The All-New 2021 Acura TLX: Reveal



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    Introducing the all-new Acura TLX and the triumphant return of the Type S, a sign of things to come for the future of Acura performance:

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      Sweet ride!

    2. Soichiro Kato

      My fricken dream car.

    3. Silvita Baires


    4. Tu Tran

      Covid 19 viruses will be gone soon and never come back ! !!😂

    5. Vanesa Garcia

      ))’l, ju

    6. Steven Nissan fan Mendoza

      Looks ,like it was made in 2015

    7. entertainedbyidiots

      i'm so happy acura is going back to its roots, but i don't understand for the life of my why the hell it took so long and why all of us honda/acura fans had to suffer through the era of the beak and lack of inspiration. acura's lucky fans like me are still willing to give them another chance after what felt like such a big "fuck you".

    8. Chris - Sol Mon

      Introducing the new TLX type S with quantum poly-phasic adaptive relay control and laser-guided intermix chambers that deliver multi-vector cascading torque thruster variance fields. Making its street debut while you’re at a red light, by the Wal-Mart and McDonald’s.

    9. 9antidote


    10. Apple Boy


    11. Tinonie Woody


    12. Glacian

      Still don’t see any progress, their design team is trash.

    13. Phoenix Flame27


    14. Travis Roopnarine

      Bring back the gear level! It now looks like all the Honda's. This car should be special.

    15. Emily Carlton


    16. johnb382s

      Had me sold at AWD for the type S.. I’m a Subaru guy but if the type S is reasonably priced I’m definitely going back to the Honda/ Acura game 👍

    17. Henry Monroe


    18. Chellyrey Villegas


    19. Memes_R_Dreamz

      That’s hot

    20. Yushiro Tanabe

      Wow... this car looks amazing.

    21. AJ Davenport

      It’s look like the 2020 Honda Accord debadge Acura

    22. AJ Davenport

      Well guess I’m buying a Acura I’m sold I just need a test drive

    23. 123RCKD


    24. Simon

      It’s unfortunate and disappointing that this isn’t available with a six speed trans.

    25. RpM_Evan

      No thanks

    26. David Angosto

      Petition for asphalt 9 to put this car in the game ⬇️

    27. Etelvina Vallejo

      6. Go to war so blah daughter

    28. Erica Suriel


    29. Frosty Taco

      Day 1 still waiting for a brand new Acura INTEGRA.

    30. Rodney Milner

      So sexy!

    31. Jessica Duncan

      Thank you i wanted to try working out and now its somthing i like to do

    32. Keisha Haynes


    33. Keisha Haynes

      You self sa

    34. Keisha Haynes

      And aresnel and jail break

    35. Keisha Haynes

      I thought you like bad buisnes

    36. Lulu Bee

      acura you are stereotypically built car designed to aggressively promote crazy stupid ignorant dangerous beyond rational Human being Driving, YOU INSPIRE DEATH 👎😡

    37. Bekzod Ibragimov

      Yea, I'm getting it!

    38. Party

      Thanks I hate it

    39. ChickenCharm


    40. Skyline gt350 Yo

      My 94 Acura Legend still better

    41. N P

      The KIA Stinger GT2 AWD has been stung!

    42. EzRiffs

      Definitely wouldn’t drive it like that lol

    43. John Ward

      Might have to trade my 5 series Bimmer in on this Acura.

    44. Jeena Yalda

      Not good enough

    45. Felix Pascual Jr

      Rest in peace, Toyota Camry.

    46. Christian Boyle

      Here's some free marketing advice. Switch the name of the top level trim from the generic 'platinum elite' to ' Legend' and stick a legend badge somewhere on the car. You will sell more of them. I guarantee it.

    47. Heath Weber

      Well, that was disappointing. At least the NSX is good...and underrated...and overpriced.

    48. LE 11

      Acura and Lexus gonna rule over the germans now

    49. Protective Potato

      You think we will live to see 2021 trust me I died way back in 2019.

    50. DNA Leguillou

      Does it come with the technology package?

      1. Eduardo Delgado

        @Master Chief v4?

      2. Master Chief

        Yes, tech comes with 2l v4 turbo

    51. Miguel Solorzano

      The final nail in the infinitis coffin ! 🤣✌🏽

      1. Christ the Lord Saves Souls

        Lexus too.

    52. Steph Lg

      That V6 single turbo sound😍😍😍

    53. Dr. Q

      How much horsepower?

    54. chinchy111

      I hope thw k24 is still available

    55. Awesome Things

      Type a has a turbo V6

    56. LucasTheProducer

      I want one now

      1. LucasTheProducer

        Blue with red interior

    57. Jason Young

      How heavy will it be? Auto only or will a 3-pedal manual be offered? will the SH-AWD have a rear biased mode so you can do some of the stuff shown in the video? Will the nannies be defeatable so you can do some of the stuff shown in the video? OR will it be just another modern Acura?

    58. iJaye

      Awesome, Must Have 💯

    59. Undead Skill

      One of the best things I’ve heard in a car is my 2016 V6 Acura with the intake when vtech kicks in. People look at me like they expecting a car to be on fire.

    60. WOLF Captainsav

      I hope the type-s can pull like we are anticipating! Glad to see they gave us more performance options! I got absolutely SMOKED by a Q50-S the other day! +1 for bringing the elements from the NSX and RDX to this car. I absolutely love my base 3.6 TLX but the ONLY thing I can't stand about it is how climate control is incorporated into the infotainment. I absolutely Love my RDX A-Spec, and my current TLX. I'm thankful for this car being exactly what I wanted in a TLX and this is a perfect year for me to move on up to the Type-S I'm going to be one of the first to own the Type-S. I got rear ended by a semi last year. Held out on getting a 20' A-Spec in anticipation for this. I also got a job this year that I definitely will be able to afford a 60k car.

    61. Thomas Nichols

      Wow... A car... Everything is all the fucking same for base model cars now, so clearly nothing exciting.

    62. Dr. Eduardo Martinez

      Yall really didn't wanna show the back that much huh hahahaha everyone on one of the tlx pages was opposed to the rear

    63. Noise Control


    64. William Jessich

      Anyone know the music in this video? It’s super catchy

      1. Master Chief

        @Sarah Linton Thanks Sarah!

      2. Sarah Linton

        Singing Serpent Studios designed the music!

      3. Master Chief

        Need a full version for the drive. Bet it would sound great on ELS 3D

    65. johny broadbelt

      Right hand drive please !!! Please send to NZ

    66. Greg Egan

      Really like this car, but also really want an electric car...

      1. William Lefebvre

        I am with you on that one, I want a Tesla for everyday driving, but this on the weekend...

    67. Ate Mega Bites

      You guys couldn’t afford to record and upload this in 4K ? Hello Acura it’s 2020 🤣

      1. Oluwasegun Alphonso


      2. Abdulftah Elmontser

        Maybe ur phone iphone Lcd Stupid Screen¡¿

      3. M

        Ate Mega Bites I personally would’ve rather had a higher FPS video but DE-news and most devices besides PCs don’t support higher than 60. Honestly though who cares

    68. Jamel Rosser

      Change the playback speed and it becomes much more interesting!