Taking a Camaro to Gapplebees 🐝! 🎧 volume

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PFI Speed

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    Welcome! We have been hard at work getting this little rocket ready to go to the track . So join us now while we get ready to make a pass in this Hot Rod. From the final mechanical touches to solving the electrical. Quick dyno session and then on to the race track where we have some success and a good time. Appreciate you all.
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    1. J Oakley

      The title of this vid reminds me of an old joke... "You know the difference between sucking cock and eating a cheeseburger?" "Because if you didn't..... I was gonna take you to McDonalds"

    2. Boomscadeight

      I would love to have an apprenticeship at pfispeed, imagine dat

    3. john maselli

      Not for nothing but how the fuck does Shane see with a ton of grease on his glasses and his hair practically covering his eyes? Come on dad, take your son for a haircut.. get all that shit out of his face.. In the early 90's,⁷ when I was in high school we couldn't have long hair like that if we took auto shop because they were afraid our hair would get caught in the fan belt.. lmao

    4. Martin Dominguez

      You and Your Team Are On Another Level The Sky Is The Limit

    5. Seth Bergile

      What a rip!! That must have been some view from that Camaro.

    6. Honda Freak

      2nd gear...bye bye Camaro!

    7. 707 auto Ace

      One word dam

    8. Mick Hodgson

      Yoda in a backwards cap! Damn son... peace and madd love G!

    9. moedigzz

      Congrats on cracking 9's on low boost. Car seemed to launch very well. And.... That Motec tho!!!!!

    10. Small Guy Boost

      Pure Gold!!


      Is shane brents kid? Maybe im totally clueless here. But he looks like he could be!

      1. PFI Speed

        He sure is

    12. Keeshawn Lake

      This may be a dumb question, but why are FWD burnouts so short?

    13. Esteban Torres

      Best edited video you’ve ever put out. Really dope sequence and set up, peak and ending. Great one fellas

    14. Junior Espinoza

      Orgasmic 14:12

    15. r315

      Kids got some big ass hands for being a skinny dude

    16. Andrew Collins

      Make your life a asier guys and wire in the motec ethernet port, then you don't need the adaptor just a network cable

    17. Randizle Peregoy

      Camaro went home crying

    18. CaveMan

      Drink straw spark plug socket. ..ahahaha

    19. durfmann12345

      keep up this type of editing, badass

    20. Mob Bandit

      Fucking love the video brother u guys rock

    21. bullhead360

      That 2 step at the end just about blew my phone’s speakers. Worth it!

    22. Mike Larsen

      Damn goofy grows some hair fast as shit

    23. Zach Almond

      Love the cardboard cleetus cameo again 🙌🙌🙌

    24. Richard

      I always enjoy your videos I thought it was going to be a little bit more of a race looks like a stock Camaro

      1. Richard

        Just for fun quick Google search says 13.0 from the factory so not much done to it

      2. Richard

        @Scott Smith all right bud wasn't looking for an argument was just saying it looks like a stock Camaro against a race car I was just hoping for a better race

      3. Scott Smith

        Camaro went 12.73....certainly not stock. The poor thing was simply served up a slice of gapple pie that it couldn't swallow!

    25. TVJohnney

      He ate that Camaro like a Won-Ton Taco from GappleBees..🐝!

    26. J.R. Beumel

      Did I just hear "Thanks for watching and Do It For Dale."

    27. Alanzo Parris

      Great job Brent! love the video format. Keep it up

    28. Goaty McGoatface

      Oh man, you served him up a whole plate of gappetizers

    29. FiveBasher

      This was a fantastic edit, I love how it cut to the build and back to the ultimate result. That being said, I always enjoy the videos. The positivity that everyone has is amazing! Great job PFI crew. Keep up the awesome work and keep loving it ✌

    30. StupidShetHead

      bro you took the long way and "walked around" that Camaro

    31. MOTO 809

      I feel like I'm watching a Quentin Tarantino film. Nice one!

    32. Love2fish Live2fish

      That bad boy pulls!!! Wooooo!!! Now I want to build a new car 💙✌😀

    33. Jesus Figueroa

      If you guys need some valve cores, I have hundreds at my house I can send you guys lol

    34. Justin Bolton

      Who’s the chick that was in trailer with him ? That his girl?


      I love the way this video is edited❤️❤️ but please not for every video

    36. Doogy B

      Loved that you took the time to edit this together. It was enjoyable to watch. Also good to see the wife behind it all.

