The Dance of Dragons Confirmed by George RR Martin | Game of Thrones Prequel



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    Game of Thrones Season 8 left all of Game of Thrones in mourning! Some were mourning because it was over, some were mourning because of how it ended But it looks like George RR Martin has confirmed that a Game of Thrones Prequel in the works will feature House Targaryen and the targaryen Civil war known as the Dance of Dragons! I personally would choose the Dance of Dragons over Bloodmoon any day! Not that I dont think Bloodmoon will be amazing, but is a Game of Thrones prequel really a prequel without House Targaryen and dragons? I don't think so! In this video I will go over the Game of Thrones News that a pilot is nearing order for a House Targaryen Prequel The Dance of Dragons!
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    1. Angad Singh

      So much incest...

    2. Angad Singh

      So many blonde wigs...

    3. Ron Banks

      There's nothing better than a good story, and who has a better story than bran the broken? Well..alot of people

    4. Dr Dixon BhD

      The Real Long Night, Has Been Missing Your Awesome Voice That Has Always Been The JUICE!!! Imho...👑GreyArea Your Return Is Much Heralded and We All REJOICE!!!💚🔥🐲🐲🐲

    5. Phelix Hanney

      You are too much, and I love it. Love u for this. Phelix

    6. Hineyman

      I was praying 🙏🏽 one of the sequels would be about house targaryen and more DRAGONS !!!!! 🐉

    7. Desiree LaFleur

      Fire and blood....yawn. I love Dany and what she has accomplished but could care less about her family as a whole. And sure I love dragons but they are expensive to render so much like the direwolves being left out for budget purposes we won't be getting nearly thr amount of dragons we want...'

    8. thetom12395

      shame game of thrones was shit by the end couldnt care less about the prequels now. D n D are crap writers

    9. Andie

      Gray!!!! Can you please refresh my memory- there are a couple of books you have said that George relies on heavily for his influence. One specifically with a theme of night and dark, cold and warm! Help!!!!

    10. Peter Dixon

      I wonder how long (generations/centuries) a family surname would last in real life. It gets passed down the paternal line, but even languages change over 4,000 years. I shall have a look in the phone book for Tudors, Caesars, Khans, etc. What a minute, what is a phone book?

    11. Everything batman collector

      Why are people still making game of thrones vids its over stop crying u need a support group or something

    12. Nearly Namaste

      I want a series on the dothraki. One that does justice to poc and their leadership, practices, spirituality and customs.

    13. books from Windblown

      Targaryen alwayd will be Targaryen. The series is always been centered around them.

    14. Katipunan ng Sentido Comun

      What's great about the Dance of the Dragons is because the characters are just as complicated and three-dimensional as they are on Game of Thrones.

    15. Jackie Cunningham

      god, i miss game of thrones so much (minus season 8) CANT WAIT FOR The Witcher

    16. Michele Silva

      Yes yes yes!!! I want to see the dance n what lead up to it. But so far after the first volume of fire n blood, my fav Targaryen is king Jaehaerys n queen Alysanne . So I wish they’d do the whole fire n blood. But it would be rushed like a mini series which I don’t want. What I do want is both series running simultaneously. Like blood moon can be shown in winter n fire n blood in summer that way we don’t have to wait so long to see something from this universe we love so much.

    17. Black Phoenix

      How awesome would it be to find out tha varys was a targaryan as well

    18. Blitz

      annoying voice


      Yess can't wait for the show and more of your videos if it does come out.

    20. William Lopez

      Screw HBO they did us dirty with season 7 and 8 ill wait till these new shows are on redbox. Not one red cent of mine

    21. William Lopez

      We need a show about the DOOM thats where it all started at

    22. Sheff 14

      Ok now back to the whitcher, I love GOT but I'm currently obsessed with Geralt. I know it's a long chapter but let's go Gray!

      1. GrayArea

        Sheff 14 hahah I’m working on it sugar!!❤️❤️

    23. susanapatricia1

      Guys this will be based on dance of dragons so it will be about the end of house Targaryen. So it well end with the death of all dragons. That is why I’ll never be happy with what they did do Daenerys. She alone with no family, just an abusive brother, brought house Targaryen from the ashes alone. Yet always cared about saving the innocents, yet goes mad in two episodes because of genetics with a father she didn’t even knew. So yara would be bad aswell cause her father was an evil men. But no just Daernerys fuckin logic. So you’re father is a killer you will be one as well, if he’s a criminal you’ll be one as well 🤦🏻‍♀️

    24. Paola Castillo

      please a video on bae the seasnake hahah

    25. John Vazakas

      House Targaryen is dead

    26. John Vazakas

      So don't watch the first prequel

    27. Rebel Tazz

      Robert's rebellion is the best option same houses n characters new story.. but they can strategically also do a Aegon's conquest and chronologically do it all the way till Robert's rebellion where GoT began.. a 10-20year long project with all the stories covered !

    28. Cheryl Baxter ,Stormborn

      I'm realy looking forward to the Prequel about House Targaryan I'm Targaryans an Dragons all day an very interested in their history the dragon's an all that ruled I think it will be a good series thank you Grey for another wonderful video 🐲🐲🐲

    29. semprejgloh

      I wish Queen Alysanne would be apart of the series but i understand why it may not be possible

    30. jjm management

      I need to see "dark sister" in action, SIlverwing on top of the hightower, and Rogar Baratheon call his banners!

    31. Maryann Cantone-Hanna

      Love your channel! Thank you for keeping up with everything got related

    32. Jonnie McKaig

      I know they haven’t ordered it but the game of thrones page has been lighting up DE-news with Targaryen videos and I’m pretty confident that this will go through

    33. AlexOne

      I hope we get both but i rather have blood moon i feel like we will learn more about stuff we dont know. We know all about the targ histiry we have all the greebs vs blacks books, the dance of the dragons, fire and blood hell even the world of ice an fore covers it i wamt wat i dont know

    34. Big Jonto

      Starks will give the creators more freedom since it not covered in any of George's works. Targaryen history will have to follow the "Bible".

