The extraordinary final test to become a Shaolin Master | Sacred Wonders - BBC



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    At the Shaolin Temple in China, a Buddhist warrior monk faces a test that will change the course of his life forever.
    Discover just what people do for faith in some of the most stunning sacred places on Earth.
    Sacred Wonders | Series 1 Episode 1 | BBC
    #BBC #SacredWonders #ShaolinMonks
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    1. TheDynamicDuos

      Nice dance moves

    2. Travis Michael Maynard

      We silly Americans have no idea what type of challenge this truly could be!!!!!

    3. BTV WORLD

      🙏🙏🙏☸☸☸ RESPECT..

    4. ddavel5441

      This was more like an excerpt out of the TV show 'Kung Fu'. I was expecting David Carradine to show up!

    5. 123_TheNumber

      Sieht eher aus wie n epilleptischer anfall 😂

    6. David Velar

      I thought Kung Fu was developed in India with the first Shaolin temple masters ? Kalaripayattu in Tamil

    7. Jared Anthony Bandalan

      in 1:24 yeet YEET YEET

    8. Abdi Rahman

      I really hate to see man bow down for another man. becouse of respact . Dont get me wrong. respact is good. but bowing down or prostation only belongs the one and only who creat you and gave you a form and make you see and hear and gave you the heart and the intelligent.please read the holly quran it will free you

    9. Pak-Keung Wan

      This film should be prefixed as fictional and scripted. It's a shame the BBC continues to perpetuate this stereotypical view of what the Shaolin Temple is, how the art is practiced and how the monks behave. They wish to impose their own ideas on the actual monks themselves. I hope the temple got remunerated properly for it. The citing of Hollywood is non-existent research.

    10. babdu singh

      mma can squish these hairless stupids ...

    11. Lucas Sandoval

      this seems staged

    12. Noah Cogar

      This thing is bs and its suprising how many of u bought into it

    13. ayush Rathore


    14. Jamal Jawhar

      Congrats Yandian!

    15. M. Clark

      @4:30, damn, this just killed all my childhood memories of watching movies like 36 chambers of Shaolin, and the Lotus Flower, etc. to see these dudes walking up with hard suit cases, Lol... Whatever happened to taking one jump and landing in a whole new city...?

    16. M. Clark

      @1:05, does my man have on Nike running shoes...?

    17. IrieBengel

      Kung fu is what human needs

    18. Johnny Test

      Your move is slow

    19. Danger boy

      1:26 YEET!!!!!! LAZARBEAM

    20. Summer 69

      I bow in front of you, you are to enlighten us.

    21. Aye

      2:40, it is obvious that they are quite cut off from the outside world.

    22. Darnei Da

      Bodhi Dharma a man from India was the guy who invented kungfu some research....

    23. Anthem Tai Chi

      Love his determination and talents!

    24. kevin hill

      Wow...awesome shaolin

    25. Second Thought

      Zhuhe my friend.

    26. Beloax

      I feel so happy for him!

    27. 倪涛


    28. Naeem Shaikh

      Who the hell is ranton Just asking

      1. Karnak07

        A Shaolin Kung Fu disciple, he trained in there for three years, he was going to become a warrior monk but he decided to quit, so, basically, he knows pretty well how fake this documentary is

    29. bob kasaei

      so why the big examiner in yellow is fat, means no agility...

    30. Colin Choi

      Ranton to bbc: I’m about to end this mans career

    31. My nation is My proud

      Kung fu is in it's origen it belongs to india and the king baudhhi dharman went to china that time the chinese learn the marital arts form of kung fu.

    32. Coiled Steel

      Real thing is better than the movies and TV.

    33. Ray Chau

      This is not what the Buddha teaches. This is the modern Chinese ideas of Buddhism. The idea that one must perform a task perfectly is opposite of what the Buddha actual teaches.

    34. lynx6871

      Unbelievable (and admirable) dedication

    35. さんサス

      自ら武器を放るなw そして拾うなw

    36. Gaurav j. Chopra

      Check this gym now... He's working in Subway.

    37. Jesse Dagdag

      why they dont fight in MMA?

    38. Bharathi Karnan


    39. daniel280456

      6:25 this is how Kenshiro became the Fist of North Star successor. Except it wasn't religious quotes, it was one-liners.

    40. Utkarsh Goel

      1:24 did he say yeet🤪🤪

    41. Sarcastic Clap

      this was already proven wrong by a monk's that studied here and proved this was all fake for cameras.. and most of these places were used just for filming ...such a fake documentary....

