The Launch of Perseverance to Mars



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    This was a pretty extraordinary experience - thanks to NASA for inviting me! The Atlas V 541 rocket took off carrying the Perseverance rover and Ingenuity the Mars helicopter at 7:50 am July 30, 2020. They should arrive in about seven months on February 18, 2021

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    1. Yeti Spaghetti

      Great, now I have a strong urge to listen to David Bowie again.

    2. David Stirling

      And there it is doing it’s turn to the east........... before crashing to the earth and being picked up in the ocean.......

    3. 383mazda

      You need to see a launch at night. I got to see the shuttle launch at night when I was a kid back in the 90's, it was awesome. I remember being amazed at how bright everything got for a few moments just after liftoff.

    4. Manuel C.

      1:38 that is one long fart

    5. Wellington Beef

      Cool mask.

    6. Tobi Uchiha

      7 months?????

    7. Daniel Schein

      Hoping there are no cockroaches or moss on that.

    8. CoronAIDS

      Single cut GoPro start to finish or didn’t happen.

    9. CoronAIDS

      Reaches its peak @2:09

    10. CoronAIDS

      What’s with the muzzle?

    11. Phosphorus4

      Sounds like a firework…but bigger……… …WAY bigger…

    12. Parth Patel

      This gave me goosebumps. It is sad to see how much human potential is wasted on squabbling on border and land disputes and chasing money and fame when we can literally have an out of world experience.

    13. 0lemus 0lent0

      Most of the time my mind set is in that thought: we are just on a watery rock filled with amazing bioversatile life, just hurling trough space around a massive plasma ball that spins in a massive galaxy surrounded by even more galaxies filled with stars and other planets, yet we feel alone in cosmic scale and even amongst ourselves. Sometimes it's amazing, sometimes it just makes me sad because of how incomprehensively small and meaningless we still are yet we keep fighting over some selfish things and forget to better ourselves for the good of whole humanity andthe environment that we live in, so that one day we could mean something on the cosmic scale and understand our potential to the fullest.

    14. Hari Haran

      "realise that you're on a rock hurdling through space" that happened to me when I was high on acid

    15. Alvio Lampis

      Take away this mask... it's not healty.

    16. Levi_ Exiled

      Mars is there to show us what will happen to our planet if we don't take actions. We shouldn't be wasting money on this.

    17. LAMZEE m


    18. Prem Sagar Prasad

      Hope they found alien life on mars 😁

    19. Jose Juan

      Estoy muy acostumbrado a la voz de spiderman

    20. Jay Alshehri

      That was extraordinary! Lucky u saw it

    21. Joey Caridi

      Perseverance is drifting through space at a speed of 2.55 miles/second or 9,180 miles/hour

    22. TechySeven

      I love the immense shadow that the exhaust cloud makes in the sky itself at 2:05 ...that's something I might not've thought to expect, for some strange reason.

    23. saroj Kumar

      Why are you wearing mask.. you are in a nice open environment

    24. Jorge Carvajal

      I really like you and I love so much all your videos, but The translation of this video in Spanish really stinks, is full of religious references, please check this issue out, and keep teaching science.

    25. MUAAZ B

      the sun is so mbig

    26. PixelFX

      this clearly shows how efficient spacex rockets are. They barely leave a trail.

    27. bilinas mini

      him blocking out the sun with his left hand is very memeable.

    28. Balam Olguín Guzmán

      I’ve always seen those launches from NASA channel or news channel, but watching your perspective is surreal. Reminds me that book of Ray Bradbury “The Martian Chronicles” I see this video and is like if I am an spectator seeing all those rocket being launched to colonize Mars.

    29. xPumaFangx

      Veritasium, I want to watch the rocket go to the mars. Please stop farting, its rude.......

    30. xPumaFangx

      I see no cracks in the glass in the sky. Round earth confirmed.

      1. bilinas mini

        Искусственный интеллект или искусство интеллекта. Вячеслав Ушаков @

    31. Ezequiel Ciamparella

      wasnt the turn kinda too steep? It did a literal 90° turn in the air. I just dont get how it wasnt ripped away by aerodynamic forces

    32. Terry White

      Why are you wearing a mask?

      1. Max sucks at games

        because its 2020

    33. okow tina

      The Launch of Perseverance to Mars ...But first, let me get a selfie. Tumbs up if you were really shaken up and impressed by seeing this.

    34. Osama Bayyoumi

      this was launched with emirates

    35. Southern Comfort

      Congratulations to all the people that made this possible! Let's keep exploring, learning, and advancing technology!

    36. Sadman Islam

      How many times did you sneeze while shooting this video?

      1. okow tina

        Karen’s: nooooo u cant just punch a hole in the skyyyy Perseverance: ha ha rocket go brrrrrr

    37. Sandipsingh Darbar


    38. J CC

      I remember watching the first space shuttle launch (my aunt was an engineer on the build, so we got special seating)... watching the first reusable launch vehicle take to the heavens. Oh... and my great grandfather was with us. He was born in 1884 so he was 19 when he read about the Write brothers flying the first airplane... and he got to see the space shuttle launch! My father is now retired from the Navy, but during the 70s, he was commanding the USS Ticonderoga when it plucked the Apollo and Skylab astronauts out of the ocean - I guess you could say my family has interacted with the space program since we landed on the moon... but I still remember the look of awe my great grandfather had on his face. It's a look you cannot fake. Here was a man who was around when man first flew... first used airplanes in combat... saw the V1s and V2s hit England in WWII... saw the first jet airplanes... was not too far away when the first jet broke the sound barrier... heard about the Soviet Sputnik in real time... our own lunar landing and Skylab space station... then the space shuttle. He passed away at 100 years old from the flu. His mental and physical facilities in tact, so prior to him catching the flu, we heard him explain history first-hand... but watching the shuttle take flight? I think that was where his level of awe reached the limits a person could feel. He was a great man who saw a LOT of history and thankfully ever became senile - he was sharp as a tack and taught my family many things that people only think of as "in the olden days".

