Surprising Addison Rae With A Custom Car!! 🚘 🚗 ft. Tik Tok | ZHC



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    I surprised Addison Rae with her dream custom car! DE-newsr surprises Tik Tok star!
    Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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    1. ZHC

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      1. MysticFool Plays


      2. Piper's Gymnastics

        i love u zhc

      3. Athepoison

        U guys r just the bestest i always try to re-do u guys es painting but i can't 😅😢

      4. Ziad Ghettas

        @SamerHyper i

      5. EthansEpicGaming

        SamerHyper I subbed

    2. Brede Schjelderup Nilsen

      Nobody: Addisons brother: lOoKe BaNaNa

    3. Eliemsis Negrón

      Tus amigos son muy afortunados de tenerte 💚

    4. SeanAndre Nabarte

      People in the comments: i wish zhc will do that to me

    5. Kellar Foster


    6. Pepper _Peingam

      Did you notice how her brother was trying to get Addison's attention 😂😂😂

    7. Nessie Johnson

      Can i get the money please

    8. iiDiane Gamer

      When the coffee music came I said in my mind that: Gacha Life?

    9. Anthony Kacklebutt

      I love all your intros

    10. Icecream Suger

      The next day they are wearing the same clothes 😑😤

    11. Victor Arellano


    12. Jimmaayyy

      Is it just me or is it weird to hear Addison Rae’s voice because I’m used to her dancing

    13. the joys of eva

      I dont have insta tik tok etc. Just youtube and whatsapp

    14. L.O.L Surprise Lover

      Don't worry I did it all Bty I followed your Instagram and yes I have Instagram

    15. 1973momotaro


    16. yeeting unicorn

      Me near the end of video: can u put ur shirts back on?

    17. Isabel Phillips

      I is very satisfied now

    18. Blaz Abram

      DUDE,she is a millionare and you are still buying her a car? She can buy it for herself. Still a big fan Zach

    19. Gaming with Matt

      Yo I saw then I think at McDonald’s during this video

    20. Alex Markov

      No one: ZHC: customizing the earth and then surprising the humans

    21. Marianna Sárkány

      Á mzing

    22. Thomas Gamer

      ZHC:Make sure to enter GW Me: :O Also me: Wait I will never win;(

    23. Roshelle Sullivan-Bower

      ZHC: ripping tape off a car Me: 👁👄👁

    24. Bting92 Gaming

      Banana.exe stopped working

    25. Tiffanie Comaling

      He's GF is so lucky

    26. Theo Furness

      I love your art work

    27. Blanca Fuentez

      Love you

    28. Caroline Rush

      Apple be like: We rich from Zac!!!!!

    29. kiarahoneycomb xo

      Charli Damelio- Best Dancer PewDiePie- Best Gamer ZHC- Best Montages Like if you agree

    30. erika ledezma castro

      Because they didn't give charli a car.

    31. Sadbh Kinney

      My fav part was when Lucas went : bAnAnA!

    32. Sadbh Kinney

      Me when Leo takes his shirt off : 👁👄👁

    33. Ford Gamer

      This ZHC works miracles I cried here

    34. Alice Aristidou

      I love you Abbison

    35. Kim jae

      the one orange outside the car be like: have fun with your new custumize car imma go now byeeee.

    36. T o a s t y

      Me name t o s s t y

    37. Eloise Cushway


    38. Lexinexianna Johnson

      Addison tears of joy Chikd:Banana

    39. Tapiwa Musonda

      may you plz send us something for our birthday on the 6 of august we are twins and we have watched all your videos we are from zambia

    40. Dharmendra Sharma


    41. Aidxnz ツ

      Tiktok is so bent you're videos are garbage now

    42. Muhammed hasan Dossa

      I have been subscribe to this channel for sooo long but i have never got a giveaway

      1. Muhammed hasan Dossa

        So sad 😥

    43. Fiker Tefera

      Wooah u are talented

    44. Chelsea Mateo

      I wish i can won some giveaways :(

    45. Luke Bender

      Lucas x banana

    46. blahblahblah

      The artist Mr beast (mr beast should really have an emoji tbh)

    47. Raffaele Bianchini

      But they also speak italian

    48. Raffaele Bianchini

      My cousins are in america and i am in italy

    49. harmony manongi

      give two for me

    50. ItzCharDark 15y

      Other people:OMG SHE'S MY IDOL!!!! Me:Who is addison rae like am I just miss in out? -

    51. Gaming with queenroyal

      Hi j just became a fan and I can’t believe you did this just to make someone happy so I did the best I could by leaving a subcribe

    52. Mono lith

      I wish i was that rich:(


      Hi i'm your biggest fan and tell adison that i love her tik tok videos and You are the best disiner of ever world and You wil be the best :D

    54. Via Rose

      imagine if she gets a flat tire and has to replace it with the watermelon 😂

    55. Macha McCone


    56. Lulu Michael


    57. Jomar

      Thank you so much for the phone

    58. Aurel Tigu

      Leaning tower of Pisa more like non leaning tower of pisa cuz of Zach

    59. Clayvon Kennedy


    60. Kate Gutierrez

      Seriously how rich is this man.

    61. Eliegent

      Ngl masks were awkward

    62. Strawberry Milk

      This is how many times Addison said y’all *↓*

    63. adoptme_princess_ lover

      Next stop:customizing a mansion and giving it to addison rae

    64. rui xn


    65. Joshua Sitter

      this is one of the first videos i watch and based on the videos I have WATCHED I like your Chanel

    66. Aikka Louise

      i dount wont da girl

    67. girly girl

      You guys are amazing ❣️❤️❣️

    68. Cally Playz Roblox

      Next u should do Charlie a car and put dunkin donuts 🍩

    69. ꧁Team KRISTINE꧂

      I sub and like