      1. Anton Duroj Bidstrup

        Watch this:

      2. Sarcastic Clap

        even the guys in this clip were his class mates and show it is all fake for BBC Doc's

    42. Rico Diaz

      This has sorta been debunked lol a guy who use to go there said that he’s already a master and that most of the stuff is just for the camera. They don’t really train in those areas or meditate as much lol.

    43. Tony Blair

      At least he doesn't have to do Monkey going up the tree when is that fat enough..

    44. Katherine Uribe

      So wonderful that he passed! So heartbreaking the other did not. I hope they both find enlightenment.

      1. NoturAvg Dude

        Sorry to disappoint you, this whole video was scripted. The training monk was already a master.

    45. Joshua Ortiz

      beautiful. I love this culture.

    46. Genesis

      The Master Swordsman who trained 12 hours a day for 30 years, had trouble with the western fighting technique, "Indiana Jones pulling out revolver".

    47. AG Mamolo

      BBC: 1:48 Me: *Nahhh, Kung Fu was created by a turtle named Oogway*

      1. Robert Carson


    48. Mihail TERMINATOR Hrastov

      China... dream land. I love too much Chinese culture, music and Chinese rich history, since ancient China until today.

    49. Zen Dr

      Some of the facts were misquoted in this Video. One big blunder, there is no mention of India?🤔 Once again our public funded entity does a shoddy work!


      Useless martial art, every single shaolin monk got smashed in every single fight against kickboxer, muay thai fighter, mma etc...

      1. Zen Dr

        You are an uneducated idiot!

    51. clone Evo

      I come from China, three the abbot in the middle in the shaolin temple is very famous. He in order to build the shaolin temple ,Selling the ancestral beads The value of $170 million

    52. Eric Tran

      The secret to pass the test is to master your meditation.

    53. Agent Loo

      Gun > This useless crap

    54. Agape movement

      this is a lie, the martial arts where brought to them, they did not invent it.

      1. Genesis

        That stick he's using has "Made in Japan" stamped on it. It would have broke if it were made in China.

    55. nev billett

      Poor guy doesn't even know about Jesus the true enlightenment.

    56. MetallicBlue1000

      BBC workers Shaolin was started by Bodhidharma an Indian buddhist monk who travelled to China in the 5th century. He's the father of martial arts in China. Without him China would never have known martial arts. Please do your home work before publicizing information. The reason Chinese have difficulties learning martial arts fast is because it was not invented by them. Indian martial artists in South India can do it faster after all they invented the art and all the animal moves of attack. Like monkey up a tree or snake strike.

    57. shin josh

      examiner : no emotions please no just dont give me tat face.. monk: you talk like master shifu both men laughs . oogway shows them the way out.. thats when they decide to go to the trump tower.. ... but then they heard a quack. and then silence again..... and then quack quack.... donald the barbarian they whispered .. to be continued....

    58. Jack Stapleton

      Kung Fu was inspired by ancient Indian martial art Kalaripayattu. The most ancient martial art in the world.

      1. Stefy Thomas


      2. Stefy Thomas


      3. coolasiwanatabe1233

        @Stefy Thomas what???? Germany and Russia? No offense, but what history book did you get?

      4. Stefy Thomas

        Xtrikz - I agree, it's not UK but china was under different foreign rules certain times like the Japanese, Germans, Russians etc.

      5. Arihant Rana

        Xtrikz -“imperial japanese army ” “nanking”

    59. Khmer2the bone

      bullshit. fake kung fuuuuuu

    60. Sangdo Palri

      Gymnastics, not fighters. Funny

    61. DEEKSHI2020

      Yes, amazing. I didn't understand the ENLIGHTENMENT part. What for?

    62. 抖音热点


    63. streamerbtw ū

      Everyone please repent the kingdom of god is at hand

    64. Oscar Aguilar

      Repito mi pregunta, se puede combatir lo paranormal con estas artes?.

    65. joe fitness

      I've been working out 30 years, there is no test, no end of road to go down. It is something you can do, but never fully understood . Tests are for the meak, the soft, the prideful. Acceptance of failure of your goal that's set too high is the way of steel, the way you mold flesh and blood, to become an idea that is impossible.

    66. Farzad Skate


    67. fahim khan

      The Master...

    68. plolee blowoteehow

      false religion

    69. Anuj Ankala

      kung fu didn't start in china it had started in India by a prince