SW20 MR2 Turbo VS. AW11 MR2 | A Japanese Midship Showdown!

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    Welcome to our first BATTLE here at Roads Untraveled! Today on the show, we put Marcus' 1994 Toyota MR2 GT-S up against Alex's 1986 Toyota MR2 Sherwood Edition to see which is the better "driver's car." Seeing as a drag race would pretty much be useless here, we figured we'd just go for a spirited drive through the twisties and let the cars talk to us the way they do best. Enjoy!
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    1. Baka Yuan

      I love both, definitely will modify both on the handling and power train with minimum exterior mod , coz I love how they look

    2. CypressWC

      B.C. represent!

    3. pmcbrier

      I used the track the hell out of a 91 turbo. It was a fun little track car. And a zippy daily driver. Kept it for 11 years before passing it on. I keep most cars for 12 or 18 months max.

    4. Jesse Thomas-Brown

      Should have used a 4agze (supercharged) model of the aw11, would have been much better. Good video none-the less

    5. German Boy

      I have the exact 1986...Sherwood Edition....no spoiler....

    6. Matthew Novak

      ChiLDReN OnLiNE 😂

    7. dazza Nomas

      As a European owner of both back in the 90's, a Mk1 for 4 years and a Mk2 2.0 for 5 years i can honestly say the Mk1 is the better drivers car. With only a 1600cc engine it still seemed the faster car when pushed and it handled a lot better than the Mk2 but im sure that was down to the weight difference. As a practical day to day car the Mk2 was better because it was a bigger car but you didn't seem as one with it like you did with the Mk1. I later went on to own a Lotus Elise which reminded me in a small way of the the Mk1 because both cars stick to the road like you are on rails which was not the case with the Mk2, in the Mk1 you always felt you could push it with out getting in to trouble but the Mk2 limits in fast driving conditions never give you that same confidence. As a weekend toy i would definitely recommend the Mk1 just for the fun factor but if it's going to be your main weekly run about then it would have to be the Mk2 as it's much more practical with it's size difference than the Mk1. Don't get me wrong, both cars are fantastic to drive but if i was offered they keys today to both models to take for a spin for an hour the Mk1 wins hands down.

    8. That1guy219

      I had an 86 in high school and I fell in love with it...came out one day after a storm and there was a tree on it

    9. 06 TrailblazerSS

      I would love a SW20 with a boosted K series or J series V6 with a sequential transmission bolted to either motor.

    10. Andrew McGowan

      too busy flogging ads, trying to make a fast byck, absolute drivel, would been nice if you had actually have tested them together, a drag race would have been a good start, watch top gear you stupid amateurs boys.

    11. still_guns

      My mum wants her car back

    12. Jose Duran Jr

      I had 3 (1-1988/2-1989) and I loved the way the AW11 responded. Mine were supercharged and they tracked like little ninja track cars. The supercharger scrammed them up hill at just the right power to weight ratio.

    13. RetroPhil82

      I don't want to say that I like one better than the other.. I like both.

    14. veprk

      I think if I was ever able to have my stable of dream cars it wouldnt take but a few years to wonder what the others were like. Just like cars progress, drivers do as well.

    15. sean ching

      Thanks for this video! I enjoyed it! If anybody wants to share their experience, knowledge & advice, I’m all ears. I inherited my father’s 5-speed 1989 MR2. This is the last car he bought a dealership. My sister had it first and beat on it. Needless to say, I need to rebuild or replace the motor. I’d like to make it budget friendly and reliable with improvements. Hence, the easiest motor swap is what I’m looking for with the best balanced improvement of performance & reliability. Most things I’ve run across suggest a black top. Thoughts?

    16. O Y

      I have one of each and they both have distinct personalities for every day driving I prefer the comforts the SW20 offers but for a Sunday drive on a lonely back road I prefer the AW11 for it's high revving motor lightweight chassis and no nonsense manual everything it just puts you a bit closer to what the original definition of a sports car should be.

    17. pec1739

      AW11 + AE111's 4AGE 20Valve 6MT its gonna be sweeeeeet!

      1. pec1739

        @sean ching the one that comes with corolla chassis code AE111 20valve engine 6MT

      2. sean ching

        pec1739 I have an AW11. It was the last new my dad bought. The motors dying. I was thinking of going this route. I want the simplest, budget friendly upgrades. Which transmission is this you’re referring to?

    18. Wasted Bruh


    19. pumdon12

      I've owned 2 first gens. A supercharged n an NA. I love the 1st gen don't get me wrong I like 2nd gen also but 1st gen for me all the way.

    20. HELLH0WND

      Right-hand drive automatically gives it a failing grade in my books.

    21. German Boy

      Identical to my 86...

    22. Faris Maric

      I love both mr2s

    23. Roseth Henning

      very cool video, but i agree with people below me. a 2gen turbo stock would be better to compare with the aw11 supercharger. just to say it.. im not fan of the 2gen. i love the aw11..

