The GOAT of Every Position In The NFL

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    These are the greatest players at every position in the NFL.
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    It’s what fuels every barbershop and bar debate, who’s the best ever? It’s impossible to name just one person the greatest player in NFL history. There’s just too many positions and responsibilities to compare a guy that catches the ball to a defender that sacks the QB. So what we did was break it up by position. Without further ado, the greatest player ever at every position in football.
    The GOAT of Every Position In The NFL

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    1. Nonstop Sports

      Who's your GOAT?

      1. Marybeth Longo

        Lawrence Taylor

      2. Joseph Sumner233 rrr

        Ryan sucoup punter

      3. Nikki Clark


      4. Gerrit Lansing

        Adrian Peterson best rn of all time in his prime

      5. Yesenia Villicana

        Russell Wilson

    2. Dylan Lapierre

      Your voice is so nice and calm

    3. Silver Sable

      JESUS your voice

    4. D Nice

      Just a simple question. Better hands Moss or Rice?

    5. Just

      How u gonna put sanders and not payton

    6. Just

      Tom brady had like 5 cheat scandals so def not him

    7. ShadowNike YT

      At the end of Christian McCaffrey and Derrick Henrys career is over top 5 RB of all time

    8. Bella’s Vlogs

      The tangy patch pathophysiologically drum because weight effectively whisper a a dazzling xylophone. pushy, ajar botany

    9. Josef Vargas

      That was Nate Newton in the Dallas t shirt not Larry Allen.

    10. James Xiong

      TB12 🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉

    11. Marybeth Longo

      I thought linebacker would be dick butkiss or jack lambert but ray was also really good

    12. METAVITA

      For WR i'd say Calvin Johnson. More strong, great work ethic, and had true talent. It would be 3 defenders on my manz and he would still beat them and catch it in the endzone, sadly... His body was put through alot because of the lions organization and he had to retire. But from what we saw from them 9 great years that he had. Bruh was a freak and in my opinion the GOAT. Also bro ran a 4.35. HOW??? He was 6'5 and 240 and was able to run a 4.3. Unreal man

    13. Darien Barth

      3-1 comeback is the best comeback no cap

    14. Will and the pops

      5:44 I'm sorry he's really good but this is a joke who agrees--->

      1. SnakeToes • 15 years ago

        Tf are you pointing at

    15. Josh Satchet

      Running back hands down bo jackson you couldn't tackle him people would either just bounce off of him or he would leave you in the dust with his speed

    16. Cael Claude

      Un madden I have gronk at strong safety

    17. Cael Claude

      But randy moss is just as good or better

    18. Cael Krueger

      Randy moss is wr goat

    19. Champion Boyz

      Ok imagine all this players on one team plus for positions like wr you will get the following up players

    20. The Ven that IQ tho

      Get out of here with that gronk shit.

    21. Scott Brown

      No Al Bundy ?? He once scored 4 touchdowns in a single game !!!

      1. SnakeToes • 15 years ago

        That’s once, you need consistency to be a GOAT, you can’t be a GOAT off of one 230 yard 5 TD game and being crap the rest of your career

    22. alberto baisa

      He forgot to put who is the best kicker?

    23. Mick Da Silva

      No way what about Antonio Gates

    24. Mick Da Silva

      LT is the best

    25. Gab Page

      Come on Man .. so Much disrespect for Kickers and punters 😅 i'm not european or anything but hey it's called FOOTball

    26. Dakota Jordan

      WR. Julio Jones. QB. Drew Brees (NEVER HAD A DEFENSE) LB. Lawrence Taylor Safety. Paul Krause Returner. Devin Hester All around back. Christian McCaffery or Darren Sproles RB. Derrick Henry DL. Reggie White DE. JJ Watt (He's eaten burritos bigger than Ray Rice) TE. Gronk Best Coach. Bill Belichick (The reason TOM is Successful)

      1. SnakeToes • 15 years ago

        Man what, if it aint Brady it’s Joe, everything except returner and LB is BS

    27. TheRealTrainor

      My goat list at hb is 1.Emmitt smith 2.Barry Sanders 3. Walter Payton

    28. Demmy Morgan

      Gronk is not the best TE that’s crazy for him to think 🤔 that

      1. SnakeToes • 15 years ago

        Yeah Gronks good but I definitely think there are better

    29. DCS Resestt

      The Qb goat is pat

    30. Cooper Barkwill

      I dont like this list

    31. Kevin Shumway

      9:57 why did I think he sacked his own qb for a second... 😂

    32. Nychet Harrell

      what happen to bo jackson

    33. William Knowles

      I think Aaron Donald, Richard Sherman and, Stephon Gilmore are all honarable mentionjs and should probably be on the list

    34. William Ristau

      Drew Brees is better than Brady

    35. Evan Smith

      I can name three better players than Brady at QB

    36. Xe merKs

      Barry sanders over no Jackson this nigga is crazy

    37. Adeline Bass

      why you have to disrespect the punter and the kicking you miss both

    38. Owen Clayton

      Patrick is going to be a goat

    39. James Mills

      no kicker or punter?

