The Club have two words to share: WWE Network Pick of the Week, July 19, 2019



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    The Club look back on AJ Styles’ “too sweet” victory in which he defeated Ricochet for the United States Championship at WWE Extreme Rules 2019 in their WWE Network Pick of the Week for July 19, 2019.
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    1. Jason Bryant

      The Club sucks.

    2. Charles Hocker

      Now, Anderson and Gallows need the tag team belts. That would make a stable that will dominate until WM.

    3. THA Runna

      Styles osprey okada are the best wrestlers in the world

    4. Dire Wolf

      Not overly fond of superstars using social media to hype up feuds, but I have to saw there's one at the moment that could lead to an awesome feud for the club, and THAT IS UNDISPUTED

    5. Tito pineiro

      I got 2 words for all of you SUCK IT!!!

    6. AD. SIN

      Aj style won because of his friend . but ricochet loses because of they both. i want again batlle between aj style vs ricochet. and in this match aj style should be fight by himself with any help of his friend like if u agree. for the battle.🏆

      1. SPY!!

        Yes wwe has made a mindset that heels can't defeat face by their own

    7. vytka LTU


    8. Zombie Hunter

      The Club with Finn Balor vs Undisputed Era. Dream Match

      1. WWE MasterJulian14

        Zombie Hunter please sub to me

      2. Zombie Hunter

        @Darth Crackhead Yeah

      3. Darth Crackhead

        Even the one on ones are gonna be great

    9. BHD Productions

      I wonder what happened to A train

    10. Dillon Ohlemiller

      Let me guess: too sweet? Edit: didn’t even watch the video before I commented that. And I was right

    11. Yuanxin Zhang

      the club (with finn balor) vs TUE, cannot wait that to happen

    12. Emmy 007


    13. okta 12345


    14. syed malahim ahmed jafri

      Ricochet could have saved his championship by causing a disqualification like iiconics did to kabuli warriors🤦‍♂️

      1. Pro Wrestling Fan

        IIconics are heels and they use dirty techniques. Ricochet is a face and he has to wrestle fairly

      2. WWE MasterJulian14

        syed malahim ahmed jafri please sub to me

    15. Randy Orton

      push Finn Bálor

    16. dgrgd grgvgdfg

      It's Festus?

    17. S A HAZWIN


    18. Norma Anderson

      👎👎👎👎👎👎no sirve pésimo

    19. Vespucci


    20. Randy Orton

      Balor should heel turn and join The Club when he will make his return

      1. WWE MasterJulian14

        Randy Orton please sub to me

    21. محمد احمد

      انا مصري

    22. Drax DRAWINGS.

      This Monday Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, and other's legends the club dont care two words Seth Rollins is boring.

    23. 3.5M views

      WOOO.The Club is back on tv

    24. Thiseas Vrettos


    25. Ronnie Hudson

      eve Torres in the raw reunion??

    26. 1 year ago

      This is old Joking

    27. jj hunt

      That right it just too sweet

    28. curtistocool 24/7

      This match was awesome

    29. Ryan Peronto

      Sure there will be a Club nWo segment Monday

    30. Frank Kuhnke

      Die 3 Sandkasten Rocker die nur zu 3. Stark sind und große Fresse haben. Aber Alleine sind die Feige Schweine.

    31. CalebVX

      I have Two Words Undisputed Era

    32. alex cena

      SUCK IT!

    33. Laura Norton


    34. straight edge

      this was too sweet

    35. Anshul Dewangan

      Finn must join the club And then Aj is wwe champion Finn is universal champion Gallows and anderson are tag team champions Imagine how cool is that, if it is ever gonna happen.

      1. WWE MasterJulian14

        Anshul Dewangan please sub to me

      2. SPY!!

        Then in SS Finn vs AJ Wwe champion vs Universal Champion

      3. Hafiz Syed Noman Ali.

        AJ - Universal Champion Balor - WWE Champion



    36. Roman Lalbasha

      You are cheater AJ👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

      1. Mike H.

        Roman Lalbasha 👎👎👎👎👎

    37. Raushan Kumar

      Shield vs aj style ka match ho

    38. うちなーめもりーず


    39. Anish Kancharla

      Aj is the best performet WWE can ever have.. He deserves a lot of success and respect.. WWE please let AJ styles live with a title always. It's looking better on the waist of AJs than Ricochetts

      1. SPY!!

        No Every one needs title not only AJ


      Sweeeeeeeet 👌

    41. Marc Ortega

      Here one word of this video.Winner!!And Two Sweet too...🤘🤘

      1. KING_Marcus God OF_KINGS

        Aj Styles is one of the best wrestler fighting champ as always. 😎😎😎😎

    42. ivan pabon

      I give it 6 months tell you no longer see the good brothers on TV anymore

    43. ᗰօղՏԵҽɾ ᗩɾʍվ

      *They Should be Called as THE BADASS CLUB and not just the club*

      1. Darth Crackhead

        Styles club is better

    44. DATO PC

      AJ Styles My Favorite Wrestler. Best In The World AJ Styles

      1. WWE MasterJulian14

        DATO PC please sub to me

      2. DATO PC

        Poll1491 AJ Styles Best

      3. Poll1491

        Breat hart is the first best in the worls

      4. DATO PC

        dave johnson AJ Styles History Is Best

    45. Breno Oliveira


      1. Canopus The Star

        I know that reference, one of the best shoot promos ever!