    39. Alex Captain

      This is going to be one of those videos I'm going to keep coming back to every once in a while.

    40. D N

      I felt the same when I saw Jupiter for the first time from my telescope, it is fascinating

    41. Vinicius

      Why does it sound like a lot of little explosion and not just a continuous sound?

      1. neejoy sola


    42. Ignacio Martin Tapia Vilches

      So glad for you

      1. neejoy sola

        take the poxy mask off derek,,,,

    43. aola wili

      When you realise Elon is just a martian trying to go home

    44. Andres Stäubli

      great - mr zurbuchen - born 30 miles from my own, but he is long time american now - hit us to mars - me to

    45. Vyacheslav Ushakov

      Искусственный интеллект или искусство интеллекта. Вячеслав Ушаков @

    46. Robert Klim

      Why was this the only vid not in my recommended? Only vid I had to fetch off Chan directly :/

      1. aola wili

        and it's the Earth moving away from under it that gives us that illusion.

    47. prashant pandey

      Goosebumps op

    48. alida flus

      Not just a proud moment for USA but also a proud moment for the whole world. Congratulations Nasa! 💐👏

    49. Andrew Church

      Alone with four walls in Cairns, you’ve reminded me a rocket launch is on my bucket list. I saw us walk on the moon, a Falcon Heavy launch would be something to see, feel and hear. Meanwhile life on earth becomes more insufferable, an increasingly meaningless void without hope for more and more people every day. Forget about % lifting people from poverty, the total number of people suffering, in pain and agony with zero hope of a better life, is now MORE than the total human population when my grand parents were born. I saw man walk on the moon, age 11, this is what we’ve done. Sure, I’ll wait n see a launch, remind myself what humans are capable of, which makes what we have done all the worse, totally suicidal, the final motivator to head to Zurich for a legal self death.

    50. Andrew Church

      Yes it is! (extraordinary) What was the early success rate for landing on Mars? Russians couldn’t do it at first. Yeah, Russia’s first success in reaching Mars crashed on Mars. Most of their early attempts failed to make Earth orbit, some failing launch, so clearly general space travel problems nothing to do with difficulties specific to Mars missions, so my bad. Russian failures are NOT an indicator of how difficult Mars missions are.

      1. alida flus

        1:53 look at you

    51. Syed Faisal Hasan Kazmi

      Karen’s: nooooo u cant just punch a hole in the skyyyy Perseverance: ha ha rocket go brrrrrr

    52. Christiaan Grobler

      Effing epic.

    53. doliio volay

      When you realise Elon is just a martian trying to go home

    54. Ludwig Schwarzwälder


      1. Ludwig Schwarzwälder

        @KC Gaming 😂😂😂

      2. KC Gaming

        @Ludwig Schwarzwälder if you are going to act this way then it basically means you have no evidence to back up your claim. Come talk to me when you have a reliable source.

      3. Ludwig Schwarzwälder

        @KC Gaming lol 😂

      4. KC Gaming

        @Ludwig Schwarzwälder how am I a fool?

      5. Ludwig Schwarzwälder

        @KC Gaming You are a fool !

    55. Tyson Buhagiar

      Is what I hear on my speakers at home what it actually sounds like or is there some distortion in your microphone?

    56. Roy Cruse

      take the poxy mask off derek,,,,

      1. KC Gaming

        @Roy Cruse bruh so you are willing to potentially kill people just so that you can feel 'normal'?

      2. Roy Cruse

        Maybe in your new normal.... But hell no. Not in mine.

      3. KC Gaming

        a poxy mask is better than no mask

    57. Hans Wurst


      1. doliio volay

        The Launch of Perseverance to Mars ...But first, let me get a selfie. Tumbs up if you were really shaken up and impressed by seeing this.

    58. SpeedRider

      dame fools punching a hole in space is a bad idea now were going to lose our air

    59. keithcessna1

      You are alone because everyone is on the other side so they don't have to look into the sun.

    60. neejoy sola

      can feel it. We're falling through space, you and me, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world, and if we let go? That's who I am." - The Ninth Doctor

    61. NROS2012

      Cannot believe, after all of your years teaching me about misunderstandings in physics, you just said "It's turned to the East"?????? Rockets don't turn! It just goes straight up and it's the Earth moving away from under it that gives us that illusion.

      1. Max sucks at games

        gravity turn

    62. Aledner_LW

      1:51 look how happy he is. :D

    63. Aledner_LW

      Ok I'm adding "See a rocket launch in reality life" to my bucket list. I'm also trying to think about making a working electric rocket when I have brain knowledge.

      1. neejoy sola

        a long journey discovery starship. With no goal of returning. Just keep going. A Star Trek kind of vessel ...

    64. Agil Asadi

      You know what else changes your world view like that? WEED!

    65. Deadbond

      What's amazing about fuel burning controllably 😅

      1. KC Gaming

        we launced a probe to mars

    66. Dwight k. schrute

      1:53 look at you

    67. sherzod

      1:54 nc hand raise 🥴

    68. sherzod

      1:54 wow there 😳 reminds me of someone who liked art

    69. Gmail X

      A mask. So woke.

    70. depressedidiot

      What do you mean 7 month journey for them or for us 7 month cuz time goes faster in space