Taking Accountability



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    1. McGuinness


    2. Joshua Slimmer


    3. gina pocekay

      Blah blah blah!!!! I am so numb with youtubers say “sorry”! Pathetic 1100%. Just cancel yourself at this point!!

    4. -*Bella*-

      I used to really like shane but now i dont even know what i think of him, i guess this seem kinda sincere, but idk..

    5. Fabian Gonzalez

      I never really was a big fan of Shane but this sucks honestly, what he did definitely wasn't right but you can tell that he has a lot of pain in his chest over this, still feel bad for him as a human being but definitely not supportive of him as a creator.

    6. Shanza Rizwan

      I’m so eshamed that I watched him as a kid tbh

    7. Kool Kayla

      Shane hear me out. We miss Garrett and Drew we HATE Jeffery. We miss conspiracy Shane. The shane who tried last meals. I hope you change 😔💗 I dont like that your getting hate but younger shane made a huge mistake with racism. Newer shane is becoming problematic. Talking about 6 year olds being sexy isent funny. Shane I think you should get some help. Try some recovery and therapy. I'm very disappointed.. I remember being 9 and finding your channel binge watching your conspiracy theory videos laughing when you joked about sassy giraffe. Shane I really want older shane back the conspiracy nerd ♡ Please change

    8. Mariana Morales

      I get that a lot of people want him to just stay with friends like Garret and Drew but the thing is that is not going to make anything better. He did horrible actions and comments before Jar Jar Starfish, so the "influence" of him in Shane's personality doesn't really matter. He was bad in the past but learn to hide that in the new persona that he is now showing us.

    9. Joe's assorted youtube content

      All the old OG you tubers of back in the day are dying off, Jenna, Shane, Toby, I bet RWJ is gonna be attacked soon for his black baby jokes

    10. Felivino

      Remember how you disrespected Dan and Phil for views? Yeah talk about that. Yes people change but holy shit man. You've done so much and honestly its hard for you to come back from that

    11. BamBam Is Not Big?

      you only apologized now. because. you. got. caught. You knew it was wrong but you still did it! You are only "so sorry" because people called you out.

      1. Aeonxundead

        He said sorry about it years ago to. I am guessing your new here?

    12. Adrian Milo

      lmao this ain’t an apology. this is a “my childhood was bad pitty me” 🤣

    13. Julie D

      Shane, I just recently started watching your videos and I'm absolutely appalled by the way you are being treated. You are a wonderful person with a big heart and you always treat people with kindness. I'm so sorry we live in a day where people are so critical of everyone else's past mistakes, you don't deserve to be cancelled, hated, mistreated, etc. This has nothing to do with your mistakes, it has everything to do with the way the left side has moved into a position of hate but only when it suits there feelings. I'm sorry to say that but it's the truth. That's not to say that everyone on the left is hateful or anything close to that. It's just always people who line up on the left side politically who lead the witch hunts. And that's exactly what is happening to you.......a witch hunt. I know there are many great people who love and support you will continue to support your channel and your content no matter where you post it. Keep your head up and don't let the mob bring you down. You are great role model and you spread love and happiness everywhere you go!

    14. Harry Gibb

      POV u dont care about the beauty community just came to see his fake apology

    15. Savvys Life

      shane, can you make a conspiracy video on freebritany

    16. Annie Chu-Ton

      Yay no ads lol

    17. Mickey MacDonald

      Shut up❤️

    18. Camilla Sweden


    19. Claudiaramirez205 Ramirez

      He even said that he apologized from fear Soo bitch wich said u on

    20. Father Juan

      Your only apologizing because you got caught. ❤️

    21. abryannah james

      the way that the exposing videos are longer than the apology video-

    22. Lili Nakova

      shane you forgot the overediting😹😹😹😹

    23. Cam

      Why does his chin look so gross

    24. Pavignon

      don't beat yourself up so much america, so weird to watch

    25. Cheyenne Hendrix

      I just wanna say, we see what Sanders Kennedy is doing. Hes going overboard and its sick. Keep your head up shane.

    26. Claudiaramirez205 Ramirez


    27. Claudiaramirez205 Ramirez

      U would not say anything if the ppl did not tell u to

    28. Claudiaramirez205 Ramirez

      U should never say any thing like this it would never be ok it is far from funny

    29. Jane Doe

      At least it sounds like he is genuinely trying to apologize. Not a subscriber or fan but I am confused how stuff he did on DE-news a while back was originally supported and accepted by most people (To the point he became a very popular DE-newsr) its suddenly an issue? People are jumping on the negative bandwagon to bring him down. Mob mentality. ( not saying I agree with his humour back then, but obviously the majority of people were ok with it)

    30. Whoo Youu

      As a black person I think this is one of the best apologies I've seen. I personally think he is trying to change and is starting to wake up and recognize his privilege which is a positive.