    46. علي الصاك

      شباب شفتو هاي السعوديه شلون لابسه والحمدالله

    47. Ryan Kelepi

      ADAM COLE Bay Bay NXT champion vs AJ STYLE UNITED STATES champion 🏆

      1. chhana pachuau

        @Randy Orton 😂😂

      2. Randy Orton

        Finn Bálor referee

      3. KING_Marcus God OF_KINGS

        Undisputed Era vs The Bullet Club too 😎😎😎😎

    48. Stone Cold

      Too Sweet 🤘🤘

    49. Bob Bill

      Let me guess to sweet

    50. Conan Edogawa

      Finn Balor should join The Club too

      1. KING_Marcus God OF_KINGS

        He's been joining the club. But they had him to be in Smackdown live.

    51. Shahbaz Rajput

      Wwe sucks nowadays... Vince please bring back Attitude Era or Ruthless Aggression Era

      1. GAMEINFORMER404

        Naw it doesn't suck a lot to enjoy

      2. SPY!!

        We are now in rutheless aggression era boie And wwe is actually becoming intresting I think it is boring for you because roman is not getting title And he never should

    52. Chris Shepherd

      I have two others words for WWE . THE CLUB.. Two more.. Finn Balor.

    53. Anil Chavhan

      The shiled vs The Club who is the best Shiled Like The club comments

      1. Lydarius Vaughn

        In terms of WWE, Shield

    54. Seth Freakin Rollins Fanclub

      3x US Champion 2x WWE Champion Man, Aj Styles has been booked like a king in WWE. All those accomplishments in a matter of 3 years. I'm glad they use him as they should. He's one of the best in ring performers to ever step foot in a wrestling ring.

      1. Krillep

        nWo 4-life. too sweeet

      2. SPY!!

        @Shashank Marta yes i am because i tell reality And the reality is Seth can never defeat Brock I know you're a hater of brock so it is a joke for you But reality can't change according to your thinking

      3. Shashank Marta

        @SPY!! yes Iam a joker funny guy but Ur a broker 😂😂🤣🤣

      4. SPY!!

        @Shashank Marta you are joker of the year It's reality kid.

    55. ᏉɑʍԹíɾҽ H⃟մղɬɛɾ

      Attitude Era; -More Creativity -More realistic -Better characters and gimmicks -legit Hell in a Cell and Cage matches -ACTUAL Hardcore wrestling -Better PPV themes -Pyros PG Era; -A lot of weird and dumb gimmicks' -No REAL hardcore matches. -no pyros -crappy theme music -most belts on raw and smackdown look like garbage -not as realistic -no attitude -Same matches each and every week wrestling today sucks compared to then!

      1. WWE MasterJulian14

        ᏉɑʍԹíɾҽ H⃟մղɬɛɾ please sub to me

      2. ProWrestling & Ultras Croatia

        @VortexDreamer In The Golden Era? That's 5 era's away.

      3. VortexDreamer

        ProWrestling & Ultras Croatia undertaker debuted during 1990

      4. ProWrestling & Ultras Croatia

        @Coolsister Ts Let's repeat all ERAS! 1952-1963: Early years 1963-1979: Rise of Bruno Sammartino 1979-1982: Transition *1982-1993: The Golden Era* *1993-1997: New Generation Era (Undertaker debut)* *"1997-2002: The Attitude Era"* *2002-2008: Ruthless Aggression Era* *"2008-2013: PG Era"* (CM Punk, The Miz, Ryback) 2014-2016: The Reality Era *"2016-present: The "New" Era"* (The fiend, 24/7 championship, Braun Strowman and others)

      5. Coolsister Ts

        Brother Nero exactly

    56. Igor180

      It's the same story they had with John Cena.

      1. WWE MasterJulian14

        Igor180 please sub to me

      2. Igor180

        @Tariq Dogg Me too my friend😄👍

      3. Tariq Dogg

        Yes and that's why i'm on team Ricochet

    57. Ayat Elmorshdy

      Who else is waiting to hear the MASSIVE POP Austin is gonna get on Monday?? It's really gonna blow the roof like no one else had

      1. SPY!!

        @Hafiz Syed Noman Ali. not only shane but Vince too Stone cold to Vince and kevin to shane at the same time It will be historic

      2. Hafiz Syed Noman Ali.

        Things I want to happen on RAW: 1. Austin and KO beating Shane and give him a stunner. 2. The Club interrupts DX reunion and attacks them.

    58. Nathan Vlogs!

      Epic this is really awesone and I love wwe

    59. WWF Attitude Era

      Now next I want AJ Styles vs Rey Mysterio dream match please make it happen

      1. WWE MasterJulian14

        WWF Fastlane 2K19 please sub to me

      2. SPY!!

        @KING_Marcus God OF_KINGS because he is old so he will be not as flexible as he was before But he is a legend of high flying moves

      3. KING_Marcus God OF_KINGS

        @SPY!! Lol let's see how fast is Rey. 😎

      4. SPY!!

        @KING_Marcus God OF_KINGS rey is better

      5. SPY!!

        @v b rey is actually better than AJ

    60. Braun Strowman

      *Beat Up Ricochet*

    61. Baron Corbin

      This Match was Great

    62. Sean Cornforth


    63. T series work

      Who is best? Ronda rousy = (Like) 👍👍 Lacey Evans = (Comment)

      1. Tariq Dogg


    64. Art with Swapan


    65. Bahaa Karrali


    66. Akhilesh Singh

      Aj style and company cheter

    67. Baron Corbin

      AJ Styles the Best US champion

      1. Lydarius Vaughn

        @Tariq Dogg Agreed

      2. Tariq Dogg

        @Baron Corbin i'm serious John Cena is the best ........ stretch that John Cena is the greatest US champion of all time

      3. Baron Corbin

        Tariq Dogg You are very funny

      4. Tariq Dogg

        Baron Corbin I got two words for ya: John Cena

    68. Sports Entertaining

      At raw reunion they should have Nwo and The club have a face off

    69. T series work

      Who wants regular upload !? Like if u want! 😊

    70. Poulami Basu

      aj styles