat!😍💗

    43. Maudrie Depradine

      She had major work on her face

    44. Danny Santiago

      See summer a real one you see all these other singers using actors but she used London period

    45. Vidlord

      So mad she got nose surgery smh

    46. Tikiya Watkins

      Why u couldn’t stay like this

    47. Dominique Teca

      I think she was inspired on Destiny's Child "Say My Name" to do this song "Playing Games"... She sings *won't you say my name?* ... *You been acting kind shady, ain't be calling me baby* Is the same thing Beyoncé sang before

    48. Christine Vidal


    49. Official.sharlyn

      The beat tho 0:00 😫

    50. CATALANS

      Is that hong kong lol

    51. Prettygirl _Kayla

      Pretty girl🥰

    52. Londyn Reid

      Thanks you so much for the interview at the kids will be there at the same time I will be there in the morning to see if they in the and somevwecxtgved or not going to

    53. Londyn Reid

      Yes I will be in the morning 😊👍😀😊

    54. Londyn Reid

      No on the way home and I am not going to be able to get to work on time and I will be in the area tomorrow so much for the interview on Friday 😊😁😊😬😊😁 u guys are u 😁 u 😘😁😁😁 u 😘😎😘😘😘😘😎😎

    55. christina allen

      Who cardi b was trying to be smh

      1. somegrill


    56. Petra Kovács

      "You ain't been calling me baby, oh" I felt that

    57. riddley39

      She is so fuckin bad! Voice, flow, vibe and beauty!!

    58. JusttJohanna

      You a bad bitch but this video is trash .

    59. SuperWoody Romeo


    60. ACRYBABY :3


    61. lawanda Johnson

      I love this song I keep coming back just to see this video

    62. Bbygirl .21

      She better stop playing games and make her damn songs longerrrrrr hahahaha love her tho

    63. Harriet Tubman


    64. Jazlynn Jazlynn


    65. Jonel Kirk

      Bryson's part always get me in my feelings

    66. jntv hd

      Yh fuck her she a copycat alieee

    67. Sheila Jenkins

      Love ❤️

    68. T BLK

      Homage to Destiny’s Child!

    69. Business Manager

      Its older people that disliked the song. Because to older people it does make sense. She doing too much

    70. Viva Toning

      I gotta know the beat used here ffs, could somebody drop the beat?