The Craziest Mod No One Expected!



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    1. brightwhite_370Z


    2. Joe Kurenai

      9:30 lol Wing stack

    3. Og Bruh

      0:30 **Slams door like its a 95’ civic**

    4. Bharath Sagar

      Is there going to be a day when all his cars are at his home.

    5. Benjamin Blaster


    6. Tilen Šuligoj

      Unwrap the the avantedor to be red...❤

    7. 1 Hour Loops

      The most I know about cars is what their gta counterparts are but yet here I am, binge watching strad

    8. Nolan Blocker

      Does anyone remember when oscar was a little puppy

    9. Joseph P

      How you going to get mad at someone standing on your hood when you do it in your thumbnail. Dog This is the type of stuff that gets DE-newsrs into drama they don't want to be in.

    10. ZombsRed

      wtf hes santa no wonder HAHAHAHA

    11. Hugo Fonseca

      So my girlfriend just said you look like a younger version of Murr from impractical jokers

    12. Viper


    13. Red Crush

      Matte orange would be sick I think

    14. Shantanu Giri

      You are such a great person James, I have seen your videos of 2012, you have great patience. I am inspired from you. Thank you TheStradman.

    15. Marc-Antoine Lavallée

      Stumbled upon your channel and man i love your energy!!

    16. Enticing Earlobe

      Turn it down a notch, jesus

    17. Matthew K

      Loose the spoiler maybe?

    18. CTF Cars

      I’m in love with that Gt3rs! Sounds amazing!

    19. Justin Tremblay

      Yes unrape it , it is so ugly

    20. Dante Habulan


    21. John Townsend

      This channel is so sick keep it up

    22. Boomer


    23. Blacc Feather

      Strad should be a level boss in the next forza horizon

    24. Inposter

      6:26 that is not a Porsche.

    25. Finley Boulton

      Go to yiannimize they have done lots of celebs cars

    26. Safwan Shams

      No please don’t unwrap the. Lamborghini please

    27. Jake Jones

      bro drift the supra

    28. Taylor Griffing

      Unwrap ASAP.

    29. Ashura Amin

      3:33 he looked like an idiot

    30. Travis Hartley


    31. Vrayden

      All I can hear is his lAuGh. hAhAhaAhah

    32. Papa J

      If you crash We still live You don't 😅 .

    33. _Tipi

      Im from Utah. It’s pretty cool, just hard to find nice cars

    34. DownLow0099

      Somebody is going far into the thicket by years end

    35. Samwil789 W

      4:47 who else didn't leave a like because they like this wrap

    36. Quyen Vu

      Your name should have your own way of doing it to your mom to get your name out on the cars 🚘 was your day so we yhave yyou

    37. Logan Tang Nian

      2 years ago I don’t won t to launch my avetodor tranz and now 6000. Jams UGH

    38. james Branner

      Yes unwrap it!

    39. Alyssa Kloster

      Please unwrap I miss the old colors

    40. MEGACHAD

      Awesome vid bro!! Sure enjoying them.

    41. Zunaid Habibullah

      And if you like my idea do me on Insta @buter_chiken_in_building

    42. Zunaid Habibullah

      Hey James make racing sites for the aventador one orange and the autre one white

    43. Viktor

      YES. the time to unwrap the aventador

    44. Michael Calvin Nguyễn

      Hey man! I really miss the old video when you go out with your cars and discover the other cars. Not only about your cars and your neighbors right now. Those videos are great. Why don't you do that again please?!

    45. Americanpatriot2

      unwrap venti

    46. Alex Soweidan

      I live in Salt Lake

    47. vuuzi

      Last video: *Assessing the damages of the kid who stood on my lambo* Thumbnail of this video: *Him standing on the same lambo*

    48. Kingdimi 1

      R.I.P Neibors

    49. My Corvette Life

      The Cadillac whipped the floor! And it had a terrible start off the line. I think Oskar needs a CTS-V.

    50. My Corvette Life

      You could have cold started the GT for a few seconds...

    51. Jordan Miller

      7:23 these scenes look like something out of a Need for speed or Forza game

    52. Jamie Mayo

      You have so much patience jes

    53. Brenda Ellsmore

      Make the custom racing seats the same color as the wrap on the f430

    54. Ace of Spades

      Unwrap that ish asap

    55. Naterade 2018

      Is this the exact color? Matt iced amethyst titanium VWS IV.

    56. Anthony Shields

      If you gave me the chance I could do it in 1:02.32 in the lambo.

    57. Joy L

      Seems to me you guys are just too scared to really make proper use of the downforce on those cars. If you go fast enough that Aventador should be glued to the track in those corners. The brakes should only be used to heat up the tires!

    58. Joy L

      The launch from the Aventador seems to be where the the only advantage is (and maybe the widebody downforce). Also I thought you said you weren't gonna ever launch the Aventador because the clutch/gearbox are infamously expensive and breaks easily?

    59. Joy L

      I'll never get tired of seeing/hearing a straight-piped GT3 RS

    60. davewesley11

      its a shit wrap get rid


      Amazing the wrap of your Avedator!

    62. Abraham shez

      Has everyone forget about the Lamborghini gallardo?

      1. Abraham shez

        That’s my favourite what’s yours?

    63. Cristian Franco

      Unwrap the aventador. It looks whack 😂

    64. Jonah Rutherford

      Please do white racing seats with a white stripe on the F430 Challenge. White and blue have a better contrast then blue and orange. At least thats what I think lol. Edit James needs a GT3 RS!

    65. Andrew S

      Hes tempting me to move to utah for the views on views

    66. Fat Mink

      Glad to see the hundreds of dollars I spent at Astro Burger went towards an amazing GT3

    67. CapitanoMONSTER _

      No please don't unwrap the Aventador with the wrap is much better

    68. Jacob Taylor

      No don’t unwrap the aventador

    69. Roan Couperus


    70. Mark Laurent

      Honest opinion on the new aventador wrap, I've never liked it.