Teaching MY DAD Fortnite



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    lazarbeams dad plays fortnite very funny
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    1. LazarBeam

      My dad is my hero so i hope you enjoy this wholesome content

      1. Drip On Gfuel

        We miss the old you😭

      2. YuritziFlorencioIvan Perez

        Your dad is 😎

      3. Aqua Spirit_YT

        Your dad is goated

      4. I’m Blue

        lol last comment?

      5. Oscar Rooney-leather

        Ur dad I obviously a gang member now

    2. mInEcRaFtGaMeRDoOd

      I taught my nana to play and she’s a goat 🤣

    3. SG_Mythix

      what do you do when the ground lights on fire? Panik, Panik!

    4. Mana core Music

      When Lazars dad was trying to drive I can hear “sweet home alabama”

    5. South Austin Pulls

      Daddy beam


      Every lose or win i woopen for lazarbeam

    7. Alexander Zhao

      His dad was so calm

    8. V1RUS SHOTS

      Yall see that lama and they did not get it i was so mad

    9. Rina B

      1:00 2:00 3:00 9:8

    10. Mykel Patterson

      What up Lazer

    11. Kaedren Kills

      your dad cant even fucking aim

    12. Sperayz0 Yt

      Ninja:😑 Tfue:🙄 Lazerbeams dad:🥵🥵🥵🥵

    13. DHydra

      Lazarfather: I can hit em with the fishing rod, right? Me: HES AN OG MINECRAFT PLAYER

    14. Blake .b

      And that is true

    15. Jasper Hall

      I didn't know Joe Biden plays fortnite

    16. Logan Lighting

      He looks so happy when he gets his first kill

    17. Eduárd Mihai

      i wish i knew what was like havin a dad/:

    18. Brayden Parsons

      Who else saw the lamma in the background at 5:59

    19. Slim Reaper 6

      He had so much fun driving

    20. Bro it’s Mataio_Mcconnell

      Am I the only person that saw a lama when his dad was driving

    21. Jax Nordling

      5:58 there is a llama right there

    22. Javaris Harris

      Later beam he is sooo good🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

    23. Franz kenrick Macasaet

      its been a month later now hes dad is in the championchip with bugha

    24. luc Farina-Kastanas

      2020 father son bonding

    25. _KING GAMES_

      Anyone else triggered they missed the llama at 6:00

    26. Ian Buquet

      carried him

    27. Nicholas Fraser

      We need to see a grandfather carries son where fresh can't get a kill and has to with with lazars dad.

    28. Micah Brncik

      Two grandpas dueling

    29. ruth wachenfeld

      Epic bonding experience 6:55

    30. Chonky Bois

      so wholesome

    31. Kdabomb82 Something

      shhhhhhh i was never here

    32. Kdabomb82 Something

      im seprised that people dislikes this vidio

    33. davi9330 davi9330

      are we gonna ignore the fact that he missed a lama

    34. Ÿøür LøøKin Æ BØSś RÏGHT NØW

      How have you never played fortnite on controller lol

    35. CLOVER

      “Are ya winnin' Dad?”

    36. Kdabomb82 Something

      its like teaching your little brother how to play

    37. Art Fleming

      Best duo match ever

    38. BlongsBricks

      I got an ad about growing tomatoes, wha?

    39. Zac Games

      5:59 LLAMA!!!

    40. Felicia f

      My epic is Leothegreat520

    41. Felicia f

      Please friend me in Fortnite i subscribed and liked

    42. The Ice Pea

      I'm lost

    43. Velify.

      55:4 there was a llama to ur right

    44. Thedailyroutine

      Just a tip type awesome while watching a video.

    45. Savanah Smith

      when he got his first kill he was so happy! his aim was just as bad as mine when i first started playing lol

    46. RADIANT

      "Panik, Panik, Panik" This made me laugh soo hard 🤣

    47. Gui Acosta


    48. CamPlay’s Roblox

      Your dad is better than faze bugah

    49. alyssa dodson

      did anyone see the llama on 10:06 ? or was it just me?

    50. LeafNinjaJr

      brodie would beat lazars dad tho

    51. Da Cheeseboi

      Now this is an epic gamer moment

    52. Daniel J Jones

      Is it just me or did you guys see that llama on the hill to

    53. Jaguar Memez

      I see a fellow construction worker... :)

    54. Donald Nguyen

      Y u say father and no dad? Australians

    55. V I K T OR

      I want more of his father content :smirk:

    56. Random Things

      Did they not see the llama

    57. St4nl3y

      lowkie lazarbeams dad should put his sense down a lot

    58. EPICSRI

      the most wholesome part was when Lannan said: _you taught me how to fish when I was younger, so I'm gonna teach you how to fish in fortnite_ damn, I wish my dad would spend time with me like that

    59. Jacob Yarbi

      Did he just agree?

    60. Jacob Stafford

      Your lucky that you have a dad

    61. pipari gaming is a lord

      If you ever feel dumb, *ppl have disliked this*

    62. Joaquin M


    63. Owyn Bauers

      Anyone see the Lamma a 5:59

    64. Talan Strickland

      Did anyone else see the lama?

    65. Bird Flock

      You should teach your mom how to play fortnite

    66. Ron Jashanica

      His smile makes everything better

    67. Ryan o'hara

      father son bounding time

    68. Zidan Zeidan

      "you know i play with fresh" lazerbeam said"do i have a grandson?" asked lazer's dad.

    69. Geen Naam

      he learns so fast!

    70. Jason Luo

      Bro he on x game mode