The Morons Of Coronavirus



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    1. The 3sub bucket


    2. Mahomed Zeyad Kajee


    3. Jacob

      My mom had to put a thermometer but she didn’t know it was a rectal thermometer and she didn’t know until she got remarried

    4. Chinese Hitler

      He was trying to sell sanitizer for $70? What a POS

    5. Kingsley Park

      +100k dead

    6. BRAVOZULU DWEST boathouse

      WOW the 2nd video where you don't look like a heroin addicted vagrant

    7. Lekh Raj

      08:42 that shit is fire man

    8. FT Kingfish

      Wait what? how is this video monetized? By the news only some certain channels on youtube are manually allowed to make money from videos.

    9. It's Okay

      I couldn't help but notice Pappa John. I'm sorry.

    10. Noah Granados


    11. Killary Hlinton

      Slap chop ad anyone?

    12. Moses Goebelt

      The reason that he says to keep tithing is because it’s apart of out religion and Jesus tells you to

    13. Tasdyque Shreyan

      Both my parents are doctors and they are active everyday to take care of the patients, because of this I cant talk with my parents, cant eat dinner with them, neither can I just hug them. This are times when your parents need support especially if they are old and I cant do that just because of safety...and the last thing I need to see are these morons doing whatever the hell they want, and it just breaks me apart. Stay safe everyone.

    14. Oompa Loompa


    15. Hen’s Hot Picks

      The 15K dislikes are from people who don’t understand that this video is a joke

    16. Scott Gordon

      When Ethan says he's been preparing his whole life with brassieres, I feel free to assume he was strapping his mom's bras over his face before he met Hila.

    17. MikeZinAcoma

      I just wanted you to know I ate papa John's pizza purely because of this video That is a lie I would've eaten dat shii either way

    18. Ompskatelitty

      i got a corona beer ad on this one

    19. Te Es

      well, at least Cardi B knows wasup

    20. nrspinelli

      corona virus is indeed for morons who believe it's real

    21. Arthur Suprime

      “We’re gonna get through this” Video uploaded three months ago

    22. Gandek

      Well this didn't age well xD. Everyone is out and about anyways and there's conflicting information everywhere.

      1. BadMuzzy

        Yeah, especially considering that Ethan is now convinced the Protests have had no effect on the spread

    23. Baku

      GameStop is low key kinda important. For once... being a couch potato is a good thing.

    24. John Mack

      that rap was fire af when is it dropping on spotify

    25. private LTZ

      So are we just going keep doing this bullshit for the rest of time

    26. Camdoon

      the kaceytron clip works perfectly with the seinfeld song

    27. Noah Shackelford

      I like to look back to when people actually took it seriously.

    28. David Joseph

      With a little bit of intelligence you may be funny

    29. Jerome

      The mindset of making money in a moment of crysis is just disgusting. Nah, i don't think we are gonna evolve soon.

    30. Jerome

      "Maybe i shouldn't be doing this right now " Yeah, maybe

    31. SBNick

      Girl in thumbnail looks like a Walmart Riley Reid n @4:41 is Lizzo

    32. Ras Sale I

      Yo bro Corona is less harmful than flu, numbers are fake.

    33. Bot

      Hila do be lookin like Eleven ngl in the intro

    34. misantrope

      I thought rectal was latin for mouth hole.

    35. Snack Pack

      My local Hockey and Ice skating rink is being used as a fucking MORGUE for Corona victims

    36. Samuel Animations

      I think that H3H3 watches John Oliver.

    37. Dominik

      Youre like the one zombie from left for dead

    38. Toasty Toast

      Still waiting for Ethan to call out the protestors.

    39. Tamara Karlas

      That preacher is a lizard person confirmed

    40. John Lee

      We all laughing but those water bottles are actually cheap instruments to prevent droplet from someone sneezing or coughing in front of you. If they are also wearing a mask the chance of you getting the virus is much higher than them

    41. octalpus

      I was really hoping for a return to form seeing that intro, I still miss the old ethan

    42. Greenim Pencilus


    43. I hate Spys


    44. IamME

      4:25 that’s susie from David dobriks vlog I swear

    45. Boba Tee

      My brother has immunodeficiency. My friend asked me to come over. Brother? Friend? Brother! Friend... 😅 Sorry bro.

    46. The Communist666

      The second he’s said “let’s go down to Florida” I got scared

    47. leftoverpizza 1123

      Why did I think that this was a add at first

    48. Craig Lopez

      Gamestop is 100% an essential service

    49. tyranic_uberfritz

      This sounds just like a Chinese Bioweapon

    50. Fca Fanati

      ''Able to eliminate it within 12 hours'' Just like it's natural life on any surface.

    51. Fca Fanati

      Hey brb, I'm just going out to kill 100 children because THEY WILL INEVITABLY DIE.

    52. - simp

      ꧁ ꧂

    53. Jaime G. Aguirre


    54. Laura B

      I liked it when the sanitizer guy said he "never anticipated hardship other families would go through due to his actions." Ooooohhh you liar! That was very deliberately part of the plan, otherwise why would anyone buy hand sanitizer for $70? No sympathy for him whatsoever!

    55. Zippy

      4:23 - This chick looks and sounds like her IQ is at least 40.

    56. TUFF GONGzilla

      What about the idiots who are protesting,rioting and killing people?? What about them spreading the virus? Where is the video mocking them??? These protesters in these video even have guns but not a single violence but the blm libtard leftist protesters are literally killing people ..... The double standard disgust me ..

    57. SAEK2

      I haven’t missed the point of the video, but also Where is the rapper, matching jacket and sweat pants from?

    58. Lutfi Majid

      i love the same intro music since 5 years

    59. bull dog

      That blond chick at 4.25 looks like a budget riley reid

      1. TremKresh

        Atleast get your numbers right bro

    60. Hunter Balto

      K-pop stans turned out to be heroes, not a virus!

    61. WheelChair Jimmy

      Im so glad I dont live in the US

    62. Koolerkind

      4:20 she looks like a blond fat riley reed

    63. xWrizzla L

      So many stupid people. I wanna leave this Planet......

    64. jj nout

      Bit late to the party but yeah Ethan is a useful idiot 🙄

    65. Luke .Hillis


    66. John S

      Buying shit at a store and selling it for more than you bought it for IS NOT BEING A BUSINESS OWNER FOR FUCKS SAKE. And if there's anything this whole thing has taught me it's that people won't be able to control themselves if (god forbid) an actually very very serious pandemic hit. And the state will still use it to smuggle bullshit policies into relief bills because their ideas are too shitty or tyrannical to pass into law without holding peoples lives hostage. So glad I live in a rural area with only great people within miles of me.

    67. Benjamin Cortez

      these people are so cringe it almost makes me want to dislike THIS video oml

    68. Jitespol

      Living in Liverpool has been hell throughout this

    69. Leigh Cooper

      That religious guy is frightening.

    70. Corona Virus

      You humans are making this way too easy

      1. Aryzz12343

        Corona-chan ;(