    35. Film Fanatic

      I’m done after season 8.

    36. M. Kelly

      On PeriodT #HouseTargareyen All Day, every day

    37. Bennette Arnold

      I hope they do bring the new series being as the Game of thrones,, turned out to be a shame,, I am still mad about it,, D&D just rushed thru stuff, and it just got ruined,,

    38. Veezey Babes

      All I know is they better up their wig game! Dany’s got better over the years but you just can’t talk about how beautiful the Targs are and then have those busted wigs!😁

    39. Kimberly Tennison

      They have to make the dragons more colorful this time, like it describes in the books. There's so many, I can see it getting confusing if they keep them in subdued dark colors like in GOT

    40. Elaine Shepherd

      Love your humorous reviews♥️

    41. NuclearSeason

      OMFG WHO ARE YOUUUUU! Bitch you have me laughing so hard but yet you're so educational 😅💕 I definitely subscribed and I'm ringing that damn bell! I'm literally on a binge watching all your videos and I'm so happy you're TEAM TARGARYEN BABY!!! Also Justice for Daenerys PERIODTTTTT

    42. MickeyGreenEyes213

      Woo! Can't wait to see Balerion!! If Drogon was like a third of his size he's going to be crazy awesome!!

    43. WereBear

      Should do a 10 or 12 episode run of Roberts rebellion

    44. _killerqueen27 _

      Im all about house Targaryen. I hope they do how they took the 7 kingdoms. And speaking of The Whitcher Henry Cavill yaassss

    45. SilversongGaming203

      Not interested, we all know what they plan to do with my two favs so why should I even bother?

    46. Melton Bridge

      I know they are already have dragons and white walkers in the prequel but more supernatural things like mermaids,giant snakes or more creatures will be so fcking cool 😮

    47. All Things Sci-Fi & Fantasy

      Someone's very passionate even before the pilot ordering stage. Totally see similarities between players in the WotFK and the DotD. Rhaenyra = Daenerys Daemon = Stannis? (definite case of Middle Child Syndrome even though the thirdborn son died in childbrith) Alicent = Cersei Aegon + Aemond = Joffrey Otto = Tywin Ser Steffon Darklyn = Ser Barristan Selmy, as Kingsguard Knights who defected

    48. crystal gee

      You got me so excited!!!!😌

    49. TamHutchins

      Thanks for this excellent juice Gray! Very psyched to hear you're going to cover AHS as well!

    50. Collette Williams

      Yes , please !!

    51. The High Valyrian

      Fire and Blood is my favorite book outside the current asoiaf story. Rhaenyra is one of my favorite Targaryens but I’d also love to see the reign of Jaehaerys so I’m curious as to where they’re start with the show storyline. Aside from series outside of GoT/asoiaf not sure if you checked out the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, I’d love to hear your take on it!

    52. comeatmebr0o

      Aegon was completely mad from what I read about him, way worse then Dany

    53. comeatmebr0o

      Really want to see Valeria prior to the doom to be truthful, that would be dope!!!!

    54. comeatmebr0o

      I’m not really interested in the blood moon prequel as of now to be honest!

    55. comeatmebr0o

      They destroyed our favorite house and now want to do this? Rather them make season 9 and open with Daenerys on the table with a lord of light waking her up

    56. NoogieProductions

      Meh. Game of thrones, shmame of mrones.

    57. grand pubba

      I hope It leads up to Roberts rebellion

    58. bamacountrygirl64

      So over got.

    59. Kris B

      Please continue with obsidian nights podcast!

      1. Kris B

        Yay! So excited, you guys always bring up really great discussion topics together

      2. GrayArea

        Kris B we are. It’s coming and more consistent too

    60. Cristo Da21Yonko

      Love it 👏🏿👌🏿

    61. Shawn Edwards

      Great.....2 prequels I give 2 fucks about. But it is a good idea though, for the Targaryen show to start around about 1 year after Aegon 1 was confirmed as king of the 7 (really 6) Kingdoms. That's a good starting point.

    62. Ron James

      I'm WAAAAAAAY more excited about this than Bloodmoon.

    63. Sarah M

      Sea snake!!!

    64. Lycan Whisper

      Rather see the Doom of Valyria. Still disappointed in GOT. Ill toss a coin when it come out. Excited for the Witcher series tho. Thanks for the juice Lady Gray.

    65. PJ of Ice and Fire

      Gime, gime, gime, that Sweeeeet Fire and Blood. Yessssss!!!!!!

    66. Lianne Knox

      Love your commentary. So looking forward to this, would love to see more dragons!

    67. Brittany Rae

      I literally have goosebumps.

    68. Carmel Leopard

      I would love to see both Aegon’s Conquest and the Dance of Dragons. Screw the...Lannistarks. Targaryen all the way!


      Miss you so much!!! Still watching everything you share but...I jus....THIS is what I want.

    70. Meraxes Targaryen

      excited to see the cast ! I agree, the ideal will be begin with a young Rhaenyra and her father, or better, with Jaehaerys and how he made the big council to discuss the matter of the succession, I personally blame Viserys (Rhaenyra's father) for the whole dance of dragons, he should've done the same that Jaehaerys did, summon the big council and discuss the fucking matter of the succession before he died, and leave all clear and crystal for all westeros, the whole matter when he proclamed "the delight of the realm" (Rhaenyra), his successor, was way before Aegon was born so ... that wasn't very wise, he was the one to blame.