    40. KevLar Da Don

      If Barry Sanders wasn't on this list, this woulda been a joke. How about Ray Guy, and Adam Vinatieri? Or Devin Hester at KR?

    41. David Fleming

      Jerry rice can't be the greatest he openly admits to using stickem in his career which was banned before he was drafted

      1. Ravens#52RayLewis

        Since when does stickum keep you from getting wide open like Jerry Rice did?

    42. Aaron Rhodes

      Ok let’s see how many I get right before I watch QB: Tom Brady RB: Emmitt Smith TE: Tony González WR: Jerry Rice OT: Anthony Muñoz OG: Larry Allen C: Bruce Matthews DT: Mean Joe DE: Reggie White MLB: Ray Lewis OLB: Lawrence Taylor CB: Deion Sanders SS: Ronnie Lott FS: Ed Reed P: Ray Guy K: Morten Anderson Coach: Don Shula

    43. Big SMack

      Mahomes when he finishes his career. As of right now there’s a lot of talent but none I can confidently say will dethrone the greats. Mahomes is still young and anything can happen so Brady may be on the top for a much longer time than I think.

      1. Big SMack

        @Dawn Blum I will say Tua is doing good for his first games in as the starter so always pats on the back for him. As for Lamar even he said it himself they figured out their scheme and they just aren’t as hard to stop. I think he needs another year or two to practice his accuracy and throwing on the run before he becomes a better qb.

      2. Dawn Blum

        Lamar Jackson might have something to say about that. But we all know who the GOAT will be. TUA, TUA, TUA!!!!! (j/k)

    44. I Dippy play among us

      For corner back yeah u can say Deion but why not mention CHAMP Bailey

    45. Cronix Rb

      any kansas fan would come in here an start a fight saying pat mahomes is the goat in qb

      1. Steelfan2020

        And they’d lose that fight. You can’t crown him yet

    46. Wally World

      I say Sean Taylor is the best safety ever

    47. Reid Herndon

      I have a Barry sanders football card

    48. Jack Sanford

      This list is so bad omg it’s not even accurate.

      1. SnakeToes • 15 years ago

        What would you do?

    49. Viktoriya Kishchun

      Russell Willson dat my,🐐

    50. Teddy

      Sean Taylor would’ve been the best safety of all time

    51. James Varner

      What about the rest of the O-Line LG C RG RT ,LG John Hannah

    52. S Stanley

      No love for the Kickers? Adam Vinatieri or Justin Tucker? I'm bias for Purple he'd fit well with the other two on Defense

    53. Friedoreos

      Antonio gates is the best TE EVER

    54. Connor Noss

      juju smith-schuster for wide reciver

    55. Curly Fries

      Why isn’t tony Gonzales the best TE

    56. Xavier Willis

      It's too bad we can't mention OJs greatness because of the trial, no matter what you think or what happened wish it never did

    57. Nighthawk 8006

      We all know that LB is T.J. Watt

    58. Nevin Jones

      Derick Henry really gana make it close

    59. Salvatore Perez

      Darrell Green was better than deion

    60. Salvatore Perez

      Singletary n seau should of been mentioned

    61. Salvatore Perez

      Kellen Winslow SR was by far the Best Tight End ever! Winslow n Gates better than Gonzalez kelse. 1. Kellen 2. Gonzalez 3.gates 4.gronk

    62. Dean Goodman

      Rob Gronkowsky is NOT the greatest TE ever

      1. Dean Goodman

        @Little J yeah, for sure

      2. Little J

        Ikr. I think Tony Gonzalez and Antonio gates were better.

    63. Ian Da HOMIE

      Jim brown wasn’t a FB!!

    64. Ian Da HOMIE

      Bruh Jim brown

    65. Howard Brammer

      What about kickers and punters?

    66. Nick Smith

      Thank you for recognizing Barry and tb 12

    67. JacksonDoesAll

      K = Justin Tucker or Adam Vinitarei P = Ray Guy

    68. VEGAN TACO

      Travis kelce, come on

    69. XXXTenzachion

      I’m takin Calvin Johnson over jerry rice megatron was a different breed 🥶

      1. Grogu

        Moss duh but dhop and Julio gonna be close

    70. Overblown guy

      Walter Payton was not as big and not as fast but he was really good