The 10 Greatest Against All Odds Stories of ALL TIME

Austin Sweatt

Austin Sweatt

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    We made against all odds part 1 and 2 before with current players. But I found a lot of great stories with all time players that needed to be shared. Along with a couple of more current players that I just couldn't leave out. So leave your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for part 2.


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    1. Wildcard

      Seattle drafted serge not okc

    2. trash kid

      Im 5'11 and 185 pounds how tall do you guys think i can get

    3. PuLsE X Crallo

      Why cant i have a rodman growth spurt

    4. Roy Goodhand

      Biggest (PUN NOT INTENDED) against-all-odds story: Muggsy Bogues. Not just saying this because I just happen to be 5'3" just like Muggsy.

    5. nba richboi

      Good video

    6. Kairong Li

      Ibaka is Underrated

    7. CleanHischam

      5:04 wtf durant copy in the background lol

    8. mc chicken

      How you not pull out after that many kids tf

    9. Vex_Geo

      Feel bad for ibaka tho😭😭😔😔

    10. Av Kinglil

      5:05 pause the video if u want to see kd in the back in Spain Which he never played on that team

    11. Ajalon McLeish

      How is it possible to grow ten inches in a year!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. iEnvyx Mystics

      Is that Kevin Durant at 5:05 😂😂

    13. Matthew Pranata

      7:05 The dude on the left be like "rawrrr"

    14. edward timothy

      Man, the greatest rebounder u ever see, and the only one who can guard 1-5 potition

    15. Lucas Perry

      The like to dislike ratio tells us the quality of Austin's videos

    16. DRE

      DJ no you mean robert covington. if ykyk 😂😂

    17. donald olmstead

      I live in west Virginia huge fan of jerry

    18. Xdmanur YT

      5:08 KD?

    19. rasheed rashad

      Jerry West was a two guard not a point guard.

    20. Sam Perkins

      Jerry West is a shooting guard

    21. I like TUrtlEs

      7:05 what is #25 doing

    22. Dre Schuster

      At 5:07 y’all see Kd in the background of

    23. huzayfa jasat

      Amare hurt his knee

    24. Trimane Winters

      5:06 is that kd in the back 🤔 ?

    25. BradenTheBoss Gaming

      5:04 is that KD in the back?

    26. Adam_407

      Put Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf on a list, he has a really sad story and against all odds story

    27. Will Souza

      Rodman almost killed himself after 1990

    28. Griffin J miller

      5:05 kd in the background of the Spanish league

    29. EliteRaider X

      AM I the only one who sees KD at 5:06

    30. Tracy Johns

      Keven Durant is behind him?

    31. Sharrieff Muhammad

      It’s still crazy how u still don’t have lebron on this list

    32. Slim Chain

      10:25 reminds me of the Kevin Bacon basketball movie lmaoo

    33. Patrick Teggart

      This video makes me believe anything is possible and just never give up on your dreams Don’t listen to what ppl say

    34. Robert Branco

      Ahh i wish basketball was big in the uk

    35. Hugh Romaniuk

      5:04 did anyone see KD in the background behind Serge?

    36. Matthew G

      I'm 16. I live in a big family of people that are 6'4 and taller , I'm 5'6. I'm a really good football player at my school football team which is a really good charter school for sports. I like football but my real passion is basketball. This is my sophomore year, I didn't try out for basketball my freshman year i tried out this year for my jv basketball team ( grades 9 and 10) and i was cut on first day of tryouts, I was really depressed and wanted to cry because of how embarrassing it was

    37. Derek Smith Jr

      Why do u use the same beat for every video bro

    38. Got Game Prod.

      I’m 5’5 at 11yo

    39. Joey hrabak

      Who else thinks that Bradley Beal could win mvp of 2019 20 season

    40. Bracken Bull

      That’s a buff serge dang boi 4:39

    41. FearzyIsBackkk

      2:47 he zoomed into his..

    42. ImJason

      Rodman played in high school, went to school with my coach in Southern Oklahoma

    43. Hayden Royal

      47 WTFFF

    44. sabtala kockning

      these guys at 10.11are balling at ngoa ekelle and they all are dreaming of making it to the nba

    45. Ohio Saints

      You have one more chance to redeem yourself and put LeBron's story

    46. Scorps Art

      do more of these please

    47. Michael Davis

      5:07 anyone see Kevin Durant in the background

    48. Max the Random dude

      5:04 I know you noticed KD

    49. Mana Joyce-Grace

      Wtf are these people doing in the background? 😂😂 7:05

    50. Freddy Arkalji

      Can u do a pt 2

    51. asian_ derek

      Wrong Congo bud, you highlighted the DRC (Kinshasa), not the ROC (Brazzaville) which is much smaller.

    52. The Gamer11

      5:52 number 22 look like Rajon rondo

    53. ROUGEY RDA

      who else noticed melos arm ad kds face

    54. Me

      My gf was in jail at the same time as amare's mother lol she said that ahe had all the commissary one could have and could have the biggest spreads !! I can't recall just how many times amare's mom went to jail here in phx . at least 5-10 times , you would hear about it on the news every other few months or so . I hope she's doing alright now.

    55. Michael Basketball

      5:05 is that KD?

    56. Pat Ryan

      5:05 KD is in the background

    57. Loganm444

      Um Isaiah Thomas?

    58. Jamal Rozier

      Jimmy butler and Lebron?

    59. Kryptic Films

      Whos a better rebounder Dennis Rodman or Wilt Chamberlain?

    60. Kage The Mage

      5'9 to 6'7 ad went from in the 5's to 6'10

    61. Oscar's Sports Life

      Love the vid keep up the good work👍

    62. Nathan Bascone

      Are we not gonna mention that dennis rodman was caught about to commit suicide

    63. Iczeyy

      Those 54 dislikes bro u guys haters like u want someone to have a horrible childhood

    64. Jackson Blackmon

      Austin didn’t even mention Jerry West was abused by his father as well

    65. Chase

      ummm y'all forgot a man who had it way worse than any off these guys, Lonzo Ball.... He grew up with Lavar as a Dad so yeah we know who had it rufffff.

    66. Jovanny Torres

      We’re jimmy butler

    67. Nzongo Kumponda

      Shout out to my congo ppl man Ik how it be my cousin tell me

    68. ThatOneDude Tho

      4:17 weird sound

    69. Giselle Estevez

      I’m sad for serge ibaka

    70. Eufel John Labordo

      2:09 laughs in AD