The extraordinary final test to become a Shaolin Master | Sacred Wonders - BBC



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    At the Shaolin Temple in China, a Buddhist warrior monk faces a test that will change the course of his life forever.
    Discover just what people do for faith in some of the most stunning sacred places on Earth.
    Sacred Wonders | Series 1 Episode 1 | BBC
    #BBC #SacredWonders #ShaolinMonks
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    Am Vor 6 Monate


    1. The Awakened Viking

      It's so funny returning to this video after Ranton dissolved BBC's bullshit lol

    2. Mr11ESSE111

      it is bullshito anyway but BBC dummies can make from bullshito something interesting like it is real

    3. Saba Kukhianidze


    4. Saba Kukhianidze

      guys this is fame

    5. jon pogi

      Its just like jacky chan moves

    6. Study reforms

      Another masterpiece by India and as usual forgotten by Indians themselves.

    7. Study reforms

      Another masterpiece by India and as usual forgotten by Indians themselves.

    8. Imme F

      So what happens now?

    9. L. Ron Gardner

      How would these guys do in MMA?

    10. Michael Cousins

      and then BOOM - Coronavirus

    11. Чангачгук На связи

      Каждый день занимается в зале а полы себе отремонтировать не могут.

    12. Shawn Kirk

      Christ Jesus is the only way

    13. Garl Vinland

      First. You have to defy gravity. :| Next. You need to memorize a poem. :O

    14. Skyler Tran

      Me and I’m Asian watching this: man I’m a disappointment

    15. The Matrix

      mortal combat vibes

    16. Rob Marrin

      Sometime faith is in what you do and belief in that which you do,, I'm Christian I've a lot of respect for you and your diligence ❤️👍

    17. Rob Marrin

      Temprament is everything,, I get you shaolin monks ❤️👍

    18. Bobby The Shark

      everybody gangsta till the corona virus rolls up

    19. Da_ Little

      When A student becomes a monk: Oi sup OLD master monk The old master monk: YOU ARE GONNA MAKE ME RAGE

    20. The Masoko

      That stick thing looked physics defying

    21. bitsmart

      that's the real privilege to be called Shaolin Master no other title in the world is so great and honorable - NONE!

    22. Ibrahim Oz

      wuxia cultivator temple

    23. 만효 한

      중국무슬은 옛날 몽고에 정복당한 중국인들이 정신승리하기 위해 만든 그냥 보여주기식 무슬이죠 무슬이 대단했다면 세계 정복했겠지ㅋㅋ 저런 동작 하나하나가 그냥 서커스수준 진짜 전쟁엔 소용이 없는 독작들만 있음 한마디로 정신승리하기 위함이다.

    24. Marco Smud

      Shaolin: What is it? MMA: Mixed Martial Arts. Shaolin: How does it work? MMA: I will show you. 5 seconds later ... Shaolin: I hate you.


      I at least demand a teacher in Shaolin who will give freedom to their students to learn new kinds of martial arts they learn from their real life.


      Secondly Lord Gautam Buddha achieves it's iternal purity first by meditating for years towards the God or Allah or Bhagwan etc because Lord Buddha also knows that there is one God or Allah only who made the human beings and the death or life is already decided by the Almighy untouchable then why to fear from death.


      I want to ask a question did the discoverer of Karate or Martial Arts;that is Lord Buddha believes in training every part of the body concept or he (the Lord Buddha) first believed in the iternal purity of the soul because if you are pure from your soul and can raise your voice against the bad human thing it needs how you are internally or iternally strong first if you are like well confident in your power,your skills,your technique then you gets isolated, but if you think from your heart or your brain first you will knew that the brain is the most gifted thing that Allah or God or Bhagwan provide us then you are free to do anything and could achieve anything in our life no matter what.

    28. Praveenkumarreddy Tarugu

      Corona virus😀


      lucky guy he doesn't have to deal with a wife and drama!!! just peace to the fullest!