    31. Claudiaramirez205 Ramirez

      Delete ur Chanel if u r willing to lose everthing

    32. Liam Shneeer

      We don’t want this shane man. We want 2017 Shane with Andrew and Garret doing cool and creepy videos. We want conspiracy theories. We just want the old shane.

    33. emily

      i can just tell that he isn’t sorry at all. he loved making those racist skits and saying the n word. he only “apologized” because he was caught...

    34. Toasty Times


    35. Toasty Times

      Shane after being exposed: heart 💔 been broke 📉 so many times ⏰ i don’t know 🤔 what to believe 💯 mama 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 said 🗣 it’s my fault 😢 it’s my fault 🤦🏻‍♂️i wear my heart ❤️ on my sleeve 💪 i think it’s best 👍🏻 I put my heart ❤️ on ice 🧊

    36. Toasty Times

      I dont like garrets friend Shane.. he sucks

    37. Vale

      shane's probably living his best life rn🏝️ and I'm stuck in the comment section trying to show my support 😂🙈 this one is really gonna be my last comment, I'm looking forward to your next videos shane! just do you and people will see you've changed for the better (even though you already did for a couple of years now)🤷‍♀️

    38. Poppy's Cool Creations

      This is so fake just stop and make more conspiracy theory videos and stop being racist

    39. Meryem Aydin

      He wasnt even funny before

    40. autumn

      so is he not gonna address all the pedophile allegations

      1. Derp Pan

        Probably not

    41. Twista Sista

      Honestly, if people aren't going to allow others to grow as people and just attack them until their voices are completely silenced, then what's the point of personal growth. I enjoy Shane's current videos and believe that he has shown so much self-growth in the last few years. Like people, culture changes too. Something that was funny and acceptable 5 years ago is no longer acceptable now. That's how time works. Go look at the videos that you liked 5 years ago and re-watch them and keep a tally of how many things would be considered inappropriate now. I in no way support racism, sexism, discrimination, pedophilia, etc, but I do support self-realization of one's own actions, personal growth and punishment for ones actions, but that doesn't mean "Dig up every single bad thing that could have been misconstrued and post it in one giant compilation for the world to see before sitting back and watching the mess happen". No, that's not ok. People are dumb, but we're constantly learning. I've said things in the past where I look at it now and I wonder to myself how I didn't get slapped across my face, and then feel instant regret. I look forward to what all of these people have coming up and I look forward to what this has taught everyone. Treat people like people, who make mistakes, who jump to conclusions, who speak before thinking, etc. I want solid proof of someone you're defending. I want proof that the reason you want to argue with me is strictly because you yourself or someone you know about have been insulted or attacked and not because you want to feel self-actualized and better about yourself for jumping on a side of a bandwagon battle. I've been discriminated and attacked my entire life because I am a woman of color, not as much as I'm sure other people have, but I have never once stored up 5-10 years of a person's wrongdoings so that I can brandish it as a weapon against them once they've matured. That's like throwing a ripe 10 year old diaper of baby sh*t at a 12 year old. Stop fighting a battle that isn't yours to fight.

    42. P Mer

      I am not black , Latina or Asian so the apology isn’t mine to accept BUT I will never accept that he made multiple jokes about rape and child abuse and that he treated the staff of his movie like trash . Even if he continues his career on yt as the best version of him self , watching all of the disturbing things he has said , things wont be the same bc he showed his true colors . I feel betrayed bc he used to be my favorite DE-newsr for many years.

    43. Hey

      You only sorry cuz you got called out for it

    44. Calesta Heinrichs

      I miss you

    45. Faith Marie

      are u Garrett and drew still friends

    46. fh h


    47. kiara r.

      There’s no excuse for how he acted and the things he used to say and do, but he’s the only one who’s actually apologizing and taking action on what he did. As long as he’s grown and LEARNED especially about how disrespectful the things he did and said effected his fans and people of all races, then we shouldn’t be attacking him for owning his actions. I certainly think his career had paid a fair price for his actions in the past.

    48. Alanah Sanchez

      uhhh shane yaw?

    49. Jessica Arguera

      I think that you are confused on what you feel.

    50. Autumn Manring

      This was uploaded on my birthday

    51. Emily Holder

      Shane is a genuine person and you can’t convince me otherwise. I’ll never unsubscribe

    52. Lawrence Byrnes

      Shane all the clips that came out after this video aren’t ok. This is probably the last video of yours i will watch. Also part of me thinks some of these are more than jokes. For example if you watch the behind the scenes for your movie, youre a dick to production and fought for these racist and offensive jokes.

    53. sophiaaa

      thank you for coming forward and realizing a lot of this stuff. we all need to look at ourselves and take accountability for what we’ve done no matter how far in the past it was.