    37. Danny Gleeson

      Who owns that car is it a pfi car or a friends car ?

    38. Enrique Teja

      Fat two 🚶

    39. Taylor Smith

      Feels like an eternity since I saw an upload, I have my fix now. Thanks again for a fantastic upload.. content is spot on as always take care guys. 👍👍

    40. Beers And Gears

      Brent in the collard bunton down! Looking good man !

    41. yusef hasan

      This was the Quentin terintino of race vids. Freakin awesome.

    42. homeless hector

      dam yo

    43. Toob247 Toob247

      Keep this detailed format and editing. And 500k by Xmas.

      1. Jason Bamford

        Hell ya and Brent deserves it. The man just lost his garage a few months ago think about how far he’s has gotten in just a few months. Brent has an awesome team especially SHAWN and Jamie

    44. doctorpancake


    45. BassManBobBassCovers

      Wow that was badass!

    46. sexy_face

      Air gap?

    47. Suleiman Brown

      Keep up the great videos, Fans in CapeTown South Africa

    48. KustomGraphics206

      Its not easy to build a 9 second car. Good Job boys, Sweet build for sure

    49. Nic4812

      Ok, I know I am high right now but your editing is trippin me out man

      1. Wesley

        Same, i was real thrown off at first till I got the jest of the back and forth. Was nice after that though

    50. Swerval

      love the back and forth editing. Great way to hold people's attention

    51. 89 Hybrid

      To much bouncing around for me.

    52. Its Colorz

      Love it man RADDDDDD

    53. TestarossaGZ B

      PFI Speed directed by Guy Ritchie

    54. Ju Bu

      That motec set up is next level.

    55. Paul M

      This was some epic storyline editing. A buildup until the actual pull down the quarter mile. Whoever thumbs downed this or said "it is hard to understand" can suck it (whatever "it" is) and get another brain.

    56. Danger Dave

      Nicely put together piece of content Brent. When you hit 2nd gear that thing took off and never looked back....

    57. Nolan Blaesing

      I hope those aren't chinese coil packs, don't want the engine to get dildo'd.


      @3:32 @8:40 dam civic has more technology than a Tesla and Nasa combined.

    59. Luke Malone

      Boosting my 8th gen civic and the whole time building it I cant help but stop and wish that I could be tuned by brent at pfi

    60. John's Jam sessions

      PFI..... You guys killed the editing! Loving the progress you guys have made over the past few years. Keep grinding and God Bless! 💯🔥

    61. Casey Waller

      I've been using that trick with the hose for 30 years cracks me up to see people get Amazed by it nice rid

    62. Nicholas Baldrick

      Lol I bet Shane takes the fattest bong rips 😂

    63. Ricky Johnson

      14:10 rip headphone user's

    64. Matthew Ogden

      Do have a question what system do you prefer

    65. 4Door Boogie

      dymn that hatch is from gap city omg love the sound !

    66. james case

      dude, i could fall asleep to the sound of a wrench. That underhood cam was like asmr

    67. Shifttube

      damn dude glasses are fucking think i wounder if he can really see the man in the moon?????????? I bet he can

    68. Kyle Fry

      Shane always looks lit af

    69. pissed off pistons

      Its on an 02 bugeye 300hp

    70. pissed off pistons

      Im running a stage 3 street strip competition clutch only 1 launch on car 1200 miles on clutch and wont go into 1st gear or reverse ...and in gear if i rev car pulls forward whyyy.brents gotta know lol your the man

      1. pissed off pistons

        @Felony Innovations hey ur only 1 with an answer thx

      2. Felony Innovations

        pissed off pistons on the clutch pedal itself under the dash there should be adjustment try adjusting that. Sorry man lol

      3. pissed off pistons

        @89 Hybrid of course you dont get it your names hybrid lmao...probally dont even kno how to drive manual

      4. pissed off pistons

        Idont think you can adjust clutch on a sti...and yes shifts fine with car off..and if in 1st gear at a light clutch in..if i rev the car to 2step or just rev it up the car inches forward i can feel clutch grab

      5. Felony Innovations

        Try adjusting clutch out to give you more room. If not you need to pull trans again. Will it go into reverse or neutral when the car is off? If it wont you probably broke a shift selector. If it does clutch isnt engaging all the way or disc is burned up.