    24. Roy Stanifer

      I think a stock sw20 vs the stock aw11 would have been a more fair comparison. N/A vs N/A os C/C vs turbo as well. But i really enjoyed the video nonetheless

    25. masonmr2

      First jenn rocks second jenn looks like a ford prob

    26. Rosso Tifosi

      I like AW11 more in every way except one. And that's looks. Personally it looks ugly and it's pretty much main reason I would pick Sw20

    27. Ray Davison

      The suspension on the AW11 looks shot to me. I think a refresh would make a huge difference to the handling

    28. The Double K

      The 1st Gen might be 80s AF, but the 2nd Gen wins it for me, the best Design of the series by far IMO.

    29. Jeff Mousley

      I had that exact ‘86 in Victoria B.C. back in the day... I wish I kept her , very uncommon colour combo There was one other one that was close but was a dark green two tone

    30. Joyson Wildhart

      aw11 is not a fast car. it is old and loose and will be beaten by anything with more than 150 horsepower. that being said, id still drive the aw11.

    31. Matt Rainey

      Marcus I love your videos but no way is the AW11 on par performance wise with the BRZ or ND MX-5. I have an 88 SC with an oversized pulley test pipe and HKS exhaust and I still don’t think it would hang with those cars in a drag race. Keep up the MR2 content. Love it!

    32. Vossdaboss

      3s-gte swapped AW11is the best.

    33. Ian Edmonds

      Never driven an aw11 or even a miata/mx-5. I suspect the mx-5 would feel like an underpowered but lighter Z4. Easier to throw about but not as fast. Hmm Maybe not easier given the z4's stability control? More visceral at any rate. The sw20 that I owned felt really special. It felt like a glimpse of what a much more serious car would feel like. A taster for a higher powered mid engined car. The thing about the mr2 was it looked exotic and it handled liked an exotic so it felt exotic. You were going a lot slower but you still felt you were driving an exotic sportscar. Most fun car I ever owned.

      1. jinxtacy

        I prefer the suspension on the MX5s to the Z4. Prefer the BMW motor and interior. I fit better in the Z4 and NC compared to the ND. I'm a fan of the Z4 hardtops. SW20 is just heavy compared to the AW11 and there's no replacing that fact. I was actually suprised how much more I felt like the car rotated around me in my '93 RX-7 than my '91 MR2 (honestly it feels kind of creepy to me). It's has a good feel, but I really dislike the McPherson strut design on these cars but they do load up and plant which is why I bought another. Fun per dollar is hard to beat in the Toyotas. Strangely both cost more than Boxters.

    34. Justin White

      I would've subd but not one mention of its direct competition the fiero.

    35. Pete A

      Great video, can't beat a turbo mk2 👍

    36. LSmiata

      How did you get your Rt Hand drive car in the States? WOW, it really is past the 25yr rule...? Want one again. Owned a 1993t, but it started to rust....and I hate corrosion, even though I live in the rust-belt. Now have Mk-3/SW30 that I am weeks away from 2zz swapping. Should be very much fun and a mix between the Mk-1 and Mk-2 as the car will wake-up at the high revs. When I owned the Mk-2 turbo....laughed at the Mk-3....and now I own one. Mr. P

      1. LSmiata

        @Roads Untraveled Well stated Sir! I knew when I pressed send I had the wrong country....lol. Car is NICE you luck-e bee-ass-tard-s! PS: Hook me a with a smart fortwo diesel....cannot get them in the states, but Canada and US are fairly friendly on import/export. Cheers, Mr. P

      2. Roads Untraveled

        We're not American, we're Canadian. 15 year rule. We can import JDM cars up to 2004 now!!

    37. adam s

      Very very good videos very informative

    38. British Secret Agent 007

      So ur the one who ended up with my two tone mr2👌🏼

    39. Kevin Overbeck

      I owned a 86 MK1, the same color as the one on the video. The old ones were born for curvy back roads.

    40. beerus saitams

      I miss my aw11 same color as alex!

    41. Anatoly Baklanov

      sw20 - my favorite mr2, but w11 has such nostalgic 80's atmosphere..

    42. TheHandofGod

      Lets compare a stock 86 MR2, to a lightly Moded Turbo MR2. ..... right......... How about you compare a lightly moded Supercharged MR2, to a N/A SW20...... Bunch of jacks around here.

      1. sean ching

        TheHandofGod good catch! “Lightly modded,” is still a 50% horsepower increase! And coil overs vs stock. This is like comparing apples with pineapples.

    43. Kezetri

      I fucking love them both so much. I'd like to own one of each.

    44. Zaid Mohamed

      I have owned both Aw11 and SW20 turbo and Aw11 handles better, but the Sw20 rev 3 turbo so much faster.

