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    From Director Christopher Nolan. #TENET, coming to theaters 7.17.20. Watch the new trailer now.
    John David Washington is the new Protagonist in Christopher Nolan’s original sci-fi action spectacle “Tenet.”
    Armed with only one word-Tenet-and fighting for the survival of the entire world, the Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real time.
    Not time travel. Inversion.
    The international cast of “Tenet” also includes Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Clémence Poésy, with Michael Caine and Kenneth Branagh.
    Nolan wrote and directed the film, utilizing a mixture of IMAX® and 70mm film to bring the story to the screen. “Tenet” is produced by Emma Thomas and Nolan. Thomas Hayslip served as executive producer.
    Nolan’s behind-the-scenes creative team included director of photography Hoyte van Hoytema, production designer Nathan Crowley, editor Jennifer Lame, costume designer Jeffrey Kurland, visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson, and special effects supervisor Scott Fisher. The score is composed by Ludwig Göransson.
    “Tenet” was filmed on location across seven countries.
    Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Syncopy Production, a Film by Christopher Nolan, “Tenet.” Warner Bros. Pictures is distributing “Tenet” worldwide and has slated the film for a July 17, 2020 release.

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    1. Sree Harsha

      Audience : Are your movies not good. enough coz they never made it to Oscar ? Nolan : Naah. Don't be so dramatic. Audience : Then why didn't you receive one ? Nolan : That part is a little bit dramatic.

    2. The Beast

      Y'all really kill the comment section with the same corny jokes wtitten a different way the first ten was aight but damn.

    3. Shubham Singh

      He really did crash a real plane.

    4. ert sido

      i ll never join you!

    5. Alejandro D Urquiola

      Movies theaters will be back in July and August.

    6. Nemichand Chavan

      !!! no gniog si lleh eht tahW ? esrever ni gnikrow si dapyek ym yhW

    7. der 2114

      inception 2

    8. Arun Phillips

      So basically it's Inception 2. Nolan fanboyz will no doubt see it as something really original!

    9. ert sido


    10. ert sido

      in us.

    11. ert sido

      are you neW?

    12. ert sido


    13. ert sido


    14. ert sido


    15. NITROsalmon YT

      Yet released not just it's theatres in already it's

    16. ert sido

      iz not alone.

    17. ert sido

      a word!

    18. ert sido

      u liv iT.

    19. ert sido

      you don T make lifE!

    20. ert sido

      you belive iT.

    21. ert sido

      you don t lie to god.

    22. ert sido

      in smething new.

    23. ert sido

      iz to die alone.

    24. ert sido

      the death of your world..

    25. ert sido

      the ultimate fear!iz not.

    26. ert sido

      very old.

    27. ert sido

      iz will of something...

    28. ert sido

      the ignorance of man...

    29. ert sido

      feel it

    30. ert sido

      don t understad it

    31. ert sido

      u re the change that Killz the World.

    32. Andrea Diagbouga

      Yeah this movie is gonna make no sense at all, can't wait

    33. Kaushik Sarma

      But where does Kevin Lee fit into all of this?

    34. chuimon slp

      My goodness he is Denzel's son, the mannerism is like his dad.

    35. Jaafar Darwesh

      Yousef : 1:33

    36. Lwazi

      If you read Tenet backwards it's still Tenet. I see what they did

    37. Dhanush

      Oh my god, i cant wait to understand nothing.

    38. Badi Chinniah

      This movie deserves more attention not only because it's a Nolan film but because it will be one of the first films to be released after COVID regulations and restrictions got relaxed. We as Nolan fans must do what it takes to make this movie succeed!

    39. ST EMIL

      WOW WOW WOW!

    40. Arlindo Sousa Mendes

      muito bom

    41. God Emperor

      This is my person guess but I think the movie’s plot will be similar to the tv show and video game “quantum break”. Just infinitely more complex.


      Aint it EVIL to LIVE "backwards"... 🤯

    43. Civil Servant 2021

      Why is John David Washington getting such big roles? His performance in blakkklansman was not even average

    44. Joey Wooster

      02:29 02:24 01:19

    45. AR

      2:23 John David Washington was very well aware he has to wear a mask when going out Even before COVID19. That hell lot of time travel

    46. Paweł Zieliński

      Sorry but this trailer is way better, this will make you scary: de-news.net/online/video-6AxM-LTOmhM.html

    47. I am happy

      When they put Cedric Diggory and Fleur Delacour together in a movie 😍 a lil hp tb

    48. Luigi Simoncini

      Prologue: terrorist attack in Moscow theater, operatives intervene Trailer 2: crashing a plane against a building Mmmh...

    49. Ethan Moreno

      quite easily the best director in the game rn

    50. Saddiq Noor

      i just know the soundtrack is gonna go crazy

    51. J Pérez

      Why in Nolan films all the women looks like powerfull lesbians

    52. J Pérez

      The oscars: please give Nolan another nomination and won't give him the oscar, Nolan is the Leo Dicapeio of directors...

    53. rizki benando

      As you can see, christopher nolan also trained robert pattinson how to be bruce wayne 😂

    54. Josiah P.

      Now this is what I'm talking about....

    55. mei rika

      Should have included Interstellar as well.. I absolutely love that movie.. Top 3!!!

    56. psx2rulz2

      I mean it looks like they filmed a regular action movie and then just reversed a lot of it...I'll probably still see it, lol.

    57. raaj rocz

      Nolan is the genre itself.

    58. Ritu Raj Negi

      How do you want to die? He : OLD Me : Yeah absolutely Coronavirus: What did you say?

    59. Mister Karuththu

      Tenet fan made de-news.net/online/video-v2sbvCSFqtI.html

    60. Richik Ghosh

      i don't know if it's just me... or Why no one is talking about this.. the word "Tenet" is actually "TEN" where "N" is common and "TE" is coming out from left and right sides thus, making "TEN-TEN" in my mind's visual array or as i would like to interpret it commonly as " TENET" as the inversion of the other half makes in our mind in order to read "TEN-TEN" - where "N" common- as "TENET" thus, justifying "Time inversion" with inversion of letters. Some of you may think whats "Time" got to with the word "TEN-TEN" well a lot actually, All the wrist watches are initially set "Time" as "10:10" paying homage to the inventor of the watch a dutch scientist and mathematician, Christiaan Huygens, who invented the first pendulum clock. the time "10:10" was his eureka moment. so that's why all the dials of wrist watch are set as "10:10" thus the idea in the name of the movie with respects to "Time inversion" also Lincoln was shot at "10:15" five minutes after he sat down..yes, if he decided to walk away before the watch hit "10:10" would be alive..thus "Time Inversion" Christopher Nolan is genius!!

    61. Pierce Brooks

      People may and will disagree but Nolan in my lifetime is the best director ever he never makes a trailer where I can even begin exactly how the movie is going to turn out

    62. Andrew Poderis

      We need to save them. Here and now

    63. Thrilled Samurai

      I want release date

    64. Ana Clara

      The ordinary usual people: "There are only seven kinds of stories"

    65. Merchant Ivory

      So, can i go back in time and get my money back from "Last Jedi" and give it to Nolan instead?

    66. Utente 01

      Nolan: yes People: how complicated the movie will be?

    67. Steph N Lyons

      I hate when they lost all of the movies the director made. I don't know why but it bothers me.

    68. Zeeshan Shaikh

      There are viewers in the future who are waiting to watch this movie in THEATRES

    69. Vishrut Rao

      So return of Fleur Delacor, Cedric Diggory and Gilderoy Lockhart in a time travel heist?

    70. Buddha Rai

      Movie postponed??? Shit X_X