The IIconics make fan's dream ring gear a reality: WWE Now



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    WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Billie Kay and Peyton Royce had a surprise for a fan this week on SmackDown LIVE.
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    1. Keyiana Willis

      I would've wore it to actually defend the titles instead of making them look like absolute jokes like they've been doing since like they won them at WrestleMania 🙄🙄🙄

    2. Blissful Mania

      First of all what is our dream 😕😕😕

    3. The Rated R Soooperstar

      imagine if Billie and Peyton won raw and smackdown titles too. Would be too funny, they'd be biggest heat magnets left n right. They would be undisputed champs holding 4 titles......Ryan Pappolla, when i snap my finger's you'll make it happen ""snap""

    4. Brad Walton

      Terrible in the ring. HORRIFYING on the mic. But they have nice ring gear. Typical Vince eye candy. Boss & Hug should have kept the belts for ATLEAST a calender year. Instead we get these 2 parading around with the belts only defending them once every couple months and while Bayley is having a nice run on smackdown the TRUE talent is at home.. good job guys!

    5. Amin M

      We all know that the iconic will loose their championships to the kabuki at summerslam. It’s too obvious. It’s like what they did with kofi at wrestle mania. It was so expected

    6. Adalia Francisco

      Peyton is super 🔥hot.📶®

    7. Mat Williams

      "This gear is similar to Mikarzi's design. Look at the neck similarities with Sasha and Alexa's ring gear."."

    8. XxxYikezxxX

      ngl i thought peyton was alyssa edwards lmao

    9. The10011965

      I love their ring gear very much

    10. Excuse me WTF

      That's cool and all but can they be on TV?

    11. フジモリダイスケ

      アイコニック、好きなヒールなので、がんばってほしいです。応援してます( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    12. MrTitanSword

      You gotta love the Iconics: gorgeous and SO entertaining!

    13. El Xavster Wrestling


    14. RobloxSashabanksYT

      Why don’t wwe make a new wish it’s called stop calling “Shane the best in the world” he’s not we all know who is CM Punk

    15. MJ KN1GHT

      He’s so much better than Cathy Kelly. She’s just so annoying. This guy’s nice and mellow. ☺️

    16. Mr Meeseeks

      Make my wish come true and sit on my face

    17. Then zhi sin Zhi sin

      Wow longest reining champ

    18. Sachin C

      Trust me Billie Kay looks very beautiful without makeup! She's damn hot as many don't realise that!

      1. Raymond Gadreault

        Sachin C I was just going to type that...deff better looking with out make up

    19. Leonila Tepetate

      I hate to say it but does peyton look hot asf. 😍

    20. Messy Dreezy

      If only WWE brought back Laycool 😪

    21. Janette Berg

      Iconic Twitter roster titles

    22. Nelson CEP

      I'm sorry, their characters are nailed down but their technically ability sucks. 😑 If you argue, I question your brain.

      1. Haagen Neldeberg

        Sorry for spamming. Comments like this about their wrestling abilities just pushes my buttons.

    23. Katherine Valois

      I hope Asuka's gonna became a triple crown women's champion this year👑❤️

    24. PA NDA

      These girls got real gorgeous boobs I want to touch 😀😀😀

    25. Johnny Stash


    26. Meme Rammstein

      Iiconics the best tag team woman

    27. Saba Ali


    28. The Roy

      Stop burying The IIconics 😠

    29. Radhika Madan

      Follow me

    30. Huzaifa Amir

      Is it bad that I prefer Kabuki girls instead of Kabuki warriors

    31. tomy2years

      Give them a push

    32. Akash Das

      They made women tag team title a joke

    33. AJ GH TV

      Is it a kind of joke?

    34. Esprot

      Asuka vs Sane WM 36

    35. Amaan Khan

      Please anyone tell me is Paul heyman father of Ronda rousey

    36. ذكريات مزيفه


    37. David Zuri

      My girls ♥️♥️

    38. daniela adrea

      Jajjajajajjaaj las cochinas culias se crean mucho

    39. المايسترو كيلر

      وين الكفو يشترك بقناتي

    40. FoodxMusic 素敵な雰囲気

      where's the pillow part where I place my head from falling asleep when they "fight"

    41. RichieAppel

      Ryan Pappolla is Vinnie from Jersey Shore. Change my mind.

    42. Ty Livingstone

      Oh yeah iconics

    43. Little Rookie

      This is gotta be a joke of tag team ever to wrestle in the circle ring! They are the definition sh#! Why have them as tag champs if all they are doing is hurting the women's tag team division! Please stop this!

    44. TheKevinFX

      They suck.

    45. Tanja Evers


    46. Tanja Evers

      Robert evers 14 Love kiss 💖 💗 ❤ 💑 💘 👸 👪 💓 💛 👬 💕 💞 👰 💋 💚 👫 💙 💜 💔 👄 💝 💏 💟 👭 💏 💑 💘 👸 👪 💓 💛 👬 💕 💞 👰 💋 💚 👫 💙 💜 💔 👄 💝 💏

    47. Ronda Meier

      The worst reps for the women's tag championship!!

    48. Jousel De Chavez

      LUMBERJILL!!! LUMBERJILL!!! LUMBERJILL!!! Let's see if they can still pose like that again....

    49. akbar priyantaka

      billy look like audrey bitoni.

    50. Scott Davidson

      Iiconics will be done soon. Peton getn married. At least 1 baby coming. They will lose belts soon. I love their chemistry! Their banter! They are so arrogant. They are so condescending. Billie when she kackles: DO WE MAKE U NERVOUS".....that was classic.

    51. i am Yawg Lawwg

      Dont go back to the old gear

    52. Thy Prototype

      Dude I can't even hate them after this.

    53. Lorenzo Delgado

      Bring back Cathy Kelly

    54. hunter beltran

      These girls is trash give it back to bailey and sasha

    55. Sub Zero

      Who's in LOVE with the woman that plays Billie Kay???

    56. Blazing Night Stars

      Hell in the cell match would close the run for Iconics. Bring Ronda, Ruby, Nia & Sasha back

      1. All In One

        Yes, that’s what this tag team championship needs, a match like that

      2. don the gamer

        ronda,ruby,nia are injured and sasha aint coming back anytime soon

    57. Md Sameer

      Upload match of brock Lesnar vs goldberg at wrestlemania 33

    58. Terrell Price

      The women’s tag team titles are a joke I remember I was so excited when they were introduced but now I don’t care

    59. jason

      WoW... I forgot that the women tag team title exist.

    60. Galactibabe


    61. Louis Jost

      At least the Iconics stopped being lazy holding on to those Women’s Tag Team Championship belts, good thing.

    62. Duc Truong

      Iconics is wackkkkkkkk

    63. Shoresy 69

      How the hell you thumbs down someone having a dream come true? Lol fn jealous.

      1. James Salinas


    64. Zakk Wylde

      Let's be honest, they suck in the ring but are entertaining af amd need to be a regular part of the show.

      1. Zakk Wylde

        @Haagen Neldeberg it's not that they don't have good moves, it's their athletic prowess. Comparing them to others like Kairi, asuka, Bayley, the queen, etc..

      2. Haagen Neldeberg

        Cool username. I agree they are super entertaining. 😊 But I can't help thinking you haven't seen their move set when they aren't limited by the WWE main roster?

    65. j u i c e . . .

      imo, break up the kabuki warriors, they’re better as solos.

    66. j u i c e . . .

      imo, break up the kabuki warriors, they’re better as solos.

    67. Marisol Galindo

      I love wwe i love all of you guys especially the wrestlers and fans