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    Installing An Edelbrock Supercharger On My 2016 Mazda MX-5
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    My budget dream car is getting supercharged! In this video we install an Edelbrock Supercharger kit (stage 1) on my 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata. This kit will bring power to around 200 horsepower at the wheels, with a max boost pressure of 8.25 PSI. Edelbrock claims it increases horsepower by 41% over stock and increases torque by 36% over stock.
    Edelbrock Supercharger MX-5 Install Instructions:

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    1. Engineering Explained

      Fun fact! If you add up the total cost for a '16 Miata Club (~19K or less), car wrap (~3K), and supercharger (~5K), you're at $27K, well under the price of a new Miata Club (~$31K club, ~$35K with BBS & Brembo package like this car has). Will it be as reliable as a new Miata? Absolutely not! Will it be more fun?! I think so! Big thanks to AutoTempest for sponsoring this episode!

      1. Naibaf Abdul Kobor

        @KakEvan - You should know better than anybody else if you can or cannot handle such a project.

      2. KakEvan

        I wonder can i supercharged my w123 Mercedes Benz

      3. Naibaf Abdul Kobor

        @Kas - Nobody has gained full access to the ND2 ECU so far. Some fiddling for NA tuning seems to work, but not enough to make the required adjustments for the supercharger. Also, EcuTek seems to be not interested into the ND2.

      4. Noah Paez

        @Aldi More wooooosh

      5. rob tran

        Travis Lewis Dont need to, the kit was designed to be carb legal.

    2. Andrae Wilson

      Question can you supercharged a 2016 Jetta gli

    3. Boosted Problems

      Awesome Work Fellas ! I love Supercharged Builds ! I just Finished Putting an Eaton M90 on my Subaru, Check out my Build If You Get a Chance.

    4. HululusLabs

      Haha one of the Miatas I'm looking at is actually in the video

    5. Jacob Rafalson

      Yoooo, This was an awesome vid! Now I wonder if I can squeeze a supercharger into my car budget 🤔

    6. Seiti

      B-b-but the carbon deposits... :(

    7. KakEvan

      I wonder can i supercharged my w123 Mercedes Benz

    8. Rhaegal

      what wheels do you have on there?

    9. Ryan Twomey

      didn't explain the most important thing reason for supercharging instead of turbo

    10. YomBouyashaka

      Cool to see how you go about adding power upgrades to a real car, was so much easier in Gran Turismo and Forza! When I used to play those games, the boosting part was taking something like 3s but the tuning part to make it good on track was sometimes longer than 3 days xD

    11. Mansoor Ali

      Great video! Is that a TVS supercharger? Just a humble request. Please do a video on TVS superchargers (with a whiteboard) O:-)

    12. thefinerthingsag

      i literally laughed out loud when the second whiteboard came out. well done!

    13. AlphA 743

      That whiteboard is persistent and really wants to be in your videos... lol... As if the whiteboard is sentient...

    14. Shorty Mack

      Already have a miata but I am convinced to get that Edelbrock SC, had me at a 3 year full power train warranty and people have great things to say about the tune it comes with and what was it 45% ish more horse power? Yes it's more like why not at that point

    15. H3ntairican

      Lol the air filter part was too realistic man! they used to always try and get my wife at every oil change at subaru with new filters and they come out with some old beat up air filter, i would tell her to reject it because i can just do it my self, im not paying 40 dollars for a air filter change 😆

    16. zector

      Humble Mechanic, a car guy with proper taste in cars for once. I'm impressed.

      1. HumbleMechanic


    17. Andy Cocchia

      8,000 point inspection hahahaha

    18. Syed Imdad

      Please Make a vedio on engine flush

    19. sergio corona

      Bought a Miata and now your videos pop out in my feed lol. Cool videos bro very informative ✌️

    20. Fred Taj

      To much talking and more talking and more talking and not enough how to put a supercharger. Again more talking and talking and talking. This video sucks.

    21. big balls

      4:19 I feel personally attacked. This happened to me the other week when taking my new car to get a service. dude comes out with a black air filter saying he has to change it and will cost $100.

    22. Steven M

      @Charles the Humble Mechanic - LMAO !

      1. HumbleMechanic


    23. Nickybandz

      8000 point inspection hahahahah

    24. Brett Doster

      Loved the stealership dance

    25. luxon4

      wasnt his miata black? where is the video where he repainted it

    26. Robot Munkee

      That shop need some acoustic treatments and a decent audio system

    27. Jeff Benzos

      Yeah man I'm looking to supercharge my Tesla. When's the video?

    28. Noukz

      You guys have the best chemistry of any couple on YT, I mean a duo :-)

    29. Werlturtle

      Humble mechanic is why I'm here shout out

      1. HumbleMechanic


    30. Werlturtle

      Charles my Guy 😎💯

    31. badbasic

      Sooo... The hardest part of installing a supercharger is installing the supercharger? Seems legit!

    32. Brad K

      @Engineering Explained @ Humble Mechanic if you did this job in a regular shop how many hrs would be charged to get this SC installed with the tune to make it all work? Also great job guy's!!

