Super Mario Maker 2 - 11 - Goo Goo



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    Arin and Dan play some MM2 levels that were not created by Ross or Jirard, and it's as if they've been given a second lease on life.
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    Game Grumps are:
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    1. Zane Hutchins

      "That was amazing! How do people come up with these so fast?" Well the first step is not being Jirard or Ross

    2. Stephen Dickson

      I love when Dan makes sports references that just fly straight over Arin's head

    3. sam iam

      Davie 504?!?!

    4. Micah Saunders

      "Style and grace."

    5. Aislin Kageno

      8:34 I died.

    6. PleaseDontGoCryBaby

      4:57 me: "Yikes" Dan: "Yikes" Good to know we were on the same page.

    7. Kothar Korinth

      I still want a special like...."loser's challenge" (idk what to call it) where they replay all the levels they failed. I think it'd b fun to revisit them and to watch. Just my opinion tho lol

    8. FirestoneX

      If I learned anything from My Little Pony is that Granny Smith is green.

    9. FirestoneX


    10. mutt


    11. bmsoundtrack

      DE-news: no swearing guys GameGrumps: 9:31

    12. Steven Craeynest

      Wow Dan, I'm impressed by your Belgium and German flag knowledge!

    13. SuperLemon

      The bigmouth reference lmao

    14. frozenaorta

      1:33 Arin alludes to Linkara. Danny alludes to OK St coach Mike Gundy. Neither one would EVER get the reference the other is making. Grumps at its finest.

    15. a1ML0CK

      Is arin carbuncle?

    16. Acrid Moon

      Arin turns into Carbuncle from puyo puyo

    17. One Winged Demon

      "im 40" xD great big mouth reference

    18. ActionYak

      it's wild seeing -Vinny- a different person repeatedly whiff jumps on one of these courses and then Arin nails that same one on his second try no problem

    19. FireFlower22

      Yeeeessss... they've heard my plee and stopped playing garbage Ross & Jirard levels. I can watch Game Grumps again :D

    20. Meff

      If Arin wants hard levels, than he should not search in the "popular" tab. Judging on the clear rates on my levels, the average MM players seems to not even know, how to jump.

    21. Michael Nahrilas

      I found that Kirby stage by accident! I'm glad the Grumps got to play it too.

    22. Stop! You violated the law!


    23. Kyle Black

      Hope they dont get in trouble for those eerily cuniligous sounding noises in the first minute. The one time I use ear buds too 🤣

    24. Jeffrey Alcorn

      Arin’s bad at video games

    25. Lancaster Greenfield

      "Don't say grace..." Oh you funny bois. Always a little po jared bashing is always fun

    26. Persnicketese

      It'll always make me laugh to hear Dan reference Mike Gundy's speech.

    27. Julian McQueen

      I was wondering if you guys were going to refer back to Dan Salvato and "P is for Pain". This makes me so happy.

    28. aj west

      Bless Ben's editing

    29. That Guy Eli

      I think the guy who holds the record on bowsers big bean burrito has beaten this level

    30. Till Haensel

      Danny: "I wonder if there's ever a moment where she's like: 'how did I get here?'" Jacksepticeye: "Do you have 90 minutes?"

    31. News To Astonish

      My dick’s falling off! No! That one doesn’t count that one doesn’t count! Ah good times.

    32. owen w.

      watching him play switch block blast was so smooth and cathartic

    33. Bit of Rye

      Are Granny Smiths, green?

    34. RaikaSTi


    35. Nj Njhjh


    36. RUSL TOWEL

      play more ross levles but only if you can handle it because high blood pressure and stress can kill

    37. Adam Bushfield

      Danny saying "my god" makes me wanna see him as Jefferson in Hamilton.

    38. Carter F.

      Now we obviously need game grumps text tones to buy and download

    39. My One Inch Grinch

      25 years experience in JACKING OFF!!!

    40. Eli Raine

      That is the German flag

    41. Jon Stringfellow

      I love Dan’s 2112 reference, how lucky to come across that level

    42. SoundEffectsNecessary

      Props to Dan for rewatching episodes and understanding what it’s like to also be a consumer. Both actively watching the episodes and having them on in the background. I know a lot of content creators don’t review their own work so Dan, you’re awesome.

    43. Kevin O Malley

      Goo nearly fucking killed me.

    44. Graphomite

      Arin did way better at Self Destruct than I did.

    45. Dark Wolf

      No you are the video game boy.

    46. Wellplay SD


    47. Victor Obregón

      The editing! XD

    48. Tori LovesPotatoes

      3:00 do you have 90 minutes?

    49. garmatey

      Lol they didnt notice when he tied the record on one with 80 thousand completions

    50. Emily Grayson

      I'm slightly disappointed that this episode wasn't about the goo goo dolls

    51. The Dancing Mudkip

      Is Arin Carbuncle?

    52. Morgan Farlie

      You ever start watching so many episodes of Game Grumps that you see 5 floating dicks on the screen?

    53. Issaca Pomerance-Trifts

      11:30 and then he woke up with a popsicle stick in his mouth, and then hE FIRED, AND THEN HE MISSED, AND THEN HE F--


      3:00 Dan about to go full talking heads. You may ask yourself, "Well, how did I get here?" Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down Letting the days go by, water flowing underground Into the blue again, after the money's gone Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground

    55. Chili' N 'Coffee

      I have no complaints about what u guys are doing right now but when is twilight princess coming back?

    56. Scyfe

      10:39 For a second I thought he remembered the Chad story , but alas. Sad times :(

    57. Matt Stass

      Every-time Arin doesnt get one of Dans jokes an angel loses its wings

    58. nonihedgehog83

      i want that text tone 12:19

    59. CDshadow 120

      7:00 "I'll refrain from saying goo." Finally! That was so annoying to me. I love Game Grumps, but there are some things that I can't really stand from Arin.

    60. 7RICKY

      Googis by the Goo Goo Goos

    61. Nick Salad

      9:50 I’m sad that Arin didn’t acknowledge Dan’s cool Rush reference there

    62. Sean

      Been working at an overnight camp and missed you guys

    63. Anthropomantic Fiend

      Aw man! They had my hopes up that they'd plat the Castlevania level! Hopefully they go back and do it another time.

    64. Eyeball Paul

      Holy shit Dan is 40

    65. Bowser Flush

      did I since a bubul refferance????

    66. Pluvia Umbra

      I'm not sure why but when I heard Dan go "Has been played 2112 times," I expected him to bust out in Rush.. or at the very least the space ship noises that start the album lmao

    67. Sollus Markis

      Dang Arin never calls Dan Danny!

    68. herogibson

      also.. we need to find some levels for dan on this part deux

    69. herogibson

      goo be goo, bruv

    70. Mattness LP

      The table tennis level that's exactly like one they played in SMM1, Dan and Arin's reaction: "Wow, that's amazing! How could anyone think of this stuff?"