    54. Aubrey Tings

      I’ve never been a fan, and the THIS gold comes out and i just sit back and observe😹😻❤️✨💕🤚

    55. Alana Tolliver

      Better than tatis, at least he's taking accountability she just blamed it on him, James, and Jeffrey

    56. Bryan The Brownie

      I’ll take a mint chocolate chip cone

    57. Mie

      He is a human being. We all makes mistakes. And we all learn by our wrongs and rights. What happend already happend. And u can't change the past. And as he said, he regret it. At a time like this, we want the "bad" people pay for what they have done. But he is JUST HUMAN. Imagine the whole internet hating u. It sound pretty bad right? Getting death threats and stuff. Well he is going through it now. Just think about it okey. We all makes mistakes. And getting hate from a million of people is a lot of emotional stuff. He has learned his lesson. And he hasn't done anything wrong like that for a long time now. So please give the man a break.

    58. Karolann Duhamel

      Just stop making videos

    59. Sakura Chan

      shane SUE that Sanders guy

    60. Hannah Lesniak

      Love you Shane, you are human and you made mistakes. Thank you for taking accountability. I Will always support you! 💙💜🤍

    61. AberrantGiraffe

      So... when’s the next conspiracy vid?

    62. Thegirlnamedsomthing

      List of Shane Dawson's "creepy" behavior (from my very limited knowledge, so probably not even half of it...): 1. Admitting to suggesting to Lucas Cruikshanks (Fred Figgelhorn) they should hook up when Shane was 19/20 and Lucas 14/15 2. Kissing 12 year old fan on the lips 3. Participating in tiny chat with pre-teen and teen girls talking about sexually explicit stuff. Commenting on one girls breasts. 4. Saying he would end up on "how to catch a predator" if someone went through his computer. 5. Requesting pictures on dailyboot of favorite porn position, blow face, rape face etc from mostly underage fans. These to be used in his youtube series "Viewer orgy party"... 6. Having inappropriate sexual conversation with 12 year old cousin. Talking about fucking, bleeding, penis ring... 7. Admitting to being sexually inappropriate with other kids as a child. 8. Getting 14 year old girl to twerk for him on chat. Screaming for her to "take it all off". 9. Challenching Lia Johnson to twerk on a video at 17. Joking about fucking her age 6 in his podcast. 10. Making a vlog with very sexual tones with Tana Mongeau at 18. 11. Joking about being attracted to children in his podcast. 12. Pretending to masturbate to a poster of a 11 year old girl. 13. Having a young child eat penis shaped cookies in a music video And people still thing this is all a question off edgy, outdated humour?? Did I miss anything btw, feel free to add more points.

    63. BOP_Liotti_0609

      I used to hate when u said that shit about racism but I forgive u I know ur a good person god bless

    64. Sarah Heard

      I'm just gonna leave this here.... de-news.net/online/video-P3WxXCpOtlI.html

    65. uwu

      this comment section makes me sick. he’s trying to properly apologize for something that isn’t going to go away and will make him feel worse about it if you guys won’t just listen? everyone in the comments are making jokes or asking questions that have NOTHING to do with this video. grow up all of you. realize someone’s true feelings, again he’s PROPERLY APOLOGIZING and you guys can’t see that? hate on me all you want but at least it’s not him.

      1. jolie

        He’s done something unforgivable. He deserves everything coming to him.

    66. Rory Slaine

      Are this guy and Onision long lost brothers? I can't unsee it.

    67. TóxicA

      Me painting my nails while this is playing in the background 👁👄👁

    68. skimp

      I've been a fan of shane for a long time I had friends that was a fan of shane and now we can't, I still love shane but like I can't believe he done that

    69. lhfrank _cooper

      i mis spooky boys, when his videos where so simple and fun

    70. AmyButtafuoco1989

      After looking at tons of video's i can only say that this blew up way to big.yes he was wrong in the past,did stuff that was verry mutch not okay as content.but don't forget that that was his dark sarcastic humor. Don't tell me that you all are angels and never made a dark(not talking about race) humor joke or laughed at one.DE-news is full of it,tiktok,insta,fb and 9gag.what is important is what you do after really being confronted with that and how you live your life after that.give him a damn chance. Who knows what is happening with him right now.just like with James ,this can drive a person to desperate choices. And yes about the James drama ,that was really not good of tati,jeffree and shane.but like i said,he made this video and now just give him a chance.why is no one being this hard on Jeffree of davi(or whatever his name is) i do not like what shane used to do but he is in no way a p*Do or rac*st because of his (bad) dark humor.in the beginning i was al for 'cancel shane' but now i see al these 'drama news channels ' and at what lenght they go to make it even more sensational. Disgusting.