Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

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    We switched lives with Jeffree Star.... We live complete opposite lifestyles
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    1. Karyme Alcorta

      Jeffrey is so funny 💀💀💀

    2. DarkDragon1889

      They actually looked fucking AMAZING in the gowns though. I'm shook. 😨😭👏🏾

    3. Reese

      This was so good and cute. & they look so beautiful omg

    4. Brooke Nicole

      I love this LOL

    5. Petal Ohanele

      Yooo, is it just me or do Grayson and Ethan look like the guys from White Chicks

    6. Pold Malone

      They look like Latina women

    7. Alyssa !!

      ahhhh #1 on trending 🥳🥳

    8. Sunlight Playz

      You guys look like white chicks in a funny way

    9. Gxmez

      “But soon I’ll look like a fabulous alien” 😂😂💀

    10. Alison Zerio

      best video ever

    11. Amara James

      @ 31:33 when greyson flips the hair☠

    12. Belinda Pablo

      #1 Trending!!

    13. Leigh Yapchiongco

      8:30 Jeffree lookin like Zhavia

    14. Trenton Hodge

      Grayson low key living his best life

    15. Aiden X

      *White Chicks: Dolan’s Edition*

    16. Ley S

      Oompa Loompa vibes 😂

    17. Austin D

      guys that carry backpacks... dreadful

    18. Blake brown

      When they copy Shane Dawson me bruuh

    19. GucciManeLove

      I'm gonna keep rewatching this master piece 💜

    20. Jordy G

      Do they know that there is dairy in McDonald’s fries!!?

    21. Iris Kallune

      OMG this is insane! Best triplets I've ever seen in my entire life duudee

    22. t s

      If he flippppp his hair one more timeeee 😂😂😂😂😭😂😭😂

    23. Chelse Stroud

      Jeffree casually spent nearly $70,000 in one day, and I cringe at the dent a McChicken puts in my bank account LMAO

    24. Jaedyn Thompson

      Ethan- “sometimes I feel bad hurting my bank account” jefree- *cant relate*

    25. Lisa Peterson

      someone please explain to me why the twins can’t have dairy????

    26. Chrissy Zoe

      Guess what my lil sis said ...? She said "now they looked like real twins" 😂 ( Btw, I wish I can spend one day with jeffree😁👊)

    27. Jessi romero

      JS:eats cheeseburgers and cookies everyday DOES NOT worry Me: eat a burger once a week..scared of getting a heart attack

    28. Yorman Ibañez

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    29. Roselia Thorn

      Jeffree: *buys $250,000 bags* Also Jeffree: "If you buy 10 cookies or more you get a discount"

    30. Alana A.

      39 minutes of Jeffrey making Ethan and Grayson feel poor

    31. Zozo

      Ethan looked alright Grayson looked like a drag queen

    32. Mac Air

      this is pitiful

    33. t s

      Who’s that salesman?? I love him 😂😂😭

    34. Kaedyn Day

      Lmao they spent $70,000 in one sitting. That's two years salary for my family. Like damn toss a couple thousand our way 😂

    35. Grine ahlem

      I proved i islamik


      In the thumbnail Ethan I think looks kinda like antonio

    37. Luray Hixson

      Am I the only one who thinks the twins are giving Antonio Garza vibes??? 😂

    38. JGD

      The parts when their eating is me whenever I try to bring food to my dairy free boyfriend 😂

    39. Erin Alfonte

      8:31 i felt that

    40. iNeon Gaming

      The guards are gonna stream snipe me in Area 51 raid

    41. Taylee Hendley

      You all look STUNNING

    42. mckela williams

      I honestly could not tell Ethan & Grayson apart in this video 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    43. Hannah Ortmann

      Now I can't tell which who is Ethan or Grayson.

    44. Moishe

      AAaAaAaAaAaA Nate’s reaction to them was so funny I loved it😂

    45. Y Thompson

      17:41 😂😂

    46. mckela williams

      I wanna be Jeffree Star for a day 🥺

    47. Ham Sandwich


    48. Leslie

      Jeffree is just too beautiful and perfect 😩

    49. Megan Gundy

      This is definitely a White Chicks movie moment 😂😂😂

    50. Nicole Bruno

      grayson is literally so beautiful as a girl wtf 😂

    51. Lorgar

      WELL.... Western culture is doomed. GG

    52. Grace Alfaro

      36:22 funniest part

    53. Jos Lynn

      After the big reveal...I realized dem twinz got dem cakes 🍑 🍑😍😍😘😘😘 hi, how are ya!?

    54. Tommy Johnn


    55. AriPainter 101

      I thought that was Kazuichi Soda

    56. victoria rognerud

      did anyone else see ricky dillon as a camera man or is that just me at 33:30

    57. blnk

      This made me feel ways.....that's it

    58. ARMY BTS

      when I saw the twins after taking off their make ups. I fell in love with their visuals lmao. I don't know why but they looked 3times hotter than normal.

      1. *Bts Army*

        ARMY BTS frrrr

    59. Sam White


    60. Venus Leoz

      Can you really get this rich from yt. a makeup companie with some shipping..whats in those bags your shipping?

    61. Gabby

      #1&2 on trending

    62. Vicente Manzano

      jeffree: *handles bags very carefuly* also jefree: "trash" *throws really expensive bag to the floor*

    63. Walt Jermae Vlogs

      need to know if Ricky Dillon just casually walked in the background @ 33:24 I am.. confused

    64. glenda

      Oof when he was shirtless I got the wind knocked out of me

    65. Eli :]

      Omg yes🤣

    66. Sophia Mari

      *knowing damn well Nate would bang all 3*

    67. Alyssa Brown-Carleton

      Most of those bags are worth more than my house

    68. Constance

      lmao Jeffree can you pay off my $300 to go back to school that ive been trying to pay off for over a year and also trying to live

    69. Sierra Vera

      “AhhhhHh It’s coming!” “Don’t say that. I’m gonna get out of the bathroom now.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    70. MaDeInSanPabLo

      This was freakin hilarious