Sway PROVES that his Creative Warrior 90's *DESTROY* Pro Players, Creative = BEST COMP PRACTICE??

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    In today's video, we discuss the best ways to practice for competitive fortnite and the hypocrisy of some of the Fortnite competitive community claiming that players who practice in creative are nothing but creative warriors that can't compete in competitive Fortnite. We also talk about how Sway was able to dispell this negative stigma and prove that he can compete. I hope you can appreciate the style and sense of humor that I bring to these videos. This is our original Fortnite video with our original commentary, a lot of high quality edits and original creative ideas, we try to bring you the best and most unique videos we can, hope you enjoy it!
    The beginning of the video is a sarcastic joke from a channel called Joshy, and to mock almost every single fortnite channel who does this. Don't take it seriously guys. Its a JOKE/Meme, don't feel obligated to like or sub this video, only if you truly enjoy the video and the content on my channel.

    Sway PROVES haters wrong! Creative = Best Way to Practice Comp?
    Download Fortnite for FREE here: www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/download?sessionInvalidated=true
    Outro Song: Arizona Zervas - No I in team

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      Creativ: turtle fights helped me alot.. i was shit at first, and now im clutching my friends.

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