The Fiend & Alexa Bliss meet RETRIBUTION: Raw, Oct. 19, 2020



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    Alexa Bliss introduces the red brand to the sinister entity known as The Fiend, only for RETRIBUTION to crash the haunting arrival. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. #WWERAW
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    1. Angelisse_funtime

      Every great man needs a woman!

    2. Azael Hernández


    3. Joseph Yussuff

      Samoa Joe: If I knew it was gonna start like this, I would've brought my tyre iron That's my commentator

    4. Lauryn Gillion


    5. Vianel Obeso

      Is she hypnotize is she hypnotizes

    6. Chris713G

      The fiend need to work out tbh

    7. Davide Matera

      I love Alexa

    8. Gamesmaster OG

      There isnt a storyline that can touch this one ever

    9. Taha Rathore

      Sasti actor pancho

    10. Deba Mandi

      Brock vs fiend best match in the world

    11. Deba Mandi

      I want to see feind vs Brock Lesnar

    12. cloe! Con ejero

      Oie 🤘

    13. king vee

      where is the second part?

    14. Chris Holland

      The Fiend's very lucky to escape anybody including those total badasses of RETRIBUTION.

    15. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Alexa vs Nikki - Chairs match Steel cage match Firefly Fun House match

      1. Davide Matera

        Raw: Alexa vs Nikki Steel Cage Match

    16. Mxk Rvgr

      Retribution’s purpose... what is it?

    17. Maryah Epps

      what did he do to my alexa

    18. Shakira P.

      retribution is trying to fight with the fiend and the light just turn of and like the fiend is gone and retribution said get him hey were did he go

    19. Valerie Cazares

      ok but like the retribution is does not want to mess with the fiend tho like they don't want to

    20. Jairaj singh

      Imagine retribution meets Wyatt family

    21. the foot in your grave

      These two can make a good heel not gonna lie

    22. sriinivas rao Muddamsetty

      where are other members of retribution

    23. Drew Ritch

      Please let Alexa Bliss actually end up being Sister Abigail.

    24. Rocio Quispe

      Me aburroooo

    25. ARESXY1986

      The fiend is just a filler 😹😹for the main events

    26. comedy sharma Sharma

      Light his blind

    27. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Ryan Cabrera is the luckiest man in the World. 😍😘💟👑👏👍💒💐💎💍

    28. Donz FF

      What the Hell Man is these is a film😡😡😠😠

    29. Gengar Bully

      Why is WWE convinced Turning off The Lights Is Suspenseful? LOL

    30. Mr. Ambrose

      Can RETRIBUTION's Theme come out already? Please? No? Okay. Also, is it bad that I'd still root for the Fiend on this? Because I would

    31. Nafee Karim

      let him in

    32. Ralph Marbler

      Alexa Yandere Bliss

    33. Walakira Joseph

      Too much acting it's like a comedy now

    34. nuraini yaakub

      i cant look alexa bliss like that that was really scared and confused

    35. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Alexa vs Asuka for Raw Women's Championship

    36. ikra şahin

      This ssfer this is trouble for us when will these go away😑

    37. serene got ice

      Alexa went from 😁🦋✨🍭 to 👿🥀🔪⛓

    38. ironknight gaming

      the fiend and alexa bliss aka joker and harley quinn we should done this when the fiend had universal title that was time do it too late i dont care

    39. Lautaro Martinez inter

      I love Alexa 💜💛💙💟💚💘

    40. Dale Harris

      Is it just me or has Bray packed on a few pounds?


      Please there is only monster of wwe the fiend. When normal people like alexa bliss wanna women fiend , it's funny.

    42. Gnaka ItMeansWarrior

      Like the joker and harlequin?

    43. Sanjay Mukharjee


    44. The pz1 Is back



      alexa is a real demon- O_O

    46. bannedfahim thugrapper

      Are they gonna get married srsly

    47. bannedfahim thugrapper

      Well love taking away screen and replace with theme

    48. Lord Richard

      This segment was just absolutely perfect heralded only for the stalwarts of character perfection! The Fiend and Alexa Bliss are going to be the biggest impacts in WWE RAW HISTORY! Mark my words! For it takes the courage, it takes the heart, it takes the valor.. It takes, that passion! That fire.. 🔥 .. That fire in which will ignite the raging storm of destruction in their being! Also Retribution could have potential to be a rival faction of rogue warriors in the future.. Wonder if they will cross paths again like in this video and on that night, someday..

    49. Mustafa Akça

      türkiye mustafa ali

    50. paoo porritos

      post malone ozzy osbourne

    51. Stevie R.

      Maybe I’m just different but the smile, “he’s hereee”, laugh, and stare in the beginning gets me every time. I’m glad to see Alexa getting the good recognition she deserves for the good job she’s doing with this role/persona. Hopefully this storyline stays for quite awhile.

    52. Cm Punk

      You can only pick one even though it’s a really hard choice retribution and no Nexis the feed suck more on the video game less on the show

    53. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Alexa is Sexy, Hot, Beautiful, Cute, Gorgeous, Fantastic, Phenomenal, Perfect, Awesome.

    54. Aditya Haldipur

      Alexa Bliss as Harley Quinn 👍🏻👌🏻

    55. Briton Carter

      I love how Alexa and the fiend didn't move a muscle.

    56. Ambrose Asylum97

      The Fiend and Alexa motionless when Retribution arrived... absolute masterclass

      1. Lord Richard

        Beauty in its Perfection! I love it!

    57. Adriana Cooper

      I think the won in blue hair is sasha banks

    58. Arctic

      Reject dark order lol

    59. Sting The stinger

      The leader is ugly

    60. SuperManGamer

      You think the fiend is scary? haha, it’s just a mask wait until boogeymen gets in the ring

    61. FF animações e meu Zeus


    62. bawara ibrahim


    63. syarifah audi syahla

      NO ALEXA...

    64. Taseen Amey

      When alexa said let him in i was like no my door locked and i dont wanna get up srry

    65. Md Haider Hello


    66. Adi Gaming

      2:09 King Corbin?


      The feinds queen and the feind as the king evil darkness

    68. Mac man Twin

      Who does he even think goku no he look like you mam lol the clown looks like he’s in haloween lol

    69. Renz-kun gwapo

      I love this Slapjack guy haha. Reminds me of that dumb hyena from The Lion King

    70. Kamariah Senin

      Alex blis