    30. Fbi

      This is Real life ninjago

    31. Adam Cherkaoui

      Nice dance

    32. Vinay More

      Kung fu originated in India and not in China, Bodhidharma is founder of Kung Fu

      1. Aria Strwn


    33. nazareth emmanuel

      Congrats to him

    34. eVa Fear

      6:30 dude in the middle looks like an asian T.I.

    35. Free Way

      Still no match for a double leg and ground game

    36. RedDragonEmporer

      Fun Fact: An exception was made to film them in that temple. It's only supposed to be used for special purposes by the main monks. You can tell by the floor they're practicing on since it's literally falling apart. Not safe for actual practice.

    37. L gxs lol

      Why is the channel called bbc

      1. Aria Strwn

        Big black

    38. carr0302

      Wu-Tang clan ain't nuthin' to f*** with.

    39. casey

      The only scenario I see this being useful is if youre about to get raped or robbed and the instigator doesnt have a weapon on him lol

    40. Edgar Lopez

      it sucks that they dedicate their whole life to a form of martial arts that isn’t even the most effective._.

    41. Jolanta Lasota

      1:24 Me when a bee flew on me and is ready to sting

    42. furstenfeldbruck

      They were nervous because white people were there with a full camera crew and microphones everywhere


      R u kidding me , Chinese monks discovered kungfu lol, indians discovered it !!!

    44. Boss 8055

      Buddhism and Confucician Teachings are the only Things which brings Vast amount of proud to china

    45. Seiko

      Avatar Netflix edition lookin kinda clean ngl

    46. DraGoLinkz

      Scam!Clickbait! He is not a shaolin expert/master! He doesn't have a arrow on his head!

    47. Nick Jones

      Akshay kumar learned kung fu in days in chandni chowk to china and these fools take 10 years. They should learn from him.

    48. Shewali Deuri

      It was not by Chinese monks it's my bodhi dharma of India

    49. Austin Nguyen

      Everybody think this is a joke. This is a beautiful lifestyle.

      1. Austin Nguyen

        @Venomus Hey respect other cultures. To you that's happiness. To others that's madness. Just gotta respect fool

      2. Venomus

        Well having children and believing in the real god is better

    50. christo rami

      Fake news!

    51. Jamar Williams

      Hollywood ruins cultures

    52. Youngmuniii

      you have to wonder if they’re more, or less strict due to the people recording. you wouldn’t expect more strict but failing isn’t as enjoyable to view.

    53. Youngmuniii

      bro. all these stipulations made by mankind, to be judged by another man.. awesome though.

    54. Elan Hilmy

      I showed this to my bison . . . He's flying now

    55. Justiin 0926

      if one of them get into a fight in the US: monk: *shit on of moves* the person their fighting: that's cute, 🔫

      1. DeadEye XD

        Lmao.. they can catch those bullet with their hand and teleport.. gun is useless

    56. Manjul Balayar

      Got a whole ass math test tmr and my dumbass here is watching real-life Shaolin's.... smh

    57. Macs Not Jacked

      So this is the BBC my gf is "craving"

    58. j c

      all i hear is whacho! haya!! ho ho! hachaaaa!!

    59. Chris DIYer

      When does he walk on rice paper?

    60. RadenWA

      I mean they used to be the army for the when you think about it the monastery is basically the military service of that time.

    61. Daspeedyboi

      everytime he punches it sounds like YEET

    62. Myst LEVI

      I didnt know there was hd for the last airbender series

    63. محمد حسین

      shaolin temple discovered by hollywood ? lol

    64. Paul gerald Andales

      Imagine having this skill after years of hardwork....and died because of a gunshot

    65. Kitoka Zhimo

      Shaolin is a MMA fighter will rip their ass off.

    66. Mo Add

      Krilin! Is that you?

    67. Happy D

      Can this guy defeat Mike Tyson or Brock Lesnar?

    68. Alric Man

      Can the shaolin monk kung flu the coronavirus out of china?

    69. Fernando


    70. It's Private

      Self enlightenment, cool I guess. My enlightenment is with my family and children