    45. Andrej

      mk4 supra is the little brother

    46. Princess Solace

      Have a go in a FIAT X19 back2back Mk1 mr2

    47. YMC-DAB420

      i love the look of the aw11 but cant see myself modifying one which is why id rahter a sw20

    48. Nate Wood

      +Roads Untraveled: The internet _"children"_ be damned! Either of the two cars, AW11 or SW20, _WILL_ kill you if you don't know how to drive either one. Both are prone to 'snap-oversteer' if improperly handled and will do proverbial "donuts" on or off the road, ending up wrapped around a power pole some distance off the ground. And, *yes* , I've seen that very thing w/ my own eyes. But, if you know how to drive either one, neither will kill you as the _"children"_ claim. (p.s.: Have owned both of these; both were truly exceptional vehicles.)

    49. Dylan Matthews

      Massively love both cars , unfortunately never owned the mk2 Mr2 , only had the Mk1 and Mk3 , now I feel i've missed out . I love Toyota sports cars , I've owned so far , Mk1 Mr2 , Mk3 Mr2. 3 Celica's,! Toyota Supra , Was gonna get a GT86 butnow thinking on buying a Mk 2 Mr2 after watching this video. I have a Toyota sports car fan page on Facebook due to my love of these cars.Great quality video and great editing . Love it.

    50. Geoff McHeyzer

      I like the way you both compared each others cars. Good driving and opinions

    51. dfsfdsfsdfsdfsadsdfs fdsdsfdfsdfdfsddfsdfs

      don't sit on cars, ass holes

    52. Vtecyo81

      Turbo MR2 2nd Gen is a beast!!!

    53. FuckMyParents420

      Would have been better to see a factory SC AW11...

    54. Tim R

      I have a 1986 AW11 na. I had the motor rebuilt and new clutch (still needs more power). With good tires the stock motor mounts let the motor move to the point the exhaust pulls out of the hangers and drops to the ground. It survived over 20 autocross events last year but was slow. Adding a rear sway bar helps with the understeer.

    55. Daniel B

      The AW11 reminds me more of my AE86 so I have a soft spot for the styling.

      1. Larry The Lobster

        And a mk3 supra

    56. Jermaine J

      Curious what the MR2 evolution would have been if Toyota kept it going.

      1. Nick Fury

        Apparently they’re partnering with Subaru to bring it back. 1.6L mid-mounted 4-cyl, two electric motors, for a combined power output of 300 hp

    57. Bill Stewart

      I bought that same forest green gen 1 MR2 new for $13.5. Loved that car and drove it for 17 years. Reliable, economical, fun. Bought it for the engine.

    58. darrin goodbrand

      Thought the mr1 was supercharged ??

      1. CAGECAM

        Some were beginning in 86. I just bought an 85 yesterday and I'm wondering if I can put a charger on it from an 86. Thing's really fun though, like driving a go-cart.

    59. Ali Tartila


    60. Mr Sportschampion

      So many talking .

    61. Bloo Stoo

      So glad I found this. I had the very same 1986 AW11 right down to the paint job and interior trim. Loved that car and still regret selling it to a friend, who despite my warnings, floored it on a bend on a wet road and wrote it off. Great to see such a good example still out there. Happy memories.

    62. Best Lee Sin NA

      He says "children have told me for years this is a car that will kill you" and then says he's disappointed. You're driving the car like a grandma and just admitted you've never had it on a track. I'm sure they're referring to the snap-steer and the brake-lock. If you've never given this car what it wants, then no it hasn't tried to kill you. You'd be surprised how easy it is for this car to take a mind of its own once the brakes heat up and you take a tight turn or attempt to powerslide. It will pull you into a wall with the most ominous intent. You can sense the car making a bee-line for the most deadly outcome. The car comes alive when you feel alive. And the moment you feel in control of the car enough to push it a little harder, it will try to kill you. I've been driving them for years, so I know how to tame them, but I can't say I haven't been inches from going over a 200ft cliff or hitting a semi in the on-coming lane. To drive this car the way it was meant to be driven, you must accept your own mortality, have no fear of death, and focus on listening to what the car is telling you. The car is suicidal and wants to die. You just have to convince it to live a little longer. You have to convince that car that you're all-in for her. 'Til death do us part.

    63. Wolf Zeus


    64. chris55top

      The 4age motor is a very fun high revving motor. It definitely does not make a ton of power stock but it can be made to.

    65. Fix It Up 219

      I liked them both tell I looked up the weight. Mk2 is 3000# vs the mk1 2000# hands down Honda swapped k series mk1 and a 6 speed 200hp and 8000rpm

    66. Xshadowshadex

      Eyy fort langley

    67. Heavy Metal Collector

      AW11s are so goddamn sexy. I want one so bad

    68. Il laboratorio di Tello

      I linke your MR2 if you want, watch the video of mine de-news.net/online/video-IJriyN4JZAw.html

    69. Zahemi AZUL ISLAMI

      I own 3rd gen MR2/Spyder but I have always dreamed to drive the 1st gen when it first came out and still am.. however I'd prefer it in 1 tone colour

    70. Nate Collins

      AW11 MR2 Engine is the same as the AE86 Corolla GTS .....