    33. Mo Gumede

      Do you/ did you install a catch can in your car?

    34. Kazzimec

      I too, was convinced to buy a Miata!

    35. /Pol/ack The Polack

      Why I used DE-news vanced so I don't have to pay DE-news to not watch ads just to watch this guys ads. Now I don't have to watch anyone's ads

    36. Nicolas Baillargeon

      My guess is 220 HP

    37. Jess Skye

      This is such a fun video. I wish there was less dead space in the audio. Maybe some music would work🤷🏿‍♀️. Anyway, thanks for the content.

    38. Mikołaj Dobielewski

      But... wasn't the Miata you bought black?

    39. Racing Videos

      The 2.0 skyactiv-g engine is high compression (13:1). I have a 2015 mazda 3 2.5 skyactiv and I have searched high and low about adding forced induction, but everywhere I look people say it's not possible without expensive modification and engineering. How is this possible?

    40. Naibaf Abdul Kobor

      Question @Engineering Explained: Did you remove the OBD2 connector from it's flabby wobbly mounting bracket on purpose? I found it to be notorious for a bad connection, in particular with the EcuTek cable. You never really know if it is fully plugged in or not.


      Wow if that's your dream car you have very low expectations

    42. TheeJoeyLee

      I need to supercharge My shitbox auto civic. Got a bad left knee but love my Honda. Had an accord..on second thought I just need a newer v6 accord lol

    43. Michael Lorenson

      Not cleaning those gunked-up valves was a mistake. They were right there, exposed and accessible. That problem isn't going to fix itself. Now, you have to remove the supercharger to get back in there. Maybe an oil catch-can will prevent further buildup, maybe not. It should help, for sure. But the crap that's already there has a significant effect on airflow into the cylinders. To go through this whole expensive process, and not do this very important thing, well... [shakes head, look of withering condescension and disappointment upon critic's face]

    44. Mitch Lec

      I'm really surprised that you've skipped cleaning the carbon build up off of your valves given all the knowledge that you have. Especially that you were right there with everything out of the way.

    45. Peter Muller

      How about a collab with HP Academy? Infinite loop of information.

    46. D4Real

      this was really interesting. good video

    47. rushwal

      OMG Every Dealership!!!! Honda wants to change the Cabin Air Filter every visit.

    48. thenothingboy

      But which website will help me find whiteboards at the best price?

    49. Ralph Monta

      Somehow I want to be your neighbor guys 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    50. MK

      Joke´s on you, I *own* a miata

    51. KingEnderman

      Fenske looks like he’s high off his ass

    52. MrSlash00r

      Wait - when did the Miata turn yellow?? I missed that video.

    53. Craig Paramore

      Thanks for the honesty, details and reality of when things do not go perfectly.

    54. Josue Pesque

      Imagine being the guy that works at the parts store and just selling to them would be the best

    55. Maria Bernec Bernec

      This ia gay aometimes ...they high on weed 😂

    56. Maria Bernec Bernec

      I want to buy miata but no money . I doubt fit inside also miata is not popular here where i live so you cant find to try it. 😅

    57. Walter Filho

      Excellent content, thank you very much! This supercharger also do the whining noise? Here we have Eaton for Superchargers too and I want to buy one in near future. With low pressure still needs the intercooler? I think something between 8,7 and 10,1 psi. Do CVT transmissions handle it? Idk if it can handle the additional torque even with a transmission oil cooler kit (I believe it must upgraded too) and when the CVT get hot under stress it do the whining noise too.

    58. Greg oneofakind

      Nice Job. What are those LED lights under-hood you are using ???

    59. Akshat Gautam

      White Board Gang!!🤙🏻

    60. Garfish

      That air filter looks about 10 minutes old. Still got another 100k on that. Talk to me when it's black

    61. Clickmaster5k

      I'm confused, according to what I learned from your own videos that appears to be a twin screw super charger not a roots?

      1. Engineering Explained

        It's a roots. Here's my video explaining that it's a roots. :)

    62. Travis Quartz

      LS3 (~5k) would make this car truly interesting and special. BTW I want to see one of these cars fitted with the the 2.3 ecoboost from a mustang. Or a mustang which weighs less than 2300 lbs (why not do both????). Superchargers are for v8's, don't remember any 4 cylinder supercharged race cars. I do remember from the 1980's sierra 2.0 cosworths (550+hp) racing in Australia! They were TURBO charged!

    63. Matthew Hunter

      Reminds me a bit of a monster Miata where Ford crammed a 5.0 engine in one for fun


      LOLOL @ the airfilter replacement!!!>...

    65. cvsWebDesigns

      Can this go into an NB series?

    66. Farhan

      even the miata looked happier

    67. J. Loos

      Some water/meth injection should help that intercooler and clean the valves up a bit! 😉

    68. vansdan


    69. oh

      The whiteboard always finds a way.

    70. Gerardo VARRAZA

      how dare you not drive it on this episode. Made me sub dammit